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411’s Impact Wrestling Report 8.09.19

August 10, 2019 | Posted by Robert Winfree
The North Impact

Hello everyone, this is Robert Winfree tagging in for Larry Csonka again. Larry will be back next week, or at least they haven’t asked me to cover for him then. If you want to know what Larry is up to tonight, click HERE and follow along. So let’s get to Impact Wrestling.

Standard recap to open things up, Aiden Prince is your X-Division number one contender, brewing tension within oVe, Jessika Havok still wants a shot at Taya Valkyrie but Su Yung is in play, The North want to the best tag team in Impact history, Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin don’t get along and Eddie’s marriage is on the rocks, Moose doesn’t like Fallah Bahh, Michale Elgin and Rhino build to their match, and LAX are still gunning for The North’s tag team titles.

We open with an X-Division title match.

Match #1 X-Division Title Match: Aiden Prince vs. (c) Jake Crist

The crowd is very pro-Prince. They tie up and do some chain wrestling through wrist locks that ends with Prince getting a chin lock. Crist back up, and we’re running the ropes now but that ends with a flip kick from Prince and Crist takes a powder. Prince looks to dive but flies into a kick from Crist and is hung up on the ropes. They’re on the apron now, Prince lands a front kick but gets caught and hit with a death valley driver on the apron. Crist rolls him into the ring and covers, for a 2 count. Crist with a modified rings of Saturn using his legs for leverage, Prince is able to get free and lands punches to get separation. Big boot from Crist but he only gets a 2 count. They trade strikes and Crist lays into Prince in the corner. Crist with a back suplex, but rather than go for a cover he drives Prince into another corner and resumes attacking him. Prince eats a series of kicks, Crist gets another near fall. Crist takes issues with the count, the ref stands by it. Prince fires up with palm strikes and chops, Crist sets him on the top rope but Prince capitalizes with a flying attack then tries the 450 but Crist gets the knees up and cradles him. The shoulders are visibly off the mat but the ref counts 2 anyway. Prince avoids a Buckeye Drop and hits a reverse hurricanrana for a 2 count. Prince runs into a super kick but avoids a wheel kick, then charges but is caught with a powerslam into the turnbuckles. Crist follows Prince outside the ring, Prince attacks him and hits a hurricanrana to the floor then a suicide dive. Prince back up top while Crist is outside, tries to fly onto him but eats a super kick. Crist is back in the ring and will be happy to take a count out victory if he can get it. Prince is back in at the count of 9 though, so Crist wraps him up with a La Magistral cradle but Prince kicks out again. Crist puts Prince on the top rope again, Prince shoves him off though but gets caught setting up and crotched. Crist hits a superplex, floats through but it’s Prince with the brainbuster and now he’s got the 450 but Crist kicks out at 2. Prince can’t believe it but goes back up for another one, this time Crist catches him with a cutter for 3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jake Crist retains the X-Division title via pinfall

Solid opener, and apparently a wrestling show opening with a wrestling match is something of a rarity these days.

Video from LAX now, we see Konnan talking with Daga and trying to sell him on taking Santana’s place with Ortiz. Konnan with a hard sell, then Ortiz comes in. Ortiz hems and haws about an apology, Daga says it’s not a big deal but all he needs is for them to win the tag team titles tonight. Ortiz, who’s drinking like a fish, offers Daga a beer and they all share a toast to the sentiment of LAX regaining the titles. That will take us to our first break.

Back from break Taya Valkyrie complains to Jimmy Jacobs about defending the title again against Jessika Havok. Valkyrie says her count out victory over Havok should count and she should have 30 days before her next mandated defense and “can’t even” with Impact management. She does have to defend that title tonight against Havok, or at least that’s the promotional bit.

Ace Austin is out next for a match.

Match #2: Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards starts chasing Austin immediately and downs him with a back elbow. Austin tries to escape outside the ring, Edwards flies over the top rope and starts laying in chops on the outside. Edwards keeps attacking Austin, Austin is able to land a couple of kicks then a knee from the apron. Austin is in the ring and demanding a count from the ref, Edwards is going to beat the count so Austin is back out landing forearms. Edwards fires back with chops and they start trading offense around the ring then Edwards lands a back suplex to the apron then a face buster to the apron as well. More chops from Edwards and he puts Austin back in the ring then lands a clothesline. Austin comes back to his feet, where Edwards greets him with headbutts as we head to break.

Back from break, Austin is trying to halt the offense of Edwards but Edwards sends him outside then hits a suicide dive. Austin makes his way back to the ring, Edwards stalks him but Austin gets the magician’s cane and clocks him with it for a near fall. Austin lays into Edwards now with kicks and elbows, but only gets a 2 count. The old paper cut with the playing card between the fingers from Austin. Kicks and knees from Austin, but he runs into a flap jack then Edwards with a powerbomb and sets for the Boston knee party. Edwards decides on something else, and begins laying into Austin with forearms. Austin pulls free and implores Edwards to think about his wife, Edwards hits the Boston knee party then unloads with blows. The ref tries to intervene but Edwards tosses him aside and resumes landing blows.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ace Austin defeats Eddie Edwards via DQ

Alisha Edwards is here now to confront Edwards. Eddie gets pissed and bails, telling Alisha to stay with Austin then leaves the ring. Alisha seems a little conflicted about which of the two of them she should side with.

