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411’s TNA Final Resolution 2009 Report 12.20.09

December 20, 2009 | Posted by Rob McNew


-Your usual pay per view recapper Chris Lansdell is a bit under the weather, and I will be pinch hitting tonight. This card looks absolutely stacked, and is a show I for one have definitely been looking forward to. Two matches have the look of potential last minute match of the year contenders, so this one should be fun.

-Live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL

-Hosted by Mike Tenay & Taz

TNA World Tag Team Championship: The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The British Invasion ©
We’re sporting red and green ringropes tonight for the pay per view. Very festive! Sabin starts out with Williams, and he is taken down by a wristlock. Sabin counters into an armdrag, and tags in Shelley. He grabs an armwringer, but is kicked off by Williams who makes the tag to Magnus. Magnus grabs a wristlock, but Shelley walks the ropes to counter into a headlock. Shelly heads to the second rope, but gets caught by Magnus who goes for a suplex. Shelly blocks that and flips out before delivering a few kicks and tagging in Sabin. They end up sending both men to the floor, and then diving off the top rope with crossbodies on the Brits on the floor. Back inside Sabin fires Magunus into the boot of Shelley and makes the tag. Shelley misses a charge and gets kicked in the face by Magnus as the Brits take control. Williams tags in and locks in a head scissor driving Shelley’s head into the mat several times for a two count. Williams picks up Shelley in the Gory Special and backs him into the ropes. Williams goes for a superplex, but gets shoved off and a crossbody off the top gets two. Williams regains control and tags out to Magnus as they necktie Shelley on the double team. Sabin makes the save before getting put out by the official, and Magnus tags back out to Williams. They fight over a knuckle lock, and Shelley gets the better or it turning it into essentially a modified codebreaker to the back of the neck. Magnus knocks Sabin off the apron to stop the tag, and then comes back to tag into the match himself. Magnus locks in a full nelson, but then walks into a back elbow from Shelley. Shelley goes for the crossbody but gets caught and slammed to the mat by Magnus. Shelley comes back with a knee to the midsection, and finally makes the hot tag to Sabin. He takes out Magnus on the apron with a baseball slide, and delivers a kick to the face of Williams. After another kick to Magnus on the floor he hits a tornado DDT off the top rope for a two count. Sabin goes for the cradle shock, but that is countered and the tag is made to Magnus. Sabin tags out to Shelley who hits a thrust kick off the top rope, and then drives Magnus face first into the second buckle. Sabin hits a suicide dive to Williams on the floor, and back inside Shelley hits the sliced bread on Magnus but its only good for two! Thought that one was it. Bodyslam connects for Shelley as he heads to the top rope, but a dive comes up empty. Williams comes in with an exploder suplex as all four men end up inside. Magnus takes out Shelley and now all four men are down. Magnus and Shelley both pull themselves to their feet and Magnus gets the better of the exchange with a European uppercut. Williams tries to hold Shelley but he moves and he eats Magnus’s boots. Sabin tags in and hits a missile dropkick, and Shelley connects with a superkick. Williams makes the save, but he eats a diamond cutter from Sabin. Stereo kicks to Magnus connects, and Shelley hits a crossbody then off the top while Sabin delivers a neckbreaker for two. Magnus gets set up on the top rope, but Magnus stops Shelley. The ref gets tied up with Sabin allowing the Brits to double team behind his back. Magnus picks up Sabin in a powerbomb, and with an assist from a jumping back elbow picks up the pin at 11:48 to retain. Good match, but disappointing finish.
Winners: STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: The British Invasion (Magnus pins Shelley-Powerbomb/Top Rope Back Elbow Combo **3/4)

