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411’s Roundtable Preview: TNA Genesis 2013

January 12, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome back to the latest edition of the 411 Roundtable preview column. This time we look at TNA, and the PPV landscape of the company has changed, as the company will only be running FOUR live PPV events in 2013. So with that being said, this will be the final roundtable until the Lockdown PPV in March. Lets meet the staff that participated and breakdown the show…

* From the TNA IMPACT Report, he’s new to 411, he’s Mr. Jonathan Sullivan!
* From the Shining a Spotlight, Mr. Michael Weyer!
* From the Monday Night Raw Instant Analysis, Mr. Ben Watters!
* Former 411 contributor, Mr. Aaron Frame!
* From the The Tuesday Communique, Mr. Nick Marsico!
* And finally, it’s just me, Larry Csonka.





Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm

Jonathan Sullivan: Not to look the gift horse in the mouth that is Daniels/Kazarian, but their feud with Storm seems so…pointless. It’s one of those transition things where TNA has no idea what to do with either guy so they put them together and just let it sort-of exist. That being said Daniels and Storm are good workers and I expect a good, if uneventful, match between them. I think that Storm will pick up the win, but after the match Daniels/Kaz will attack him until AJ Styles makes his way out…and turns on Storm. A Styles/Storm feud has been hinted at for long enough to expect an outcome of this sort.

Winner: James Storm

Michael Weyer: A bit sudden to be added but an intriguing match-up to say the least. Yes, the two seem to have no real reason to go at it but it’s still a fun clash as they should be able to bring it to the table with a fine battle. I see Storm getting the win, he needs one to push him again and should be interesting to see Daniels against someone other than AJ for an intriguing match.

Winner: James Storm

Ben Watters: This is a pretty sweet addition to the card. Sure, it comes out of nowhere a bit and there’s very little build to it, but I’m confident that these guys deliver a very entertaining match. I’m expecting some kind of AJ Styles interference at some point, probably to cost Storm the match and start the feud between them that’s been hinted at a couple of times.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Aaron Frame: I’m a big fan of both guys and I think they can put on a pretty good match. As far as this match, I think Daniels will get the win by way of Kaz interfering.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Nick Marsico: The feud is what it is… Daniels and Kazarian are a couple of loudmouth assholes and Storm is a loudmouth drunkard who speaks out for the people but is an easy target for being taken advantage of. It’s a generic yet simple and obvious feud to do while they have nothing better to do with the guys. The match will be good, obviously, likely ending with Frankie screwing up trying to run interference.

Winner: “Cowboy” James Storm

Larry Csonka: This is a tough position for the company booking wise. Daniels is coming off of the big win over AJ, sending him away for the time being, so you’d think that they would want to keep that momentum. But on the flip side, Storm is supposed to be one of the main guys, but hasn’t been booked that way and could use the PPV victory. It’s a tough call as to the winner, but judging by the guys involved, it could be a hell of a match if they get the time.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

OVERALL: Daniels {3} – Storm {3}


#1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match: Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. Miss Tessmacher

Jonathan Sullivan: It’s sad to see the Knockouts division in the rough shape that it is and this gauntlet match sadly represents pretty much the entire division outside of the champ Tara. Out of everyone here, Velvet Sky hasn’t had a chance to feud with Tara or really wrestle her so I think that she’ll pull it out and start a fresh feud.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Michael Weyer: The Knockouts have been rough as of late, they need an injection of blood into it. Sadly, not seeing that here as it’s the same gals going at it. I doubt TNA will give them the proper time to have a real match and be a bit of a mess. I think Velvet gets it as she hasn’t faced Tara yet and coming off a long absence, just a shame they can’t get someone new in the mix to liven things up more.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Ben Watters: Another match seemingly plucked out of nowhere on this card. I’m intrigued by this match, but not overly so due to the Knockout’s Division being a bit flat lately. Velvet should be getting the win here – I can’t imagine her coming back to the company without the promise of at least a title match.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Aaron Frame: If you’ve read my stuff in the past, you may know how I feel about women’s wrestling. I see the potential, but it often fails for me and I don’t pay attention. The KO’s had my interest for a while but they’ve began to fail me and I haven’t cared lately. Hopefully, and I really mean hopefully, the KO division will get back to where they were and maybe even better. Let’s get some decent women’s wrestling on national TV. Enough about that, lets look at the match. Velvet Sky. ‘Nuff said.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Nick Marsico: I have never really been a fan of Velvet, but the crowd seems to really connect well with her and her new one-piece outfit has actually drawn me to her more. It’s the wrestling outfit that works for her. I don’t know why, but for some reason since she came back at the end of 2012 she just comes across more like she knows what the hell she’s doing. She’s still average, but something feels different about her and I think the sleek, less bullshit outfit helps. Don’t judge me. Anyway, she needs to win the gauntlet and then beat Tara for the belt in her first shot. The past couple of weeks on Impact have felt like they care a little more about the KO division, so I have some optimism.

