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411’s TNA Impact Report 11.24.16

November 24, 2016 | Posted by Aaron Scott
Jeff Hardy

James Storm has pinned Jeff Hardy and the DCC have made their presence known in Impact Wrestling. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, welcome to special holiday coverage, this is your Official Impact Report right here from 411Mania! Hello once again, this is Aaron saying Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for joining us!

Jeff Hardy will kick off Impact! Since becoming Hardy once again, the former Nefarious One will begin our show with a special message for the Death Count Council. Matt Hardy has something special for Total Nonstop Action, and knowing Broken Matt it could be anything. We will have World X Gold match in a three way tag fight, and Robbie E will take on Grado in our annual Turkey Suit Match.

And the big main event, Eli Drake puts his voice up for the rest of the year against Ethan Carter III’s title shot. Can Drake finally defeat EC3 soundly and move on to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, or will his nemesis silence E Li Drake? All this and so much more, your card is subject to change, match times are not exact, sound off in the comments below, it is time to start the show!

“Obsolete” kicks up over the PA System as Jeff Hardy makes his way out of the back to greet the fans! Wearing both belts of the World Tag flavor, Jeffrey Nero Hardy makes his way into the six sided ring, he is here to address the DCC.

“Tonight is about gathering, sharing thoughts on what you’re thankful for. I am very thankful for my family, but I am here alone.”

Jeff says but the Creatures are his family.


But he isn’t thankful for the DCC. They broke his mind even more than his vessel, so he had a PREMONEETION, that he needs to come out alone and fight whoever will, Matt has been by his side, the architect. The Final Deletion changed the game. He talked to the Seven Deities, and Matt it might get bad but he wants to invade your memory, tonight and he calls out the DCC!


The DCC show up on screen talking about family, and Jeff knows the comfort and security, but he has no one. We are not one, we are many, we will annihilate you later tonight in a No Disqualification Match.

Jeff is all about it, and strike up the band, “When the Smoke Clears” booms up as the DCC run the ring! Jeff overcomes them, hitting the Whisper in the Wind on Kingston & Bram! He avoids the Last Call from Superkick and retreats up the ramp, chanting “Obsolete!” as the fans yell “Delete!”

Matt Hardy’s Ice Cream Social!

Matt Hardy is back in Cameron, happy in his X-Mas sweater, with his plans for an Ice Cream Social. He feeds Vanguard 1 lemonade, and is very happy to spare the innocent turkeys. With his basket of tangerines, it looks like a grand time tonight at the Hardy Compound. Senor Benjamin is enjoying this, but Vanguard is sad because his master’s memory is still obsolete.

Team Go For Broke vs The Helms Dynasty vs Rockstar Spud & Decay

World X Gold Elimination Match

Crazzy Steve attacks Lee and Mandrews and Lee hits the stunner on Steve, and Mandrews with the seated dropkick on Lee. Bodyscissors roll to stomp on Steve and the same to Everett, Spud is in and DJZ enters and Rockett hits the slam on Spud! Lee slams Spud! Braxton slams Spud! Spud yells and tags out to Abyss!

He pushes Abyss and Abyss Slams Spud! He chokeslams Sutter! Abyss BLACK HOLE SLAM ON TREVOR LEE!!

Mandrews Missile off the top into Abyss! Mandrews for the Baseball Slide no Abyss smashes him out! Rockstar Spud is yelling at Abyss to hit Mandrews with the chair! He does and is evicted, and Crazzy Steve wraps the Crossface Chicken Wing and eliminates Mandrews!

Marshe is in, Steve and Sutter slam a series of running strikes into the big man, Cannonball in the corner from Steve. Sutter for the no Steve from behind leaping CFC on Sutter! EVERETT MOONSAULTS DOWN INTO BOTH!

STEVE has been eliminated! ZDT ON EVERETT! EVERETT IS OUT!!