TNA Knockouts Championship: Tara vs. ODB ©
Tara chases ODB outside before the bell, as ODB continues to run her mouth. Finally back inside Tara connects with a pair of chops, and locks in a tarantula around the ropes. Tara slingshots inside with a legdrop for two, and goes for a powerbomb but is unable to hold her up and ODB comes down the back. ODB hits a knee to the midsection, and then runs Tara face first into the second buckle. ODB hits a shoulderbreaker for a two count, and teases a bronco buster before simply booting Tara in the chest. ODB connects with a fallaway slam for a two count, but Tara comes back with a jackknife rollup for two. ODB delivers a knee to regain control, and heads to the second rope where she misses a dive as it is sidestepped by Tara. Tara smacks ODB several times, and hits a flapjack off the ropes. Tara delivers a snap suplex, and a standing moonsault for two. Tara goes for the widow’s peak, but that is countered into a TKO attempt by ODB. Tara counters that into a rollup, and that gets the fall at 5:41 to give Tara her second Knockouts Title. After the match Tara gives an emotional promo where she says this was the peak of her career and tells the fans she loves them. If she really loved us she’d have given us a better match. This sucked.
Winner: NEW TNA Knockout Champion-Tara (Pinfall-Rollup ½*)

-Some guy named Hulk Hogan apparently signed with TNA.

Feast or Fired Match: Participants:“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Cody Deaner, “Cowboy” James Storm, Robert Roode, Eric Young, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Homicide, Kiyoshi, Big Rob, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe
Big brawl at the outset as you might expect. Nash takes Storm to the floor and they brawl, as Big Rob does the same with Roode. Most of the brawl ends up on the floor with just Lethal, Creed, and Homicide inside. Lethal is the first to go after a case, but is stopped by Kiyoshi. Deaner climbs for a case, but gets caught by Bashir who pulls him down and rams him into the buckle. Sheik goes for the case, but Deaner puts a stop to that and chokes out Bashir on the bottom rope. Deaner goes back after a case, but he is caught by Bashir and whipped hard into the buckle. Everyone but Deaner and Sheik are now brawling on the floor. Lethal fires Kiyoshi inside, and Creed comes in to boot Sheik outside. Creed and Lethal put the blows to Kiyoshi, and then Lethal hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Homicide. Creed hits a dropkick to the face, and then goes after a case only to be met by Bashir. Creed gets knocked off by Bashir, but now Deaner goes for the case. They drop the case, and both play tug of war over it on the floor. Eventually Bashir gains control of the case at 4:52, and meanwhile Big Rob gets another case at 5:01. Eric Young and Kevin Nash both berate Big Rob for going off the game plan, but while they argue Storm and Roode are inside to take out Nash and EY. Storm hits a double knee to the face of Nash, and Roode connects with a neck snap off the top. Double vertical suplex connects by Beer Money to Young, and the follow up with an inverted atomic drop to a diving Homicide, and a DDT after that. Roode goes for a case only to be caught by Nash who drops him on the top rope, and Nash then gains control of case number one at 7:20. Joe comes in and he’s met by Creed and Lethal, but he quickly dispatches both men. Creed comes back off the top to take out Joe, but he gets met with a spinebuster from Roode. Everyone then delivers a variety of finishers, with Lethal finally getting the upper hand after a Lethal Combination to Kiyoshi. Lethal goes for the case, but Homicide meets him on the top rope with a cutter. Deaner shows up out of nowhere, and nearly gains control of the final case only to be met with a spin kick by Joe who grabs the final case at 9:20. JB promises we will find out what’s inside next.
Winners: Sheik Abdul Bashir, Big Rob, Kevin Nash, & Samoa Joe (Briefcase Retrieval **)

-Christy Hemme talks to Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. Angle promises to take care of unfinished business after he takes care of Wolfe. Styles tells Angle he’ll get his shot, but tonight it’s Daniels and he will never get a hold of his World Title.

-JB and So Cal Val are on the stage to reveal what’s in each case.
Kevin Nash: Tag Team Title Shot
Samoa Joe: World Title Shot
Big Rob: X Division Title Shot
Sheik Abdul Bashir: Fired
Wow, didn’t see that coming. JB wishes Bashir the best of luck in his future endeavors, and he storms off.