Winner: Velvet Sky

Larry Csonka: Well, even though it is throw together at the final hours, I am glad to see the ladies on the card. Given that it is a gauntlet, they should get a decent amount of time, and I have always liked the TNA Gantlets because when it comes down to the final two, it is not over the top, but instead one fall to a finish. Mickie just recently had some shots, so with Velvet recently returning, I see her taking the match and getting the title shot. Quality wise it could be good, but sometimes the gauntlet portion can be a mess. Lets hope for the best here.

Winner: Velvet Sky

OVERALL: Velvet Sky {6}


Joseph Park vs. Devon

Jonathan Sullivan: After spending a few weeks in OVW, Joseph Park is looking to make his “big splash” as a professional wrestler. I’m interested to see how Park handles himself in the ring now that his character has been officially “trained”. However if there’s any justice, Devon will get the victory. He’s the de facto face of The Aces and 8’s and given how weak they have been looking, they almost need him to beat Park. Having Devon lose to someone who’s supposed to be a rookie would just do more damage.

Winner: Devon

Michael Weyer: Have to give TNA credit for what they’re working with Parks, having him undergo the “strenuous training” at OVW in nice video packages so he’s suddenly a good worker. Thus, we can expect more of the old Abyss here as he tangles with Devon, clearly out to get revenge and should be a fun brawl with Parks winning to pave the way for the eventual return of the true monster.

Winner: Joseph Parks

Ben Watters: I’m actually seriously hyped for this match – probably much more than I should be. Sure, it’ll probably be an extended angle, and it’s not even for the TV title, but at least it’ll be a lot of fun. I’m also intrigued to see just how much Park has ‘learnt’ at OVW. I imagine Devon will get the win here, then Aces & 8s will beat down on Park, causing him to unleash his inner Abyss.

Winner: Devon

Aaron Frame: Much like everyone else, I absolutely love how they’ve built up Joseph Park. They didn’t just throw him into a match and suddenly he knows how to wrestle. They actually showed his training and showed that he was learning the ropes all while getting his ass kicked. That’s probably one of the better things TNA has done lately. However, I don’t see him getting a win over Devon. Devon seems to be the mouthpiece of the A’s & 8’s, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to lose to a “rookie.”

Winner: Devon

Nick Marsico: I am really interested in seeing how this is going to play out. Park now has a few weeks of training under his belt. We know he’s a huge dude with a mean streak in him that gives him the ability to beat the shit out of somebody if he sees his own blood, kind of like a short burst that you get when you power up a special move in a video game. Now he knows wrestling moves too? I have a feeling what’s going to happen is Park is going to try to use his wrestling training to no avail and Devon will kick his ass because of it, but then he’ll get bloodied up and kick the shit out of Devon until some of the crew members run in.

Winner: Joseph Park via DQ

Larry Csonka: I will be honest here, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the whole Joseph Park deal. I appreciate the work put into it, and I appreciate the guy reinventing himself, but I just don’t get into it. Devon should really win here, because Aces and 8s need some wins. I don’t expect much match wise to be honest, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

Winner: Devon

OVERALL: Devon {4} – Park {2}


Sting vs. DOC from Aces and 8s

Jonathan Sullivan: Sting made short work of Mike Knox on Thursday and although I don’t think it’ll be as easy I think he will also pick up a victory over DOC be it from clean pinfall (hope not) or from a DQ-causing run-in (makes more sense, even though it’s predictable). I wouldn’t be surprised if another Aces and 8’s member ends up getting unmasked afterwards, either.

Winner: Sting

Michael Weyer: Right, TNA’s big guy is going to lose in his first big match following a “return” against the guys who tried to put him out.