Video recap about the feud between Callihan and Tessa Blanchard from Unbreakable last week. Blanchard is pissed, she doesn’t just want to be the best knockout but the best wrestler in the company. She reiterates that she thought it would be 1 on 1, but he had a trick up his sleeve. Blanchard says she’s coming for Callihan even though Callihan will be wrestling for the world championship.

That sends us to another break.

Back from break and we see an earlier interaction between Moose and Fallah Bahh. Bahh is eating a salad, Moose mocks his weight loss and Bahh jumps him leading to a brawl. Bahh tosses Moose around, Moose throws food in his face to take control and shoves cake into his face while calling him fat boy.

Back to the ring where Kiera Hogan will join commentary. Time to hit the mute button, she’s terrible at this.

She’ll be commentating our next match.

Match #3: Alexia Nicole vs. Madison Rayne

The tie up then hit the ropes and break as Rayne postures. They tie up again and Rayne tries to hit her on the break but Nicole avoids it and lands forearms. Drop kick from Nicole but Rayne slides around and lands a shoulder to the gut. Nicole lands a snapmare then a flying double knee strike. Rayne slips outside and brings Nicole out with her then moves back into the ring to try and take a count out. Nicole makes it back in, Rayne covers for 2. Rayne gets a cravate and lands knees. Nicole tries to fire back, Rayne jumps up for a standing Koji clutch but Nicole slams her into the turnbuckles a few times to break the grip. They trade forearms, Nicole slips around and gets a lungblower for 2. Nicole climbs up top, misses a dive, Rayne gets the ripcord cutter, pulls Nicole up and hits cross Rayne for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Madison Rayne defeats Alexia Nicole via pinfall

Rayne and Hogan bitch at each other post match about who’s helping who. Every time Nicole gets up they take turns kicking her then go back to arguing. Nicole lands a couple of blows and Hogan and Rayne team up to beat her down. Jordynne Grace runs in and attacks Rayne, Hogan bails and Rayne escapes after a toss into the ropes. Hogan and Rayne resume bickering as they head up the entrance ramp.

That sends us to break, though they tease that Valkyrie will defend her title against Havok next.

Back from break with the Rascalz in their clubhouse. Dez and Trey are bummed about not winning the titles last week, Wentz is hyped about a concert he went to. Wentz says he saw “him” and they talk about all the things this anonymous person can do. They’re talking about RVD, who shows up to confirm all the rumors about him sweating CBD oil. They all fight about who does the best RVD impression, RVD thought “this shit mellows you out”.

Match #4 Knockouts Title Match: Jessika Havok vs. (c) Taya Valkyrie w/ Jon E. Bravo

Bravo is rocking a neck brace after his match with Havok. Valkyrie looks to avoid Havok early. Some forearms from Valyrie but she runs into a clothesline that flattens her. Bravo tries to trip Havok, that lets Valkyrie get back into things with kicks and knees. Havok runs into a kick then Valkyrie tries a hurricanrana but is caught and power bombed for a 2 count. Havok with kicks and stomps. Havok picks Valkyrie up, but she slips off her back then lands a few forearms but Havok slams her down then lands a kick to the face. Valkyrie counters a choke slam with a victory roll but only gets 2. Havok with a back breaker, choke slam, then Su Yung’s music hits to distract Havok from the pin. Yung arrives with her entourage, they’re doing some kind of bridal procession thing this time. Yung dismisses them, enters the ring, all of this allows Valkyrie to escape and take the countout loss.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jessika Havok defeats Taya Valkyrie via count out

Havok looks for a choke slam, Yung counters with a mandible claw. Havok breaks the hold then Yung drops her to the outside with a palm strike.

We get out pre-recorded interview with Jimmy Jacobs and Melissa Santos. Santos and Cage wanted to keep their relationship private but that isn’t an option after Elgin tried to end Brian Cage’s career. She puts over how much Cage’s career means to him, then notes that they still can’t give a specific date for his return and they’re not entirely sure where his injury is. Jacobs asks what happens if Cage can’t defend the title, Santos mentions that this experience has taught them that there might be more important things than that title.

And we head to another break.

Back from break and here’s a video featuring the Deaners. The Desi Hit Squad show up to their bar, they trade some insults, then brawl with the Deaners winning out. Gama Singh tries to beg off and runs into a door before bailing. The Deaners then get hit with beer bottles, and Raju and Singh talk more smack.

Now a video promo from the Deaners. They put over how hard they work, and they only have fun after all that work is done. Cody says they do in fact have class, they’re the working class and tell the Desi Hit Squad they couldn’t survive actually working a day in their life before challenging them to a match and if the Squad loses they have to spend a day working on the Deaner Compound.

