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411’s LIVE TNA Bound for Glory Coverage 10.22.06: 8-MILE STREET FIGHT: Christian Cage vs. Rhino

October 22, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka

JB is with Cage. Cage says Rhino talks about having it hard and all. He says we even got a video with the locals putting Rhino over. Cage says they are all bums, pieces of crap. They think you have done something, but you haven’t. You have done more than anyone here though. I will take you out tonight in front of your loved ones and friends. I don’t think you’ll be inviting me back for dinner, and good because your aunt’s food sucks. Just like the Cardinals did to the Tigers, I will roll in here and whoop your ass in a clean sweep. And that’s…Cage leaves.

Rhino enters through the crowd. Rhino waits on the ramp for Cage.

8-MILE STREET FIGHT: Christian Cage vs. Rhino

He actually goes to the back and finds Cage. They brawl in the parking lot and Cage is dressed for a fight, bless him. Rhino yells at Cage and slams him off of some light rigging. There is snow on the ground! Back into the building and they fight through the backstage area. They fight on top of a ZAMBONI! Cage is on top and Rhino starts it up and drives it! He drives him into the arena and hits the set. Sure stolen via Russo, but fun. Rhino tosses Cage off top of the Zamboni and Rhino follows him to the ring. Eye rake by Cage and Cage grabs a piece of the set, a streetlight and Rhino steals it from him and levels him. Rhino grabs an 8-Mile road sign and then looks for more toys. He grabs chairs from the crowd and tosses then in the ring. Into the ring he and Cage go. He has another streetlight and Cage nails him with a chair. Rhino nails Cage with it and breaks it and covers for 2. Rhino sets…gore try is stopped by a chair shot by Cage. Cage is favoring his arm from the fall and then attacks Rhino. Rhino battles back as Tenay plays up his history of head injuries. Into the crowd we go for a BRAWL. Rhino pulls a Sandman and drinks a beer. Cage gets slammed into the hockey glass. Back ringside and Rhino lays the whooping on Cage. Rhino gets a table and sets it up. He also slides one into the ring. They are back in the ring and a belly to belly by Rhino. He sets up the table in the corner of the ring. Rhino grabs him, roll up by Cage for 2. Cage kills Rhino with the huge sign. Cage celebrates and spits on the sign. Cage gets a ladder and brings it in. Rights to Rhino who is busted open. Cage has the ladder and Rhino with a drop toehold and Cage eats the ladder. Cage laid out on the ladder… Rhino to the 2nd rope and MISSES a splash! Unprettier by Cage 1…2…NO! Cage has the ladder and levels Rhino again. Lays it on Rhino and goes under the ring and gets the chair and straightjacket. He tries to put it on Rhino and starts to lock Rhino in it. He grabs a chair and lays it down, Rhino on top…conchairto misses. Boot by Rhino and a head butt to the balls of Cage. The ref unhooks Rhino, they exchange rights…to the apron they go and a suplex try…stopped and back into the ring. They brawl back to the apron…RHINO DRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE FLOOR! Back into the ring and Rhino covers for 2. Rhino sets for the gore…Cage up…MISSES and Rhino flies through the table! Cage covers 1…2…NO! Unprettier on the table pieces! 1…2…NO! Cage with the chair now, lays it on Rhino and then the table parts and the sign and ladder! He has a chair….and starts to beat the hell out of the pile of stuff on Rhino! Cage covers 1…2…3.

Winner: Christian Cage @ 14:44 via pin

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