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411’s Impact Wrestling Report 8.02.19

August 3, 2019 | Posted by Robert Winfree
The North Impact

Hey there everyone, and welcome to 411mania’s coverage of Impact Wrestling. I’m Robert Winfree and I’m tagging in for Larry Csonka for the evening as he’s covering another Impact event that’s running concurrently. In fact if you’d like to follow along with Larry’s coverage of Unbreakable you can do so right HERE.

We open with a recap, Crist winning hte X-Division title, Havok choking out Jon E. Bravo, Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard still feuding. Also the debut of Rhyno as he saved Brian Cage for Michael Elgin.

We go right into a match.

Match #1 X-Division Number 1 Contender’s Match: Wentz vs. Aiden Prince vs. Rohit Raju vs. Chuck Mambo vs. Cody Deaner vs. Petey Williams

Petey comes out with a Canadian flag. Raju clears the ring before he and Deaner get into things on the outside. Mambo and Prince run the ropes a bit, trade kicks and then forearms. Now Wentz comes in and takes out both of them with a corkscrew springboard. Williams is back in and squaring off with Wentz. Wentz avoids a rush and clocks Williams, they hit the ropes a bit and Williams with a drop toe hold into the ropes then a drop kick to the back of the neck. Williams sets for the Canadian Destroyer, they counter each other and Wentz winds up in the sharpshooter. Raju dives on and applies the crippler crossface, Williams breaks the hold and attacks him. Knee strike from Raju then a neck breaker, and now Deaner is in to attack him. Deaner unloads with punches, Williams hits a codebreaker on Raju then Deaner with the Cactus clothesline to Raju and Williams is all alone in the ring. Williams sets for a big dive but Deaner wants in on that action, he turns his baseball cap around and drapes Williams in the Canadian flag, now they hit stereo dives onto the pile outside. Raju with a baseball slide to Williams and Deaner then he fakes a dive to screw with the audience. Wentz stops that with a superkick then a springboard off of Raju onto everyone outside. Prince is up on the apron, Asai moonsault to the pile. Mambo’s turn to dive, he goes 450 from the top rope and then celebrates. Raju cuts off his return to the ring, he and Wentz are in the ring. Raju lands offense but only gets a 2 count. Deaner in now and he unloads rights and clotheslines to Raju, then Mambo flies in with a drop kick. Price lands chops, and they trade running offensive moves but Prince gets the better of it. Williams back in, head scissors to the Russian legsweep, Williams sets for the destroyer but Wentz cuts him off with a springboard handstand knee strike for a 2 count. Wentz drags Prince up and lands strikes then a sky high cutter but Williams hits a Canadian Destroyer on Wentz, Raju tosses him and goes for the cover but Deaner is in for the save. Raju unloads on Deaner in the corner but misses the last dive, Deaner with a DDT but Mambo with an elbow drop to break up the cover. Prince is in, Mambo super kicks him but Prince counters the Gibson driver, hits a 450 off the top and gets the pinfall.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Aiden Prince pins Chuck Mambo via pinfall

Very fast paced chaos, and a surprising winner.

In the back oVe are talking. Jake Crist is still happy about becoming X-Division champion. Callihan wants the belt to look at, Jake isn’t having any of that and says this title is the greatest thing that happened to him, even more than his wife and kids. Callihan isn’t happy but moves on to Tessa Blanchard. He says Blanchard disrespected him and that he’s done with her, so now she has to deal with the Doctor’s monster, Mad Man Fulton. They all do the thumbs down to close that out.

That will take us to our first break of the evening.

Rich Swann is in the back to talk with Tessa Blanchard. Swann puts her over but warns her about Fulton being a psychopath with all of oVe in his corner. He mentions knowing firsthand how dangerous they are, Blanchard appreciates it but feels she has to do it. Swann offers to have her back, she appreciates that but says she has to do this on her own.

Match #2: Jessika Havok vs. John E. Bravo w/ Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie

Havok looks manic, Bravo gets down on a knee and kisses her back of her hand then again offers the goods. Havok responds by kneeing him in the face. Bravo tries to powder, Havok yanks him back into the ring and starts abusing him. Bravo tries to rake the eyes, Havok instead hits a chokeslam and that’s all she wrote.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jessika Havok via pinfall

Valkyrie backs up the ramp as Su Yung appears on the big screen. Yung delivers some kind of message in a language I don’t recognize and Havok seems to respond before heading to the back. That will send us to break. It’s worth noting for those watching on twitch that Melissa Santos is doing hosting duties in the back of Unbreakable as it’s going on.

