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411’s LIVE WWE Royal Rumble Coverage: Ashley vs. Mickie

January 29, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Teddy and Vince are backstage. Teddy wants to make stuff that is fair. Vince says he has it tonight. Teddy leaves and Vince’s Devil’s are at the wheel deal to draw the numbers. Randy Orton is here to draw his number. Randy is happy with his number and HHH is here. Victoria places extra numbers in there as HHH talks shit to Randy. HHH makes some funny sexual remarks, and HHH is apparently not too happy with his number and Randy says he is screwed! HAHA!

Referee Trish gets ready and Mickie is here to talk with her. Trish’s music hits and Mickie wants to say, I love you. Trish is freaked.

Trish as Special Sexy Ref: Ashley vs. Mickie

Lock up and to a corner they go. Ashley shoves Mickie and they lock up again. They roll to the floor and then get catty. Back in and a wristlock by Mickie, Ashley rolls through and gets one of her own. Slow cradle gets 2. Wristlock by Ashley again, pulls Mickie from the ropes and then tosses her down. Mickie to the floor, Trish tells her to get back in and Ashley kicks her as she tries to climb in. Clothesline from the apron by Ashley. Mickie is upset with Trish’s reffing, and Ashley attacks her again as she gets in, but Mickie nails her from behind and starts to work her over. Single leg crag by Mickie, she breaks it and kicks Ashley to the floor. Mickie picks up Ashley and rams her gut first to the steel post. Baseball slide to Ashley, and Mickie continues with the ass kicking. Ashley tossed back in and kicks by Mickie. Fisherman’s suplex gets 2 for Mickie. Snap mare and a surfboard variation to Ashley. Mickie breaks it and Ashley fights back with kicks. Rights by Ashley, then rams her to the corner. Knees by Ashley, then tosses Mickie by the hair. Again and Trish warns her. Boot by Ashley, Crucifix to Mickie…pulls her hair and gets 2. Ashley with rights to Mickie, and Trish tries to pull her off. Spear, kinda, to Mickie. Corner mount punches by Ashley, powerbomb by Mickie, she landed BADLY as well and Trish reluctantly counts 3.

Mickie hugs and gropes Trish, Trish brushes her off.

Winners: Mickie @ 8:00 via pin


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