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411’s OVW TV Report 4.03.04

April 4, 2004 | Posted by Mitch Foist

411’s OVW TV Report 4.03.04

Hello OVW fanatics all around the globe, this is your recapper, Mitch Foist. Instead of talking about me this week, I think I’m going to give a little (C’mon, I know not many read this. It’s a little attention) to the column writers on 411 I enjoy most.

Widro – He’s the boss. It wouldn’t feel right if I left him off the list.

John B. Haley – I love those little things. A few months ago, I sent in a little thing to him and my name is in the column. Big fan.

Scott Keith – He’s the authority. I rarely agree with him, but I still check out his stuff. Odd.

Scott Fried – I love his style. I’m also a big fan of his. I’ve read every one of his columns since they’ve been posted. Also talked with him through email briefly.

David B. Campbell – As I write this, I just finished reading the Confidential report. He’s a very funny guy; I especially enjoy how he runs down the commercials. I never could pull that off, as most OVW commercials are plugging OVW.

Alex Obal – He plugged me once in his Heat report, but I simply forgot to plug him back. I have a terrible memory. I do love his report though, great stuff.

Mike Campbell – I read many of his Japan reviews, and love them. He’s a great guy, as he helped me get into AJPW. Big fan.

Matt Nute – I love the Finish Line. I try to read it as much as I can. The most recent edition had me laughing my ass off. I remember sending the link to many of my wrestling fan friends.

Steven, I hate you with the fire of a thousand suns.


The Team Players promise to injure either Jeter or Sean O’Haire so bad at the WWE house show that they won’t be able to show up for tonight. Rod Steel was promptly destroyed when he came to the ring, O’Haire, Jeter, and Adrenaline made the save.

Seth Skyfire d. Joey Matthews by DQ when Shaniqua ran in and destroyed the both of them. Chris Kay and Shaniqua brawled.

Nova and The Idol make fun of the Disciples of Synn, and challenge them to a Jersey Shore Street Fight.

Nikita got pinned in a Loser of the Fall Leaves OVW match.


YOUR Commentators: Jim Cornette and Dean Hill

YOUR Venue: The Davis Arena

YOUR Recapper: Feeling mighty seksi.

We open with the OVW video. Welcome to OVW’s Tornado Day Special (Many years ago in Kentucky there were a bunch of big tornadoes back to back and now yesterday is Tornado Day.

Match 1: Alexis Laree and Jillian Hall vs. Passion and Gail Kim.

Match Sequence: Alexis and Passion lock up to start. Passion hits a knee to the gut and Passion whips Laree into the ropes. Passion attempts a hip toss, but it is reversed into an ugly looking one by Laree. Laree tags Hall, and Hall hit a standing moonsault. Passion gets a cheap shot, and takes Jillian to the corner and tags in Gail Kim. Gail punches her in the ribs and then tries an Irish whip and Jillian nails her with a crossbody. Jillian wrenches in an armlock and tags Alexis. Alexis slams Gail and drops a running fist. Laree attempts an Irish whip, but it gets reversed and Passion grabs Alexis by the hair. Gail grabs her by the hair and throws her across the ring. Gail slams her head into the turnbuckle and tags. Passion chokes Laree on the second rope. She hits a Falcon Arrow for 2. She locks in an ugly dragon sleeper and turns it into a headlock to tag in Gail. Gail attempts an Irish whip with Passion charging towards her, but it gets reversed and they run into each other. Jillian Hall gets tagged in, getting a double clothesline on Gail and Passion. Gail gets a scoopslam and Jillian does a nasty looking handstand leg drop that barely hits Gail. Both the heels get the advantage in the corner, and they attempt a double Irish whip, but Laree and Jillian spin on each other’s arms to get out of a collision. They hit an enzuguri at the same time on both the heels for a double count and a victory.

Match Rating: *1/2 Really sloppy match and had its fair share of blown spots.

Recap of Impact’s promise.

They show the House Show match, clipped to the end. Magnus attempts to interfere, but it ends up costing them the match. Sean O’Haire gets a rough spine buster afterwards.

