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411’s Royal Rumble Coverage .::. HHH Vs. HBK

January 25, 2004 | Posted by Dan Wojcik

-Triple H/Shawn Michaels Video Package

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
World Heavyweight Championship

Fist fight to start, with both guys exchanging chops back and forth for the opening minutes of the match. Trip hits a knee to the gut, but Michaels follows that with some chops, flipping HHH into the ropes, lowers the back and is greeted with a knee to the face. Triple H now takes the advantage, hitting a fierce whip into the turnbuckle. Trip hits another whip and follows that up with a backbreaker across his knee. Triple H continues to dominate, with Michaels attempting counters, none working until he hits a knee whip into a figure four leg lock! It’s a last man standing match, so a tap would be useless. Michaels eventually breaks the hold and the referee makes the first count of the match, but Triple H gets up around a 4 count. Michaels goes for a cross body, but HHH lowers the top rope, causing HBK to fly over the top rope to the outside. HHH starts to disassemble the Spanish Announce table AND the Smackdown announce table, with the top of the table inadvertently knocking ring announcer Howard Finkel to the ground. HHH sets Michaels up on the SD! Announce table and hits several fists to the face. Trip goes for a suplex from table to table, but Michaels battles out, both exchange fists, with one of HBK’s right hooks knocking The Game to the mat – not through the announce table – to the boos of the hardcore Philly crowd. Michaels climbs the turnbuckle, but Triple H catches him, attempts the pedigree, but HBK reverses with a back body drop that flings The Game over the top rope! Michaels fakes out a cross body from inside the ring to the out, then goes for an Asai Moonsault, which misses and HBK lands right through the Spanish Announce table! First holy shit chant of the night as JR & King question Michaels back. The referee begins the count, which grows to 7 before Michaels gets to his feet. Triple H immediately goes on the offense on the outside before rolling HBK back into the ring. Michaels is busted WIDE open and bleeding big time as Triple H now dominates the match. Michaels is down again for an eight count, rises to his feet again, but Trip hits a couple fists as Michaels is knocked out again. The ref makes it to 6 this time as Michaels gets up again. Trip AGAIN hits a bunch of fists to the face and down goes HBK again and the ref begins counting again. The count goes to 7 before HBK gets up again, HHH orders him to lay back down, but HBK raises his fists, HHH lands some more punches, but this time HBK battle back with fists of his own! Michaels attempts a whip which is reversed by The Game into a spinebuster. Trip lands some more fists to the face as Trip grabs a chair from ringside which he pastes over the lower back of Michaels. HHH taunts that its over as the referee counts again. The count hits 9, but Michaels gets up again! Triple H sets the chair up in the middle of the ring, going for the pedigree, but Michaels counters and Trip’s head lands right on the middle of the chair, which is followed up with a slingshot into the turnbuckle. Michaels is sporting quite the “crimson mask” as he pastes HHH over the head with the chair! HBK chant ensues as this time HHH is down for a 6 count. Now HHH is also busted open as both men exchange fists, with HBK landing a stiff forearm that knocks both of them to the mat. Michaels does the knip up! HBK hits several fists followed by an inverted atomic drop and a right hand that knocks HHH down again! The count is now on for HHH as Michaels climbs to the top rope. Flying elbow connects as HBK is feeling it! Crowd comes to life as HBK signals for the Sweet Chin Music. Michaels goes for it, but misses and HHH connects with a low blow! Both guys are knocked out as the double count reaches 8 before both guys sit up. HBK and HHH exchange fists yet again, with HHH’s whip reversed by Michaels into a sleeper hold. HHH drops to one knee as HBK eventually drops the hold, allowing the ref to make the count – which reaches 8 before HHH climbs to his feet. HBK hits a fist as HHH tries to shove im away. HBK misses with a fist and HHH connects with a DDT! The ref makes the count on Michaels which hits 8 before Michaels gets up. The two exchange fists yet again, this time in the corner as both look extremely exhausted. HHH connects with a fierce whip that wraps HBK up on the top turnbuckle. HHH goes for an inverted superplex, but Michaels counters and lands on top of HHH. Double count by the referee ensues with the count reaching nearly 9 before both get to their feet. HBK misses with a big fist, and HHH hits the pedigree! The double count begins again with HHH cleared at the four count, HBK is still down as the count hits 9 before HBK is up again! HHH walks over and runs right into Sweet Chin Music! Both guys are down, HBK nearly gets up at 9 but falls back down. Double Count Out. Match ends in a draw to the loud boos of the crowd. Triple H retains.

Winner: Nobody


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