Match #5: Stone Rockwell vs. Nate Madsen

We get both guys already in the ring, so I imagine shenanigans are incoming. Madsen gets the best of Rockwell early, Rockwell catches him when he tries to fly then hits a spinning back breaker. Madsen takes over again with knees to the head then talks trash to Rockwell but Rhino is here. Shenanigans confirmed. Rhino gores Madsen out of his boots, then sets again and gores Rockwell as well.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Nate Madsen defeats Stone Rockwell via DQ

Mic time for Rhino, who invites Elgin to the ring so he can kick his ass. Elgin is in fact here and shows up on the ramp with a mic of his own. Elgin says Rhino not jumping him from behind is a nice change of pace, then notes that Rhino is just trying to become relevant by attacking Big Mike, who just sends people to the hospital. Elgin says he does things on his terms. Rhino says he’s happy to come down there instead of Elgin wont get in the ring. They meet on the ramp and start brawling. Both men toss security aside when they try to break things up. Rhino gets a chair from under the ring but that gets taken away and they’re just pulled apart by security and other officials.

That’ll send us to break.

In the back Ace Austin celebrates beating Eddie Edwards, Austin claims it was a pinfall but the stooges note that Edwards kicked his ass. Austin notes that too many people try to mess with Edwards’ head but don’t have a plan, but he does and plans on banging Eddie Edwards’ wife.

The Impact+ flashback is the four-way Monster’s Ball from Bound For Glory 2005. Though apparently that can change based on voting or location or some other such variable.

The Desi Hit Squad see the challenge from the Deaners. They say there’s no way the Deaners could beat them, Raju will accept but only if the Deaners come to their place and become their servants. Gama slaps him and then takes credit for the idea, and we head to break again.

Back with a video where Jake Crist tries to start their promo with Callihan. Callihan is late but tries to take over. Fulton breaks out of his cage briefly and they keep trying to get their promo right. Callihan runs down his match from Unbreakable with Tessa Blanchard and notes that he’s now the number one contender. Crist needles him a bit about maybe a second title coming to oVe. Callihan wants to become the World Champion so they’ll become the faces of the company, then calls out Tommy Dreamer for showing up lately as well as wanting to break Blanchard. Callihan says since Fulton can’t behave he’ll bring Dave Crist with him for a match with Blanchard and Dreamer next week. They promise to take over everything.

Commentary runs down the card for next week before we get to the main event, or at least the intros for the main event and then our last break.

Match #6 Tag Tea Title Match: LAX (Daga and Ortiz) w/ Konnan vs. (c) The North (Page and Alexander)

Page and Ortiz start us off, and they brawl with Ortiz getting the best of it. Page kicks him and lays in rights, then Ortiz breaks free and lands some arm drags. They break in the corner, Ortiz lands kicks, then they run the buckles a bit and Ortiz hits a power slam. Ortiz tags Daga and they double team Page for a bit and Page winds up kicking out of a stand moonsault. LAX posture, so Page tags in Alexander who floors Daga. They start trading blows, then Daga accelerates while running the ropes and hits a tilt a whirl headscissors to send Alexander to the floor. Daga now with a big dive over the top rope onto both Alexander and Page. Alexander back in the ring and lands a firemans carry front flip then Daga catches him trying to jump onto him and lands a suplex. Daga lands blows, Alexander fires up and they start trading chops. Page has to trip up Daga on the outside, that distracts Ortiz and they hit an assisted suplex face buster for a 2 count. They isolate Daga in the corner and Alexander tags in Page who lays boots to Daga. Daga with forearm blows, but Page cuts him off with a back elbow then he hits Ortiz. Ortiz gets pissed and tries to come in, Page and Alexander fake a tag and beat up Daga for a few seconds before Alexander takes over. Offense from Alexander, Daga tries to fire up but walks into a northern lights suplex and Alexander floats over to land blows from full mount. Page tags in and they resume beating on Daga in the corner. Daga and Page start trading rights but Page drives him back to the corner. Daga with kicks then a full nelson into a German suplex to Page and everyone is down. Ortiz is asking for the tag, he gets it and Ortiz and Alexander start trading blows. Ortiz with a bevy of forearm strikes then a drop kick. Alexander tries to toss Ortiz, Ortiz lands on the apron then springs through the ropes with a tornado DDT then a falling headbutt and gets a near fall. Alexander is up on the shoulders of Ortiz, Daga tags in and hits a stomp, then a death valley driver from Ortiz and a standing moonsault from Daga but that only gets 2. Daga and Alexander trade blows, Page tags himself in and they double team Daga. Elbow from Page, moonsault from Alexander but Daga kicks out. Page tags in Alexander, they try for a double team move but Daga fights free with kicks and stomps then super kicks Alexander for a count of 2. Daga tags in Ortiz, who sets for a powerbomb move but Page is in to save, so Daga flies in with drop kicks to them. Ortiz takes out Page on the outside, Alexander sends Daga out and Ortiz is in. Alexander drops Ortiz with a blow, tags in Page and they hit the alley oop spine buster will get the pinfall.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The North retain the Tag Team Titles via pinfall

The North celebrate, and call themselves the best tag team in the world as they exit the ring. Konnan, Daga, and Ortiz are in the ring. Ortiz offers a handshake to Daga, they shake and pose so no turn from Ortiz yet. That bit of camaraderie will end the episode.

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