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411’s TNA Final Resolution Report 12.09.12

December 9, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez


Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-James Storm makes his way out to eh ring to kick off the show, even though he isn’t scheduled for action tonight. Storm mentions that he isn’t supposed to be here tonight, but that doesn’t stop him from having some fun. Last week there were issues with Aces and Eights, and he said he would watch Hardy’s back and he did. But then he saw Bobby Roode giving them the thumbs up, so he is here tonight to ruin Bobby Roode’s celebration party before he gets a chance. He calls out Roode.

Kaz makes his way out to the ring and tells Storm to shut up. He quotes Willie Nelson, and mocks Storm for being a cowboy, and says like AJ, Storm is the biggest man baby in the company. For 10 years, we have heard him bitch and moan and complain. And hell, he’s a drunk. He knew the crowd would like that. Yay alcoholism. He calls Storm a goat roper and says he is always sin business that he has nothing to do with. Kaz tells him to get on his horse and ride off and kill the Toby Keith act. Storm says the promo was crap and adds that he likes to drink moonshine, and praises the beer drinkers in the crowd. Storm challenges Kaz to take Roode’s ass whoopin, unless he has to ask his boyfriend first. Kaz says he is not here to engage in fisticuffs, and there is no ref to sanction the match. Storm says he doesn’t need a ref to whoop an ass and hits the floor. We get a ref out here, and we have a match.

Kaz vs. James Storm

They brawl on the floor and here we go. Thesz press by Storm, rights follow and then he whips him to the corner, side step by Kaz and then a clothesline follows. Kaz works the neck of Storm, and then chokes him out in the corner. Neck breaker by Kaz and a cover gets 2. Storm works to his feet, elbows and rights to Storm, but Kaz slams him to the mat. Kaz then tosses Storm to he floor, slams him to the steps and lands elbows to the neck. Kaz off the apron with the double axe handle and then lands more elbows. Back into the ring they go, and Kaz covers for 2. Slam by Kaz, springboard leg drop and a cover gets another 2. Front facelock by Kaz, taking Storm to the mat. Storm again works to his feet, elbows out, rights follow. Off the ropes and clotheslines by Storm. Boot and a double under hook slam by Storm and a cover gets 2. Kaz back with the DDT and a cover gets 2. To the corner, back elbow by Storm, and then the Alabama slam connects. Lung blower by Storm, and he sets, last call superkick countered as Kaz uses the ref to hide, eye rake, fade to black countered, superkick by Storm and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm @ 6:20 via pin
RATING: ** {Worked to protect Storm’s injured ribs, a fine TV style match, unfortunately this is PPV.}

-Storm grabs the mic, and drinks a beer after saying sorry about your damn luck.

-Highlights of Aces and 8s attacking Hardy on Impact.

X-Division Title Match: RVD © vs. Kenny King

They shake to start off the match, King still follows the code of honor. Lock up, side headlock by RVD. Off the ropes, and another headlock by RVD. King with the top wristlock, RVD rolls out and gets a roll up for 2. Side headlock again by RVD, off the ropes and a drop toehold into the headlock by RVD. King to his feet, off the ropes and a roll up by King and a cover for 2. Off the ropes, counters, a bit sloppy, and a side kick by RVD. Spin kick by King, and a cover gets 2. RVD rolls to the floor to take a powder, back in and we’re back to action. Leg kicks by RVD, another and then a leg drag. King kicks RVD away, and a Japanese arm drag by King. Basement dropkick to the knee by RVD, to the corner and a reversal and King runs into a boot. RVD up top and King leaps up and kicks RVD to the floor. King follows to the floor, tosses RVD back into the ring and covers for 2. King works a seated abdominal stretch to ground RVD. RVD works to his feet, kicks King in the face and escapes. RVD covers for 2. To the corner, spin kick by RVD and another cover for 2. King fires back with rights, and works an arm bar and half nelson. RVD to his feet, kicks his way out and whips King to the corner. King crotches RVD on the ropes and then kicks RVD in the back, and gets a cover for 2. Rights by King, forearms as well. Side slam by King, and then heads to the apron. King slingshots in and eats the knees of RVD. Rights by RVD connect, off the ropes and a boot by King, but eats a kick again. Kick to the face follows, monkey flip by RVD out of the corner, and now the rolling thunder connects. RVD heads up top, King stops that and follows him up top. RVD tosses him to the mat, and hit a sloppy kick off the ropes as he slipped. RVD back up top, MISSES the frog splash. King is up, grabs RVD, royal flush by King countered, and RVD rolls King up with the body scissors for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: RVD @ 9:30 via pin
RATING: ** {A bit sloppy at times, but a fine TV style match, unfortunately this is PPV.}

