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411’s TNA Impact Report 10.07.15

October 7, 2015 | Posted by Aaron Scott

Welcome everyone to 411’s TNA Impact Report following TNA’s Bound For Glory! My name is Aaron Scott. Matt Hardy finally became Champion of the World following a 20 year career. This all changed within 72 hours as we have no Champion following Ethan Carter III’s injunction on Matt Hardy. Hardy won the title after Jeff Hardy attacked Carter with a chair and Matt beat Drew Galloway. Bound For Glory changed the landscape of Total Nonstop Action and the entire future of Impact Wrestling on Destination America has been changed. Abeyance reigns supreme as now the management has a special announcement regarding the fate of the World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight no matches have been listed, but we do have some participants as announced on Impact Wrestling’s site. They are, in no particular order:

Ethan Carter III
Austin Aries
Gail Kim
Aiden O’Shea
Kenny King
Drew Galloway
Awesome Kong
Crazzy Steve
Eli Drake
Mahabali Shera
Rockstar Spud
Mr. Anderson

With surely more to be announced. Match times are not exact. Let’s start the show!

What’s Abeyance doing in the Impact Zone?!

We kick things off with the BFG Main Event Replay! Moments way ago, Jeff Hardy tossed Tyrus and we saw all three competitors in Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy and reigning Champ EC3 fighting like crazy. Matt pinning Drew to become the World Champion and celebrating with Reby Sky, baby Maxwell and Daddy Hardy. Flash forward to Josh and The Pope in Nashville as talk about the new beginning to Impact Wrestling.

Ethan Carter freaking out and shoving Big over a table, disowning himself from Dixie. Carter coming out of his attorney, promising to keep Matt Hardy from appearing on Impact.

And the then-Champion’s reaction as he abdicated the title. Matt deciding to give up his World Title to make sure that he settles this inside the ring.

This is the official announcement from Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan as they decide the fate of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Here are the rules, Group Play, 4 Brackets, 15 Minute Time Limits.
A win gets 3pts, a draw 2, a loss earns 0 points.

Here are the first four groups official in the World Title Series.

Bram, Rockstar Spud, Drew Galloway, Grado = Group U.K.

Aiden O’Shea, Crazzy Steve, Kenny King, Mahabali Shera = Group Wildcard

Awesome Kong, Brooke, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne = Group Knockouts

Austin Aries, Ethan Carter III, Lashley, Mr. Anderson = Group Champions

Backstage Drew Galloway talks about Bound For Glory becoming the best night of his career. He gives credit to Matt but is up for this round robin style World Cup. This is his second chance. He will run over his group and anyone that gets in the way of his destiny. We’ll be back from break with Galloway v. his Team TNA teammate in Bram.

Drew Galloway vs Bram

World Title Series Match – Group U.K.

Drew and Bram face off as the fans are clearly behind Galloway. Bram talks some shit to get in the head of the Chosen One, but Drew headbutts him and both back up. They circle and lock up, an even match as they get in the corner, to the ropes, and Earl Hebner tries to break them up in the corner. A hard shot by Bram draws first as Drew locks the goozle and tosses Bram from the ring!

Drew comes out to go around and lances into Bram with kicks and rams, sending the man off the railing. Bram sent inside, misses the lunge and Drew with the chop, but Bram ducks the lariat and slides right out. Drew Galloway talks up his war with Bram on the side screen as Drew takes an uppercut from the outside and Bram comes in to strike the man down in the corner. Bram says Drew made it to the U.S. first and he has always hated Drew for it. In the ring Drew explodes off the buckles and clotheslines Bram down to drive him back outside.

Drew talks trash from the apron but Bram catches him to drag the man out and slam the side of his head into the steel steps!

Bram beats down Drew, standing over him as the Ref counts but Bram breaks it up. Bram sends Drew’s face into the apron and pitches the man back inside. Pope points out how the outside is Bram’s area. Inside the ring Bram keeps on his opponent, slicing with knife edges and flooring him with a fist. Two count only.

Chinlock applied as Bram leans on in, applying all his weight the fans try to get Drew going with a “Let’s go Drew!” chant. Bram takes a kick from the duck but manages a clothesline, he hooks the leg but only gets two. Chinlock again.

Bram is grounding Galloway as Josh points out Earl was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. Bram launches Drew with the hard Irish whip into the corner! Drew is down and takes a shot between the eyes, but begins to get tough, answering with forearms himself! Both men brawl getting the fans into it, and Drew comes out on top by clubberin Bram down in the corner! GALLOWAY WITH THE SCOOP POWERSLAM!!