Eight Man Elimination Tag Team Match: Team 3D, Rhino, & Jesse Neal vs. Hernandez, Matt Morgan, Suicide, & “The Pope” DeAngelo Deniro
Of course as a result of the match on Impact Hernandez has to go at it alone for the first five minutes. The heels are obviously not too bright as they waste a good 30-45 seconds after the bell before even making contact. Rhino starts things off and charges into a boot from Hernandez. Rhino comes back to fire Hernandez into the heel corner, and tags in to Devon. Hernandez gets backdropped to the apron, but he slingshots in with a shoulderblock. Hernandez fires Brother Ray and Rhino to the floor, but a distraction from Neal allows Devon to attack from behind. Tag to Rhino who puts a few boots to Hernandez before tagging in Ray who delivers an open hand chop. Hernandez tries to fight back but gets a boot from Ray. Hernandez hits the ropes but gets leveled with a clothesline from Ray before the tag is made to Rhino. Rhino hits a throw, and sets up for the gore which connects for a two count. Rhino sets up for a second gore, but this one misses and Rhino gets rolled up and pinned at 4:02. All three remaining heels jump on Hernandez for a triple team, and Neal grabs a chair from ringside. Neal looks to attack with the chair, but this whole thing was just horribly botched timing wise as he stands there like an idiot waiting for the time to run out for the faces to make the save. Hernandez hits the tope con hilo on all three remaining heels. Pope fires Neal inside and Suicide makes the cover for a two count. Suicide delivers a double boot to the chest of Neal for two, and then hits a top rope legdrop for another two count. Suicide goes for the Suicide Solution, but Neal counters driving him into the corner. Suicide comes back with a dropkick for two, and then dodges a charge from Neal. Neal then picks up the chair and blasts Suicide with it but there is no DQ. Hernandez comes in and blasts Neal with it, and that draws the DQ at 8:23? Not sure why Neal wasn’t DQ’d, but back inside the 3D connects on Suicide taking him out at 8:53. Ray connects with a big boot on Deniro, but Deniro comes back with a series of right hands. Shoulderblock from Deniro gets two, and the announcers confirmed that Neal was also DQ’d. Pope hits a series of elbows to both 3D members and then he pimp slaps both of them. Deniro drops down on Bubba who was draped across the second, and hits a clothesline off the top for two. Deniro hits the ropes but he runs into the 3D which takes him out at 11:13. That leaves just Morgan and Team 3D. 3D surrounds Morgan and drives him into the ropes. They continue the double team in the corner as the ref does nothing to put one of them out of the ring. Morgan comes back and takes care of it himself with a double clothesline, and then avalanches both men. He delivers the rapid fire back elbows to Devon, and then moves allowing Brother Ray to splash his partner. Morgan goes for the chokeslam on Ray, but he gets chop blocked by Devon instead. They continue to double team choking out Morgan across the top rope, and now Devon rakes away at the face. They go for the 3D, but Morgan stops it and a carbon footprint eliminates Devon at 14:47. That leaves just Brother Ray and Matt Morgan. Ray connects with a clothesline to Morgan, and a big splash attempt comes up empty. Morgan calls for the hellevator, but Ray counters into a DDT for two. Ray grabs a chair and heads inside with it, but as he charges at Morgan he eats the chair thanks to the Carbon Footprint which finishes this one at 16:30. This match was filled with logic holes, but if you ignored all of them it was mildly entertaining. Kind of like a trainwreck, but still entertaining.
Winner: Matt Morgan (Last Pins Brother Ray-Carbon Footprint **1/2)

-We see the previews for Abyss/Foley vs. Stevie/Raven and Lashley vs. Steiner. The first one was a production error.

