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411’s TNA Impact Report 06.07.16

June 7, 2016 | Posted by Aaron Scott

Last week, as you can see, the brothers Hardy battled it out in Cameron, Mexico. Brother Nero will face off against Matt Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem Match this Sunday Night on Pay Per View!

Also, Drew Galloway will meet the challenge of Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. He must get past Matt Hardy in our Impact Main Event. Hello once again everyone, my name is Aaron and WELCOME to 411’s Official TNA Impact Report.

You will see a number one contender’s match as Madison Rayne takes on Sienna. Trevor Lee defends his X-Division Title against Eddie Edwards. And the First Lady of Professional Wrestling and her husband, part time janitor, full time asshole “The Miracle” Mike Bennett do battle with Ethan Carter III and Gail Kim in a Slammiversary Preview fight. This and so much more, including Eli Drake’s Fact of Life, Yeah, will happen in our final episode before this Sunday on Pay Per View. Your card is subject to change, match times are not exact, we begin our Official Report right now.


The deranged Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring and we are still talking about his Side Effect through the table to Brother Jeff, ah, Nero.


Matt is here to say once and for all Jeff is out of his life forever! His accent kind of comes and goes back and forth during this promo. That’s so glorious. Matt says he must regain HIS World Heavyweight Title to become whole again. Hardy demands that Drew Galloway show up in the Impact Zone.

Drew seems sorry for Matt and says he’s lost his damn mind. Matt says he’s evolved and because of Brother Nero Drew is Champion. Matt says he has taken Jeff out- and says he deserves to relish in the spoils of victory and demands to be added to the main event of Slammiversary.

Drew says he won’t defend against him at the Pay Per View and mocks Matt’s ridiculous accent. But instead he says he will DEFEND the World Title Tonight! Oh looks like we have a World Title fight tonight. Okay then.

Sienna vs Madison Rayne

Number One Contender’s Match

Jade is out to watch at ringside, the Knockouts Champion looking on.

Allie pisses off Madison who grabs her hair and Sienna is on the attack! She slams Madison around and lands a large Samoan Drop! Rayne fires back with forearms shots but Sienna regains control as Allie shrieks like a banshee for some apparent reason.

Sienna hits the corner, front facelock with the lift, vertical suplex and Sienna sets her up for the no, GAMENGIRI from Madison! Forearm once again and again, Rayne sliding clothesline and goes to the top, flying cross from the top!

Madison hits the Northern Lights, bridge no cannot hold it. Sienna has the hair again up and argentine INTO THE AK-47!

She has the head! She points at Jade and NO Jade slides in to make the save! Jade comes off the ropes front Dropkick clears the ring! The Knockouts Champ keeps Sienna from the ring.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sienna at 2:38, AK-47

Maria and Mike promo from above, scroll up scroller uppers.

E-Li Drake promo from above. He announces that tonight he’s gonna have a Fact of Life to preview his match with Bram at Slammiversary.

E-li Drake’s Fact of Life


Drake wants you to welcome his first guest, E-Li Drake!

When you get to the top of the mountain maybe you lose a little bit of that hunger. And that cross eyed halfwit Bram found out that Drake is still hungry. Champions recognize Champs and right now he will recognize


These are three of the greatest in TNA in one ring! And also Abyss.

Abyss (he’s beautiful) Crazzy Steve and Rosemary make their way into Fact of Life. Drake compliments their freakdom and methodical insanity.

Rosemary calls the audience puppets because they believe

Steve says Madness exists in all of them but they embrace it.

Abyss says the BroMans are suave, debonair and handsome- but they aren’t beautiful. At Slammiversary, they will Decay, Decay, Decay!

“BOOM” kicks up over the PA System as Jesse, Robbie and Raquel enter the aisle. Godderz talks about defeating them at Slammiversary. Raquel says they have backup and brings out Grado and Mahabali Shera. Grado says be concerned about Bram.

Drake goes nuts on the ‘Dummy’ button, mocking Grado and Shera and he tells them to worry about the Tribunal and Al Snow. He has control. Grado says no he doesn’t and they head for the ring but The Tribunal attack from behind! Drake mocks them from the ring as everyone brawls at ringside. Won’t someone think of the children.


Bram socks Drake and chases him from the ring! What a cad.

Bram, Grado, Shera & BroMans vs Eli Drake, Decay & The Tribunal

Ten Man Tag Match

Shera and Drake fight until Shera tosses Eli and tags in Bram, Drake quick to tag out as he wants no part of Bram. Abyss tags in and fights to take a spin kick. He tags to Steve who jumps on Robbie E and bites him on the ropes! E battles back to dive off the top with high cross. The tag is made to Baron Dax.

Dax wraps the head and tags in partner Baraka, double toss back into the buckles, kickout at two.

Cobra on Robbie E as Basile Baraka wears him down to Al Snow, channeling his inner Fonzie with that damn whistle at ringside. Two count, tag and scoop to slam by Dax, legdrop by Baraka cover by Dax, two.