Braxton Sutter kicks Lee and FLATLINER! Trevor Lee is out! Marshe Rockett hits a powerslam on Braxton! Spud is in to attack the face of Sutter, Marshe is choking out Sutter in the corner.

Rockett and Spud take turns beating on Braxton, slapping him down and Sutter fires back! Marshe cuts him off, Braxton trying to cover up. Marshe tosses Spud and goes to stomping a mudhole, and Rockstar shoves Rockett!

Spud goes to tag out to Abyss but Abyss isn’t there! Marshe kicks him down! URANAGE ON SPUD! HE’S GONE!!

Marshe goes for the Uranage but Sutter moves and Rockett strikes DJZ off the apron! FLATLINER ON MARSHE!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Go For Broke at 8:06, Flatliner

Backstage Allie is playing with paper cut outs signifying her lonely childhood. Maria says she has a great dinner planned for tonight on her double date, and Allie will serve them. Laurel takes her cut outs.
Mean. 🙁

Matt Hardy’s Ice Cream Social

Back in Cameron, Senor Benjamin says Matt’s using too much eggs. He says his Tangerine Custard shall make every other dinner OBSOLETE! …wait… what is that from- and the Referee Kevin Keenan from Final Deletion shows up asking Matt to watch TV with him to try to help his memory.

Maria Kanellis Bennet’s Thanksgiving Dinner

In the ring, Allie, Laurel and “The Miracle” Mike Bennett are in the ring with a huge Thanksgiving spread. They bring out Allie, complete in pilgrim suit to make fun of her. They invite Braxton Sutter just to make fun of Allie. Miracle says he’s thankful for Tom Brady, and his wife. Allie says she’s thankful for the TNA fans. She hits on Sutter as Allie gets mad and throws a pie and hits Maria in the face!

Miracle eats some cream off her face and Maria yells as Allie is all kinds of happy.

In a promo video for tonight’s main event, Ethan Carter III says Eli Drake is entitled and the opportunity comes now to prove himself. Drake says he’s climbed out of the sewer, so his opportunity will take Carter’s away. Ethan says he’s gonna take away what he does the best. Drake says no, the most important thing is becoming World Champion. Carter says he’s a choker, Drake says don’t overlook him. He is going to be World Champion. Yeah!

Matt Hardy’s Ice Cream Social

Back in Cameron, Kevin Keenan is showing Broken Matt how he beat Ethan Carter for the World Title, alongside Spud and Tyrus. In all actuality, Matt does not remember and finds this all repulsive. He is shocked by the violence and ladders. Reby and Keenan don’t know what else to do.

Ethan Carter III vs Eli Drake

Voice vs Title Shot Match

Drake tosses Ethan to the floor but takes the brunt of the attack as Carter comes off the ropes and punches Eli down. Back elbow spin from Drake, a scoop and a slam and Eli is on his enemy.

The fans chant for Carter, running clothesline mo into a Dropkick! Drake sent for the ride, he spills over to the floor.

Back from commercial, Ethan Carter III and Drake battle on the apron over the ropes, and Drake drops him on the top rope and hits a neckbreaker on the apron. (That’s the hardest part of the ring!) Back Suplex on the steps from Drake to Ethan, and Eli inside to taunt Orlando.

Some high stakes, high drama in this one on one matchup says Josh Matthews, and Drake stomps Ethan down, he gets the cover and Ethan kicks out.

Drake hits a tilt a whirl slam and does the E LI DRAKE Elbow Drop. Carter fights off the running attacks in the corner, and nails a side russian legsweep back to the buckles. Carter goes up top and Eli hits a leaping jump to the top and lands a massive Superplex!!

“”Let me talk to ya! Thanksgiving is upon us, and he’s getting his keyster kicked! …There’s only one voice gthat’s got a hit around here!”

He begins slapping Ethan around until Carter hits the TK3!


Carter has recovered, is shoved off and caught for Blunt Force Trauma no Carter off Drake with a Torture Rack Neckbreaker! ONE! TWO! NO!!