Winner: Sting

Ben Watters: I’m fairly confident that this match will suck and I’m almost certain that Sting will win clean. I’m all up for being proven wrong, but DOC’s ring work hasn’t impressed me so far. Aces & 8’s will get involved somehow, but due to the fact that Sting has only just returned it’s very likely they’ll be made to look very foolish indeed (again). Probably not going to enjoy this one.

Winner: Sting

Aaron Frame: Hickory dickory DOC, Sting will clean his clock.

Winner: Sting

Nick Marsico: First and foremost, I hate that they constantly refer to him as, just like we have it listed, “DOC from Aces and 8s”. Yes, we get it, that’s the group he’s part of. There’s nobody else in TNA called “Doc” and the medical personnel are called as such, not referred to as “doc”. I really wish they would just give him one of the names he has used elsewhere. Why can’t he be Keith Hanson, the Director of Chaos? They can refer to him as “Doc” or “The Doc”, but give the fucker a name. Anyway, I expect that the match will be very pedestrian and Doc will be made to look shitty. I have no idea how TNA has gotten to such an ugly point with this Aces and 8s angle, but at this point they need to either just blow it off or make the crew DOMINANT, and that just isn’t going to happen.

Winner: Sting

Larry Csonka: Sting just returned from the big injury angle at the hands of DOC, Aces and 8s tend to lose almost all of their matches, and Sting rarely loses on PPV. I will be shocked if Sting loses here although he should to help the angle.

Winner: Sting

OVERALL: Sting {6}


X-Division Tournament Finals: Christian York vs. Kenny King

Jonathan Sullivan: The story is between Rob Van Dam and Kenny King, and on that basis alone I expect King to pick up the victory. Here’s hoping he’s wrestling York on one of York’s good days; his last match against Kid Kash was absolutely ugly.

Winner: Kenny King

Michael Weyer: The story is clearly King’s turn on RVD to set things up. We should have a top-notch battle, plenty of flying and high spots to fire up the crowd and looking forward to them really pulling out the stops to make themselves bigger for the company. King takes it however to get the title bout with RVD and hopefully a change in champs.

Winner: Kenny King

Ben Watters: Potentially great match here. I’m expecting a short but fast paced bout with two guys who can definitely go in the ring (minus York’s last match – what the fuck happened there?). Kenny King to win though to keep his feud with RVD alive.

Winner: Kenny King

Aaron Frame: As stated before, King and RVD already have an established relationship that seems to be leading to King making RVD his bitch. But hold on there, speedy, lets not jump to conclusions. How many times has wrestling led us to the obvious only to throw in a curve ball that we didn’t see coming (or care about)? I have a feeling that York wins this one. To be continued in the X-Division match.

Winner: Christian York

Nick Marsico: If they give this some time they can have a really good match. I think to sell how important it is, this match SHOULD be at least 12-15 minutes long so it can have a proper structure. It probably won’t, but it will still be a good match. And honestly, I wouldn’t go with Kenny King. York has proven the fuck out of himself. Give him this match AND give him the title over RVD. I would have King destroy RVD in a no-DQ match on Impact in a couple weeks before challenging York for the X-Title.

Winner: Christian York

Larry Csonka: This is another match where I am not sure of who the winner will be. Christian York has been booked very strongly against top tier opponents, while Kenny King has been under utilized since his initial appearances. But the feud here seems to be with King and RVD, and in what should be a solid to good match (depending on time and such) I see King picking up the win here.

Winner: Kenny King

OVERALL: King {4} – York {2}


X-Division Title Match: RVD © vs. Tournament Winner

Jonathan Sullivan: No matter the real outcome, Kenny King will turn full heel after this match. And I hope he takes the X-Division Title in doing so; RVD simply doesn’t belong in this division.

Winner: Kenny King (fingers crossed)

Michael Weyer: They need to take the belt off RVD, it’s harming the whole division. The guy is too big a star for it, doesn’t need the belt and TNA needs to remind us why the X Division is so damn hot. The battle should be great with King turning heel to get the win and hopefully give the X Division that great edge once more for the new year.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Kenny King

Ben Watters: Assuming that the tournament winner was indeed Kenny King, I can see him possibly getting a cheap win over RVD here to steal the title and complete his heel turn. Then again, RVD could just win clean, as he has a tendency to do that. In fact, I genuinely think that’s a very likely scenario. Regardless, this won’t be a bad match, but it’s not going to set the world on fire.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Aaron Frame: Okay, so, it would be pretty easy to have King win the finals and face RVD for the X-Division Title and turn King through that. BUT! I think it’ll be RVD vs. York with King costing RVD the title putting him full turn as he beats down RVD when the match is over. Only thing about it, though, is that now Christian York is the X-Division champion. From RVD to York is a bit of a downgrade. However, I do see potential with that as now they have the title on some new blood and can possibly continue to have it on new blood. I know it’s a huge pipe dream to think this way, but come on. There’s some logic in it. I think…

