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411’s Talking Smack Report: John Cena Hypes Flag Match, More

July 12, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
John Cena

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 07/11/17

-Renee Young welcomes us and this is my chance to again say that Dean Ambrose is a lucky man. Sadly, no Daniel Bryan this week as Shane McMahon is joining Renee at the desk.

-They make small talk as Shane teaches Renee what hanging 10 means. They hype the Punjabi Prison match, and then bring on The Usos as their first guests.

-The Usos joke that Shane is getting as dark as they are with his tan. They discuss the rap battle and they mention that social media had them winning and Renee and Shane both felt they won as well. Shane was very entertained by the rap battle, but wants to talk about the match tonight. The Usos complain about things being 3 on 2 and they are just looking forward to Battleground. They say they are the best tag team in the business and when they need to get cold they can get colder than a polar bears toenails or something. They rag on Renee for mixing them up last week and Renee says she loves the Usos and would become one if she could. I mean, I guess she could, but Dean may have an issue with that. Renee wants more rap battles and The Usos say they will go on RAW and beat anyone over there as well. They want to see a rap battle between Shane and Renee and neither of them are down for that.

-Shane wants to know what “Day One Ish” means. They explain it the best they can, and I still don’t understand, but I am not their target demographic. Renee can’t stop staring at Jimmy’s wedding ring so they talk about that for a bit and Shane gets to say “iced” a lot which the Usos appreciate. Since they are talking about the wedding ring, Renee wants to know their thoughts on Naomi and her glowed out Woman’s Title. Jimmy says he has a little hate as he wants some bling and glow for their titles. Renee tries to get them to leave and they give her a hard time for rushing them out. The Usos are always great on this show!

-They run down some of the matches for Battleground and focus on Corbin vs. Nakamura. Shane is thrilled to see the match as they have genuine dislike for each other. Renee plugs Nakamura’s Instagram account and says people should follow him.

-Sami Zayn is our next guest and he has an ice pack on his head after getting smashed with a vase. Shane enjoyed the “love hates” line from Maria and Sami is kind of annoyed by that. He says he is still hot about it and while he has known Mike and Maria for some time, they have become painful to watch. He doesn’t think sane people act the way they do with their loved ones. Sami says he tried to apologize for interrupting them a few weeks back but he just went out when his music was played. Now last week he will take the blame as he was stretching backstage and accidentally knocked over some pipes that interrupted their interview segment. Sami isn’t going to give them a third apology and that is why he was smashed in the head with a vase. Sami says he is going to love whipping Mike’s ass. Renee wants to know Sami’s thoughts on Mike taking his wife’s name. Sami is progressive and is ok with it as this is 2017. His problem is not with any of that, but with them smashing him in the head. He is over the power of love, but no matter what they do he will still love Huey Lewis’ “Power of Love” as nobody can ruin that song.

-Sami is out as Renee and Shane discuss the Women’s Five Way Elimination Match at Battleground with the winner getting the title shot vs Naomi at SummerSlam.

-John Cena is our final guest and he says he loves this show. He says he has been doing a little of this and a little of that. Renee wants more specifics, but Cena is only thinking about where he is going. He brings up The Flag Match vs Rusev and calls it an unorthodox match as can only win by grabbing your country’s flag and waving it high. Cena says in a regular match he probably has a chance to lose, but in a flag match in Philadelphia with red blooded Americans, he has to win. He has put everyone on notice that if they have a heart beat then they are a target and he got more than he expected. He has nothing against Bulgaria and it’s people, but he is damn proud of America and has to win this match.

-Cena says he knows there is a sunset on the horizon for him so he has to give it all even more so as he has to let everyone know that he still can go and is still the best. Renee brings up Cena’s entrance and how the fans chant “Cena Sucks” and John plays dumb. That makes Renee crack up as Cena just keeps joking around about the chant. Cena gets serious as he wants to be the face of the WWE so he flies anywhere and everywhere he is needed. Every time he is not on WWE TV it is because he is being held somewhere else. Renee wants to know what else is on the horizon and Cena isn’t looking past Battleground. He can’t lose in Philly while someone else waves their flag. He jokes around with Shane and what’s in his drink, and he gives a final “you can’t see me” as we end the show.

-Kind of a weak one as the quality always drops without Daniel Bryan. The Usos were fun as always, and Cena/Sami brought good energy, but the guests just play off DB so much better. Renee looked fantastic on her American Dream t-shirt though!

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