Last Man Standing Match: “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. “The Boss” Bobby Lashley (w. Kristal Lashley)
Steiner chases after Kristal up the ramp, and Lashley chases after them allowing Steiner to get a cheapshot in to take control. Steiner fires Lashley into the guardrail, and chokes out Lashley with a TV cable. Steiner fires Lashley back inside, but he charges into a t-bone suplex from Lashley. Lashley connects with a corner clothesline, and then a running shoulderblock. Lashley picks up Steiner, and then drops down causing Steiner’s midsection to crash across the shoulder. Lashley chokes out Steiner with a Dragon Sleeper, and lets go but Steiner is up at six. Lashley clotheslines Steiner over the top to the floor and goes out after him as they head back to the announce area. Lashley blasts Steiner with a chair, but Steiner gets a lead pipe and fights back with a few shots with that putting Lashley down. Lashley is up at seven, but Steiner just blasts him again. Lashley is again up at six so Steiner brings him back to ringside firing Lashley into the post and ringsteps. Lashley is up at eight this time so Steiner pulls him back inside. Steiner sets Lashley up on the top rope, and then drops him off the top. Lashley is up at nine, so Steiner sets Lashley up on the top rope again. Steiner hits a belly-to-belly off the top, and again lets the ref count Lashley out. Lashley is up at eight, so Steiner goes to the second rope for a double sledge. Lashley catches him with a belly to belly, and hits a running powerslam. Steiner is up at nine, and then catches Lashley on the second rope with a low blow. Steiner heads up to the top rope, and hits a top rope frankensteiner! Lashley gets up at eight so Steiner delivers a clothesline and goes back outside to get his pipe. Kristal runs back out and steals the pipe from Steiner throwing it to Lashley who connects with a spear to Steiner. Lashley levels Steiner with the pipe and that finishes this one at 9:05. This had a few nice spots, but as a whole it was pretty much hit a move, wait for the count, hit another move, wait for the count, repeat.
Winner: “The Boss” Bobby Lashley (Knockout-Pipe Shot *1/2)

Raven & Dr. Stevie vs. Mick Foley & Abyss
Foley announces on the way to the ring he is making this a Foley’s Funhouse rules match. Foley blasts Stevie with a kendo stick, and then Abyss connects with an avalanche in the corner. Foley hits a running knee on Stevie. Abyss ends up inside with Stevie, while Raven and Foley brawl to the back. Stevie rolls to the floor and Abyss chases him as they fight to the announce position. Abyss brings a table over and goes to powerbomb him through it. Raven attacks Abyss to stop him with a kendo stick, and they work over the injured burned leg. Stevie chokes out Abyss, and Raven catapults himself off the ringsteps with a knee to the face. Foley is still nowhere to be found as the heels double team, and Raven finds a canister of gasoline from under the ring. Here comes Foley to the rescue with a shopping cart full of goodies. Foley attacks with a barbed wire baseball bat, and piledrives Raven inside. Foley pulls out Mr. Socko, but Raven stops that with powder to the face. Raven goes for his own mandible claw, but Foley fights him off. Abyss goes for the shock treatment on Stevie, and fights off Raven with a big boot before delivering the move complete with a legdrop to Raven. That only gets two, so we get stereo sockos with Foley on Stevie and Abyss on Raven. Foley and Stevie end up on the floor as Raven counters his into a DDT for two. Foley wraps Stevie in barbed wire and sets Stevie on a table before delivering a trademark Foley elbow through the table. Meanwhile back in the ring Daffney runs in and blasts Abyss with a chair to no effect. Raven stops Abyss from giving her the Shock Treatment, so instead Abyss hits him with the Black Hole Slam to finish at 9:45. Fun garbage brawl from four of the best in the business at this style match.
Winners: Mick Foley & Abyss (Abyss pins Raven-Black Hole Slam ***)

-Samoa Joe talks about when he will cash in his briefcase, and he promises that when it does happen he will walk out World Champion