-Borash is backstage discussing the Twitter Machine. Daniels is his guest. Daniels calls him Jerome, and says he has wrestled AJ more than anyone else in his career, and has done so all around the world, this is a fact. In TNA, they have feuded since day one. Singles, tag teams, six man tags, X-Title matches, tag title matches, world title matches, iron man, I quit, they have all been a prologue for tonight’s battle as they make history. Daniels says that the victors write history, and it will read that Daniels was better than AJ, and that is a fact.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Chavo and Hernandez © vs. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan

Ryan and Chavo to begin. Ryan tries to run, and then cheap shots Chavo and chokes out Chavo in the corner. Chavo back with rights and beats Ryan down in the corner. Hernandez tags in, over head belly to belly on Ryan and then slams him to the mat. Tag to Chavo, slingshots in with the senton, and follows with rights to Ryan. Ryan with a cheap shot, tag to Morgan and he tosses Chavo across the ring and into the corner. Chavo manages a tag to Hernandez, and the big men stand off. They shove each other, Hernandez with a shoulder block and Morgan doesn’t move. Morgan tries, and Hernandez doesn’t budge. Flying shoulder blocks by Hernandez, and then a clothesline by Morgan drops Hernandez. Ryan tags in and covers Hernandez for 2. Ryan tries a suplex, but then Hernandez gets a stalling vertical suplex on Ryan, lasting for like 30-seconds and then covers for 2. Tag to Chavo, dropkick to Ryan and then gets the belly to back suplex and covers for 2. Tag back to Hernandez, off the ropes and Hernandez with a corner splash on Ryan. Tag back to Chavo, flies in with the double sledge on Ryan, off the ropes and a boot to Ryan but Morgan picks up Chavo and slams him to the corner. Ryan follows with rights, and tags Morgan. Morgan lays the boots to Chavo, and then chokes him out in the corner. Big side slam by Morgan, and a tag to Ryan, he coves Chavo for 2. Ryan works a neck crank, Chavo fights back but runs into a dropkick by Ryan, and he covers for 2. Tag back to Morgan, and he lays the boots to Chavo. Morgan again chokes out Chavo, and then tags in Ryan again. Shoulder blocks in the corner by Ryan, to the other corner and a boot by Chavo. Chavo with a RANA, sending Ryan to the corner. Rolls and tags in Hernandez. Shoulder bocks to Ryan. Clotheslines follow, off the ropes and a backdrop follows. Sends Morgan to the floor, and then a side back breaker to Ryan and Morgan makes the save. Morgan suplexes Hernandez, and then suplexes Ryan onto Hernandez, who covers for 2. Clubbing shots by Hernandez, back breaker follows and sets for the finish, but Morgan attacks him. Chavo up top and dropkicks Morgan. Hernandez clotheslines Morgan to the floor. POUNCE to Ryan! Tag to Chavo, frog splash and that is…NO! Morgan pulls out the ref, and we get a DQ…

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chavo and Hernandez @ 10:50 via DQ
RATING: **¼ {More of the same, not bad, a bit sloppy at times, but more of a TV style match than a PPV match.}

-Chavo flies onto Morgan on the floor, but Morgan catches him and slams him into the post. Hernandez then hits the Super-Mex dive onto Morgan. Ryan and Morgan bail as Hernandez checks on Chavo.

-Borash is in the back with Austin Aries. Aries says that people wonder why he is so upset. Aries says that everything that happens here is his business, and he is the straw that stirs the drink. He wants to regain is title, but he will do what he wants until he gets that. Hey Bully, whatcha gonna do when Austinmania runs wild on you, brother?

Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

And here we go. Ray chases Aries, who bails to the floor. Aries back in, avoids the lock up and backs away to a corner. Lock up, to the corner and Ray misses a chop as Aries runs. Ray misses another chop, Aries slaps him and runs again to the floor. Back in, lock up, to the corner and Ray hits a big gut wrench suplex. A slam follows, to the corner and elbows by Ray beats Aries down. Hard whip to the corner by Ray, and a clothesline follows. Big backdrop by Ray follows, Aries off the ropes, tries a sunset flip and Ray stops that. Back elbow by Aries, second rope dropkick to the knee of Ray. A neck breaker follows and a cover gets 1 for Aries. Aries lays in the kicks, and then gets an elbow to the back off of the second rope. Aries chokes out Ray in the ropes, elbows follow and then as ray is caught in the ropes, a slingshot clothesline by Aries connects. Back into the ring and Aries covers for 2. Running knee in the corner by Aries, Ray tries to fight back, but a forearm to the back of the head by Aries connects. A chinlock by Aries follows, he then mocks Hogan with the ear cupping and gets a big boot on Ray. Off the ropes and Aries with the Hogan leg drop for 2. More elbows by Aries, but Ray fires back with chops from his knees. Forearm strike by Aries, and off the ropes and a chop by Ray connects. Big press slam by Ray, off he ropes and the splash connects and a cover gets 2. Ray misses a corner charge, Aries charges after him, caught and snake eyes by Ray. Ray on the second rope, Aries stops that and up with him. Ray tosses him off and gets a dropkick off the ropes! LUCHA BULLY~! Ray charges, Aries low bridges him and Ray flies to the floor. Aries charges and the heat seeking missile eats a big boot! Ray back in and a cover gets 2. Ray sets, grabs Aries who gets a crucifix slam. Kick to the face by Aries, followed by the charging dropkick in the corner. Brain buster try countered into a toss up Bully cutter! Ray rolls over and covers foe 2 as Aries gets a foot on the ropes. Aries to the floor, and the crowd chants for tables. Ray to the floor, and tripped into the steps. Aries rolls into the ring, and Ray is busted open on the floor. Aries up top now, Ray on the apron and Aries connects with the double axe handle. Rights by Aries follows, Ray on the apron and Aries up top and here comes Brooke Hogan to check on Ray. Aries grabs Brooke and drags her into the ring. Her top falls off to reveal her bra and Aries backs her into the corner. Ray in and tosses Aries to the floor. Here comes Hulk Hogan now. Ray tells Brooke to leave, and then tells Hulk to get her out of here. Hulk takes her to the back, Aries in, and a LOW BLOW to Ray. Roll up and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 13:20 via pin
RATING: *** {Good match, bad finish.}

-Video of velvet Sky Returning on Impact.

-Tara is in the back with Jesse to talk to Borash. Tara runs down Sky, and says she has been focused on her match. Jesse checks his tweets, and says all of the celebrities are congratulates Tara for her upcoming victory. Tara then runs down Mickie for her recent medical issues, and promises to beat her tonight to keep her title.

Knockouts Title Match: Tara © w/Jesse From Big Brother vs. Mickie James

Tayrn Terrell is the referee. Lock up to begin, Tara works a headlock. James escapes, side headlock takedown and Tara with the head scissors to escape. James kips out, but runs into a boot. Tara works the arm, shoulder blocks by Tara follow. Cartwheel escape by James, Tara slams her down by the hair, kip up escape by James and slams Tara to the mat. Hair mare follows for James, and Jesse checks on Tara. James then gets a bridging roll up for 2. Boot to the gut by Tara, but James back with the northern lights suplex and bridge for 2. Tara slams her to the corner, rights follow. The ref breaks it up, back elbow by James, and then the head scissors connects. Tara counters a DDT, Jesse saves Tara by pulling her to the floor. Dropkick by James to both. She tosses Tara back into the ring, gets distracted by Jesse and Tara kicks her to the floor. Jesse talks trash as Tara slams James to the apron. Back into the ring they go, and boots by Tara follows. Slams James down by her hair, Widow’s peak countered by James with a roll up by Jesse distracts the ref. Tara then gets the spinning side slam and covers for 2. Body scissors by Tara follows, and then into a full nelson. James escapes, but Tara slams her down by the hair. Boot by James, another and then follows with rights. Off the ropes and a clothesline by James. Another and then the flying forearm. To the corner, sidekick by James. And then the enziguri follows. Tara rakes the eyes, and then James is able to toss Tara to the floor but Jesse catches her. James gets the Thesz press onto Tara on the floor. Back into the ring they go, Jesse eats a kick from James and is sent to the floor. But that allows Tara to hit the Widow’s peak on James for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tara @ 8:02 via pin
RATING: **½ {Too much Jesse took away from a pretty good match.}

