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411’s Impact Wrestling Report 9.06.19

September 7, 2019 | Posted by Robert Winfree
The North Impact

Hello everyone, and welcome to 411’s Impact Wrestling coverage. I’m Robert Winfree, tagging in for Larry Csonka for the next three weeks as there’s a lot of wrestling coming out and only one Larry. At the moment Larry is right HERE so feel free to give him some support as well.

We get our recap, the announcement of Ken Shamrock returning to Impact to battle with Moose, more knockouts drama, Sami Callihan wanting his world title shot against Brian Cage, Taya Valkyrie becoming the longest reigning Knockouts Champion, LAX and The North battling for LAX’s future in the company, and Elgin vs. Rhino.

To open up the show Havok is coming out for her match.

Match #1: Havok vs. Su Yung

Yung avoids a rush and lands punches, then Havok catches her with a standing back breaker then a running knee to the face. Havok with some boots in the corner. The ref constantly warns Havok about abiding by the rules and Havok is losing patience with him each time. Yung avoids a leg drop and lands some kicks to the chest then her own step up knee strike that gets a 2 count. Mandible claw attempt from Yung, Havok blocks it and hits a spine buster into a Boston crab. Yung crawls to the bottom rope and Havok breaks the hold on a count of 4. Havok whips Yung into the corner, but Yung counters when she tries to attack and drives her into the buckles. Yung walks the ropes then hits a hurricanrana and locks in the mandible claw. Havok gets to the ropes to break the hold then Havok wind sup on the floor. Yung onto the apron and hits a running cannonball. The ref is counting. Havok catches a kick attempt and drops the face of Yung onto the apron. The ref wants things in the ring, Havok obliges but is still thinking things over. Havok pulls Yung back out with an electric chair position, the ref gets in her face again and Havok has just about had enough of him. Yung with the mist for the DQ and then attacks on the floor.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Havok defeats Su Yung via Disqualification

More brawling now, Havok clotheslines the ring post as Yung avoids her then separates. This feud must continue I guess.

The North in the back for a promo, Page says rather than talk about their strategy he wants to wish farewell to LAX forever. Page says that everything is on the line for The North, Alexander agrees and wishes LAX farewell and promises to make everyone forget they ever existed. Page promises the North wont be multiple time champions, they’ll only have one reign that will last forever. That will take us to break.

Back with an oVe promo. Callihan is in a good mood, and promises to burn the company down if they don’t get what they want. Fulton arrives late and spooks Callihan. Callinah notes that World Champion Brian Cage will have to announce tonight his future as champion be that giving up the belt or defending. Dave Crist plays around with Callihan actually wearing a suit. Callihan promises that tonight Fulton will finally take out Rob Van Dam before promising that Ohio will take over everything.

Commentary runs down some news around Bound for Glory as well as previewing the main event.

Match #2: Moose vs. Fallah Bahh

Bahh comes out and rushes Moose in the corner and is after him early. Moose misses some offense and Bahh continues attacking him, then hits a large beele out of the corner then a belly to belly suplex. They trade chops and Bahh gets the better of them then whips Moose and hits a high elevation back body drop. Moose with thumbs to the eyes to stifle that momentum. Moose climbs the ropes and hits a cross body but Bahh is back up and firing up then hits a running clothesline. Flying cross body from Bahh and he gets a 2 count. Bahh with the banzai drop but he only gets 2 and seems incensed by that reality. Moose drags himself up along the ropes, Bahh misses a charge and Moose with the spear for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Moose defeats Fallah Bahh via pinfall

Moose isn’t happy with the win and locks on the worst looking ankle lock I’ve ever seen then trash talks Shamrock to the camera.

Tommy Dreamer is in the back, Tessa Blanchard shows up and kicks Wentz out of the room. Dreamer understands throwing yourself or your future away in a feud. Blanchard wants oVe dead and demands loyalty from Dreamer, who gives it. That’ll send us to another break.

Back from break Alisha and Eddie Edwards are talking, Eddie apologizes for being crazy. A woman shows up and compliments Edwards in a somewhat salacious manner, Alisha slaps him and walks off. Ace shows up and insults Edwards.

Match #3: TJP vs. Golden Magic

Both men play to the crowd to get things going. They lock up and start mat wrestling, they trade wrist lock escapes then TJP gets a head scissor series. Magic with head scissors of his own, more escape sequences from both men and we get a stand off. Another tie up and they start running the ropes now, Magic with a springboard arm drag. They hit the corner, Magic hangs him up on the top rope then a corkscrew arm drag into a head scissors and TJP is on the outside. Magic with the old Asai moonsault and we get another break.

