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411’s The SmackDown LowDown Report: Liv Morgan Talks Elimination Chamber, Rey Mysterio Threatens Karrion Kross

February 19, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
The Smackdown Lowdown Image Credit: WWE

-It’s Elimination Chamber Saturday and tonight’s show is going to be insane. We may finally see what it would have been like if RVD lost at One Night Stand II or CM Punk lost at MITB. Before that though we have one final piece of build and that’s with The SmackDown LowDown. Let’s get to it!

-We start with Sami Zayn’s go home promo and that crowd was on fire. I can’t imagine how Sami is feeling inside and you know Roman is just drooling over working in front of this hostile of a crowd. I just can’t wait!

-Jackie Redmond is fired up as well and she is rocking a denim dress because she is Canadian and this is a big day for all Canadians. She is alone in studio, but Matt Camp joins us from Montreal and Jackie is jealous of Camp as she wishes she could be there. Why don’t they take her to these shows? Well, I assume she has NHL Network duties. She then references that she is wearing her Canadian Tuxedo Dress.

-They discuss Sami vs. Roman and how it was probably smart that nobody from The Bloodline showed up last night. Camp isn’t sure how anyone from The Bloodline is going to be able to escape Montreal. Camp calls this the most perfect scenario for Roman to lose and man, they kind of have to pay this off or have something epic to cover for Sami losing.

-To the video as Sheamus and Drew McIntyre knocked off The Viking Raiders in a hard hitting HOSS FIGHT! Good stuff from these four and once The Usos drop the titles and/or the titles get split back up, some of these other teams will have gold to challenge for.

-Drew and Shamus are backstage and Drew is posing like he is Hulk Hogan. Sheamus plugs his Celtic Warrior Work-out and then says being in the ring with The Viking Raiders, you know it is going to be a fight. He puts over the awesomeness of the Montreal crowd and how he and Drew feed off of them. Drew gives a subtle shout-out to Big E by saying it was 4 big men slapping meat out there. WOOOO! They are off to the bars before they close and close with a lot of talk about BANGER AFTER BANGER AFTER BANGER!

-Jackie notes they don’t have to worry about bars closing as they go hard in Montreal.

-Megan lets us know that Rey Mysterio and Liv Morgan are still to come!

-Peacock commercials!

-Roman/Sami commercial!

-Next week on SmackDown it’s Rey Mysterio vs. Karrion Kross. Jackie and Camp discuss how Karrion has made this personal as he brought up Dom when they faced off on SmackDown.

-Rey is backstage with Megan and Rey says that Karrion stepped up to him. He called him a disgrace to his son and Rey won’t take that. Next week he will slap the taste out of his mouth!

-Also on SmackDown next week it will be Charlotte and Rhea coming face to face. Camp references the Valentine’s Day Date between Rhea and Dom. CHICKEN FINGERS!

-To the video as Madcap Moss took his shot at GUNTHER and it went how would expect it to go. GUNTHER gets the win as he continues the best run as IC Champion in decades. Good effort from Moss, but GUNTHER is on a different level.

-Jackie and Camp discuss and neither is surprised by GUNTHER’S win. Camp notes that Moss was just another victim and Jackie says it is hard to fathom GUNTHER losing at this point. Good! Let him run with the title until you need him in the Main Event scene against Sami or Cody or whoever is dethroning Reigns.

-Peacock commercials!

-To the video as Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler got the win over Nattie and Shotzi!

-To the video as Asuka continues to roll with a win over Liv. All six women then brawl to put the final hype on their Chamber Match. Asuka really needs to win this as Bianca/Asuka is a Mania Title Match program, but she has been booked so dominantly over the rest of the women, I worry they go with someone else.

-Liv Morgan is backstage and Liv is selling the arm injury still. Liv says she really likes Raquel and what happened tonight was not personal. Her arm is on fire, but she is ready to ask for more. She puts over that this is her 4th Chamber Match which is more than any other woman. Watch her!

-Jackie and Camp discuss the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match!

-A special edition of The Bump from Montreal (happened at 3 PM) with Liv, Gargano, and Ford.

-Jackie and Camp run down tonight’s card. They both wonder how the crowd would handle a Sami Zayn victory tonight. Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week.

-Enjoy Elimination Chamber tonight and thanks for reading!