-Borash in the back with Bobby Roode. Roode is asked about his relationship with Aces and 8s, and Roode says that it is a ridiculous question. The world title means everything to him, and when he lost it, he promised to win it back, no matter the circumstances. And tonight, he will do that, and prove to the world that what he has been saying is a fact, it pays to be Roode. As far as Aces and 8s go, he is a businessman, and he does what he has to do to win. He made an investment, and Hardy needs to remember, money talks and bullshit walks.

Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe vs. Four Members of Aces and 8s (Doc, Devon, Masked Man and Masked Man

Joe looks to begin and Aces and 8s drop to the floor, and Angle holds him back. Devon then attacks Angle from behind and we officially begin. Rights by Devon follow, Angle fires back with the back elbow and clothesline and then rights follow. Slam to the corner by Angle, and then a cover gets 2. Tag to Joe, and Devon runs and tags in Doc. Joe tags in and he and Doc brawl mid-ring. Rapid fire jabs by Joe beats down Doc in the corner, and Joe means business. To the other corner, splash and the enziguri all connect for Joe. Garett tags in, but Doc takes control right away and tags in a masked man (likely Mike Knox) and Garett fires back, working the arm. The masked man with rights and boots takes Garett down. Dropkicks by Garett, tag to Wes and they double team the masked man, some sloppy style Hardy Boys stuff, but the masked man gets a tag. Smaller masked man in, Wes works the arm and tags in Joe. Hard kicks by Joe, lights up the smaller masked man and then the kicks, shops and knee drop follows. Joe battles the rest of Aces and 8s, to the floor and they beat him down along the barricade. Devon tags in, works over Joe a bit and rakes the eyes and then gets the forearm smash. Doc in with the big splash and a cover for 2. Doc chokes out Joe, and then gets a suplex and then into the headlock. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Doc, and a cover gets another 2. To the corner, Devon tags back in and delivers rights to Joe in the corner. Neck crank by Devon follows, and then the nerve pinch. Joe escapes, off the ropes and a spinning back elbow by Devon connects. Tag to the bigger masked man follows, and he beats down Joe with rights in the corner. Tag to the smaller masked man, Joe fights back, STJOE to the smaller dude. Joe looks for a tag, and Angle is in. Olympic house of fire as Angle runs wild. GERMAN to Doc. Over head throw to the smaller masked dude. A cover gets 2 as Devon makes a save. It breaks down now, everyone in, and Doc and Angle are left in the ring. Chokeslam connects. Wes off the top with the cross body, but then he is taken out. Garett in with a DDT on big masked guy, spine buster by Devon on hi, Joe takes out Devon, ELBOW SUICIDE to Devon on the floor! TBONE by Angle on the smaller masked dude. Ankle lock after dropping the straps, and Doc in with the hammer, and Garett saves Angle. Angle has the hammer, but Wes spears Doc to the floor (Hmmmmm) and then Angle pins the smaller masked dude with an Angle slam.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff and Wes Briscoe @ 11:50 via pin
RATING: **½ {Another solid, but unspectacular match. I liked that they didn’t do any turns this early, because they need to try and make us care about Wes Briscoe especially before the rumored turn. Hectic, but fun finish; although Aces and 8s continuing to lose does them no favors.}

-Borash in the back with AJ Styles. AJ says it has been a rough year, and everyone knows that. He has had doubters, but he has been here for 10years, and the haters can hate. When the pressure is on, he does his best work. Daniels is right, the victors write the history, and they will write that he once again defeated Daniels.