Three Degrees of Pain Match: Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle
First Fall-Pinfall Only: Tenay says you can’t use the cage as a weapon in the first two falls or you will be disqualified. That might be the dumbest stipulation ever. Wolfe grabs a hammerlock, but Angle switches into a go behind and front facelock. Wolfe counters into an armbar, and turns into a half nelson chinlock. Angle counters out of that and grabs a single leg takedown. Angle grapevines the leg, but Wolfe counters by delivering a kick to the face. Wolfe grabs a modified cobra clutch, but Angle counters into a hammerlock. Wolfe comes out with a snap mare, but Angle is right back with the hammerlock. Wolfe again counters out with a snap mare, but again Angle is able to go right back to the hammerlock. This time Wolfe comes out with a back elbow and a shot to the throat before hitting a European upper cut. Wolfe goes for a cover getting a one count, and then misses a kneedrop. Angle goes to work on the knee, but a thumb to the eye gets Wolfe control again. Wolfe throws Angle with a headlock amateur style and grabs a keylock. Angle tries to shoot Wolfe into the ropes, but Wolfe is able to hold on to the keylock and bring Angle back to the mat. Wolfe hits the ropes and gets caught with a hiptoss by Angle. Angle delivers a vertical suplex, and then powerbombs Wolfe into the turnbuckle. Wolfe comes back to snap down Angle with an armbar allowing him to regroup. Wolfe delivers a headbutt to the midsection, and then blocks a sunset flip by Angle. Wolfe goes back to the modified cobra clutch, but misses a clothesline. Angle charges into a boot from Wolfe, but he comes right back with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Wolfe comes back with a flying hammerlock, and goes for the lariat. Angle ducks that and hits five rolling Germans. Angle goes to the top rope, but gets caught by Wolfe who hits the Tower of London but its only good for a two count. Wolfe again goes for the lariat, but again it is ducked by Angle who gets a school boy for two. Wolfe again goes for the Tower of London, but Angle counters into the Angle Slam but that only gets two. Angle goes to the top rope for a moonsault which comes up empty, and Wolfe then takes his head off with a rebound lariat. Another Tower of London connects, and this time it gets the pin at 12:41.

Second Fall-Submission Only: Wolfe drops down on the shoulder with his knee trapping it in a hammerlock and then pulls back on the arm of Angle in a sick looking submission. Angle is able to roll through it and turn it into a figure four leglock. Wolfe is able to get to the ropes to break, and then he delivers a headbutt. Wolfe rolls through into a cross armbreaker, and then floats through to an armbar. Angle stands up but Wolfe armdrags him over into another armbar. Angle tries to counter into an Angle Slam, but Wolfe is able to armdrag him instead and he rolls into a keylock armbar. Angle counters into the ankle lock, but Wolfe counters into a figure four around the arm. Angle rolls through into another ankle lock, but it is again countered into a kimora with the leg hooked. Angle picks the ankle and again goes back to the ankle lock. Wolfe rolls through and counters into an ankle lock of his own. They trade counters again with Wolfe eventually locking in a triangle choke with the arm trapped. Angle is able to escape again into another ankle lock, and this time he traps the leg with the grapevine and gets the tap out at 19:59.

Third Fall-Escape the Cage: Angle fires Wolfe into the steel cage as the third fall gets underway, and delivers an Angle Slam. Angle climbs the cage, but is caught by Wolfe who drives the arm of Angle into the side of the cage. Wolfe catches him and delivers a superplex off the second rope, and now goes to climb himself. Angle catches him and drives his knee into the cage as they fight it out on the top rope. Wolfe kicks him off the top rope, but Angle is back up and he sprints to the top throwing Wolfe off. Angle bounces off the ropes and delivers a rebound lariat of his own as Wolfe is now busted open. Angle climbs to the top rope for a frog splash, but he catches the boot of Wolfe in the shoulder. Wolfe used his injured ankle from the ankle lock though, and sells the injury like death. Well done. Wolfe climbs for the door, and when Angle charges at him Wolfe uses the door slamming it in the face of a charging Angle. Wolfe nearly gets out of the cage, but Angle catches him and pulls him into the middle with an ankle lock. Angle grapevines the leg and Wolfe taps out but it does him no good. Wolfe quivers in pain selling this brilliantly, and finally Angle lets go leaving Wolfe in a pool of his own blood. Angle goes to climb out of the cage, but Wolfe sees him and pulls himself to the door. Angle however is able to drop down seconds before Wolfe can crawl out to pick up the victory at 26:16. Phenomenal wrestling match, but it won’t be for everyone’s tastes. All three falls were like their own match, but each built off the psychology of the other. Not sure how this will play to a mass audience, but to wrestling purists this was a classic. Even though it wasn’t the spotfest we’ve been conditioned for it really wasn’t as slow paced as it might have seemed. Phenomenal stuff.
Winner: Kurt Angle (Wins 2nd and 3rd Falls ****1/4)