Bram outside but here comes Drew! Leans him back against the railing so the fans can hold him and unleashes the chops! Drew slams the man’s head over and over into the stairs, the pickup and back suplex on the apron! Bram is hurting inside as Drew meets him with the stomping Yakuza Kick!! It’s Over!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Drew Galloway at 8:00, Yakuza (3 Pts.)

Drew Galloway now has 3 points, Bram has 0.

Backstage we’re going to Gail Kim as she talks about how Impact has always been the place for women to be. She gets the chance to be World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight she intends to take full advantage of that and will give it her all. She beat Awesome Kong at Bound For Glory, and will face Brooke tonight.

Post Match: Drew Galloway gives credit to Bram for saying how aggressive he is. He can’t say Bram made a mistake because he didn’t know if he had a gameplan. Drew followed and the final time Bram went outside Galloway had a plan, it was a war.

Gail Kim vs Brooke

World Title Series Match – Group Knockouts

TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim arrives sans title, Josh mentions she still owes Brooke a title rematch. The ladies circle and lock, Gail with the standing side headlock and Brooke jockeying for position but gets taken over. Two count only as Gail keeps control with the leverage. Split screen roundtable sees Gail talking about the fact she created the division itself as in the ring Gail takes Brooke over with a cartwheel and Brooke sits out to take Gail over with the armdrag. Brooke says she’s a three time Champ and happy to be here. Gail does the monkey flip and looks for a tilt a whirl scissors but Brooke sits down and gets a two. Brooke eats a clothesline and lands a hurricanrana!

Gail reenters and charges but gets taken back to the buckles as Brooke throws bones, Gail reversing as the Ref Stifler takes her back and Brooke lands the drop toehold with a double arm wrench and rolling bridge submission. “Let’s go Brooke” chants follow as Gail manages a rolling side russian into an ankle lock over her shoulder, twisting Brooke nearly in half!

Gail breaks the hold, unable to register a submission. She winds for the Eat Defeat but Brooke counters as the fans are behind Brooke in this one. Gail slams the rising forearm and Brooke responds! Clothesline from Brooke! Flying one next! Brooke to the top! FACEBUSTER FROM THE SECOND ROPE! BUTTERFACE MAKER BUT NO COVER! ELBOW OFF THE TOP NO ONE HOME!!

Gail pulls herself up along the ropes and throws the back elbow as Brooke crashes! Brooke misses the charge, Gail to the outside, she has the Ringpost Figure 4! Stifler counts as Gail lets go, sliding in and Brooke heavily favoring the leg. Eat Defeat no thrown off, Gail with the leglace BROOKE TURNS IT INTO A CRADLE!

1!! 2!!! 3!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brooke at 6:17, Cradle (3 Pts.)

Brooke has 3 points, Gail Kim has 0.

Ethan Carter III throws a fit and says he was robbed and no one should even have a shot. He is the first real organic product created by TNA but while the series confuses him it motivates him. He shits on Aries for returning when the title is on the line. He says he will beat him in record time. He gets in a great line about renaming this the Ethan Carter III Memorial Screwjob Tournament which I will be happy to use except I’d have to type that out every single time. Carter promises to win and will face Austin Aries, tonight.

Rockstar Spud vs Grado

World Title Series Match – Group U.K.

Grado goes for the pin right away! Scoop and slam as the Split Screen talks about Grado saying he gets put down and promises to take out Spud. Spud yells as Grado says he has heart but he will put him down. In the ring Grado charges and goes for the Roll ‘N Slice! Charging and misses!

Grado misses the corner as Spud hits a series of running forearms and finally a dropkick to the seated man in the corner! Spud sending Grado to the ropes, for the backdrop but Grado wraps the head and sit down Pedigree! KICKOUT by Spud! Grado and the straps are down!

ANGLE LOCK ON SPUD! Spud rolls and Grado sent to the corner! WHOOOO and Spudder Splash! BULLDOG From Spud! Spud hops around for the Worm! One, Two, NO! Sans actual worm.

Rockstar Spud motions for Grado to get up as the announcers are happy there’s a time limit. Grado takes down Spud and goes for the People’s Elbow! Grado tires himself out running back and forth and finally stops to catch his breath and he lands it! ONE TWO No kickout at two. Wow.

Grado for the AJ Styles taunt but Spud reverses the Styles Clash and he hits the Goozle! UP AND CHOKESLAM! Cross the arms Undertaker Pose and NO! Two Count Only! Spud for the pickup and across the shoulders as Josh screams SLOBBERKNOCKER! Kick from Grado caught, kick from Spud and STUNNER! UNDERDOG!!


OFFICIAL RESULT: Rockstar Spud at 5:52, Underdog! (3 Pts.)

Spud has 3 points, Grado has 0.

