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411’s TNA Impact Report 10.22.05

October 22, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Last week on Impact:

Match #1 Monty Brown defeated Jerrelle Clark and Mikey Batts

  • Monty made his NWA Title intentions known again, Lance Hoyt came out. They’ll face off at Bound for Glory.
  • Shane Douglas with Larry Z and security. Next week The Naturals will defend the tag titles against AMW. Raven is here and tries to get at Larry. He calls him a piece of crap and says JJ screwed him out of his title and then gave Nash the title shot. It’s BULLSHIT! Larry says to toss him out of the building

    Match #2 Matt Bentley defeated David Young

  • Funeral for Team 3D. Father James Mitchell presides. He says they tried to steal their spotlight and were trampled. Team Canada has black hockey sticks and all the heels are there. AMW plays it up, and then talk. They have pictures of them bloody and t-shirts on the casket, with a discount sale sign. Storm says they look so peaceful. Storm says if it wasn’t for he and Harris, they may still be here today. Harris says they were great and Abyss smashes some tissues. Harris says they are with JJ because they want money, which they all cheer. Then power and the same. Team Canada stomps their black hockey sticks as they cheer as well, priceless. Most importantly to show teams like 3D that no one can take their spot. No one has ever done this to team 3D and Young says, “I think I hear dead people!” Storm says he hears Ray saying, “Devon get the…” Then JJ stops them and says they don’t need any lawsuits because their careers are already dead. I think they pissed on the casket, nice. Mitchell says they will return after Bound for Glory for Nash’s funeral. Gail Kim was hella hot though out the segment.

    Match #3 Rhino defeated Sabu

  • Abyss, Rhino, Sabu and Hardy brawled after the match.

    Match #4 In the AJ Styles Iron Man Challenge Christopher Daniels defeated Shark Boy and Sonjay Dutt in 13:00 total, but then went to a draw @ 15:00 when AJ Styles was the third man.

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    Today on Impact:

    Samoa Joe vs. Elix Skipper

    NWA Tag Team Title Match: The Naturals © vs. America’s Most Wanted

    Ron Killings vs. Bobby Roode

    And in our main event: Monty Brown, Jeff Jarrett © and Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy, Lance Hoyt and AJ Styles ©

    TNA Impact Starts…NOW!

    Tenay and West welcome us to IMPACT! They hype the card as well as Bound for Glory and we head to the ring.

    Match #1 Samoa Joe vs. Elix Skipper w/Simon Diamond

    Oh Elix…you gonna DIE!

    Joe with kicks to start. Skipper back with some, but Joe nails a sweet Enziguri. Snap mare by Joe and kicks to Skipper. High knee drop by Joe. Whip and running corner knee by Joe. Face wash…OLAY to Skipper. They chant one more time, but Joe covers for 2. Matrix out by Skipper and boots to Joe, snap mare and a kick and cover for 2 by Skipper. Skipper off the ropes, power slam by Joe for 2. Strikes by Joe, Skipper up top…he fights…MUSCLE BUSTA! Joe locks in the “you’re my bitch” and that’s it.

    Winner: Samoa Joe @ 2:32 via submission

    They hype Joe vs. Liger at Bound for Glory.

  • Joe looked like a world beater and killed Skipper dead.

    Christopher Daniels hype video is shown.

    Commercial time.

    Buy Morphoplex, it will keep Traci’s pants off! The following message was paid for by the friends and supporters of Steve Cook.

    We are back as we get a promo for the 6-sided ring.

    Tenay hypes the first title match of the Spike TV era.

    Match #2 NWA Tag Team Title Match: The Naturals © (Douglas and Stevens) vs. America’s Most Wanted (Storm and Harris) w/Gail Kim

    AMW attacks at the bell. TO the floor we go as Stevens tosses Douglas onto AMW! Stevens up top…SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO THE FLOOR! AJ is gonna be mad! The Naturals hit the ring and wait on AMW. They head up the ramp and here is Gail Kim to help them regroup as we head to a commercial @ 1:14.

    We are back @ 4:50 with AMW on the floor with Gail still. Harris tossed back in and Douglas is tagged in. Arm drags to Harris and Gail trips up Douglas, and he chases her. Harris grabs a tag title belt and CLOCKS Douglas. Douglas is busted wide open and he is tossed in and Storm is there to work him over. Rights by Storm and he tries to open up the cut more. Off the ropes and Douglas with a high knee to Storm. Douglas crawls for the tag…Stevens in and gets a flying forearm to Harris. Kip up and rights to Storm. DVD to Harris gets 2. AMW sets and tries the Hart Attack, but Douglas tripped up Harris. Alabama slam by Stevens and Harris nails Stevens with Gail’s boot and gets 2. DAMN REF BUMP! All 4 men are in and Douglas is pissed and they set Harris…NATURAL DISASTER! The ref is still out though! The crowd counts past 10. Gail up top…Botched RANA to Storm by accident! Stevens grabs her…Natural Disaster to Gail…NO JJ IS OUT and Low Blows Douglas. Storm in and KILLS Stevens with a beer bottle and Harris covers for the win!

    Winners: AND NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS AMW @ 9:45 via pin

    AMW beats down the Naturals after the match. They then celebrate with Gail and JJ.

  • Fun little match, AMW got their JJ cheating book for heels and stole the titles. They didn’t give much away and I would expect a rematch at Bound for Glory.

    Commercial Time.

