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411’s TNA Impact Report 11.12.05

November 12, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Last week on Impact:

Match #1 Lance Hoyt, Jeff Hardy and Sabu defeated The Diamonds in the Rough (Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper and David Young) *

  • Jeff Jarrett is with Shane Douglas. Shane says this is JJ’s last shot. JJ says TNA hates him, and he hates them. They tried to fire him because he had the title. Tonight in his only rematch, he is gone. These are the nights that define a man. It isn’t about the most prestigious title, it is about the power. It is a moment in wrestling history. This night will define him in wrestling history. November the 3rd, he walks out the champion. Monty Brown is here! He wants to know, what does he have on Larry Z. He deserves the title match. JJ says Monty doesn’t get it. JJ had this in his contract. “Good job Jeff, I am happy for you. I want the winner.” Monty hopes he wins, because he wants to beat HIM for it. Monty will watch, but if you want to see dominance, watch Monty right now. He will go though his opponent like exxlax, with the POOOOOOOOOOUNCE…PERIOD!

    Match #2 Monty Brown defeated Brian Gamble *

    Match #3 A.J. Styles © & Austin Aries & Sonjay Dutt defeated Samoa Joe & Christopher Daniels & Alex Shelley ***ѕ

  • Shane Douglas with Rhino backstage. He puts over the BFG run he had. Rhino says there is plenty left in the tank, because he is a war machine. He had to deal with a lot of crap the last 4-years. Now, he only has this title on his mind. Raven is here, and says Rhino robbed him. Raven says if you want the old Raven back, you got him. Larry Z and security run in and take Raven away. Rhino says he will GORE JJ! GORE, GORE, GORE!

    Match #4 Team 3D defeated Team Canada (Roode and Young) ***

    Match #5 Petey Williams won Ultimate X for a title shot at AJ Styles over Matt Bentley and Chris Sabin ***ѕ

    Match #6 Jeff Jarrett defeated Rhino to become the NEW NWA Champion ***

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    Today on iMpact:

    Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries

    Lex Lovett vs. Kip James

    Finishers Non-Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. Petey Williams

    And in our main event: Jeff Jarrett © and AMW © w/Gail Kim vs. Chris Sabin, Lance Hoyt and Jeff Hardy

    We get some highlights of the Prime Time Special.

    TNA Impact Starts…NOW!

    Tenay and West welcome us to iMpact! They hype Genesis tomorrow as Monty Brown makes his way to the ring.

    Monty has a swank shirt on this evening. “Welcome to the Serengeti!” Everyone knows he is the most dominant, and he has destroyed everyone in his path. He deserves a title shot and demands it. Jeff Jarrett, congrats on the win…good job. But if anyone if anyone is more deserving, come on out here. When we come face to face JJ, you will feel something a bit different…you JJ, will feel…the…POOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUNCE…PERIOD!

    Abyss and Jim Mitchell are here! Mitchell says he is eating some wacky stuff, because he is delusional. Since he felt compelled to do so, they are here to set him straight. For a former All American Football player, for a man that possesses 2 Super Bowl Rings…you complain a lot. Mitchell says he bitches like Raven. Mitchell respects him and says he is world class and deserving of an NWA Title shot. But Abyss is more deserving. They stand off and here is Day Glow Hardy crawling to the ring saying, “Roar I am a monster…” ok. They beat him down. Hardy gets a double clothesline and tires to fight them off. Fall away slam by Monty. Monty and Abyss brawl and Hardy gets a missile dropkick as security is out.

    Commercial time.

    We are back as Christopher Daniels joins the commentary team.

    Match #1 Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries

    Joe with a running kick to start. Face wash to Aries…OLAY. Chops by Joe now and Aries is down. Basement dropkick by Aries and Joe is down. Another to the face of Joe. Aries charges, gets an elbow and a cover for 2. Aries tries to whip Joe, he stops him and Joe whips him and gets an atomic drop. Running senton by Joe. Camel Clutch variation by Joe. Joe off the ropes…CRUCIFIX DROP by Aries! Aries tires to regroup now. Suplex try, clubbing shots by Aries. Joe snatches him up, sets him in the corner…MUSCLE BUSTA! Joe locks in, “You’re my bitch” and that’s all.

    Winner: Samoa Joe @ 3:15 via Submission

    Joe and Daniels stare down after the match.

  • Fun match, basically a squash. Daniels on commentary did a great job of getting over the Elimination X Match.

    Commercial time

    Buy Morphoplex, it will keep Traci’s pants off! The following message was paid for by the friends and supporters of Steve Cook.

    We are back with a Genesis promo.

    Shane Douglas is with Scott D’Amore. D’Amore puts over Genesis and the match with the 3LK. He has an idea. He wasn’t to “Canadianize” the match with Hockey Sticks! D’Amore says he wants to help him out and boost the buyrate. D’Amore says it will promise buys. Larry says Kip will be the special ref, and D’Amore is pissed.