They are using that as a reason for O’Haire’s release. They say that spine buster gave him 3 broken ribs. It feels old school again!

Match 2: OVW Southern Tag Team Titles Match: Adrenaline vs. The Troubleshooters.

Match Sequence: Albright and Cage lock up and it gets them nowhere. They do another and Cage hits 3 armdrags. Tag to Tank (one of my favorite OVW stars, BTW. Next week, I need to do a favorites list). Cage hits a second rope double axe handle on Albright’s arm. I love this psychology of taking it to the dude’s arm that has an armbar finisher. Tank does two armdrags on Albright and locks in an armwrench and goes for the tag. Chris cage continues the arm wrench, but he is Irish whipped out of it. Cage gets some more armdrags off and gets an armbar. They continue the arm wrenching and Tank gets tagged in again. Albright gets a quick tag and the big man Chris Masters (not one of my favorite OVW guys) locks up with the biggest little man in OVW. Masters tosses him like he’s nothing. They lock up again and Tank gets hiptossed. Masters gets in a headlock and Tank gets out of it and tags in Chris Cage. Backdrop by Tank, it gets 2 for Cage. Masters slams Cage’s back into the turnbuckle and tags in Albright. Albright gets his head slammed into the turnbuckle and gets Irish whipped into Adrenaline’s corner. Tag to Tank and Albright gets hit with a rocket launcher. It gets a 2. Tank whips Albright into the corner and charges but Masters pulls him away. Albright gets an armbreaker and tags in Masters. Masters gets Tank into a hammerlock and slams him onto his arm. Masters tries it again but gets an inverted atomic drop. Albright charges at Tank and misses, Tank gets the tag. Cage punches Masters and whips him into the ropes, getting a Russian Leg Sweep. Tank takes out Masters. Albright attempts to slam Cage but it gets reversed into a rollup for 2. Masters gets up and slams Cage’s shoulder into the ringpost. Albright locks in the CROWBAR for the tap out victory. New Tag Champs.

Match Rating: ***3/4 This match had lots of good psychology and was very fast paced.

Match 3: Jersey Shore Streetfight: Nova and The Idol (Aaron Stevens in EWR, for those curious) vs. The Disciples of Synn.

Match Sequence: The DoS jump Nova and Idol to start. Seven is now BLONDE. Gasp. I guess Idol hurt his feelings. Seven bashes Nova with a tennis racket repeatedly. Bane obliterates Idol with a trashcan. Just to make sure Idol got the point, he does it again. Idol gets Irish whipped and has wood broken over his head. Idol is rolled out of the ring. Nova gets a garbage can over his head and tossed to the ground. In a funny spot, Seven grabs the stick for a mop and pulls his bandanna over his eyes and begins bashing Nova like a piсata. Bane slams Idol’s head into the announcer’s table on the outside. Nova, still in the can, is beaten unmercilessly with the tennis racket. Idol gets a rather large floor lamp to the gut. Bane breaks a broom over his back. Bane comes back into the ring and they wrap Nova’s legs in a tire. They roll him around while giving him the boots. Bane begins whipping Nova with a chain while Seven whips him with a belt. Trudi comes in with a trashcan lid and gets speared by Synn. They brawl to the exit and into the parking lot where it is unreasonably dark. Trudi gets laid onto a car and Synn gets on another and misses a flying elbow. Trudi stumbles back in and closes the door. Back in the ring, Seven chokes Idol by jamming the tennis racket into his throat. On the outside, Bane lays Nova against the ring post and Bane charges, but Nova moves. Nova kicks Bane right in the balls and they pull out a noose. They put it around Bane’s neck and tie him to the top rope so he can’t move and is choked as well. Nova pulls out an oscilating fan and bashes Bane in the head with it, knocking him out temporarily. Nova gets in the ring and superkicks Seven. Nova legdrops him with a trashcan lid underneath his leg. Seven gets hit with the trashcan. Then he gets hit with the tennis racket. Nova and Idol try to suffocate him by putting a trashbag over his head. Synn comes back into the arena, having some hedge clippers and he releases Bane from the noose. Bane comes in and beats down Nova and Idol. That’s the closest thing you’ll get to a hot tag in this match. Bane gets a spine buster on Idol. Bane pulls out a table and Seven helps him get it into the ring. Idol gets whipped into the table that was put into the corner, not breaking it. Then Nova gets whipped into it, falling out of the ring. Trudi gets in, and gets the same treatment. She too, falls out of the ring. Synn and Trudi brawl. Bane puts Idol in the Tree of Woe. Nova gets a spine buster by Seven onto the trashcan. It gets 2 as some guy climbs the top rope and elbow drops Seven, getting the pin for Nova and Idol.

