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411’s TNA Impact Report 09.29.16

September 29, 2016 | Posted by Aaron Scott
Ethan Carter III EC3 Impact Wrestling - Matt Hardy

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Lethal Lockdown will establish what kind of match we will see in the main event of Bound For Glory. Impact Wrestling ciomes to you from Total Nonstop Action, welcome to your Official TNA Impact Report! My name is Aaron, match times are not exact, your card is subject to change, this is the final Impact before Bound For Glory.

Gail Kim will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and face Maria for the Knockouts Title at Bound For Glory, Aron Rex and Drew Galloway are set to do battle for the new Grand Championship. And the Broken Brothers, Matt and Nero will challenge Decay in The Great War for the tag team titles. All these matches will preview and in action, Laurel Van Ness will take on Madison Rayne, Rosemary fights Reby Hardy and DJZ will defend the X-Division Title against Eddie Edwards!

All this in more coming up right now, it is time to get ready for IMPACT WRESTLING.

Road to Glory, Lethal Lockdown

Jeremy Borash is in the ring to announce the World Title Participants at BFG, the Team Captains…

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Enter EC3 (Time World Champion?)

“Domination” kicks up over the PA System and LASHLEY arrives.

Lashley says the winning team will consist of Drew Galloway. Carter chooses Aron Rex! Lashley chooses The Miracle. EC3 can’t hear with who everyone is cheering- “MOOSE!”

Lashley chooses Maria!

EC3 says he to pick the Hall of Famer- Gail Kim.

Carter says you can’t look down on him. Lashley is the most dominant Champion of all time and he isn’t that. But he is the man who they call when Lashley needs his ass kicked. At BFG he needs to win, he must win, he has to win. Lashley says you’ve fought many guys who you could have lost to, but this isn’t about winning or losing. Lashley can hurt you. And you think about that. there will be no more of this, and no more of them.

Carter says he’s thought of it. He’s coming for everything he has, because he needs to win. BUT Before he goes, seeing as we both are team captains, he challenges you to be the very first one step into Lethal Lockdown alone with him.

Lashley says be careful what you wish for. He’s in.

“Trouble” kicks up as Carter is psyched.

DJZ vs Eddie Edwards

X-Division Title Match

Zema and Edwards start to circle, wrist and lockup, Edwards no Z ducks and spins, up and reversal. Go behind, headlock takeover by Eddie.

Fans behind Edwards, Eddie sent for the ride, Z takes some chops out of a waistlock, Eddie slashes into the chest. ZEMA OFF THE ROPES RUNNING RANA!

Eddie armdragged out of the ring! DJZ up and over the side crashing into Eddie with a Tope!

Zema sends Edwards in and shoulder to the guts, catches the man in a jawbreaker, shoulder off the ropes, calling to the fans and ZDT no thrown off!

Zema to the outside no CAUGHT with a kick from Edwards! Z up and SUICIDE DIVE FROM EDDIE EDWARDS! SHOT OF CAFFEINE!

Z favoring his chest, laying on the floor as the Impact crowd in Orlando remains firmly behind Eddie Edwards. Eddie and Zema back inside and Eddie charges, catches Z on the top and PIGGYBACK STUNNER he calls the Chinchecker!

Edwards building momentum, DJZ for the ZDT no DJZ gets the hurricanarana out of a powerbomb and almost gets two!!

Both slow to get up, Z over the top, back spring caught into a Blue Thunder! Both men down!

The pain setting in, DJZ beginning to move but Edwards is back to a vertical base. To his feet and heading up top, DOUBLE STOMP MISSED! Z fires kicks to the gut, Eddie hits the elbow and lowers the kneepad for his finisher, Eddie off the side, DJZ WITH THE DDT!



Backstage Allie is asking for forgiveness and Maria tells her she messed everything up. She threatens Allie. She wants an apology. Laurel steps in, Maria tells Allie Laurel is better, more intelligent, tall, and beautiful. She wants Allie to announce Laurel. Don’t mess this up. Poor Allie. πŸ™

Sit down with Josh, Moose vs Miracle

Bennett says he brought Moose in to do one job. Moose says he treated arrogant jerks like Bennett a certain way in the NFL. Bennett says this isn’t the NFL, and after the PPV he will make sure the fans don’t chant for him anymore. Moose says you know what, he’s going to give a one way ticket, straight to hell. Bennett says look in his eyes, he stands up and says he beat EC3, he beat the unpinnable EC3. Moose says after he’s done kicking him around the ring, everyone will be chanting




Madison Rayne vs Laurel Van Ness

Allie does the introducing as Laurel ignores her and makes her way out to the ring. Laurel wants Rayne to kiss her hand and Rayne attacks her! Chops and forearms, dropkick! She sends Laurel to the floor.

Van Ness makes Allie powder her face.

Laurel runs into a drop toehold! Madison sends her for the ride, charges and gets caught, battles back! Laurel with the cheapshot and attacks her eye, then knocks her to the floor. Laurel mocks Allie and bullies her, then goes back to the attack on Madison.