Back to the broadcast, and the North are in the back. Page talks about how they have nothing to be mad about, they’re the best and are just going to knockdown every tag team. Alexander insists he’s not mad, just ready to be known as the best tag team in Impact history, Page jokes that he’s not even mad and that intense.

Stone Rockwell makes his way to the ring, and gets a mic before his match. He reintroduces himself to the fans, and calls himself Impact’s only action/adventure leading man. Before he can keep going we’ve got Ace Austin.

Match #3: Stone Rockwell vs. Ace Austin

Austin jumps Rockwell before getting all of his ring gear off and backs him into the corner. Rockwell shoulder checks him then lands a scoop slam. The old double noogie then a sliding clothesline from Rockwell. Austin lands a kick from the apron then Rockwell catches a dive attempt, but as he’s posing Austin with knees to the face then a drop kick as Rockwell was on his knees. Kicks to the chest from Austin, now forearms but Rockwell catches a kick and hits a swinging backbreaker. Rockwell misses a senton bomb, Austin with a wheel kick then a blockbuster he calls The Fold for the pinfall.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ace Austin via pinfall

Eddie Edwards jumps Austin as he’s on the ramp and starts beating him around the ringside area. Austin back in the ring and Edwards unloads on him with elbows warning Austin to stay away from his wife before knocking him out with another couple of elbow strikes from full mount.

In the back Blanchard is getting ready for her match but is approached by Madison Rayne. Rayne appreciates her breaking down barriers and whatnot, Blanchard expressly says she has no time for this and walks away. Rayne waits for her to walk away before remarking that she’s dead.

Back from break Edwards and his wife start yelling at each other. Eddie asks if his wife is seeing Ace Austin, she doesn’t actually deny it before storming off. Apparently Moose took out Stone Rockwell in the ring during the break and now has a mic. He deserves to be world champion but apparently no one got the message, then says he’s not responsible for his actions. He attacks Rockwell with the mic but Fallah Bahh is here. Moose mocks him for losing a hundred pounds but still not being able to see his balls and invites him to the ring. Bahh accepts and Moose lays into him with kicks and continues trash talking with the mic. He says he’s that damn good and asks for the match to start.

Match #4: Moose vs. Fallah Bahh

Bahh avoids a rush in the corner and then hits an avalanche, sets for a Banzai drop, hits it and gets a 3 count.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Fallah Bahh via pinfall

Bahh celebrates on the entrance ramp with Rockwell. That will send us to another break.

Moose is in the back whining about losing to Bahh, he says that match didn’t count and storms off to find Bahh.

Match #5: Tessa Blanchard vs. Mad Man Fulton w/ Sami Callihan

Sami slaps the crap out of Fulton to motivate him as the match gets started. Blanchard avoids a few rushes and lands some forearms but Fulton doesn’t care. Fulton tosses her into the corner, Blanchard climbs up so she can actually reach his head and tries Magnum but Fulton just catches her. Blanchard tries a sunset flip but can’t get the leverage so Fulton goozles her then hits a massive chokeslam. She rolls out and Callihan talks trash but doesn’t get involved physically. Fulton drags Blanchard back to the apron then tosses her over the top and into the ring. Blanchard pulls herself up using Fulton’s body and slaps him but Fulton again doesn’t care. This time Fulton grabs a bear hug and starts swinging Blanchard around. Blanchard is trying to get an arm around the head, she pulls off one of his dread locks and Fulton slams her but is even angrier now. Blanchard avoids a stomp and a rush then gets a tilt a whirl DDT but Fulton doesn’t go down. More forearms from Blanchard but she can’t get Fulton down. Fulton is staggered, but lands a kick to the face as Blanchard was running at him. Callihan tosses a chair in the ring, Fulton seems amenable to that. Tommy Dreamer is here though with a kendo stick and we’ve got a DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mad Man Fulton via DQ

Blanchard winds up with the kendo stick and lays into Fulton with it, then she and Dreamer use the stick to take him out of the ring. Callihan has to restrain Fulton from getting back into the ring after the two of them.

Elgin is in the back and notes that Rhino went after the baddest person in the promotion, not any champion but him. He says that if you step to him he’ll send you to the hospital, then notes that Rhino used to be a man beast but that now he doesn’t have a thing on him. Elgin calls him a coward, just like everyone else in the company, and promises that Rhino’s stay with Impact is going to be short. That will send us to another break.

In the back Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan bully a new girl, then jabber at each other.

Our Impact+ Flashback is the Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me for the Tag Team Titles from Bound for Glory 2010. Interesting to see the Young Bucks when they were actually young.

After that we cut to a report from Jimmy Jacobs who’s trying to get an update on Brian Cage at Cage’s home. I’m sure this wont end badly. Melissa Santos answers the door and says Cage isn’t available and they’re looking for privacy. There’s not a specific time table for his return, Santos offers him a sit down next week to answer any questions and Jacobs accepts the offer.

