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411’s NXT UK Review 02.06.19 (Ep. 29)

February 6, 2019 | Posted by Jake Chambers
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411’s NXT UK Review 02.06.19 (Ep. 29)  


Ligero defeated Mark Andrews @9:06 via pin [***1/2]
Xia Brookeside defeated Candy Floss @4:53 via pin [NR]
Joseph Conners defeated “Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman @5:46 by pin [*]
Joe Coffey defeats Ashton Smith @6:17 [NR]
Walter defeats Mark Coffey @6:31 by pin [*]

Mark Andrews vs. Ligero: Ligero looking Green Goblin-esque in the purple and green outfit this week, while Andrews coming with some orange trunks, which gives a nice sense of colour that is often over-looked in this current boots, tights and ripped-bodies era of WWE. Smooth little grappling battle to start things out, followed by a fist-pump and quick switch to impact-based moves that ends up on the floor with both guys looking to use the environment to gain an advantage. Ligero comes out of this on top following a cannonball off the barricade and a stunner to bring Andrews back into the ring.

On commentary, Vic Joseph suggests that Ligero, now in control, has changed up his high-flying style to slow things down and confuse Andrews, which is an interesting touch we don’t always get in the WWE. Whether or not this is true, it puts the idea of athletic strategy in your mind as you’re watching the match rather than how the match is just part of a “narrative” or used for promotional purposes. Eventually, Andrews makes his fiery comeback, as he’s known to do, and this one turns into a move-for-move sprint for the last third of the match, eventually with Ligero hitting his flying tornado DDT, the C4L, for the win. Ligero defeats Mark Andrews @9:06 by pin [***1/2] A lot of factors go into my decision to give this one such a high rating: uniqueness of the face vs. face match up, the unpredictability of the outcome, and the variety of offence on display.

Oney Lorcan is shown being interviewed in the locker room at NXT when his partner Danny Burch (kind of rudely) interrupts his rare chance to talk on camera because he’s on the phone with NXT UK GM Johnny Saint, informing him (what we all learned on the show last week) that they are getting the first shot at NXT UK Tag Team Champions, the Grizzled Young Veterans, in 3 weeks.

We get an interview with Pete Dunne entering the arena with the UK Championship over his shoulder. Asked about Walter, Dunne is impressed but unfazed, stating resolutely that he fears no one.

Candy Floss vs. Xia Brookeside: The episode of colourful competitors continues as the fluorescent pink haired and bubbly blue tights of Candy Floss mix well with the bright white and purple trimmed outfit of the dark blue haired Xia Brookeside. An initial head-scissors by Candy Floss leads to the old Austin Aries handstand escape special, executed with respectful slowness. This signals what will become a very technical battle between these flashy looking, but physically slight wrestlers. Floss might appear to be a fun and quick wrestler at first appearance, but he prowess with an armbar and associated moves is pretty savage. Brookeside then needs to combat this with one-arm for her comeback. Unfortunately, this means she needs to use this arm as if there was no damage done in order to complete her finisher, the Brookesy Bomb, off the top rope. The commentary team plays this up as big since it’s Brookeside’s first win on TV. Xia Brookeside defeats Candy Floss @4:53 [NR]Appreciate the technical arm struggle between the two in this short match, even if it had no lasting effect on Brookeside completing her arm-based finisher. Quick, cute and fun little match, but not really worth a star rating.

After the match, form NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripely comes out and destroys both competitors, leading to Toni Storm then emerging for the save. Storms hits one big headbutt, but then when she comes to add a second to the wobbly but still standing Ripley, Storm accidentally hits a recovering Brookeside instead, allowing Ripely to lay out Storm.

Jordan Devlin (who had a pretty great showing in the Worlds Collide tournament that aired on the Network last weekend), from backstage, warns his upcoming opponent Noam Dar of betting against the Irish Ace!

“Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman vs. Joseph Conners: Conners, who is sold as being devious, evil and a bitter NXT UK original, seems destined to dominate the Wild Boar. And this generally plays out as so, despite a nice spread-legged senton by the Boar, Conners controls the match early with clubbing aggressive strikes. Wild Boar does get a chance to throw in some nice moves mid-match, including an impressive looking “Boar” Splash from the apron to the outside. A series of sunset flip bombs sets up Boar for Conners’ finisher, a kind of papoose position into a head-drop. Joseph Conners defeats “Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman @4:53 [*] Pretty much an extended showcase match for Conners, but I think (as seems to be the theme in this episode) the loser here ends up almost looking better in the few moments they got to do their thing. Wild Boar is a unique looking guy with some cool offense, would personally would rather see more of him on this show than Conners.

Joe Coffey hypes up Gallus backstage.

We get an interview with Jinny who arrogantly praises herself, but does give respect to the female competitors in NXT UK. She says regardless of who comes out on top of the upcoming Women’s Championship match, that the “Queen” will eventually sit on the throne. We get an announcement graphic proclaiming that next week we’ll have Jinny vs. Mia Yim.

Ashton Smith vs. Joe Coffey: Joe Coffey, looking very Rhyno mixed with Tazz, ends up in an early headlock by the much taller and athletic looking Smith. A good strategy, but sadly one that doesn’t lead to much success, as Coffey clubs his way to taking charge and then just grinding out Smith with a series of wear-down holds. Smith makes a brief attempt to comeback, but Coffey puts him away with a brutal lariat.Joe Coffey defeats Ashton Smith @6:17 [NR] Basically a Brock Lesnar match for Coffey, and about as exciting.

As Joe leaves, his brother Mark meets him on the ramp to come down for his match against Walter. Mark looks hyped and unafraid.

Walter vs. Mark Coffey: Mark is the first one to hit a chop in the opening moments, which was kind of like poking a bear, as they say, since Walter looks determined to give him a receipt, and soon does. Unlike last week though, where NXT UK matched Walter up against a guy about 1/3 of his size, Coffey here is strong enough to really take control of Walter early on in the grappling stage and can knock him back with some big clotheslines in the strike battles. Walter does eventually get the upper hand with his strength and size advantage, but the impressive Coffey does continue to fight back and keeps knocking Walter on his heels with some big strikes. Shaking it all off in stride, Walter abruptly hits his shotgun dropkick into powerbomb finisher. Walter defeats Mark Coffey @6:31 by pin [*] I don’t think the result of this one was ever in doubt, despite Mark Coffey kind of shinning here with his impressive counter attacks to the bigger man. Not really much of a match, but better than Walter’s complete squash last week.

– End scene.

– Get well soon Larry.

The final score: review Good
The 411
If you've been watching a lot of those old WWF Superstars episodes on the Network like I have, then you'll appreciate the number of matches and bits accomplished over the course of this one-hour show. There were five matches here, and while most would be low rated on a "workrate" scale, none of them were boring (depending on how much you like bear hugs and Cobra Clutches in the Joe Coffey match). On the other hand, Walter's introduction on NXT UK has been pretty paint-by-numbers so far, and that's a bit of a downer, so if you were looking to cherry-pick just one match from this week then the excellent Ligero/Andrews opening bout is definitely the one to check out.

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