Back in the ring, Madison almost gets a two, sent over, Laurel rushes in a backhands a sitting Rayne! Scissor Choke on the second rope! Laurel hangs back, Van Ness taunting to the crowd, back at Rayne and up- slam!

Laurel with the one foot pin on Rayne, nope.





Rayne with the spinning discus forearm and waistlock, knee and dragon sleeper NO takes another rake to the eyes


OFFICIAL RESULT: Laurel Van Ness at 3:54, Curbstomp

Backstage, Lashley says the next title shot goes to whichever teammate can take out EC3. Drew walks away, the Bennetts look intrigued.

Galloway calls out Aron Rex

Galloway calls out Rex. He tells him he’s walked around the world telling everyone how much Impact has evolved. It was because of him, he went around to push the federation. To everyone, YOU’RE WELCOME.

Rex interrupts his delusional rant. Number one, get your own tagline. You are the only reason, you are the only reason Impact Wrestling is the best wrestling show- is solely because of Drew?

Well buddy you just Galloway Up.

Drew says since you don’t get the verb, he’ll use it as a noun. That is a person, place or thing, so you’re full of a six foot five greasy haired steaming pile of Galloway. Drew says he doesn’t like the way he’s talking to him and he has traveled the world and worked under the leagues even being larger- is that damn good and if you’re gonna talk to me like that address me as SIR.

Aron Rex calls him SIR 6 Foot 5 Greasy Haired Steaming Pile!

Drew says you are funny, you are a stunt guy, nothing has changed, no one remembers the guy who came After the son of God. This Sunday there can only be one, that one is DREW GALLOWAY.

Security rushes out but Drew catches Aron in a Future Shock! Galloway celebrates with the Championship Title!

Backstage, I think, Rosemary talks about how dominant they are. Abyss says there are consequences. They will come to fruition at BFG. The Great War will be beautiful! Rosemary says they all learned their own twist of fate will come at their hands. Crazzy Steve says he will love to shatter them into little pieces.

Rosemary says Reby reminds them of her mother. But when they are dine not even precious Maxell will recognize her. Up next, Rosemary versus Reby.

Inawesome video package for Decay vs Hardys…

Rosemary vs Reby Hardy

Reby runs at Rosemary! She starts slamming Rosemary into the corner and sending the head into the buckles cross corner, Rosemary blocks and running screaming clothesline connects!

Rosemary slams forearms into Reby as Matt and Brother Nero look on. Rosemary sneers as she stalks up, Abyss taunting from the outside. Rosemary licks up the face of Reby!

Steve taunts Reby and Rosemary drags her up to unload knees as the fans chant “DELETE!”

Reby avoids a splash and rushing back SCORPION kick! Side Russian Roll Through and KICK to the face! Reby on Rosemary and slams the shots herself! Mounted forearms of her own and sends Rosemary into the ropes, Matt taunts Rosemary and REBY WITH THE TWIST OF FATE!

STEVE on the top! Reby for the pin no!

Reby up and points at Steve, takes the MIST to the eyes from Rosemary!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Reby at 3:07, Disqualification

Abyss and Matt brawl around the Impact Zone! Steve and Nero fight to the rafters! ROSEMARY HITS A SIDE EFFECT ON REBY THROUGH A TABLE!!!

Rosemary lays on Reby and screams about Decay! She gives the Delete swipe in her crazed chanting as Reby is unconscious. Apparently the Hardys and Decay are still fighting.

Backstage, Earl Hebner oversees the coin toss, Lashley wins and he will get the advantage tonight at Lethal Lockdown. Carter is nonplussed. He reminds the Champ he comes in first. As predicted, Lashley gives no fucks.

Backstage Nero and Steve brawl, and they fight as Steve takes Nero through a door and smashes him down, he goes into the eyes. He rips and tears as Nero fights back!

Backstage, Matt kicks Abyss in the balls! He hits and attacks him with a ladder! Again and again as Matt smashes the ladder down into the monster!

Steve zombie stalks Nero!

Hardy bites Abyss’s ear bloody!

Steve places the chair around the man’s throat, and runs him into the wall!

Matt goes for Abyss and Abyss rips a power cable out of the war! HE SHOCKS MATT HARDY! HARDY IS ELECTROCUTED!

DECAY have triumphed!

Sitdown with Mckenzie, Maria and Gail Kim

Mckenzie introduces both, saying they will fight for the Knockouts Title at Bound For Glory.

Gail says she can’t wait and is ready for Bound For Glory.

Maria says maybe she didn’t get the memo due to her stupid assistant Allie. She is Maria Kanellis Bennett, the leader of the Knockouts Division and the Champion as well.

Gail says it’s not about the Hall of Fame, or the title, it’s about finally getting her hands on Maria after nine long months.