    We are back with a video promo for the Ultimate X Match.

    Tenay says that “Ultimate X” is coming to Spike TV. I would assume for the Prime Time Special.

    Match #3 Ron Killings w/BG James vs. Bobby Roode w/Coach D’Amore

    BG does his normal mic work, with a twist.

    Ron dances and then we lock up. Boot by Roode and then a right to Ron. Headlock and rights by Ron, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Roode. Off the ropes, reversals and Ron takes him down. Reversals again and a seated hip toss by Ron. Clothesline to Roode take shim over the top to the floor. D’Amore yells at Ron and then Ron hits a SWANK no hands plancha to Roode! Back in the ring and goes up top… Roode crotches him and pulls him down. Slam by Roode. Roode to the 2nd rope…knee drop to Ron gets 2. They exchange rights and off the ropes…knee by Roode. Another and then a backdrop suplex by Roode. Kip James comes down to talk with Tenay and Apollo and Konnan watch on and Konnan wasn’t happy. Kip and BG talk as Ron goes up top for a missile dropkick that connects. Konnan is out and Ron and Roode battle. Flying spinning forearm by Ron. He goes to the floor and they all brawl as Roode rolls Ron back in the ring. Security pulls them apart and off the ropes, boot by Ron…he they has to fight off Team Canada! D’Amore tosses in the Hockey Stick…NAILS Ron. The ref is back in and a cover 1…2…3.

    Winner: Bobby Roode @ 5:20 via pin

  • Really solid match. They worked very well together and on the outside the kept the story going with Kip James and BG James and the possible 3LK split.

    Shane Douglas is in the back with JJ, Monty and Abyss. Monty says to talk to him first. Monty doesn’t want to be in the match, because he wants to hunt JJ. They had a deal and he hasn’t forgotten. JJ says he will give him a 2nd chance. He says Monty needs to play his cards right and impress JJ. Monty says he has a royal flush and he is all in…sooner or later. JJ tells Abyss he has the same deal.

    Commercial time.

    We are back with a TNA DVD commercial.

    Match #4 “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown, Jeff Jarrett © and Abyss w/James Mitchell vs. “The Charismatic Colostomy Bag” Jeff Hardy, Lance Hoyt and “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles ©

    Hoyt and Abyss to start. Rights by Hoyt, off the ropes…and a flying shoulder block to Abyss. Boot and a wristlock and tag to Jeff. Boots to Abyss, knee by JJ though and Abyss levels him. Tag to Monty and he chokes out Jeff. Off the ropes and Jeff with a clothesline. Boots by Monty, suplex to Jeff and then a tag to JJ. JJ in with rights to Jeff. Dropkick by JJ. Rammed to the corner and JJ tags Abyss. JJ talks shit as Abyss beats down Jeff and then slams him down. Off the ropes and Abyss misses a leg drop. Tag to AJ. Leap frog, drop down and a dropkick to Abyss. PELE to JJ! Jeff with a plancha to Monty. AJ with one to JJ. Hoyt with one to Abyss and he almost kills himself! They all brawl and we head to a break @ 3:30.

    We are back from commercial @ 6:55 and AJ and JJ and brawling. Back into the ring and AJ with the corner mount punches. Drops down…tornado DDT to Abyss! Forearms to Abyss, off the ropes, tossed by Abyss and he nails Monty! JJ in and breaks things up and Tenay says AMW will defend against the Naturals at BFG tomorrow night! Cassidy Riley is out and says Raven will be at BFG as well! Monty now beats on AJ. Tosses him to the corner and just pummels him. Stiff shots by Monty and AJ is in real trouble. Tag to Abyss and he levels AJ. AJ rammed to the corner and Abyss chops away at him. Off the ropes…AJ whipped to the corner, and nails the corner splash. JJ tagged back in and AJ fires back with chops. Off the ropes…double cross body and BOTH men are down! They crawl for the tag…JJ tags Abyss and Monty and Abyss argue. AJ springs…they catch him but tags Jeff. Hoyt is in as well and things are breaking down! AJ and JJ battle on the floor. BLACK HOLE SLAM to Hoyt! Jeff breaks up the pin. TWIST OF FATE TO ABYSS! Jeff up top…SWANTON to Abyss. Monty makes the save on the pin. Back breakers by Monty and the fall away slam to Jeff. Hoy tin with the boot to Monty and JJ saves him. Hoyt off the ropes…Abyss takes Hoyt to the floor. AJ with a cross body, but JJ rolls through. AJ with the Suplex/neckbreaker combo! AJ up top…Daniels is down and knocks AJ off the top rope! JJ has AJ for the Stroke… Monty in…POOOOOOOOOUUUUNCE to AJ and that’s all! Monty stole the pin!

    Winners: Monty , Abyss and JJ @ 13:245 via pin

  • Damn fine main event. Lots of action and lots of hype for the PPV.

    The heels lay the beat down on AJ, Jeff and Hoyt. SABU IS HERE! Flying clothesline to Abyss! Rhino is in and lays out Jeff. Sabu gets a suicide dive. Daniels puts AJ in the Koji clutch! Nash is here too! He does the best walk-in in the business as we fade…

  • Final Impact Thoughts: Solid show this week. They worked very hard on selling the PPV and that is what the TV is for. All the matches and segments had a purpose and I think they did a good job of making sure that the PPV was front and center in the hype.

    If you missed the show tonight, remember there is a replay Monday’s at Midnight!

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