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411’s Talking Smack Report: Big E on Potential Match with Goldberg, Baron Corbin Can’t Buy Breakfast, More

July 25, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 07.25.21

-Sorry for the delay, but I was away this weekend making my first visit to The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. Wonderful place and I recommend any football fan checking it out at least one. What was fun (besides seeing all the 49er artifacts and busts) was pointing out how many players enshrined have roots in Western PA. Just a fun time. Now for the opposite we have this new format for RAW Talk and Talking Smack. Let’s get to it!

-Matt Camp welcomes us to the show and he is joined by Peter Rosenberg as this show continues to just rotate hots and co-hosts. They are coming to us from WWE Studios as it seems like this new format is sticking for a bit.

-SmackDown Headlines: Edge gets some retribution on Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns shoots down John Cena’s challenge. Rosenberg points out this is Roman’s house and Cena can’t dictate things anymore. Camp brings up that what Cena is saying is similar to what he was saying in 2017 in the build to their match at No Mercy. Finn Balor throws out a challenge to close the show and Roman takes him up on the offer. Rosenberg mentions that Balor has unfinished business with The Universal Championship. He then throws out the much fabled brass ring and that Finn is reaching out for it. Our final headline is about Big E holding the MITB briefcase. E gets to sit back and what as the Title picture plays out.

-They throw to Kayla Braxton in Cleveland who is with Mr. MITB, Big E. He talks about how great it was to have feedback from the fans and the beauty is the moments you get with the people. He let everything sink in following winning MITB. He talks about taking a picture with New Day as they are his brothers and he is honored to be with them. E isn’t going to show his hand and tells us to watch the shows. He mentions that Goldberg match he has been talking for years could happen and we would get “big meaty men slapping meat.” It could be Roman or it could be possibly the greatest of all time (E’s words), John Cena. He tells everyone to watch their cheeks with breaks Kayla. See, this was a little better as E knows how to be himself even with short little interviews.

-Shop WWE commercial!

-Back as we see Edge attack Seth Rollins which leads to a decent brawl between the two.

-Rosenberg is excited about this match and plugs his Cheap Heat Podcast as a year ago, Edge was a guest and mentioned Rollins was someone he wanted to face. It’s now more than just being about having a great wrestling match as it is apparently personal. Again, way too much listening to the talking heads with this format.

-They show KO giving Corbin some money to help him out, but he ends up getting hit in the balls with a projectile from Shotzi’s tank. Back to Cleveland as Kayla is with Baron Corbin. Kayla asks if Baron had anything saved and asks how he has fallen so fast. Baron says he was making $20.000 a week as King and he bought trucks, and million dollar house. Now, he isn’t King and has $60,000 in bills each month, taxes, and he bought BitCoin when it was high and it has dropped in price. The Crown brought him money and now his check doesn’t even cover the payment on one of his vehicles. His wife is disappointed and he has fallen hard and fast. Kayla mentions there is only up when you hit rock bottom. Corbin questions what rock bottom even is at this point as he is just killing this interview. “Who decides what’s the bottom of all of this? Today is Friday and I woke up in Cleveland and how much worse can it get? I go to breakfast and can’t afford a couple eggs.” He mentions he didn’t have a can opener so had to open up the can banging it off the sidewalk and now has stains on his dress shirt. Kayla says she will help with the stains and throws back to the studio. This is great and is making Corbin likeable. I wonder if this ends with a mysterious benefactor like they did with DDP 25 or so years ago?

-We see Bianca pin Carmella in front of thousands of fans at Rolling Loud in Miami. Sure they most of the fans didn’t seem to know what they were watching, but the visual was impressive.

-Matt and Peter hype the Women’s Division and how it has gotten deeper with the SmackDown debut of Toni Storm. She debuted with a win over Zelina Vega, who continues to lose since her return.

-Back to Kayla in Cleveland as she is with Toni Storm. Toni can’t put into words the feelings as it was everything she imagined when she started dreaming about this when she was 10. She mentions her mom grew out of the 80s and that inspired her character. She jokes she is highly flammable with all the hairspray. Her goal is to become SmackDown Women’s Champion.

-Back to the studio as Peter and Matt wrap up this episode.

-This was better than last week, but I still don’t like this format. Big E and Corbin helped greatly as they brought something a little more with their interview segments. Toni worked in what influenced her look which gives her a little more depth as she gets introduced to the main roster. Again still not a fan of this format, but it’s what we’re getting. Thanks for reading!

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