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411’s RAW Talk Report: Seth Rollins Responds To Dominick, Viking Raiders & Street Profits Agree to a Tie-Breaker

June 1, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk 6-1-20

-The WWE debuted their free version of The Network today and to celebrate they are bringing back RAW Talk on a weekly basis. I covered the first edition of the show which only took place after RAW only PPV and it wasn’t very good. I am hoping they can hit on the formula they had with Talking Smack, but I’m not counting it. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us and mentions this is part of the free tier of the WWE Network. She is going to be joined by her co-host, Samoa Joe, shortly as he will be making his way from ringside.

-We flashback to moments ago as Drew McIntyre beats MVP and then gets put in the Full Nelson by Lashley to end the show.

-Back to Charly as she mentions Drew was fighting the hold even as officials came out to separate them. Joe joins the show and he says he has mixed feelings about the way RAW ended. He puts over Drew’s early run as champion, but he wanted a fight and he found one. Joe talks about Lashley being a different animal since joining with MVP. Charly asks about Lashley being away from Lana and Joe agrees that being away from her has helped as she can be a distraction.

-We throw to Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton who are at ringside. They discuss the show closing with Lashley putting the Full Nelson on Drew. Saxton is looking forward to the physicality and says it will be a slug fest at Backlash.

-Earlier tonight Seth Rollins kicked off RAW to continue the feud with Rey. Rollins was interrupted by Aleister Black and that led to their match. Black gets the win with a roll-up which leads to a beat down of Black and Carillo by Rollins and his disciples, Theory and Murphy. Rollins stomps them both out to stand tall with his crew.

-Charly and Joe are now sitting in the ring with the PC “fans” still around the ringside. They bring out Seth Rollins as he is the first guest of this new version of RAW Talk. Joe and Rollins have a nice little back and forth as they catch up while playing off their past issues. They want answers from Seth as someone from the crowd yells out that Seth is a cheater. “A Lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of the sheep,” he shouts back. He wants to be the leader of RAW and is grooming these younger guys to be the next leaders. Charly brings up Seth injuring Rey Mysterio. Seth says he was in a dark place following the loss to Drew at MITB. Rey was a sacrifice and it was a cathartic moment that brought him back to being the man RAW needs. Seth is running with this character and I applaud him for it. Joe wants to know Seth’s thoughts on if someone does something similar to him. Seth answers back that what will be, will be and he calls Joe, “Joseph.” I laughed at that for some reason. Seth then talks about Dominick and says that he is confused. This wasn’t a persona attack on his father and it was just a sacrifice. He knows Dominick has a bright future and insinuates that he is the person that can lead him. They end the interview and Joe and Seth have another little exchange as Joe looks forward to seeing Seth again soon.

-Our next guests are out and it’s our RAW Tag Champions: The Street Profits. I guess they aren’t the only guests for this segment as The Vikings Raiders are brought out next. Joe brings up the recent competitions between the teams and that he has noticed the ladies have been smitten by Ivar. He wants to know from Charly if it is a universal opinion and Charly says yes as she would double tap that on Instagram all day long. Oh my! She isn’t as enthused by the idea of Erik. Poor Erik!

-They cover the basketball game, ax throwing, golfing, and bowling. They discuss a tie-breaker as baseball, kickball, sword fighting, and a cartwheel contest are mentioned. Joe makes a suggestion of having a decathlon. They agree and it seems we will be getting that next week.

-With that this episode of RAW Talk ends.

-Yeah, there isn’t much to this show. A couple interviews and some recap of events the fans watched earlier in the night. Joe was great though and Charly will do well with this role! Thanks for reading!

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