Shin trap headlock by Baraka, Robbie fights back and Baraka in to land hard. Misses the lariat and Jesse tagged to dive off the top! Ducks the shot and POWERSLAM! Jesse pickup and walking Gorilla Press Slam! Dropkick to Baraka! Adonis Lock to Dax!


Shera in and clotheslines the man down! Robbie runs the apron and dives off the top into Decay to save his partner!

Tribunal double pickup on Shera and Slam him down! Bram runs them over! Bram crashes cross ring high knee and clotheslines Baraka out! ELI in and tosses Bram up and over! GRADO IN!



LOWBLOW by Eli! The Ref was distracted high knee and discus clothesline by Drake that will be enough! Eli Drake gets the pin on Grado.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eli Drake at 6:56, Kick & Clothesline Combo with the Lowblow, Yeah

EC3 and Gail Kim are backstage and they talk various shit to their upcoming opponents at Slammiversary. Carter says it isn’t God vs the Devil, it’s just to see who is better. They will meet with Mike and Maria tonight on Impact.

Earlier Tonight, Galloway said he would defend the World Title against Matt Hardy this Impact.

Backstage, Lashleyn approaches Matt Hardy. Hardy says there’s no reason to be upset as he will face Drew. Lashley says he won’t sit back and let this happen. Matt threatens him. Lashley tells him no one will stand in his way.

EC3 & Gail Kim vs Maria and Mike Bennett

Allie is with Maria who comes carrying a purse of some sort. Bennett and Maria show off, full Kingdom taunt together. We go now to a promo from this last weekend as Bennett and EC3 did a weigh in from Orlando.

Referees have to separate them both. Carter says if Bennett is God, at Slammiversary he’s going to church, to punch God in the mouth. Blasphemous.

Gail enters and then, Ladies and Gentlemen…

Maria has to introduce herself for some reason. She holds sermon and as such she chooses NOT to wrestle tonight. She will face Gail at Slammiversary so Allie is going to step in for her?

She hands the purse to Allie and it’s wrestling gear. Allie is nervous as Bennett says its fine. EC3 and Mike will start it off. They jack some jaws and Carter and Bennett circle, Mike tags out to Allie!

Allie gives him the what for!

Carter tags in Gail! Bennett works Allie up and Gail punches the crap out of her! Lariat and Allie goe down, headlock and forearm to the face! Forearms and MARIA trips her!

Allie rakes the face with a forearm and slams her back with two hands of hair! Cover and no.

Allie chokes Gail across the rope and they brawl to run and land a flying hairdrag to slam each other into the mat!

Mracle in and EC3 sets him up, STINGER SPLASH in the corner! Ethan for the 1 Percenter, no, ducks to backdrop Miracle over the side! Allie hits Ethan from behind!

She goes nuts on Ethan to no avail! EC3 tags in Gail and Allie retreats but Gail flies off the top to take her out! Bennett brings in the chair and Ethan chases him up the ramp!

Allie counters an Eat Defeat by kicking Gail Kim low! That’s innovative. She tries for the suplex but Gail counters into a rollup! She gets the win!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim & EC3 at 4:46, Rollup

Maria and Allie attack post match but Sienna turns the tide! They deliver a kneebreaker into the mat and smash chairs into her knee to do added damage. Maria and friends celebrate as Gail writhes around in pain.

We promo tonight’s main event and WILLOW cuts into the feed. Ominous.

Backstage, Braxton Sutter works out backstage, making his in-ring debut tonight.

Trevor Lee vs Eddie Edwards

X-Division Title Match

They show how Edwards secured the Championship from Eddie as he was hanging upside down at Ultimate X, but Trevor stole it.

Lee and Helms make their way to the ring, Eddie is looking to become the Champ tonight.

Eddie attacks before the bell! Edwards beats Lee around the ring and lets out a Wolf Yell before knife edge chopping the Champ against the guardrail. Eddie sends him into the post!


Eddie sends Trevor inside! Helms distracts as Lee clobbers him and answers with kicks. Forearm uppercut and whip, slide and Edwards up to nail Lee! Slashes the chop! Eddie sent for the ride slides outside and goes for Helms!

Lee for the kick through the ropes Eddie has the ankle and swings the slam to take the man down! Eddie inside to smash the back elbow! Lee unleashes a flurry of offense and maintains control with a gouge to the eyes.

Headbutt in the corner, HIGH HIPTOSS! Helms mock encourages Eddie as Lee straightens himself, runs into the boot! Eddie walks into a high inside knee, lands the atomic, whip and duck, Eddie slides out to fake Trevor to come out and PLANCHA over the side!



Eddie to the fans- and peels the Champ off the mat, sends him in and rushes to the boot! Trevor up but gets stuck and CHINCHECKER OFF THE TOP NO! Lee counters hits the face and GERMAN SUPLEX FOR THE PIN!




Lee stalking the contender, front facelock no Eddie escapes SWINGING BLUE THUNDER!




Eddie Edwards pointing to the top and the fans in the Impact Zone go wild, Eddie up top and ANDREW EVERETT sends EDDIE OFF THE TOP!





