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411’s Talking Smack Report: AJ Confronts Shane McMahon, The Miz Rips John Cena, More

March 7, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 03/07/17

-After a few twists and turns we are where we figured we would be heading into Mania for the Blue Brand: Bray Wyatt defending the WWE Title against Randy Orton. That also means those holding out hope for AJ to somehow get out of the match with Shane are out of luck.

-After spending Sunday with the RAW Brand, Renee Young is back where she belongs and she is joined by Daniel Bryan. Renee was asked on Twitter if she would be part of the SD Woman’s Title Match at Mania and she tweeted back that she would comment tonight, so we have that to look forward to as well.

-They immediately talk about Orton vs Wyatt and Bryan is just happy they have a Main Event for Mania. Daniel then busts on Renee for hosting RAW Talk and tells her not to be on shows that are bad. Renee says that she has a contract and goes where they want her to. Bryan continues to crush RAW as he talks about how horrible RAW Talk was. Renee says she bleeds blue and is happy to be back.

-Our first guest is Woman’s Champion, Alexa Bliss. She is not happy about being interrupted tonight and she takes some shots at Daniel. Alexa isn’t worried about Mickey and is just more upset with her. She is the one that brought her back and Daniel asks if she called her and said “hey, Mickey your so fine…” How can you not love this show? Daniel reiterates that all women on the SmackDown roster are eligible to compete in this match. Alexa is up to the task as she heads into her first Mania as Champion. Alexa leaves the set and Renee goes after Bryan for singing “Hey Mickey.”

-Talk shifts to Dean Ambrose and how Corbin beat the piss out of him. Renee shows great concern for her man here which is more than Cena did a few weeks back when Nikki was splattered by Nattie. She even mentions it is hard for her to watch the footage which is a wonderful touch. Bryan talks about how Ambrose has had more matches than anyone on the roster over the last two years and it takes a toll. We find out Dean has cracked ribs and Bryan thinks it will be a struggle, but Dean is tougher than nails.

-Apollo Crews is next and he immediately declares himself as an entrant in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He promises this will be the year of Apollo Crews and it all starts at WrestleMania. A win there will launch him to the next level. Apollo showed off some great charisma here as he sings “Drop it like its hot” since Bryan brought it up earlier.

-Bryan isn’t sure if they are allowed to talk about pimps. Renee shifts to talking about the mixed tag and that gives Bryan a chance to compare pimps to The Big Hog, James Ellsworth. They discuss Ellsworth’s gear and Renee wanted more “stank” put on it, and Daniel has no clue what that means. These two are just tremendous together!

-Renee gets some breaking news as they cut to footage of AJ coming back after his match through Gorilla. He goes off on Shane McMahon and gets in his face before Road Dogg and Hayes break things up. Daniel says that he and Shane get that a lot as the wrestlers head back through the curtain when they lose. He doesn’t know why he is blaming Shane because Daniel is the one that was pushing for Randy to get his shot and Shane was more in AJ’s corner. Daniel understands where AJ is coming from as he spent years getting to WWE and when you think you have a Mania main event and it’s gone, it is tough.

-Renee asks if AJ went too far and Daniel says that he has been in the same spot so he doesn’t think so. He has come through Gorilla and gotten in HHH’s face after a match with Randy Orton.

-Next up is The Miz and Maryse which is means things are about to get awesome. The Miz wants to know who has authority to make matches on SD Live. Bryan says it is him and Shane McMahon. Miz says that Cena does as well as he wanted this match tonight and Daniel gave it to him. Miz is amazed how well Cena can manipulate people and get patted on the back. Miz says Cena stole the AA from Tommy Dreamer when it was called the Death Valley Driver and stole his girlfriend from Dolph Ziggler. Ouch! He goes on to say Cena stole his last t-shirt design from a beer company. The man is spitting the truth here! He continues to rant about Cena being a part timer and being a controlling ego maniac. Daniel mentions when they put Cena on a show more people come, and The Miz says it is because people believe his crap. Cena showed up and was gifted everything as he was put with Angle and Taker when he debuted while he had to deal with people telling him he would be gone in 3 months.

-Daniel says that Cena was close to being fired within a few months of his debut. The Miz isn’t buying that for a second. Daniel says The Miz has never been close to being fired because he is a WWE patsy. The Miz says he was a huge star before he got here and could be doing movies if he wanted. Daniel crushes by saying straight to DVD releases and Maryse wants to know how many movies Daniel has done. Daniel doesn’t want to do movies and Miz says that Daniel wants to be a wrestler, but he can’t do that because of his head. Damn! Bryan says they won’t let him and we will see in 18 months what happens. This is just straight fire from these two and I love every second of it.

-Maryse jumps in to harp on Nikki and Cena only being with each other to help their brands. When Maryse was the Divas Champ, Nikki was only there to entertain the celebrities. Once she got with Cena she started to get more opportunities. Renee asks Maryse if she is jealous of Nikki and she says that Nikki is jealous of her for being married. Something that will never happen to her and with that they take their leave. Fantastic!

-Renee wraps up the show as a steaming Daniel Bryan says he wishes he could say more.


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