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411’s LIVE TNA Victory Road Coverage: Styles, Daniels, & Sirelda vs. AMW & Kim

July 16, 2006 | Posted by Ashish

– Jeremy Borash interviewed America’s Most Wanted and Gail Kim. AMW talked about how they have won the NWA Tag Titles six times and when Borash asked Kim about Sirelda, Storm yelled that it wasn’t any of his business.

– A video feature for the Tag Team Titles picture aired.

AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, & Sirelda vs. America’s Most Wanted & Gail Kim for the NWA Tag Team Titles
Harris and Daniels started the match out. Sirelda came in and locked up with Harris before Gail Kim attacked her. At this point, the match broke out into a brawl. They did a spot where AMW looked like they were doubleteaming Gail Kim, and not in the wrestling sense. Daniels and Styles took control until Harris fought back and provided the opening Kim needed to hit a lowblow on Styles. Styles still fought back, nailing a corner clothesline on Harris who followed that up with a spinebuster on Styles. Kim then tagged in and put Styles into a submission move. Kim tagged in Storm. Styles tried to regain control but Harris got involved, leading to Storm nailing a DDT on Styles. He went for the win but Daniels broke it up. Styles finally got back in control with a DDT. Daniels came in and double clotheslined AMW followed by a Death Valley Driver, but Kim quickly raked his eyes as he went for the Angel’s Wings. Sirelda tried to take Kim out but Harris ended up pulling Sirelda back by her hair and then hit a lariat on her. Styles and Daniels managed to grab control of the match with a series of moves before Harris and Kim went for the Death Sentence and then went for the Hart Attack on Daniels which was broken up by Styles. After the two sides swapped control a bit, Storm attempted to knock Styles out with a beer bottle but nearly hit Harris who wasn’t pleased and took the bottle away. Styles then slammed Storm into Harris but ended up being rolled up by Storm, kicking out at two. Harris went for a chair shot against Styles but missed and hit Storm, giving Styles the opening for the pin.
Winners: AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, & Sirelda


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