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411’s LIVE Armageddon PPV Coverage: Tag titles match

December 17, 2006 | Posted by Arnold Furious


No Ashley because she’s focused on her “match” later. Teddy is out here as well. He’s in the Christmas spirit. He has a present for these guys making this a ladder match. He has ladders brought out here. He adds in two more teams. What?


Aren’t Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro RAW wrestlers? And why not book this beforehand and maybe pop a few extra buys? Anyway my tag match is now an eight man schmoz. RUSSORIFIC! Hardyz v Hooliganz is a nice little battle pitting past against present. Kendrick ends up isolated and getting an ass kicking. Washing Machine for him off the Hardyz. Everyone back in for a brawl. Regal suplexes London while Taylor beats down Kendrick. Regal suplexes Kendrick around too. Nitro bails for a ladder but that just ends up as a big brawl between MNM and Hardyz in the entrance. Matt throws a ladder in but Regal & Taylor throw it out. Matt gets another in there and bashes them with it. Poetry in Motion for Taylor. SNAPSHOT~! For Taylor too. Hooliganz double superkick Regal. Matt with a none Yodelling elbow drop. Regal & Taylor out to the floor now. Kendrick dropkicks Nitro out of the ring. Matt bashes Kendrick with the ladder. Jeff dropkicks London in the face. More good past v present stuff there. Jeff goes up but London shoves him off. London goes up and Nitro tries to slingshot dropkick him but London jumps off the ladder causing Nitro to crash and burn. Mercury is in there with the ladder and no one around. Up he goes but Kendrick grabs him. The Hardyz move the ladder and shove it over causing Mercury to fall out of the ring onto Nitro. Ring clears out again leaving Matt and Kendrick. Matt drags Kendrick down. Hardyz set the ladder up in the corner and single out Kendrick before whipping him into the ladder. London gets the same treatment. Jeff goes for Poetry in Motion but London moves. Heh, awesome. Jeff beans himself there. Hooliganz double suplex Matt. We get a slo-mo of Jeff bashing his head. Noice! London charges Matt but runs into a clothesline. Kendrick has one hand on the belt but Matt just drags him off the top. Neckbreaker on London. Nitro suplexes Regal on the floor. Taylor has been a none factor since the start. Matt goes for a suplex on the ladder but London dropsaults him onto it. Kendrick goes up while London holds the ladder up. DOUBLE STOMP! MNM are back in now and London takes a double gutbuster. MNM set up the ladders and go to suplex Jeff on them (they’re set like a seesaw). Make that superplex. Matt saves. Jeff jumps over all three guys and lands on the ladder bashing Mercury SQUARE IN THE FACE. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Don’t stick your face in a ladder! He’s busted WIDE open. From the middle of the face no less. SICK slo-mo replays of that spot. Regal and Taylor are back in for the first time in like 10 minutes. Ladder on the top rope and Kendrick gets dumped on it. London tries to battle back but Regal Kobashiplexes him into the ladder. London flips all the way over luckily for him. Regal goes up but is scared of heights. HAHAHA. Awesome. Taylor tries instead. Regal steadies the ladder. Kendrick stops them. Regal throws him out. Matt is back in. Mercury is off to hospital already. That was SICK, I tells ya. Twist of Fate on Regal. Twist of Fate on Taylor. Oh, there’s blood everywhere from Mercury’s face. Jeff sets up a ladder outside the ring and goes to dive off it but Nitro dropkicks it away leaving Jeff to fall into the ropes. That could have been really bad. Great spot. Nitro bashes everyone with the ladder looking to go for the belts solo. He rides the ladder across the prone Regal. Nitro goes up but Kendrick stops him. Nitro shrugs him off but London dropkicks him off the ladder. Kendrick v Matt and Matt hip tosses Kendrick off the ladder. London pulls him back down. They battle up the ladder but Matt backdrops London over the top. Everyone down apart from Jeff. He’s a little off centre. Nitro climbs too. Jeff with the sunset flip powerbomb! Matt looks to go back up again but uses a second ladder so we have duelling ladders. He uses both but Regal & Taylor pull them away so Matt just drops. Taylor racks Matt and Regal knees him in the head. They both go up ladders. Kendrick knocks them both off. He has one hand on the belt but Taylor pulls him down. London clotheslines him outside. Regal is up top but Kendrick runs up – SLICED BREAD #2 OFF THE FUCKING LADDER. Kendrick lands on his head. London v Matt then. Everyone else is down. Others are stirring. London and Matt battle on the top of the ladder. London wins and London & Kendrick retain.

Winners: London/Kendrick. ****. That was tremendous fun. Yeah, the selling was all over the place and some of the spots were pre-set up, which looked a bit odd but everyone out there busted their asses to get the kids over. London & Kendrick worked especially hard and this has to be their biggest win to date. The Mercury spot was SICK. His eye was shut after a few seconds.


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