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411’s WWE Raw Talk Report: Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee Speaks, Drew McIntyre On Potential Draft to SmackDown

September 27, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Keith Lee Raw Talk, WWE SmackDown

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 09.27.21

-Scott Stanford welcomes us to WWE HQ and he is joined by Matt Camp. They start with where we ended and that’s Big E pinning Lashley clean inside a steel cage. The show started with The Hurt Business reuniting and The New Day ran in for a big brawl which lead to our steel cage Main Event.

-Headlines: Stanford screws up and says that Matt Hardy was involved in the Triple Threat last night instead of Jeff. Oops! AJ Styles knocked off Riddle in a very good match as you would expect from those two. We also got the RAW debut of Keith Lee’s new “Bearcat” nickname. Personally, I think it is fine as long as it is just a nickname. He also got to SQUASH someone which is a step in the right direction.

-Kevin Patrick is backstage with Keith “Bearcat” Lee and he is sporting a Mia Yim shirt. Good man! Keith is a man of few words here as he is all business. It doesn’t matter who is across the ring from him, will realize the mission is the same. The person they thought they knew is ever so slightly different. He takes the mic from KP and tells us he has no more questions left and walks off.

-We see highlights from Sheamus and Priest beating the crap out of each other. Sheamus continues to be great in this midcard heavy role where he puts the younger guys through the wars to get them over. Priest gets the win and that would see to be the end of this feud and we will see what is next for Priest. I am assuming it will be someone new from SmackDown that gets drafted or perhaps Priest gets sent to SmackDown.

-WWE Draft next week!

-St Louis and The Dome was announced as the host city for The Royal Rumble and it will be on a Saturday.

-Back with Scott and Matt as we see the close of AJ/Riddle and as noted earlier, it was rather good. AJ gets the win and Omos hits a chokeslam after the match just because he can and because Randy Orton had the night off.

-To the women’s division as Charlotte knocked off Bliss last night and destroyed Lily. Stanford presents some of the stuffing from Lilly to Camp. Charlotte pinned Doudrop thanks to a distraction from Eva Marie and speaking of Eva Marie she was the latest victim of Shayna. Again this is the Shayna we’ve been waiting to see. Camp says the WWE Universe loved what Shayna did and true as they chanted “one more time,” but apparently that’s not the reaction those in power wanted as the heat machine quickly kicked in with all the boos. I was cool with the piped in noise during the pandemic, but it’s really stupid now.

-Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Shayna and if I was Sarah I would be careful. Shayna says that in this business you must do things that don’t feel good. Nia was her only fried and what she did last week didn’t feel good, but tonight felt good. That is the feeling she has been chasing this whole time and she is going to keep chasing that.

-Scott and Matt discuss!

-Connor’s Cure commercial!

-NXT2.O tomorrow night!

-Back to Raw Talk as we see Karrion Kross dominate Jaxson Ryker as I guess that push is over. Kross puts him to sleep as they continue to slowly get him back on the right track. Scott and Matt discuss Kross’ prospects as it relates to the WWE Draft.

-Goldberg cut a promo tonight and got to say he wanted to kill Lashley which is kind of shocking to hear on WWE TV. Goldberg/Lashley is going to happen again and at least this time the WWE Title won’t be involved.

-Back to our Main Event as two big dudes beat each other up inside a steel cage. Big E gets the clean win and then Drew McIntyre came out and we have E’s next challenger. Big Men Slapping Meat! Drew coming out so quickly also makes sense as Drew wasn’t allowed to challenge as long as Lashley was WWE Champ.

-Kevin Patrick is backstage with Drew McIntyre. Drew says he was making a statement and brings up how he couldn’t challenge Lashley. He puts over Big E and says him being Champion is cool, but unfortunately he is champion when he wants the title back. He apologizes to E, but he is coming for him. KP asks Drew what happens if he is drafted to SmackDown and Drew smiles and then says he will be coming for The Universal Title.

-Scott and Matt discuss for a bit and then wrap things up as we are out for this week on Raw Talk.

-More of the same with this Raw Talk show which is fine. You know what to expect at this point and it’s an easy watch even if there is rarely anything newsworthy. Thanks for reading!

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