Winner: Christian York

Nick Marsico: Yeah, I’m probably completely wrong, but I don’t think anybody would see it coming and it wouldn’t be one of those bad swerves done for the sake of being surprising. York challenges RVD — it’s a match that could have potentially headlined for ECW had the promotion not died a horrible death years ago. Why not give York the title and let him run with it?

Winner: NEW X Division Champion, Christian York

Larry Csonka: I am really torn on this, because TNA really likes having RVD as champion because of the feeling that he is still a big star. On the other hand, King has a lot of upside, and has been booked poorly thus far, and in situations like this, TNA likes to “make good” and finally give the guy the win. I am just not sure that they will do the right thing here. Mach should be ok, but the booking of the division really needs to change for anyone to care.

Winner: RVD

OVERALL: RVD {2} – King {2} – York {2}


TNA Tag Team Title Match: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez © vs. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

Jonathan Sullivan: A team I don’t really care about facing a team that I don’t really care about. You can guess how excited I am for this match to happen. Ryan and Morgan are a random team and have no heat, but to be honest they’d be a better fit as champs than Guerrero and Hernandez who have made absolutely no impact since winning the belts back in October. Plus winning the belts would help Morgan’s cause as his sort-of feud against Hulk Hogan continues. If that’s even happening. I don’t know anymore.

Winner: Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan

Michael Weyer: They had a fair match last month but still not sold on this as a real feud. But I figure it’s time for a title change and TNA seems sold on the odd pairing of Ryan and Morgan. So hopefully a fair enough match with Morgan and Ryan using some chicanery to win the belts and hopefully make it work.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

Ben Watters: Eugh, this match will be formula on chips with a side of boring sauce. This whole feud has been pretty phoned in and Chavo and Hernandez have been awful tag champions so far. Maybe I’m still bitter that they took the belts from Kaz and Daniels. I can only hope that Ryan and Morgan can maybe steal one here as I’m digging them as a team but seeing as how Morgan is in a potential program with Hogan I can see him abandoning Joey Ryan here and going into business for himself.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Aaron Frame: Good ol’ Chavo. I was happy when he came to TNA. Good to see him still doing his thing. But when it comes to talking about this match, I think I’m going to pick the team that I just like the most: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan. Open the flood gates. “What the hell?! Why would you pick them?!” Well, mostly because I’m a huge Joey Ryan fan. That’s…yeah, that’s pretty much the only reason I’m picking that team…sue me.

Winner: Joey Ryan and that other guy

Nick Marsico: The tag title division in TNA is so bad right now it’s scary. Match will probably be pretty good, but the belts should be on DOC and Masked Knox. It makes no sense for A&8 to not have the tag titles. I wouldn’t be surprised if the belts stayed put, but I think they’ll change.

Winner: NEW TNA Tag Champs, Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

Larry Csonka: Since taking the titles off of Daniels and Kazarian I feel that the tag team division has ran cold once again. Chavo and Hernandez are fine as a team, but not the guys to lead the division. At the same time, I don’t feel that Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan are the team to lead the division either. But the company seems to really like them, especially Morgan, so I could see the title change here.

Winner: Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

OVERALL: Ryan and Morgan {5} – Chavo and Hernandez {1}


Three Way Dance For The TNA World Title (Elimination Rules): Jeff Hardy © vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Jonathan Sullivan: First off, expect this to be an awesome match. Given the three involved it would be foolish to think that they couldn’t scrape together a good main event against one another. That being said it’s all but a done deal that Hardy will retain the TNA World Title not only for business reasons but for legitimate storyline reasons. The animosity between Roode and Aries should be their undoing and I wouldn’t be surprised if they both cost themselves the match in one form or another, leading to a proper singles match between the two. I have no idea where this storyline is going though; I’ll be honest with you.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Michael Weyer: Usually not a huge fan of these but this actually looks fun. I still think TNA should be getting the belt off Hardy; yes, he’s hot with the fans but still not convinced of him as a long-term champ. Plus, Roode and Aries are both so much better on the mic and able to carry a bout well, be nice to see either of them win. Tempting to think Hardy beaten early and leaving Aries and Roode tangling. However, pretty obvious the heels cost each other the win to set up their own feud as Hardy continues as champ for a while yet.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

