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411’s LIVE Armageddon PPV Coverage: Chris Benoit v Chavo Guerrero

December 17, 2006 | Posted by Arnold Furious

ELSEWHERE Chavo dedicates tonight’s title match to Vicky Guerrero. Vicky whinges about how she’s been through so much this year and now her neck has been killing her for weeks. Vicky tells us that Benoit will get whats coming to him tonight and lose his US title.

US title – CHRIS BENOIT (c) v CHAVO GUERRERO w/Vicky Guerrero

Vicky is still selling that neck. Chavo jumps from behind. Benoit fires back with chops and strikes. Snap suplex gets 2. Benoit hammers away with rights. Back suplex and Benoit drops an elbow to the back of the neck. Chop and a backdrop. Scoop slam sets up the Sharpshooter but Chavo kicks him off. Benoit switches and catapults Chavo over the top. Benoit throws him back first into the rail. “Let’s Go Benoit” – Richmond. ROLLING GERMANS! Release on three. Benoit calls for it and goes up top. Chavo is back up though and he cuts Benoit off. Chavo with a superplex and both guys stay down selling. Chavo bails to drag Benoit around the ring post. He adds in a baseball slide to the back. Chavo gets a chinlock and the crowd are behind Benoit. Benoit tries to suplex out but Chavo falls on top for 2. Chavo chokes Benoit on the ropes and knee drops the back again. Chavo tries to set for a showboat chop but Benoit takes him into the crossface. Chavo gets the ropes though and goes back onto the offensive. European uppercut to the back. Saito suplex. Another one. “Who sucks now?” – Chavo. Pin gets 2. Tree of woe for Benoit and Chavo dropkicks the ribs. Chavo goes for a longer run up and slides into the ring post. Benoit frees himself but can’t get down before Chavo is back up. He pounds on Benoit’s back but Benoit counters and chops away. Chavo goes to the eyes and hits the Three Amigos. But Benoit escapes in the middle into the Rolling Germans. He doesn’t release on three. Or four. Of five. Six! Seven! He releases on eight and the crowd are loving it. Cole’s “standing ovation” is bullshit but they were happy. Pin gets 2. Benoit drags Chavo into the middle of the ring and looks for the Sharpshooter. Vicky grabs the US title and comes into the ring. Benoit shouts “don’t do it” at her. Benoit breaks the hold and Vicky just crumbles again. Benoit grabs her and Vicky is STILL selling the neck. Chavo gets the predictable roll up with the tights but Benoit rolls out of it into the SHARPSHOOTER and Chavo taps out.

Winner: Chris Benoit via submission. Weird booking to have Benoit get his back worked over all match and then not have it factor into anything. Or Vicky for that matter. **1/4.


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