Back with TJP cutting off Magic trying to go up top. Magic stuck in a tree of woe position, TJP lands a drop kick to the chest. TJP with a snap mare then a tope con hilo and he gets a 2 count. TJP locks up a modified double under hook neck crank, Magic fights free and TJP with some pin attempts. Magic with a roll up, TJP kicks out then Magic with the disaster kick but only gets a 2 count. TJP counters a lionsault attempt with a drop kick to get control of the match back. TJP with a vertical suplex then a back suplex and he climbs up but misses the swanton then Magic dives from the apron inside with a modified cutter. As TJP heads out to regain himself Magic with a corkscrew Asai moonsault but he only glances TJP and that looked like a rough landing. Magic is back up first though and follows TJP into the ring. Roll up from Magic but TJP kicks out, Magic with a second rope corkscrew cross body then an elevated rotating cutter but he can’t get the pin. TJP avoids a rush, gets a modified bulldog then hits a brain buster but Magic kicks out of the follow up pin attempt. TJP looks to climb the ropes again, Magic with an enziguri and then follows him up. Magic with a top rope hurricanrana but still can’t get the pin. Magic up top now, tries the 450, TJP avoids it and drop kicks the knee. TJP looks to climb the ropes again, again Magic is there to cut him off. Magic with a top rope fall away slam but again TJP kicks out. TJP avoids a dive, hits a modified Go To Sleep then locks up an ankle lock or a knee bar and forces the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: TJP defeats Golden Magic via submission

Video bit, Ace tries to pay off the woman who interrupted Eddie and Alisha earlier but he sees Alisha coming up and instead tells her to leave then heads out with Alisha to prepare for her match.

Our Flashback Moment of the Week is Sting vs. AJ Styles from Bound For Glory.

Taya Valkyrie is berating Jon E. Bravo now in the back, she puts over her accomplishments and then mentions Tenille Dashwood showing up and stealing her thunder. That will send us to another break.

Back from break, and there’s a video from Johnny Swinger who’s apparently coming to Impact. I’m sure that’s a wise use of money. Tenille Dashwood is being interviewed, Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne show up to complain about newbies. Hogan tells her to head to the back of the line, Dashwood is happy to challenge the both of them. Rayne accepts on behalf of Hogan for next week.

Match #4: Mad Man Fulton w/Dave Crist vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD plays with the crowd, they lock up and Fulton drives him into the corner. Van Dam escapes and looks to start moving rather than engage in strength battles. Inside leg kicks from Van Dam then a go behind but Fulton drives him to the corner again and unloads with elbows and punches. Van Dam kicks his arm when he goozles him and separates again. More kicks to the calf from Van Damn, he gets a side headlock but Fulton drives him into the corner and lays in shoulder blocks. Van Dam counters a whip attempt with a drop kick to the knee and then hits a series of kicks to Fulton. Top rope Van Dam and he lands a flying side kick that sends Fulton to the floor. Van Dam follows him out, lands a knee from the apron then a cannonball to take him down. Fulton with a neck breaker and he starts attacking Van Dam on the outside. Van Dam sent back into the ring. Fulton goozles him and hits a dead lift style chokeslam. Fulton drags him up and tosses him into the corner. Van Dam with kicks but he runs into a clothesline. Fulton lifts Van Dam into a fall away slam position, he swings Van Dam but Van Dam rolls through and gets a near fall. Van Dam avoids a kick and lands strikes but runs into a goozle, Van Dam steps over and hits a spinning heel kick. Fulton avoids a somersault but Van Dam with back kick that takes the big man off of his feet. More kicks from Van Dam then Rolling Thunder and he sets for the 5 Star Frog Splash. Dave Crist is up to stop him and the ref throws out the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Rob Van Dam defeats Mad Man Fulton via disqualification

Crist and Fulton put the boots to Van Dam for a bit. Van Dam avoids a kick from Fulton who kicks Crist, then he kicks Fulton over the top rope. Van Dam then hits a 5 Star Frog Splash to Crist.

Backstage Jimmy Jacobs is trying to get a word with Brian Cage ahead of his in ring segment later. Melissa Santos is there instead and just promises that he’ll get answers later. That gets us another break.