That sends us to another commercial break.

Rhino in the back for a promo, he says “f” legal actions. He says he was offered a lot of money to sit around but he doesn’t care, he does what he wants and what he wants is to bring violence. He puts everyone on notice that there’s a Rhino on the loose he’s going to rip everyone in half with a Gore, Gore, GORE!

Match #6 Tag Team Title Match: The Rascalz (Trey and Dez) vs. (c) The North

Alexander and Trey start us off. They tie up, Alexander lands a forearm that drops Trey for a second. Trey is trying to wrestling with Alexander, it’s not working out well for him so far. Alexander tries a throw but Trey lands on his feet. The pace quickens and Trey lands a few kicks then a hurricanrana leads to Page tagging himself in. Trey gets the best of things then tags in Dez. They look to double team Page, Page counters that and slams them together but he can’t capitalize and the Rascalz land some tandem offense. Dez with kicks to the body of Page as he’s in the corner, now punches as well. Page is now isolated in the corner of the Rascalz, and Trey tags himself in. Some quick tags and offense from the Rascalz, they hit a series of dives to Page and Dez covers for a 2 count. More strikes from Dez as he’s got Page on the ropes. Alexander provides a distraction, that halts the momentum of the Rascalz. Dez tries a flying cross body but Alexander stands on the apron and catches him then drops down to the floor and drops Dez on the apron. That looked pretty nasty. Page tries a couple of covers but Dez kicks out. Alexander is tagged in and he starts laying into Dez then hits a snap suplex. Page tags in and they resume isolating Dez with offense. Back to Alexander now, Page mocks Trey but that lets Dez escape Alexander’s grip and then tag in Trey. Kicks from Trey, then he trips up Alexander in the corner. Trey gets caught though and Alexander hits an assisted blue thunder bomb but Trey kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Alexander is tossing Trey around, then stands up Trey in the corner and lands chops. Trey counters a toss attempt but Alexander had taken out Dez so there’s no one to tag. Trey counters a German suplex, lands a scorpion kick then a neck breaker but Dez is barely back on the apron. Trey makes the tag, as does Alexander. Page eats a super kick and Dez takes on both members of The North then drops Alexander with an enziguri. Page winds up rolling to the floor and while he’s with Alexander by the corner Dez hits an absurd leap over the buckles and the ring post onto both of them to send us to our final break.

Back and Dez misses a top rope dive, Page kicks him in the head then tags in Alexander. Trey and Dez double team Alexander a bit but can’t quite put Alexander away. Trey tags in, but he and Dez run into the offense of Alexander. Page takes out Dez on the outside with a power slam, Trey tries to take him out with a sliding head scissors but Page catches him and lands an apron powerbomb but again he’s able to kick out when Alexander goes for a pin. Alexander attacks the ankle of Trey and looks to ground him with a back breaker. Ankle lock from Alexander, Trey is able to roll through and break it but Alexander sets him on the top rope and punches him then chops him. Trey is able to tie up Alexander but Alexander counters an 619 with a powerbomb back breaker but that still only gets 2. Dez is still down on the floor, Alexander gets him up in a torture rack for a double team move but Dez sort of breaks it up. Dez attacks Page, things are just breaking down and we’ve got a slug fest. The Rascalz start to get the best of the striking, Alexander is alone in the ring but knees Dez in the face then catches Trey, and proceeds to powerslam both of them stacked up but they both kick out as he stacks them up. Alexander proceeds to stack them up on the mat, then looks to climb the ropes. Alexander tries a moonsault but misses as they roll out of the way. Now Trey and Dez with a series of tandem charges into the corner, then they tie up Alexander and hit a double 619. Trey up top and hits the diving knees, Dez with the final flash, and Page has to yank the ref out of the ring to save the match. Dez isn’t happy and dives onto Page on the outside. The ref asks which of them pulled him out, Page blames Dez then punches him. Trey with a rollup to counter a double team attempt but Alexander kicks out as Page DDT’s Dez on the floor. Trey trying to fight off both men, Page in with a cutter and Alexander with a wheelbarrow slam. Trey is isolated and eats a slam, then a series of tandem slams into that modified double powerbomb to end the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Still Impact Tag Team Champions The North via pinfall

Really solid outing to close the show. The North celebrates on the ramp, then get jumped in the back by Ortiz but he can’t handle the 2 on 1 numbers. Alexander is pissed, he says Ortiz and LAX are done but Daga is here to save Ortiz and lays into Page with a trashcan lid. Konan is here looking pleased, Ortiz is still pissed though as the episode ends.

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