Ben Watters: Here’s your match of the night, obviously. There’s no way this can be a bad match, barring some kind of screwy early elimination for one guy which would be wholly disappointing. Everybody in here is very capable of putting on a fantastic match so I’m hyped. I can’t see anyone but Hardy winning here though – his title run will continue on for quite a while yet – with Roode and Aries screwing each other out of the title win and possibly set up a match between them in the future. I’d be all up for a surprise title change though – if only to shake things up a little.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Aaron Frame: I probably shouldn’t get on a soapbox about Hardy like everyone else…so I won’t. I think Hardy has still got a lot of steam in his engine and this match has the potential to be a MOTY candidate. I said potential. Not that it will. I think Hardy will retain and continue to be the face of the company. I mean that in both ways. As in the guy and the babyface. Yeah. Hardy to retain after a brutal 3-way dance that shows Aries eliminating Roode and Hardy then pinning Aries.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Nick Marsico: This match will be really badass. I LOVE elimination rules matches, and these three guys all have fantastic chemistry with each other. I am so happy that this is the main event, and I don’t care who wins. I think Jeff is the obvious winner, but hey, it was obvious that Roode would retain his title back at Destination X last year and Austin Aries became the World Champ that night. I still don’t think Hardy will lose, though. Not that that’s a bad thing whatsoever.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Larry Csonka: First of all, I want to say that I love that TNA is doing elimination rules here, as it should help get away from that basic US three way match formula. Secondly, judging by the years Aries and Roode had in 2012, and Hardy had towards the end of the year, there is no reason that this match shouldn’t kick ass. I am honestly looking forward to it, and expect it to deliver well in the main event spot. I think that the call here will be to have Hardy hold onto the title, since they like having him as champion, and likely build to someone beating him at Lockdown, since that is a bigger show. Again, I expect this to be a good match, and hope it boils down to Hardy and Aries, as they work very well together, and could put the proper ending on the match quality wise. No disrespect to Roode intended, I just feel that Aries and Hardy work better together.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

OVERALL: Jeff Hardy {6}


Jonathan Sullivan: TNA doesn’t really do a good job of making their PPVs “must-watches” and Genesis is no different. There are some good matches signed and a cool story here and there but it doesn’t override my general feeling of apathy towards the PPV. I hope I’m wrong but I won’t see that for myself because I’m not going to be watching. No Buy

Michael Weyer: Not exactly the best start for 2013 for TNA. The Knockouts match is rough and nice to think a new X Division champ but the rest of the show seems forgettable. The main event has great promise but also have to put up with more Aces & Eights nonsense and the absence of guys like Styles and Bully Ray from matches doesn’t make it more watchable. So probably skip this one and hopefully TNA improves more as the year goes on. No Buy

Ben Watters: This is really only a one-match card. While there’s a couple of interesting matches dotted around this show, they don’t add up to a worthwhile PPV to buy. The main event is the only match here with a strong build and the promise of being very good. Which is very strange considering this show is now considered one of the four major TNA PPVs this year. So yeah, can’t fully recommend this one – even with the main event. No Buy

Aaron Frame: You know, TNA always has had some of the best workers that haven’t been given their due in the ‘E. And I think it’s a great place for these guys to be because a lot of the PPV cards give them slots. If you asked me about 2 years ago if I thought Joey Ryan or Kenny King were going to be on PPV chasing titles for TNA, I’d probably believe you. Wait, that didn’t work how it was supposed to. Point is, this card looks fantastic and TNA continues to try and build new stars while using established stars to stay afloat. This PPV has potential written all over it, it’s just a matter if the potential was written INTO it. Unsure

Nick Marsico: This is the first of only four traditional PPVs of 2013, but since there was just a show last month it doesn’t feel important. It feels like just another PPV, but it’s not necessarily their fault. There will be some good wrestling but there’s a lot of inconsequential stuff on the card. I’ll watch it, but my money won’t be on the table this Sunday. I’ll wait. No buy from me, but it is the first of only four, so completists might want to.

Larry Csonka: I am covering the show for the site, so it is a buy from me.


OVERALL: BUY {1} – NO BUY {4} – UNSURE {1}


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