Back in the club house with The Rascalz. Wentz and Dez lament the lack of Trey, Trey shows up and seems to have something up with his body. Wentz and Dez want “the stuff”, Trey says he couldn’t find it and Wentz chokes him while berating him for not getting it. Dez pulls him off, then takes his place choking Trey. Rich Swann and Willie Mack show up and chill things out. Swann says that he and Mack have the stuff and they all spark up. Swann and Mack object to some jokes that they like tickle butt, then they start talking about The North vs. LAX. Dez and Wentz talk about nearly winning the belts, Swann ribs them a bit about not actually winning and they decide to spend the next several segments partying.

Now to the Deaner Compound where the Desi Hit Squad are “hilariously” inept at manual labor. Gama has a plan to make sure they’ll never lose again after this, the Deaners want to go fishing. Gama takes issue with Rohit and winds up tossing him into the pond.

Back to the arena, Jordynne Grace encounters Rosemary. Grace says she tried to stay out of Rosemary’s business when Rosemary asked, now she’s here to make the same request. Rosemary notes that Grace got attacked by a lot of people and says that The Shadow is the one who determines what she does. Rosemary says she wouldn’t be playing with Grace at all if it were up to her. That gets us another commercial break.

Back with LAX in the back. Konnan says they built this place and helped make it what it is, they wont be leaving and represent the entire Nation. He says they’re an inspiration for a bunch of people, and that they’re going to prove they’re the best tag team of all time.

Match #5 Tag Team Titles vs. Careers: (c) The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander vs. LAX (Ortiz and Santana) w/Konnan

Santana and Alexander start us off. They tie up and Alexander drives Santana to the corner before they break. Another tie up, Santana with a go behind and we get some mat wrestling that ends with a snap mare then a drop kick from Santana. Ortiz tagged in and they double team Alexander for a bit with sentons then a falling headbutt from Ortiz gets a near fall and we’re heading to a commercial break.

Back to action, Ortiz has Alexander in the corner and lays in chops then tags in Santana. Santana takes out Page and they try to double team Alexander but he turns the tables on them. Alexander takes Santana down with a kick to the knee as Page attacks Ortiz on the outside. Ortiz and Page keep going at it before Page drops him with a kick and they both wind up heading back to the apron. In the ring Alexander is attacking the knee of Santana before tagging in Page. They resume attacking the knee of Santana, Page with kicks and Santana is down. Santana tries to fight back up, he lands chops but Page catches him as he runs with a gut wrench suplex. Ortiz jaws with the ref and that allows Alexander and Page to double team Santana for a couple of seconds then Page tags him in. Santana is stuck in the corner of The North. Page in now with kicks, tags Alexander and they try a double team move but Santana avoids it and is able to escape to tag in Ortiz. Ortiz runs wild on The North, hits an avalanche on Alexander then a DDT on Page. Sit out powerbomb from Ortiz is assisted by a kick from Santana but they only get a 2 count. Ortiz gets cut off by Page, he and Alexander with an assisted spinning DDT. Santana in to break up the momentum but the ref has to toss him out and that lets the North hit the double team move of LAX. on Ortiz for a 2 count. Alexander gets Ortiz up for a Street Sweeper but Santana is in to save Ortiz and they take out The North with cutters. Ortiz covers Alexander for 2 after a big Santana dive. Ortiz tags in Santana, he kicks Page off the apron and they set for the Street Sweeper but Page breaks it up and Alexander with a powerbomb back breaker to Ortiz and Page with the blind tag. They double team Santana, hit the alley oop spine buster and that ends the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The North retain the Tag Team Titles, defeat LAX via pinfall

The North mock LAX a bit as they head out of the ring. Santana sells the emotion in the ring, Ortiz and Konnan join him. The crowd chants for LAX as they pose with the flags of Mexico and Puerto Rico. That image will send us to what I assume is the final commercial break.

Back from break, they reiterate that LAX is now out of Impact (and into AEW under a different name). Impact World Champion Brian Cage makes his way to the ring to address his future as champion. His real life wife Melissa Santos is with him and they make their way into the ring. Cage says his whole life has been about becoming world champion, but never imagined it would be like this. He mentions getting injured in his title winning match, being forced to be on the sidelines, then coming out against doctors orders and winding up back on the sidelines. He says that within six weeks he’ll be cleared which means he’ll be ready to defend his title at Bound for Glory. He says he told management the only way this title is leaving him is if someone beats him for it, he won it injured, retained it injured, and at Bound for Glory will beat Sami Callihan. Setting the title on the mat he says the positive from this situation was spending time with Melissa Santos and feels she was right when she said weeks ago that there are things more important than the title. He says the most important thing he wanted to do tonight was propose to Melissa, she accepts. I’m sure nothing bad will happen at a wrestling wedding, right?

Cage carries her up the ramp in celebration as we head off the air.