    Match #2 Lex Lovett vs. Kip James

    Lock up to start, and Kip takes him to the corner and beats him down. Goes for the asser, Lovett counters with a leg lariat and cover for 2. Off the ropes, Backbreaker into a Cobra Clutch slam and that’s all.

    Winners: Kip James @ 1:13 via pin

    Team Canada w/Hockey Sticks are out. The Krew is here to save him with chairs. Shoe throw by Konnan, yay. Killings and BG are with Kip but Konnan keeps his distance still.

  • Squash.

    Commercial Time.

    We are back.

    Match #3 Finishers Challenge: Non-Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. Petey Williams w/Scott D’Amore

    Lock up and AJ goes for the clash right away and Williams runs. Williams with a takedown, reversals and AJ with a corner clothesline. Eye rake by Williams, tries the CD but AJ escapes. Forearm shots by AJ, off the ropes…AJ dropkick sequence and then D’Amore grabs AJ and Williams gains control. Rights by Williams, then forearms. Irish whip and then boots by Williams. He chokes out AJ, goes for the CD…AJ escapes and gets the PELE! Clotheslines by AJ. Suplex/neckbreaker combo to Williams. Calls for the clash… Williams escapes and gets a DDT. Williams goes for the CD…AJ fights…Tilt a whirl Russian Leg Sweep by Williams. He reels AJ in…boot…CD try…AJ fights and gets out. Elbow by AJ…Asai DDT by AJ. Clash try… Williams has the ropes…and AJ kicks away at his head. Ref is down as Williams pushed off, D’Amore has the belt and AJ nails D’Amore! Clash for D’Amore? Williams with the belt shot! CANADIAN DESTORYER and the ref saw it and it is over.

    Winner: Petey Williams @ 5:50 via Canadian Destroyer

  • Solid, but short match. You had to expect Williams to cheat his ass off to win and he did..

    Commercial time.

    We are back a TNA Home video commercial.

    NWA Title video package now.

    Shane Douglas is with Raven and Larry Z. Larry says this is over, and Raven says Larry wastes talent. They have a failure to communicate. Raven goes crazy and Larry says he can’t fire him, but he can book him anyway he wants and he can put him through hell for Raven to prove he needs a title shot. Raven says he has a match at the PPV, and if he doesn’t want to work he can sign a release form. Raven tries to attack him and security breaks it up.

    Back to the ring…Gail Kim is a hot piece of ass. It looks like they have an new NWA title.

    Match #4 Jeff Jarrett © and AMW © w/Gail Kim vs. Chris Sabin, Lance Hoyt and Jeff Hardy

    Storm and Sabin to start. Rights by Storm and a wristlock now. Sabin escapes and off the ropes, reversal and Sabin takes him down. Hoyt gets tagged in and Storm runs. Harris in and Hoyt levels him. Side slam by Hoyt for 2. Knee by Harris and a tag to JJ. Rights to Hoyt, rams him to the corner and Hoyt nails him and tags Jeff. Flying clothesline to JJ. JJ nails Storm by accident and then is able to get control of Jeff. Harris tagged in and stops Jeff from tagging out. Stalling suplex by Harris to Jeff. Tag to Storm and a snap mare and running basement dropkick combo by AMW gets 2. Back elbow to Jeff and JJ tags in. Running leg plant on the ropes to Jeff and JJ is in control. Tag back to Harris and he chokes out Jeff. Tag to Storm, Jeff whipped and the whisper in the wind moonsault. Tag t Hoyt and AMW beat him down. AMW charge him and Hoyt with a double flap jack! Sabin flies in with a dual dropkick to AMW. Hoyt takes them to the floor. Hoyt drops down and Jeff goes Hardy boys and almost falls but takes out AMW. JJ has the guitar, Sabin grabs him but JJ goes for the stroke…tornado DDT by Sabin gets a CLOSE 2! Sabin goes up top…Gail crotches him and JJ goes up…2nd ROPE STROKE to Sabin and that’s all.

    Winners: JJ and AMW @ 6:10 via pin

  • Solid…but did anyone else think Sabin doing the job was wrong on many levels?.

    JJ and AMW beat down everyone and go to take out Jeff with the guitar, but Rhino makes the save. Team 3D is here and they brawl with AMW and we fade…

    A good video package for Genesis airs.

  • Final Impact Thoughts: Not a bad show, as everything was good but it didn’t feel like the go home to a PPV. PPV is where your money is and you need to make sure people want to buy it. This felt like the first or second show of 4 building to a PPV, not the go home. It came off as “disappointing.”

    If you missed the show tonight, remember there is a replay Monday’s at Midnight!

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