DJZ takes out Andrew! HELMS takes out Z!!

Eddie runs the man back GEDO ROLLUP! LEE shoves him off in between the ropes and HELMS CLOCKS HIM WITH THE TITLE!

SChoolboy by Lee!




OFFICIAL RESULT: Trevor Lee at 7:07, Schoolboy, GS Helmsterference

Lashley approaches Drew and says he wishes him the best of luck in tonight’s main event. He hopes Drew pulls through because this Sunday, he wants to tap Drew out. Galloway retorts. He tapped out Kurt Angle, what makes Lashley think he can’t tap out him?

Backstage, Gail Kim is hurting and she wants ice, in a bad way from her attack at the hands of Maria and Sienna.

Braxton Sutter vs Bill Callous

Sutter is taken into the corner and gets socked down by Bill Callous. Sutter takes him dow and lands the shots! Knife edges from Sutter!

Sutter runs over Callous with shot after shot, swings the short arm to powerslam!

Braxton crashes the clothesline, takes a cross corner, avoids the shot and bicycle kick, misses one of his own, knee to the face of Callous!

Sutter hits the Jumping Flatliner!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Braxton Sutter at 2:05, Jumping Flatliner

JB interviews Braxton, who is humbled by this experience. Sutter thanks the Impact Zone and the fans at home. He isn’t here to take part, he’s here to take over. He won’t miss out on Slammiversary. That’s no BS.

WILLOW cuts into the feed!

When the past reminds you of how good you are, the future awaits your fate. The last chapter of the bible- the creatures await. Willow goes all Fire Marshal Bill on us. Well that was a thing.

Ethan Carter III cuts a backstage promo, screaming fever at Miracle, he will meet him this Sunday at Slammiversary.

We run through the entire Slammiversary card.


Drew Galloway vs Lashley, World Title, Tap Out or Knock Out
Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy, Full Metal Mayhem
Ethan Carter III vs “The Miracle” Mike Bennett
Gail Kim vs Maria Kanellis Bennett
Decay vs The BroMans, World Tag Team Titles
Jade vs Sienna, Knockouts Title
Eddie Edwards & DJZ vs The Helms Dynasty
Grado & Mahabali Shera vs The Tribunal

We see a promo detailing Galloway’s win over Matt Hardy, and his ensuing feud with “The Destroyer” Lashley. All will culminate on Sunday, but tonight Drew must get past Matt Hardy. This is your Impact Main Event, from the 411.

Drew Galloway vs Matt Hardy

World Title Match

Matt wraps the rear waistlock and lands shot after shot across the back. Hardy gets countered by the chops via Drew. Galloway sends Matt back and socks the stomach. Matt catches the ropes and kicks Drew low, but Galloway stops him and flying clothesline off the top!

Hardy’s on the floor, and Drew smashes the chin. Knife edge across the guardrail. A second for added measure. Matt slams the face against the apron, but Galloway comes back with a tilt a whirl backbreaker across the apron’s edge!

Matt and Drew brawl up the stairs- SIDE EFFECT ON THE STEEL!!

Shots to the face as Matt sends him inside.

Hardy runs and kicks Drew’s ribs. Stomp across the spine and Matt raking the face as the Champ screams in agony. Seeks to stalk around the side and lands the diving elbow to the neck. Cover and two only.

NECKBREAKER by Matt, outside leg no.

Hardy with the outspread taunt, he will not push those elevator buttons. Drew battling back from his knees no, Matt smashes the head and cover only two.

Matt is BITING THE MAN’S FACE across the ropes!

Hardy all smiles and jumping GUILLOTINE CLUTCH ON DREW!

Galloway pulls free COUNTERS by the Overhead Belly to Belly!

Double count from Ref Brian Hebner. Both men brawling from their knees as they fight back to a vertical base. Matt lands the shot and Drew fires back with chops! The crowd is cheering as Drew unloads, lighting up the chest! Big strike and Matt is down!

Whip at the ropes he eats the back elbow! Matt to the second, for the elbow no caught! CELTIC CROSS BY DREW!




Drew Gallloway with the crazy hair, sits Matt up top! KNIFE EDGE! Galloway scales up top, for the NO Matt crotches him! Matt slams the strikes and headbutts Drew into the Tree of Woe!

Drew sits up and yanks the man to reverse snapmare him off the top!



OFFICIAL RESULT: Drew Galloway by DQ at 8:17, Lashley!




They brawl up the ramp and Matt screams he should be the Champ! The Lights go off and WILLOW LAUGHS!

The lights come back up and the fans are wearing Willow Masks!

Well that’s odd!

The lights come on and Willow(s) are on stage, declaring that Matt will ALWAYS live in Jeff’s shadow!

Jeff Hardy comes out on stage and he runs the ring! They all brawl in the ring as the fans chant “HARDY” and that is it!

Tune in for Slammiversary this Sunday on Pay Per View and thanks for joining! Please check out our 411 Slammiversary Roundtable. Sound off in our comment section below. For 411Mania, this is Aaron saying thank you so much, and thanks for reading. We will see you next time.