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411’s Live ROH Mass Hysteria 2019 Coverage

July 21, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

Csonka’s ROH Mass Hysteria 2019 Review

– Flip Gordon & Brody King are injured from last night, and are off the card; the trios tag title match is cancelled.

ROH Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Briscoes vs. The Bouncers: They brawl at the bell with the challengers taking control early on as Bruiser hits an apron cannonball to the floor. Mark hits the spicy dropkick and blockbuster to the floor. The champions take control, sending the bouncers to the barricades and Mark follows with a suicide cannonball. They isolate Bruiser, and the DVD and froggy bow follows for 2 as Milonas makes the save and takes out Mark and hits the black hole slam on Jay. He follows with strikes, and corner ass attacks. Bruiser follows with one as well and covers for 2. Double teams on Jay follow and Milonas covers for 2. He grounds the action, but Jay fights to his feet but Milonas hits a suplex. Bruiser tags in and follows with strikes, bites Jay, and tags in Milonas. They trade strikes, tag to Mark and he lays in chops on Milonas. The dropkick follows for 2. Bruiser makes the save, but Mark cuts him off until he runs into a spinebuster. Jay hits a superkick, enziguri and running boot. Milonas hits… something and follows with a sit down splash but Mark cuts him off and all four men are down. Back to the feet and they trade strikes, the challengers take control and dump Jay Milonas sets for the powerplex but Jay cuts off Bruiser and hits a powerbomb on Milonas an the froggy bow finishes it. Champions The Briscoes defeated The Bouncers @ 9:10 via pin

– They share some beers post match. The Guerrillas of Destiny arrive and attack the champions. They beat them down, busting Jay open and Tonga seemingly challenges them to a ladder match, possibly ladder war. Mark is busted open now, as GOD stand tall and film it on their cell phones.

Jimmy Preston vs. Christian Casanova: This is a “local showcase” match. Preston attacks at the bell, but Casanova counters back with an enziguri and high cross for 2. Preston misses a charge, eats a kick and Casanova follows with a springboard leg drop for 2. Preston’s manager distracts Casanova and Preston hits a lariat. He lays the boots to Casanova, and the powerslam gets 2. He follows with chops, but Casanova fires back and hits a springboard clothesline for 2. Preston cuts him off, hits an Angle slam and covers for 2. Preston misses a charge, and Casanova hits a face buster, kicks, and a superkick. The PELE follows and the running knee strike and DDT gets 2. Preston fights back and hits a DVD for 2. Casanova counters back with a code breaker and la mistica. The top rope leg drop follows for the win. Christian Casanova defeated Jimmy Preston @ 5:40 via pin

Silas Young vs. PJ Black: They lock up and work into counters, with Black grounding things. Silas fights to his feet, but Black takes him back down. Silas fights out, eats a spin kick and Silas lariats him to the floor. He then whips Black to the barricade, follows with strikes and rolls him back in and the slingshot double stomp follows. They trade strikes, Silas attacks the knee, hits a knee strike and covers for 2. The suplex follows for 2. Silas grounds the action, Black fights out and follows with clotheslines. Flies in with a chop and then hits the high cross and backslide for 2. The springboard kick and moonsault follows for 2. Silas cuts him off and Black battles back with the Spanish fly for 2. Black looks for the springboard 450 and misses, Silas crotches him up top and hits the knee strike and misery for the win. Silas Young defeated PJ Black @ 6:40 via pin

Tasha Steelz vs. Angelina Love. vs. Karissa Rivera: Sky is at ringside. Love dares Steelz to put her title shot on the line here tonight and Steelz agrees. Rivera attacks at the bell and starts going for covers, dumps Love and hits a shoulder tackle on Steelz. Steelz hits the spinebuster, but Love dumps her and covers for 2. The double knees follow, she then misses a charge but connects with a dropkick and leg kicks. Rivera hits a neck breaker, Steelz dumps her and covers Love for 2. They trade pin attempts and Love hits a flatliner into the koji clutch. Steelz fights and makes the ropes. Love follows with kicks, Rivers pulls her to the floor and Steelz cuts her off with a bulldog for 2. Love makes the save, dumps Steelz and Rivera hits the Samoan drop for 2 as Steelz makes the save. Rivera follows with jabs, but Steelz fires back and they work up top, Love joins in and we get a tower of doom. Love covers for 2. Botox injection by Love, Steelz dumps Love and hits Okkuuuuuur for the win. Tasha Steelz defeated Angelina Love. & Karissa Rivera @ 6:15 via pin

– The Allure attack Steelz post match until Klein makes the save. Steelz & Klein have a face off post match and Maria Manic arrives to kill Rivera and Sumie Sakai. She then destroys some security.