Maria says this isn’t a wrestling company. It’s an entertainment company. She doesn’t need to hide, she will defeat Gail Kim.

Backstage interview with Tyrus. They ask the Fixer what he can do, he won Bound For Gold last year. Tyrus says that was the best night of his career but due to some bad business decisions-

Eli Drake says he has a big business decision, so he hears Tyrus can solve problems so Big T and E LI D can walk down to the ring and take over, Yeah. Tyrus out Yeahs him but says problem is the only problem he will solve, is Drake.

Carter wants to thank his teammates for taking the risk. He thanks Aron Rex. He says he knows Kim will win the Hall of Famer and take the Championship. Moose says it’s not about him, let’s do it for the team. WHOAAAA TROUBLE!

It is time for your 411 Impact Main Event as we get ready for LETHAL LOCKDOWN! Thank you so much for reading, this the final fight before Bound For Glory. Up to the ring from the Orlando Impact Zone.

EC3, Gail Kim, Moose and Aron Rex vs Lashley, Maria, The Miracle and Drew Galloway

Lethal Lockdown

Winners Choose the World Title Stipulation

BENNETT enters first despite Lashley saying he would. Yep. Carter and Mike brawl, Bennett slamming him into the corner. He unloads shoulders and charges, eats the elbow. Carter slams Bennett and sends him off the cage, back elbow to the face!

Carter hits the snap, off the side, jumping elbow!

Ethan unleashes a chop, and slashes again- he strikes for a third time, the Ass Kicking Machine with a head full of steam MISSES THE STINGER SPLASH and takes a big boot!

Dropkick from Bennett! Another! THANK you sir may I have another??

Bennett off the face and rakes at it, ripping at the jaws and takes an elbow to the guts! Bennett slams the snapping Spinebuster!

“Yes We Do!” taunt from The Miracle, and he goes to work unloading punches in the corner. Shoulder in the guts and he tells the fans to shut up. CARTER OFF THE BUCKLE CLOTHESLINE!

Ethan again and Bennett in the corner, STINGER SPLASH!

Carter up and OH JESUS FLAPJACK!

1 Percenter, countered, no EC3, TK3!!

DREW GALLOWAY RUSHES IN! Drew in and kicks Carter! Huge stomp! Drew tells Bennett to hold the man and Galloway slashes the chops! Remember Lashley told his teammates whoever takes out Carter, will get the first title shot.

Back from commercial, and Drew and Bennett are beating on Carter and “Hallelujah” aka “Resurrection” kicks up as Aron Rex rushes to attack both with shots. He and Galloway brawl with Rex unloading forearms! Drew goes tot he eyes as Carter chokes Bennett with a boot in the corner.

Carter and Rex send Galloway running into Bennett!

Jabs to both and Carter strikes down Galloway as Rex slams the headbutt to Miracle!

LASHLEY [email protected] Attacks Rex and then Carter, snaps the suplex on Carter, he directs traffic, Lashley and Bennett beat on Ethan in the corner. Galloway chokes out Rex with the boot as Bennett taunts Ethan.

Lashley beats into Carter, striking again and again as he beats the man into the corner.


Moose runs the ring! He takes turns running to crash into everyone! Stacks Miracle into Galloway and crashes both! He runs the ropes climbs the cage and springs off to hit the high crossbody into both!

MOOSE strikes down the Champ! The fans are cheering as all are brawling in the ring,

Maria walks out, the Knockouts Title held high. She says she isn’t going to go into the ring yet, standing outside as she waits. Miracle tells her to stay outside. Moose attacks Bennett and Carter slashes into Drew!

Gail chases Maria around the ring and she gets tossed inside, but runs away as Gail chases her up the ramp! The door is closed and Lethal Lockdown begins!

The weapons have lowered as Drew slams into Ethan with a trashcan. Lashley canes people – he calls for a huddle and Carter flips him off!



Drew sends Rex into a trashcan against the corner but REX REVERSES!


Moose attacks Lashley with the chair! REX CANES LASHLEY!

Moose spikes the chair, and Carter with the pipe MIRACLE HITS THE CUTTER INTO ETHAN!







“This is Awesome!”

Lashley and Carter brawl! Carter takes him down! He sends him into the cage! Again! Ethan sending Lashley into the cage again! And one more time! Pick up! SNAKE EYES INTO THE CAGE!

Carter has the cane, Lashley trying to stand! He unloads canes aftercane after cane into the World Champ! Attacking the ribs, up and TK3! LASHLEY OFF THE SIDE




Carter fading fast!



OFFICIAL RESULT: Lashley at 28:59, Anaconda Vice

Lashley announces he will not just beat Ethan, he will hurt him! This Sunday at Bound For Glory, NO HOLDS BARRED.

Thank you everyone, for the 411 this is Aaron saying we will see you next time right here for more Impact Wrestling. Tune in to Bound For Glory to see pro wrestling history in the making, and check out 411Mania for all things Impact! Make sure to sound off below, thanks again.

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