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411’s Raw Talk Report: Sheamus Wants All Challengers, Rhea Ripley’s Tired of Charlotte Flair

April 12, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk Sheamus

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 04.12.21

-WrestleMania is behind us though now we have WrestleMania Backlash to build towards and usually that is a bunch of matches born from the fallout of WrestleMania. That started tonight as it seems Lashley/McIntyre is not finished yet. Let’s get to it!

-Kevin Patrick welcomes us to the show and he is joined by well, nobody at the moment. Patrick mentions he is waiting for Xavier Woods to take his spot next to him as the co-host. Before Woods can get here they show the end to the Triple Threat Match from earlier where Dream pinned Orton to earn a WWE Title Match at WrestleMania Backlash. After the match Mace and T-Bar hit a double chokeslam as MVP watches from the ramp.

-Next talking point is Bray Wyatt as the Firefly Fun House returned. Speaking of returns, Charlotte also returned to complain about being left off Mania and then interjected herself in the Ripley/Asuka rematch. I assume we are getting The Triple Threat many people were concerned they were going to shoehorn in at Mania.

-Our first guest is the New United States Champion, Sheamus. I enjoyed the match with Riddle at Mania and that kick to end the match was brutal. On cue they show the end of their Mania match and that was just perfect timing and that had to suck for Riddle. Kevin asks if Sheamus started to doubt himself as this is his first Title in 5 years. He never doubted himself, but you wonder when the next win is going to come. Now he feels that the sky is the limit as he and Kevin talk about the Premiere League and plug Peacock. Sheamus talks about being able to work in front of fans again and how much their energy helps the flow of a match. To him it felt like there were 80,000 people. He hopes the world gets back to normal soon and they can watch their US Champion slap people around a bit. He and Patrick bond over where they come from and decide they should share a pint at some point. Sheamus is ready for anyone as all he does is have banger matches and if anyone can hang with him more than 5 minutes they are on their way to becoming a legend.

-COVID-19 Vaccine commercial.

-Commercial for the A&E Biography special on Austin that airs this Sunday at 8 PM.

-HHH and Bad Bunny commercial promoting his upcoming tour. Bunny’s not HHH’s as that would be horrible.

-Back with Woods on set as the co-host. Patrick asks Woods about wrestling at Mania on Sunday with fans back. Woods says it felt incredible.

-The Viking Raiders are our next guest and Woods as Ivar how he is feeling. He says he is feeling really good. It had been 7 months since they were last in a ring together which is crazy as they have spent 7 years as a tag team. Erick says back in 2014 he was in a motorcycle that should have killed him and he was out for 6 months. That felt like an eternity and once they got back together they were off and running. Now Ivar went down for 7 months and they had been there before, but it feels great to be back. They reminded people in the tag division who they are and they have something to prove. Woods brings up they have a division that splinters and also has teams that are put together. They have been together for 7 years and Woods feels he and Kofi are a legit team. Erick says he tells Sarah (his wife) all the time that Ivar is his second wife as he seems him more than anyone outside of his wife. He talks about how you are in a familiar setting, but the familiar people you are used to aren’t there. They have a huge chip on their shoulder as this was their second WrestleMania they had to watch. They don’t want to watch again and don’t want to be on the sideline again. “We’ve lost a lot of matches, but we have never lost a fight. I would rather fight than sit in catering and watch my friends.” They won’t change who they are and they are going to run right through everyone. Ivar says there are a lot of similarities with the New Day and VR. They both had to fight their way, but they had to fight as a team in Mexico and other places just to get to the WWE. They don’t get here without each other and they are excited that their team and Woods’ team might dance soon.

-NXT on Tuesday commercial.

-WWE Charities commercial as Steph talks about what they did during Mania week to help the Tampa area. Good stuff!

-RAW Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley is our final guest. Woods was so excited and losing his mind during the Ripley/Asuka match. Rhea mentions she had a tear in his eye on night one when everyone was standing on the stage to start the show. She can’t wait to hear from her family and knows that will make her emotional again. Woods brings up her entrance with her music being played live. She calls being on stage with the band one of the highlights of her life. Patrick throws to the video of Ripley crying during the opening of Mania and she thanks Kevin for that. I had a tear in my eye during the opening of Mania XXV as it was the first Mania I attended.

-Commercial for Backlash.

-Commercial for a new Chronicle about Edge.

-Back with more from Rhea Ripley. Patrick brings up the rematch earlier with Asuka that was interrupted by Charlotte Flair. Rhea calls what Charlotte did disrespectful. She calls Charlotte jealous and scared because she is old and afraid she is going to get replaced. She is sick and tired of Charlotte Flair and is done with this interview because she doesn’t want to her that name anymore.

-Woods says that Charlotte sees herself in Rhea and that is terrifying as you know that person will be coming for you. Patrick puts over the 3 new Women’s Champions for each brand and we are out for this week.

-Again this was fine as this show has lost the goofiness from R Truth, but doesn’t have the weight and importance of Talking Smack due to not having Heyman. Woods is good in this role as he lets the guests answer questions and speak, but I do miss Truth and his craziness. Thanks for reading!

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