Kenny King vs. Dragon Lee: They lock up and work to the ropes. Lock up again and they work into counters as King powders to the floor. Lock up and Lee hits arm drags and tranquilos. King attacks with kicks, they trade shoulder tackles, and they trade strikes. Lee follow with kicks, a knee strike and dropkick. He lays the boots to King, attacks the knee and then grounds the action. King retreats to the ropes and they trade chops, RANA by Lee and to the floor and King cuts him off and tosses him over the barricade and into the crowd. King follows with a suplex, and rolls him back in and the springboard leg drop follows for 2. King rips at the mask, and hits a neck breaker and clothesline for 2. He grounds things, and then slams Lee down by the mask. King slows the pace, lays in chops by Lee fires up and hits ahead scissors and follows with the tope con hello. Back in and Lee hits the rolling dropkick and bull’s horns for 2. Amy Rose distracts Lee, King counters desnucadora and hits the chin checker, kick, and blue thunder bomb for 2. Lee fires back, hits combination cabrone and they trade strikes and chops. Superkick by King but Lee hits the snap German and poison RANA but King counters back with a spinebuster. Lee counters the royal flush, hits a DDT and heads up top. King cuts him off with uppercuts, follows him up and Lee cuts him off with the double stomp and covers for 2. He drops the kneepad, Rose distracts lee again and King hits the royal flush for the win. Kenny King defeated Dragon Lee @ 13:05 via pin

ROH TV Title Match: Champion Shane Taylor vs. Eli Isom: They lock up and work to the ropes. Lock up again and Taylor shoves Isom around. Isom fires back, lays in chops and picks up the pace as he makes Taylor miss. He follows with uppercuts but Taylor hits the pounce. Isom hits a dropkick to the knee, dumps Taylor but Taylor catches the plancha only for Isom to post him and he then follows with a suicide dive. Taylor then cuts him off with a draping DDT on the floor. He slams Isom to the barricades, and sets Isom in a chair and then charges in with a knee strike. Taylor looks for it again and hits another knee strike. Back in and Taylor covers for 2. Isom fires back, but Taylor cuts him off with chops in the corner. Taylor follows with face washes and covers for 2. Isom keeps firing back, but Taylor knocks him to the floor. Taylor teases an apron package piledriver, Isom fights to Taylor just tosses him to the floor. Back in and Taylor climbs the ropes and the big splash misses. Isom drags himself up and follows with rights. The enziguri follows and Isom then dumps Taylor and hits the springboard moonsault to the floor. Back in and Isom heads up top and the top rope splash follows for 2. Isom then hits a DDT for 2. He follows with an air raid crash for a GREAT near fall on Taylor. Taylor cuts him off with a huge right, Isom keeps fighting and runs into a head butt. He fires back one last time, head butt and powerbomb by Taylor follows. The knee strike and package piledriver ONLY GETS 2! Lariat by Taylor and greeting from 216 connects for the win. Champion Shane Taylor defeated Eli Isom @ 13:05 via pin

