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411’s RAW Talk Report 11.02.20: Braun Strowman Wants Drew McIntyre on Team RAW, Retribution Appear

November 3, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Braun Strowman Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 11.02.20

-RAW Talk is here as we continue on the build to Survivor Series. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! Truth is sporting a neck brace and Charly can pick up on the pain in his voice. We see Lashley dominating Truth and then beating up Gulak as well. Lashley does toss Gulak on Truth and now Gulak is the new 24/7 Champion.

-Charly covers Drew eating an RKO from Orton to close the show though The Fiend is still lurking as his laugh is heard. I always appreciate when a champion has multiple people gunning for his Title. The Fiend’s laugh goes off again as I think someone in production is having fun with CHARTRUTH.

-Our first guest is Braun Strowman, who won his spot on RAW’s Survivor Series team. Braun tries to intimidate Truth, but Truth just smiles and asks him what other monsters does he know. “Do you know Frankenstein?” Braun is not amused and mentions he doesn’t get paid to talk. Braun was upset that he even had to qualify for the team and he should just be named The Captain. He takes shots at AJ’s size as he mentions he dates girls bigger than AJ. He will get along with his teammates as much as he can because he just wants to bring home a victory for RAW. Braun puts over Keith Lee and his strength and says they will settle their differences after Survivor Series. Charly asks who Braun wants to see as the 5th member and Braun wants to see Drew take the spot. Braun takes his leave and Truth shouts, “tell Frankenstein I said Hi.” Charly asks Truth if he wants something else broken on his body. Fantastic!

-Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans are out next and Evans wants to know why she wasn’t introduced first. Evans mugs for the camera and Royce isn’t sure how much Lana can help RAW team. Royce tells Charly to shut her mouth as this is getting catty. Charly thinks they can be a good team and Evans says she will vomit if she has to form a team with Royce. She threatens to kick Royce’s ass and then the ladies start talking over one another. Both want the RAW team to win, but think they need them on the team. Lacey flexes and says she has her ass kicking boots on today. Lacey is just all over the place here and apparently wants to say “ass” as much as possible. Charly wants to know what’s next for the two of them and Lacey cuts off Royce again and says she will be the RAW Woman’s Champion. Her and Peyton argue some more and Lacey says ass once again. Truth is all over them talking crap on each other and is making this interview more enjoyable than it should be. Lacey breaks character and starts laughing while in mid threat and Royce cracks as well. I just have no clue what to do with this interview at all. Lacey flexes some more as both women take their leave and now Charly is laughing. She is worried there is something in the water tonight.

-Our final guest is Mustafa Ali and he corrects Charly’s pronunciation of his first name. He says he is doing fine tonight and just wants respect put on his name. Charly asks what the motivation was for attacking Tucker and Ricochet tonight. Ali doesn’t know why they are questioning his actions. He gave out a warning and that warning is a reality. He brings up the previous interview and that is what’s wrong with the WWE. Charly mentions people want to be entertained. Ali doesn’t want to be an escape from reality. He wants to be a reminder of reality. Truth asks Ali what Batman ever did to Retribution for them to be wearing Bane masks. Ali says that next Truth is going to laugh at their names. He gave them names and masks so they can be judged by their name and look like he has been his whole life. Ali has the rest of Retribution come out to explain their names and Truth begs off as he has been through too much tonight. Ali signs off for the group and Charly tells Truth he needs to watch what he says. Truth makes a joke about shitting his pants and Charly sums it up best, “I think it’s time to end the show.”

-I don’t know what to do with this show tonight. Braun was fine though he didn’t really add much besides taking some shots at AJ Styles. I don’t know what Lacey was trying to do tonight but she was all over the place and it seemed everyone was getting sick with Truth’s jokes. I enjoyed them though and he was the lone highlight of the show this week. Thanks for reading!

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