One Final Time: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Winner only by pin or submission here. Lock up to begin, to the corner and Daniels works the arm after faking the break. AJ fights back with the arm bar, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Daniels. Daniels celebrates as AJ gets to his feet, lock up and Daniels works the arm again. AJ escapes, snap mare and into a headlock. Side headlock takedown by AJ, Daniels counters, and AJ back to the headlock. Daniels escapes, works the arm again, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Daniels. Daniels celebrates again as he continues to get the better of AJ, who bails to the floor. AJ back in, they work the test of strength, and Daniels works into a headlock. Off the ropes, counters and AJ decapitates Daniels with a clothesline. Kicks to the back follows for AJ, off the ropes again and the dropkick connects for AJ. To the corner and chops by AJ connect. More chops follow, a whip to the corner, counter and Daniels counters a suplex, but AJ with the head scissors. More chops by AJ, to the corner and AJ charges and gets the corner clothesline. AJ with the chinlock, and now works into an Indian death lock with the bridge. AJ releases the hold, lays in the boots to Daniels, and then off the ropes and a back elbow by AJ sends Daniels to the apron. AJ to the apron now, and SUPLEXES Daniels onto the apron, which had to suck. Daniels on the apron again, AJ follows and lays in the kicks to Daniels. Daniels then connects with the urinage to AJ, and that had to suck as well. Daniels then slams AJ on the steel steps, and follows that by whipping him into the steps. Daniels again slams AJ onto the steps, and has taken control of the match. Back in the ring and a big backdrop by Daniels connects, and covers for 2.

Clothesline to the back of the head by Daniels, and another cover gets 2. Daniels back to the headlock here to ground AJ, but AJ works to his feet and lays in the boot to Daniels. Daniels with the back elbow connects, and then lays in the kick to the gut, and covers for 2. Daniels talks shit and slaps AJ here, says he is better than AJ, who slams Daniels to the corner but Daniels with shots to the back to slow AJ down. Suplex by Daniels, and then the moonsault to the back of AJ. Daniels with a half necktie on AJ, but the ropes save him. Side slam by Daniels, and a cover gets 2. Half nelson by Daniels follows, continuing to ground AJ. Knees to the back by Daniels connect as well, and AJ tries to fight to his feet. AJ gets to his feet, head butts to escape, forearms follow. Off the ropes and they run into each other with a cross body and they collided heads, and AJ is busted open by the eye from that collision. That has to suck as well. AJ fires up, Urinage by Daniels. Counters, Superman forearm by AJ connects. A clothesline follows, another, spin kick as well. Torture rack by AJ, spun into a powerbomb and a cover gets 2. AJ looks for the clash, countered, Daniels misses a kick, and a head scissors by AJ. AJ off the ropes, but runs into the Blue Thunder Driver from Daniels, and a cover gets a close 2. Daniels sets AJ up top, slams him off the top with the fall from grace and a cover by Daniels gets 2. Last rites countered, back elbow by AJ, Asai DDT connects and a cover by AJ gets a close 2 again. AJ up top, Daniels crotches him, follows up top and the SUPERPLEX all the way from the top connects! BOTH men are down here, they work to their feet and Daniels with rights. AJ fires back with rights as well, forearms by AJ, enziguri by Daniels, but AJ fires back with a clothesline. PELE by AJ!

Both men are down again, and AJ gets to his feet and lays in the boots to Daniels. Clash try by AJ, Daniels fights it, counters and angel’s wings countered, another counter and AJ gets the clash! AJ crawls over and covers 1…2…NO! AJ looks upset, and picks up Daniels. To the corner, and AJ sets Daniels on the ropes and follows him up. Looks for the clash off the ropes, but Daniels counters with a RANA after holding onto the ropes. AJ is loopy here, staggers around and Daniels gets the STYLES CLASH and pins AJ with his own move!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Daniels @ 22:30 via pin
RATING: ***¾ {This was a really good match, but the crowd did it no favors, which is a shame and the story of the night. In front of a different crowd, one that was into the show, it would have been looked at as better. They just didn’t bite on near falls and such like they could have, which is a shame. The result was the right call for the angle, and adds to AJ’s shitty 2012, and allows Daniels to brag on about beating AJ with his own move.}

-After the match Daniels berates AJ, and says he told him he was the better man the whole time.

-We get a Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode video package.

-Jeff Hardy has his wacky helmet back.

-Borash does the super special ring announcing.