Villain Enterprises (Marty & PCO) vs. Lifeblood (Haskins & Bandido): Williams & Gordon are at ringside. Marty and Bandido begin. They lock up and Marty looks to ground things, and they work into counters and a stalemate. Bandido picks up the pace, they shove each other and Bandido hits a RANA and they end in another stalemate. Haskins and PCO tag in. Haskins attacks with strikes, kicks, and a pump kick but PCO mows him down with a shoulder tackle. Marty & PCO then double team Haskins on the floor, and back in, Marty covers for 2. He stomps on the knees, tags in PCO and he follows with strikes. PCO then hits the basement dropkick, Marty tags in and double teams follows as PCO hits the powerslam for 2. Marty follows with kicks, but Haskins fires back and tags in Bandido who runs wild with kicks and a tornillo. He dumps PCO and hits the X-knee and lariat on Marty for 2. Lifeblood double teams Marty and Haskins does the deal with a falcon arrow but Marty gets the knees up on the splash and cradles Bandido for 2. Lifeblood then battles back with suicide dives. Haskins hits the soldier shoulder roll and Bandido follows with an assisted double stomp for 2. Haskins follows with kicks on Marty, but Marty hits the fake out kick and attacks the fingers until Haskins catches him with a jab. Tags to PCO and Bandido. They trade strikes, pop up powerbomb by PCO and a buckle bomb on Haskins. The spear follows and the package piledriver gets 2. PCO hits the leg drop, and follows with the suicide cannonball. Marty kills Bandido with a dragon suplex for 2. The assisted senton by PCO follows for 2. It breaks down, Haskins gets tossed and Bandido fires back with superkicks and then catches the PCO high cross into a powerslam. PCO pops up and spears Bandido. He heads up top and Bandido cuts him off, follows him up and the Spanish fly connects for 2! Bandido is shocked. The 21-plex is cut off by Marty and he snaps the fingers, and the chicken wing finishes it. Villain Enterprises defeated Lifeblood @ 13:25 via submission

Dalton Castle vs. Rush: Castle grounds things and takes control early on. He follows with a suplex, and covers for 2. Castle follows with knee strikes and covers for 1. Castle keeps things grounded, but Rush fires back and then runs into a lariat for 2. Rush fires up and dares Castle to hit him so he does. Rush then hits the snap German, dropkick and on the floor, slams Castle to the barricades. He hits Castle with a trashcan, and back in, Rush slides in a chair and Castle misses with it, eats a running forearm and Castle low blow him for the DQ. Rush defeated Dalton Castle @ 5:05 via DQ

– Post match, Castle beats down Rush with chair shots.

Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, & Jonathan Gresham vs. The Kingdom: This is Shelley’s return match for ROH ahead of challenging for the championship in Toronto. Vinny & Shelley begin. They lock up and work into counters, and end in a stalemate. Lock up again and Shelley looks to ground things, but Vinny keeps escaping and they end in a stand off. Jay tags in and TK joins him. They lock up and trade shoulder tackles, they pickup the pace and Jay dumps TK. Back in and TK slams him down and follows with a dropkick. Gresham tags in and so does Taven. He attacks with kicks, but Gresham picks up the pace and hits a RANA. Taven fires back with an enziguri and clothesline. He tags in Vinny and double teams follow on Gresham. Vinny hits a slam, TK tags in and lays the boots to him and quick tags and double teams follow for 2. They isolate Gresham, working him over in the corner. Gresham runs them together and tags in Shelley who flies in with the high cross. He and Jay follow with double teams, and Shelley follows with elbows on TK, and works half crabs on TK & Vinny. Taven in and Shelley works groin claws and then a mandible claw on TK. Jay tags in as they work over TK, and the suplex follows for 2. TK fires back, but Jay hits the cartwheel into the dropkick for 2. Gresham tags in and grounds the action, and starts going for covers. The dropkick follows, and Shelley slams TK to the barricade. Back in and Gresham covers for 2. The standing moonsault follows for 2. Shelley tags back in and lays the boots to TK. Shelley fights off TK and then puts him in the paradise lock. Jay tags in after Shelley hits the dropkick, but TK fires back and fights off the faces on the floor. Back in and he dumps Gresham and tags in Vinny who hits a suicide dive, Big tope con hello from Taven as the Kingdom runs wild. He counters lethal injection with a backstabber for 2. Double teams and just the tip follow on Jay for 2. Taven and Shelley work into some back and forth, Gresham tags in and brawls with TK, hits an enziguri and the Cornette cutter follows for 2. They dump Vinny, Shelley blind tags in and hits the superkick, Lethal injection by Jey and the suicide dive follows as Shelley locks on the border city stretch to tap TK. Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, & Jonathan Gresham defeated The Kingdom @ 18:20 via pin

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