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411’s RAW Talk Report: Sheamus Wants Team RAW to Listen to Him, Asuka is Ready for Sasha, More

November 17, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Sheamus Raw Talk

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 11.16.20

-Well, they pulled the trigger for the 3rd time in 4 years by changing the WWE Title on TV right before Survivor Series to change the card. I will say that this Roman vs this Drew is probably the biggest match the WWE has right now with the full time guys on their roster. It should be fun! Now to RAW Talk for the fall-out from tonight’s show. Let’s get to it!

-Truth welcomes us to the show as Charly is having technical issues, but she is able to get things settled on her end and together they are known as CHARTRUTH! Truth wants to make sure Survivor Series is this Sunday as he has a habit of being told it’s a different show.

-Charly covers the news of the day as Drew McIntyre has regained the WWE Title and is now a 2 Time WWE Champion. Things are set for Survivor Series with Roman vs Drew. Charly doesn’t know about Drew’s chances as she calls Roman the face of the WWE. Truth points out that anyone can be beaten. They are both pulling for Team Red obviously. Charly and Truth run down the card for Sunday and we apparently have a change with Royce and Evans taking the spots of Mandy and Dana. They make sure to show Lana getting put through a table for the 9th time. For the Men Team RAW is a dysfunctional mess while we don’t even have a full team on SmackDown.

-Sheamus is out first to shed some light on what is happening with Team RAW. Truth likes the look Sheamus is sporting as he calls it spiffy. Sheamus calls Orton vs Drew a banger of a match and he is happy to see his boy with a 2nd WWE Title. Truth points out that Drew knows Fat Bastard and Sheamus says he knows Fat Bastard and he owes his money. Sheamus puts over the importance of winning the Title a second time as it proves the first wasn’t a fluke. He gave Sheamus the sword tonight to remind Drew of who he is and where he comes from. Kayla switches talk to Survivor Series and Sheamus is sad they are bringing the tone down. Kayla points out that RAW needs to get rid of the negative thoughts. Sheamus calls what has been happening a car crash and calls out AJ for being a poor leader. They should all be listening to him as he is calm headed. He doesn’t think anyone on SmackDown can hang with their team. Kayla wants to know why there needs to be a leader and why can’t they check their egos to be good teammates. Sheamus says he has no ego and they need to ask the other 4 these questions. “Braun who wears baby GAP t-shirts.” -Sheamus. Fantastic! Kayla asks about Team SmackDown and who is the toughest threat. Sheamus puts over Jey and his hot streak. He credits Corbin for holding the crown and doesn’t think he gets enough credit. He thinks Seth can be dangerous because of his anger over being betrayed. Sheamus wants to know from Charly who she feels is SmackDown’s biggest threat and she says Jey because he has a lot to prove.

-Asuka is out next as Sheamus says he wanted to make this the longest episode of RAW Talk ever. Please no, as I have a 3 year old and 1 month sleeping. Asuka says she will beat Sasha at Survivor Series. She calls Sasha beautiful and she has great skills, but she is better. Asuka is sad that her sexy muscle friends were injured tonight and that Lana was put through a table again. She is going to punish those responsible for injuring her sexy muscle friends. Nobody is ready for Asuka!

-Out last are the RAW Tag Team Champions, The New Day. Woods says that 6 years ago today or yesterday he debuted in the WWE with Truth after he did his rap to the ring. Kofi says the match with The Street Profits will be a banger and people have been waiting for this match. This is what the fans want and The Hurt Business tried to take it away from the fans tonight. Kofi mentions you can’t trust someone with 2 first names and they beat two guys like that tonight: Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander. The Profits want the smoke, but they don’t want any part of the fire. Charly brings up Big E being on SmackDown and if that will bother them on Sunday. Woods says they are pumping on all cylinders and all they have done is expand to both brands. Charly asks about Big E being the 5th man on SmackDown. They know they represent RAW, but their bond with E is worth more than brand vs brand. Woods brings up they won their tag Survivor Series match 2 years ago and the WWE tried not to count it, but they can’t change what happened. New Day is full of happiness, but they have layers like an onion and you cry when you get in the trenches with them. Truth and Charly both feel positive about RAW’s chances on Sunday now.

-Charly runs down the card again and we are out this week.

-This show was good as far as hyping the show on Sunday and all the guests did well in promoting their match though Sheamus seemed to want to talk about Drew. You have to think Sheamus is turning on Drew at some point which will give Drew a challenger of the month. I am thinking Royal Rumble. Overall a fine show though Truth seemed reigned in a bit this week. Thanks for reading!

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