Lord help us all. We return as Josh makes Pope predict but they all talk about how Tyrus won the Bound For the Gold matchup. They ask Tyrus if he shocked the world. He says yep and he shocked EC3. He is gonna sit back and watch. If Carter wins the series and title, then Tyrus says it’s gonna get real interesting.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

EC3 vs Austin Aries

World Title Series Match – Group Champions

They show how Jeff Hardy dropped Carter with the chair to cost him the title. EC3 is here with Tyrus, and poses in the middle as he prepares to face the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.


Austin is all smiles and I would be too, the bastard. He truly is the Greatest.

Ethan Carter and Austin Aries circle as the fans are chanting for both! Lockup and A Double with the windup, Carter trying to power out and sends Austin down into a hammerlock. Austin stands and snapmare takeover, both men separating as Earl makes sure. Both circle and lock again, waistlock from behind as Ethan gets reversed and into a headlock but explodes out to shoulderblock his way down. The fans are booing as EC3 bows and walks.

Roundtable: Ethan: I am the greatest living professional wrestler alive which kind of supersedes the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. Austin says Carter is copying him and has Tyrus INSIDE the ring Aries lands the Japanese Armdrag and Dropkicks from the mat! Ethan goes scurrying outside as Carter has to enter the ring. Aries takes a kick and a shot, Carter powers down Aries with punches but backdrops a charging Aries who comes off the side and EC3 wisely slips outside.

Aries to the apron and forearm, elbow to Carter! Aries sends Ethan to the stairs and peppers him with shots as the fans sing along! Aries sends Ethan inside and climbs to the top, scaling high as Tyrus comes near ARIES JUMPS ON TYRUS! He climbs the apron as Ethan hits the kneelift to send Aries crashing off the side!

In the ring #WorldTitleSeries as Thea tries to get her man back in, EC3 with the Shoulder Pickup and slam but gets a two. Diving elbow from Ethan and does it again for good measure. One more time and a two count too. Wraps up the head as Austin works the chants, trying to fight back in as we are five minutes to go. Both battle as Aries ducks the charge to send Ethan over to the apron and hits the shots then runs the man headfirst back and forth across the buckles! Hangman’s neckbreaker in the ropes and a Suicide Dive to take down EC3 on the outside!

Ethan in and Austin off the top! Missile Dropkick! OH!! Austin runs into a boot as EC3 for the TKO but thrown off, Disqus Elbow from Aries! (Hi Guys!) Aries to the top and taken off the buckles with the TKO but he only gets a two! Frustration abounds as EC3 misses the Stinger Splash and takes a running dropkick! Austin driven back from a Brainbuster as Ethan lunges the shoulders and sits the man up top! Carter climbs and wraps the head, absorbing kidney shots but topples from a box!

ARIES 450!!!


Big “THAT WAS THREE!!!”” from the fans! Austin and Ethan doing the Yay! Boo! punchfest as Aries tripped up by Tyrus Ethan for the Schoolboy and up- SINGLE ARM POWERBOMB!


Austin crawling and Ethan driven into with forearms CARTER goes to the eyes! THEA HAS THE ANKLE!

Schoolboy by Aries turned into the Last Chancery! Ethan is trapped! The center of the ring as there is ONE MINUTE TO GO!

Carter dragged for the Brainbuster as Aries turned into a 1 Percenter no, Aries throws and forearms, Brainbuster! No! Carter for the 1 Percenter, Aries counters and Ethan reverses, 1 Percenter he missed it! Brainbuster grapple WE ARE OUT OF TIME!




Carter attacks Aries from behind! Austin throws him off and DISCUS FOREARM! BRAINBUSTER!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Draw at 15:00, (1 Pt. Each)

Austin Aries and Ethan Carter III have 1 point each.

Lashley v. Anderson still to come. Backstage, Mr. Anderson says he’s in the toughest group, the toughest freakin’ group and he loves it. He’s got three of the toughest competitors to grace a ring EVER …and EC3. Hahaha. And he has the chance, Bobby Lashley, he’s all in.

Post Match Promo: Aries with Thea: For all EC3 has done, he couldn’t beat Austin Aries. You heard the fans, that’s why you had to cheapshot from behind. Now you know what the Brainbuster feels like. And if you do it again, I guarandamtee you, Austin Aries will be victorious.

Awesome Kong vs Madison Rayne

World Title Series Match – Group Knockouts

Awesome Kong immediately for the Implant Buster but avoided, and runs into Rayne in the corner. Kong lands screaming shots and tosses Madison! Rayne crawls under and fires shots as Kong crashes into her. Madison Rayne leaps on her back. Split Screen Madison talks about how she’s working hard and everyone is overlooking her. Kong says the seas boil with her rage and the tide is coming in. She will beat any man or woman that is in her way. In the ring Rayne has the sleeper ala Andre the Giant Princess Bride style but Awesome Kong tosses her off.