-Mick Foley says January 4th he has questions for Hulk Hogan, and those questions will be answered.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Daniels vs. AJ Styles ©
They fight over a lockup to start with AJ pushing Daniels into the corner. Daniels smacks AJ off the break and grabs a side headlock. Styles backs him into the corner, and Daniels begs him off. AJ backs off like an idiot allowing Daniels to pounce with a wristlock. Daniels drops down and locks the arm with his knee telling us he’s the Champ before grabbing an armbar. Styles counters into a headscissor, but Daniels counters that with a float over into another armbar. AJ counters into a trip and grabs a chinlock. AJ hits the ropes delivering a shoulderblock, but Daniels rolls through with an ankle pick and goes back to the armbar. Daniels flips out and delivers an armdrag, but a backdrop attempt is blocked with a kick from Styles. A dropkick from Daniels comes up empty, and AJ comes back with a dropkick of his own which connects. Styles connects with a chop and fires Daniels into the buckle. AJ hits a snap mare, and a kick to the shoulderblades before firing Daniels into the corner. Daniels picks the ankle, but its AJ who comes right back with a hurracanrana. AJ hits a snap suplex and sends Daniels into the ropes. Daniels stops himself and rolls to the floor, but AJ flips over the top rope with a dive and fires Daniels back inside. Styles slingshots from the apron with a senton, and connects with a discus lariat. AJ goes for a hip toss which is blocked into a monkey flip by Daniels sending Styles crashing into the buckle. Daniels delivers a clothesline to Styles on the apron, and he falls off to the floor head first. Daniels sets up Styles in a steel chair, and threatens to hit him with another. The referee takes the chair from Daniels and puts it away but with his back turned Daniels slams Styles through the chair he was seated in. Back inside Daniels covers for two, and then connects with a sideslam for two. Daniels buries a shoulderblock in the corner, but AJ comes back countering a tilt-a-whirl slam into a hurracanrana. AJ goes to the second rope, but gets caught by Daniels who goes for a back cradle suplex but instead when that is blocked he just drops AJ across the top buckle for a two count. Daniels delivers a bodyslam to Styles, and then a moonsault into a crossface. AJ gets to the ropes to break the hold, and Daniels comes back with a bodyslam. AJ ducks a chop and hits a back suplex putting both men down. Daniels misses a charge and AJ works him over in the corner and connects with a spin kick. Daniels backdrops Styles to the apron, and then knocks him to the floor. Daniels tries to slingshot over the top into a hurracanrana on the floor, but instead AJ counters into a sick powerbomb on the floor. AJ works over Daniels on the floor with a series of rights, and then Daniels slides back inside begging Styles off. Styles screams at him to fight like a man, and then takes his leg out. AJ goes for a backbreaker out of a fireman’s carry, and then springboards off the ropes into an inverted DDT for two. Styles connects with a chop, but then gets caught on a charge and crotched on the top rope. Daniels suplexes AJ inside from the middle of the second rope for a two count, and drives him into the corner with a shoulderblock. Daniels puts AJ on the second rope, and connects with an open hand thrust to the jaw. Daniels hits a hurracanrana off the top rope, and then a shining wizard gets two. A huge knot has developed on the head of Daniels which provides a cool unwanted visual. Styles comes back with a brainbuster suplex, and then rolls to the apron. AJ springboards inside with a clothesline, but Daniels gets his foot on the bottom rope at two. AJ calls for the Styles Clash, but gets pushed off so instead hits the Pele. AJ again goes for the Styles Clash, but Daniels gets to the bottom rope to stop that. AJ hits an enzaguri, but an attempted German Suplex is stopped when Daniels grabs the referee. That quick distraction allows him to go to the eyes, and he then connects with the BME but its only good for a two count! A frustrated Daniels works over Styles with a series of right hands, but Styles comes back with a double leg takedown. Styles slingshots Daniels into the buckle, and hits the Style Clash for only two! Styles goes to the top rope, but is caught by Daniels who delivers an open hand thrust. Daniels goes for the hurracanrana, but its blocked by Styles who hits the Styles Clash off the top to retain at 21:00. Match was exactly what you’d expect. Absolutely off the charts.
Winner: STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion-AJ Styles (Pinfall-Styles Clash ****1/2)

-The main events delivered exactly what was promised, and so this turned out to be a great show. The undercard wasn’t anything to write home about, and a lot of it didn’t make sense, but hey that’s TNA for you. Good show.


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