TNA World Title Match: Jeff Hardy © vs. Bobby Roode

And here we go with the main event of the evening. Roode rushes Jeff to the corner, beats him down and then lays the boots to him as Jeff seems a step slow due to the attack on Impact by Aces and 8s. Shoulder blocks by Roode in the corner, and he focuses his attack on the ribs and covers Jeff for 2. Mount by Roode, rights follow and the ref makes him break. Jeff battles back with boots and beats down Roode in the corner, a whip and then the head scissors by Jeff. Corner forearm connects for Jeff, and then a backdrop to Roode. Jeff sells the ribs, and Roode rolls to the floor to tare a powder. Basement dropkick by Jeff, and then the slingshot plancha connects onto Roode. Jeff slowly rolls Roode into the ring and covers for 2. To the corner, mounted rights by Jeff and then slams Roode to another corner and follows with kicks. Roode battles back with boots to he gut, and then more shoulder blocks in the corner to work over the ribs. Jeff with the float over, but Roode takes him down with the clothesline and covers again for 2. Knees by Roode, followed by the suplex and then the knee drop. That gets a cover for 2. Roode now stands on the back of Jeff in the corner, continuing to focus on the ribs. Roode stomps on the ribs, and gets a cover again for 2. Roode now works a headlock to keep Jeff grounded. Jeff tries to fight out, works to his feet but Roode just slams him to the mat. Roode with knees to the back of Jeff, double axe smash to the back as well and then lays in the boots again. Roode picks up Jeff, slams him to the corner and then whips him across the ring and gets a clothesline, snap mare and then the Hennig neck snap and a cover gets 2.

Roode back to the headlock here, continuing to dominate the match. Jeff to his feet, elbows out, but a back elbow by Roode knocks Jeff back to the mat. Roode chokes out Jeff in the corner with his foot, talks some trash and then slams Jeff again to the mat. Roode on the second rope, and leaps into the boot by Jeff. Rights by Jeff, knee to the gut by Roode, but Jeff back with the Russian leg sweep and a cover gets 2. Off the ropes and Roode sidesteps Jeff, causing Jeff to fly to the floor and he is down. Roode follows, and then slams Jeff into the steps. Roode rolls Jeff back into the ring and covers for 2. Roode back to the headlock, Jeff again tries to get to his feet, but Roode keeps him grounded. Jeff again tries to get to his feet, rolls, but Roode now locks in a body scissors. Jeff escapes, rights to Roode follows and then a knee by Roode. Back elbow by Jeff, rights follow, off the ropes and the flying forearm by Jeff. Atomic drop follows, and the leg drop to the balls connects. Basement dropkick follows, rights in the corner, a whip, counter and dropkick by Jeff. To the second ropes and a splash by Jeff connects and a cover gets 2. Roode counters and catapults Jeff to the corner, he lands on the middle ropes, up top and gets whisper in the wind for a close 2. Roode counters a suplex, roll up follows for 2. Mule kick by Jeff, boot, but buster suplex on Roode. Jeff up top, Vader style splash and a cover gets 2. Boot by Jeff, twist of fate countered and Roode with the spinebuster and a cover gets a close 2. Roode picks up Jeff, and Jeff hits the twist of fate and Roode rolls to the floor. Jeff to the apron and flies off with the clothesline to Roode.

Jeff backs off the fans and moves the steps. He charges and leaps off the steps and Roode moves and Jeff BOUNCES off the top of the barricade. Seriously, that had to suck. Roode follows and grabs Jeff and tosses him ringside. Back in and Roode covers for 2 s Jeff manages to kick out. Roode picks up Jeff, sets him up top and follows him up. Superplex try, Jeff fights back and tosses Roode to the mat. SWANTON connects! Jeff rolls away and is selling the pain of the beating. Roode hits the SPEAR and covers again for a close 2! Aces and 8s make their way out, and Roode distracts the ref and waves them on. They stand there as Roode asks them to help, and that allows Jeff to get pp, hit the twist of fate and pin Roode.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 23:00 via pin
RATING: ***½ {Another match that was hurt by the crowd. They set the match with the attack on Impact, and played off of that well here with Roode beating down Hardy the majority of the time. But when it was time for Hardy to make the big comeback, the crowd had not fire, only popping for a few small things, and Hardy nearly killing himself on the barricade. I liked the idea, and I liked the work, but the crowd again didn’t respond, which again, is a shame.}

-Aces and 8s hit the ring and beat the ever living shit out of Jeff Hardy. It’s 8 on 1 here, and the big masked dude hits a sweet powerbomb on Jeff as no one comes to help him. Roode asks what the hell they are doing, and says he paid them to be the champion. They then attack Roode and beat the shit out of him. Chokeslam by Doc on Roode connects. Aces and 8s stand tall to close out the PPV…

-End scene….


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