Kong with the handful of hair, the pickup and torture rack, walking around the ring, looking to slam Rayne on her face! Madison is down as Earl checks, Kong off the ropes and misses the diving splash! Rayne with the Oklahoma Roll two only!

Crossbody but Kong has the ropes! Enzugiri from Rayne! Boot to the head! Rayne to the top and comes off with the Dropkick off the top, TWO COUNT ONLY!

Another cover TWO!

Rayne stalks the ring, to the fans and wraps the head, SUPLEX? Nope, Awesome shoves and backfists her.


OFFICIAL RESULT: Awesome Kong at 4:07, Implant Buster (3 Pts.)

Awesome Kong has 3 points. Madison Rayne has 0.

Backstage Lashley talks about how honored he is to be in the Group Champions. Some of the best wrestlers in the world. But tonight he faces his friend in Mr. Anderson, a man he trusts, a man who’s also victim number one. He will become TNA World Heavyweight Champion, starting tonight.

Backstage to JB screaming at us for some reason, as he intros Matt Hardy. Hardy says in Charlotte, where he broke in the business (Trampoline Wrestling, Omega) and he celebrated with Reby, his son and his father. The happiest time in his life. But because Jeff attacked Carter with the chair, EC3 filed this injunction. To keep his brother out of legal trouble (giggity) Matt had to relinquish the title. And he has promised he will enter the title fight next week. He felt he won the title fair and square so now he will enter the tournament to prove he IS the indisputed Champion.

Back in Nashville Josh and Pope break down the leader board on which we will have a full standings at the end of this report. 16 More wrestlers join the fray next week! Here it is, your Impact main event on 411mania.

Lashley vs Mr. Anderson

World Title Series Match – Group Champions

They show how Lashley beat Eric Young to win his first title. Lockup and a series of go behinds and takedowns as Lashley’s on Anderson. Anderson in the ropes and Lashley claps as Anderson escapes. Commercial break.a

Front waistlock from Lashley into an overhead suplex! Anderson ducks the lariat and fires the shot, ducks the leapfrog and eats the shot! Split Screen as Lashley and Anderson both put each other over which is nice for two professionals. They pick each other to advance as Lashley misses the spear hitting his shoulder into the post. Anderson with the rollup for two, and a shot to the head. Ken Anderson with the arm and shoulderblock to it, does it again. Anderson working the shoulder now, armbar applied as Lashley gets to a knee.

Lashley with Anderson in the corner but gets run over by Anderson. Ken avoids the leapfrog and lands the dropkick, cover for two and back on the arm with a top wristlock. Anderson has the hold cinched in, wrapping the leverage as the fans chant for both. Takeover by Lashley and runs into the boot, does it again but manages to get his arm caught on the top rope as Anderson drops to the floor!

Anderson in control, SINGLE ARM DDT! Cover, one, two, no. Another kickout!

Top lock on the wrist and arm set in, Ken Anderson in control as Lashley powers out with fearsome strength. Anderson eats the elbow and Lashley begins to run momentum with clotheslines, he takes the arm and snatches up for a torture rack! Anderson fights but Lashley picks him and absorbs the abuse to slam down the Spinebuster! In the corner, he misses a spear! We have hit the five minute mark as Anderson takes Lashley down.

He gets him for the Steamroller but Lashley avoids and gets caught, Steamrolled for real! Anderson with the pickup over his shoulders, a second Steamroller! The Finlay Roll as it were. Ken Anderson with the pickup for a third no TKO and he has the leg and

1, 2 -NO!!

Mr. Anderson Mic Check no! Bobby Lashley fought free but runs into a boot! HE SPEARS ANDERSON!

OFFICIAL RESULT: “The Destroyer” Lashley at 12:16, SPEAR (3 Pts.)

Lashley has 3 points, Mr. Anderson has 0.

Here is the Leader Board so far!


Drew Galloway – 3
Rockstar Spud – 3
Grado – 0
Bram – 0


Aiden O’Shea
Crazzy Steve
Kenny King
Mahabali Shera


Awesome Kong – 3
Brooke – 3
Gail Kim – 0
Madison Rayne – 0


Lashley – 3
Austin Aries – 1
Ethan Carter III – 1
Mr. Anderson – 0

Thank you so much for joining, we will announce the next 16 this week on 411! My name is Aaron Scott, we do appreciate each and every one of you, tune in next time for your TNA Impact Report only here on 411mania.