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411’s Raw Talk Report: Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan on Their Future, Dolph Ziggler Talks Raw Underground

August 3, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 08.03.20

-I can breath now as an empty net goal by Jake Guentzel seals the win for my Pens as they tie their series with Montreal at 1-1. Yes, I did check out RAW as I flipped back and forth between the hockey game, RAW, and my Pirates playing in Minnesota. RAW Underground is interesting and I will give it a chance. The ending was fun with Hurt Business wrecking everyone and made them looked strong. I’m okay with trying something different and I have always liked Shelton so I enjoyed seeing him crush someone.

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to RAW Talk and she is joined by R Truth for a 3rd straight week. At this point you may as well call him the co-host. Charly brings up that Truth is big on Tik Tok and that it might be banned in the US. Truth is hoping something happens where everyone can get along because he loves Tik Tok. Next they discuss Apollo beating MVP to end the US Title dispute. Truth believes the sky is the limit for Apollo.

-Next they discuss The Hurt Business and how Shelton lost his 24/7 Title. Truth is a fan of him losing his title and then goes back to Apollo having to watch his back against 3 people. Charly asks Truth about losing the 24/7 Title to Tozawa. He asks Charly if she has kids and she doesn’t. That title is Truth’s baby (he notes he didn’t give birth to it) and he is distraught over losing it.

-Asuka getting a bit of payback is discussed next as I wonder why we haven’t had a guest yet. Asuka will meet Bayley next week on RAW and needs to win to get another shot at Sasha at SummerSlam. Truth doesn’t see anyway that Sasha doesn’t end up involved in the match.

-We finally get to our first guests and it’s Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan. Charly wants to know if they are a team again and what they are calling themselves again. Liv doesn’t think they are called The Riott Squad anymore and Ruby thinks they need to talk and build things again. She thanks Kevin Owens for helping to get them back together. Truth asks if they have trust issues and Ruby says she was angry when she came back from injury and took it out on Liv. She says she left The Squad to see if she could succeed on her own and it wasn’t anything against Ruby or Sarah. Ruby mentions it was her job to support her friend and she didn’t. She is going to work for a while to prove she can be a friend again and it is going to take some time. Liv says tonight was a good start, but her guard will be up. She feels Ruby is being genuine. Ruby mentions their goal was to shut up entitled women like The IIconics and they did that tonight. She sees gold in their futures if they can make this right.

-Dolph Ziggler is next as Charly mentions that he is charming. Dolph tells “Chaz” that he is a huge fan and calls Truth “Ronnie.” Truth jokes that he grew up watching Dolph like he did Cena. Charly wants to talk about RAW Underground and Dolph jokes that the crazy thing is that he won a match. Ha! Truth puts over Dolph is a legit bad ass on the mat. Dolph loved being in that environment and it reminded him of his days in college. It had a gritty feel with less showmanship. Dolph talks about going way back with Shane and that he loves seeing gritty fights. Dolph wants Charly to come and watch next time. Truth says that he will stop by and watch. Dolph asks Truth about how many times he has been a champion and he replies 37. “You’re 2 Ric Flairs!” Dolph then asks Truth if he lost today and Truth says no because he will be going to the bank tomorrow. Nice! Truth then asks Dolph to be on his game show where he can win a lot of prizes. Dolph and Truth then share inside jokes and Truth mentions he can’t repeat the joke Dolph told earlier. Charly mentions they are PG13 now, so Truth curses a few times. Truth the goes on about swimming with Michael Phelps and how he calls him “Mikey.” They go over what kind of prizes you can win on Truth’s game as they end this episode.

-I didn’t enjoy this one as the last few weeks as the 3 guest format definitely works better. Truth and Dolph were just having fun entertaining themselves in the last segment which was fun to watch. Thanks for reading!

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