Match Rating: ***** This match was complete chaos. I loved it.

Recap of Nikita leaving.

Matt Cappoteli collects money for the Crusade for Children.

Mark Magnus comes to the ring. He says that it was his fault they got themselves into that match last week, and that Nikita won’t talk to him anymore. He says it was his fault Impact and Dinsmore lost their match at the house show. He decides to quit professional wrestling. NOOOOO. I hope this is a good angle, because anything that keeps Magnus off my TV screen is terrible.

They recap Cornette’s interview with Shaniqua.

Chris Kay challenges Shaniqua to a match next week.

Main Event: OVW Heavyweight Title: “Mr. Wrestling” Nick Dinsmore vs. “The Thrillseeker” Johnny Jeter.

Match Sequence: They lockup. Dinsmore pushes him and taunts. Dinsmore gets a waistlock from the back, attempting to get his German suplex early but Jeter turns it into a headlock. Jeter gets a shoulder tackle then an inverted atomic drop on Dinsmore. Jeter gets a quick spinkick on Dinsmore. Dinsmore is hit with a backdrop in the corner. Jeter gets a knee to the gut, then punched down. Dinsmore chokes Jeter on the bottom rope. Jeter gets a quick Lou Thesz press and punches him in the head for 1. Dinsmore is whipped into the corner, and gets kicked repeatedly for 1. Jeter gets a headlock but Dinsmore reverses it into a snapmare. Dinsmore gets him in a wristlock and Jeter kicks him off. Dinsmore gets him with a knee to the stomach but Jeter dropkicks him. Dinsmore goes to the outside to regain his composure. Dinsmore gets on the apron and Jeter charges him, getting a shoulder to the gut. Jeter goes for it again, but has Dinsmore scouted and knees him in the head. Jeter gets a crossbody from the apron to the floor. Jeter gets tossed into the ringpost and is rolled back into the ring for 2.


We return with Dinsmore getting a neckbreaker on Jeter for 2. Dinsmore kicks him and hits Jeter with another neckbreaker. Dinsmore Irish whips Jeter into the turnbuckle and Dinsmore charges, getting a boot. Jeter stumbles out and gets clotheslined. Dinsmore locks in a crossface but Jeter barely manages to crawl to the ropes. Dinsmore attempts another neckbreaker, but it gets turned into a backslide for 2. Dinsmore tries another neckbreaker, but this time it gets reversed into a small package for 2. Dinsmore superkicks Jeter for 2. Dinsmore tries for his German Suplex, but Jeter goes around and gets one of his own, but with a release. They both are down. They get up around the same time and do the whole tired and injured punches with pause in between spot. Jeter gets Dinsmore with an elbow and a clothesline. Jeter gets Dinsmore with a spinkick for 2. Jeter goes to the top, but Dinsmore falls onto the ropes and crotches him. Jeter falls to the outside. Dinsmore talks to the ref and Impact runs out and drops Jeter with a DDT on the concrete. Impact rolls Jeter back into the ring and hides, allowing Dinsmore to lock in the crossface on the unconscious Jeter, getting a knockout victory. Rod Steel comes out, showing the ref what happened and where Impact is hiding. Rod gets hit with the belt. The Troubleshooters come out and destroy everybody until Matt Morgan returns, saving the faces.

Match Rating: *** Jeter and Dinsmore can do so much better.

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