Drake has Carter, no Ethan for the Sleeper, Eli runs him back, runs into the boots and Ethan up top, Drake for the leap and is shoved off! FROGSPLASH! ONE! TWO!




Eli Drake has got to figure out what to do, whip, reversed, Uranage on Drake!

They trade blows, Carter beating Eli back, kicks the man in the face, catches and Drake slides off, BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA AND ETHAN KICKS OUT!!

Drake goes for the One Percenter, and is shoved off and HE HITS THE ONE PERCENTER!


Ethan Carter III is beside himself, he wraps the Sleeper, STUNNER! BLUNT FORCE DUCKED! SLEEPER!! Rear Naked Choke and Eli Drake is forced to tap out!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III at 16:50, Rear Naked Choke

Matt Hardy’s Ice Cream Social

Reby has hired a hypnotist. And Dr. Maximillian has hypnotized Matt back into being Broken! All of a sudden Matt says he was weak as a mortal vessel- and the seven deities DELETED him and rendered him Obsolete. It allowed his broken brilliance to manifest. And this has changed everything, and now he will save the world!

The Doctor says when he snaps his fingers, Matt will become his true self. He does, and Matt rushes off to check on his gelato. Oh well.

Al Snow & Shera vs Tribunal

Al Snow dominates Baraka with arm trap headbutts. He almost gets a disqualified but does not stomp the groin, he stomps the guts instead. He tags in Shera, and Shera runs over Baraka. Shera and Snow run the man over, and Al punches down Baron Dax off the apron.

Baraka goes to the eyes, and Al catches an entering Dax with the hiptoss. Snow and Shera once again hit the double team, shuffle and double elbow. Snow kicks off Baraka from the apron. Shera works the arm, top wristlock applied, wrenches the pickup to slam down the pressure on the arm.

Baraka tags in and is slammed. Shera slams Dax, he works the arm of Baraka, Snow is back in and twists the arm as well. He gets sent to the ropes, struck by a knee from Dax through the ropes! Snow fires into both Tribunal, rolls and tags out. Shera dominates and hits the Sky High on Dax.

Baraka pulls Snow down and Dax kicks Shera in the corner. The Tribunal tag in and both kick Shera in the ropes, Baraka misses the elbow, Shera tags out and Snow sends Dax off the side, runs the back elbow into Baraka off the side and Snow slides under the lariat, he calls for the Snowplow!

SNOWPLOW ON BARAKA! DAX is in! He breaks it up! Shera strikes him down! Snow sends Baraka into the corner, Earl is tied up with Shera and Baraka kicks Snow down low! Shera beats on Dax, Baraka strikes Shera with the loaded weapon, and The Tribunal have their belts, they begin to whip Shera and Snow!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Snow & Shera, 8:48, Disqualification

Backstage, Aiden O’Shea is withstanding Robbie E and Grado demanding a way to show off. He says the boss has made a Turkey Suit Match for tonight. They reluctantly accept.

Robbie E vs Grado

Turkey Suit Match

Aiden O’Shea is here to make sure someone is going in the suit.

Lockup and Grado dances away, Robbie strikes and dances, Grado goes for the jabs then Flip Flop and Fly, and Robbie does a double purple nurple, then both hit each other and fall down.

Robbie stacks up Grado for a pin with legs on the ropes but Aiden throws his legs off the top! Grado reverses and does the same as Aiden throws his feet off the ropes!

Grado for the sunset flip, Robbie sits on him, and wins the Turkey Suit Challenge!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Robbie E at 2:49, Sunset Reversal

Aiden O’Shea makes him put on the Turkey Suit, and Grado isn’t pleased. He finally dances to his music.

Rosemary calls out Jade from parts unknown. She says Jade wants to be history, but Decay have survived the Great War, they are nature’s cockroaches that cannot be destroyed. But Jade can prove herself, in a cage. She will end Rosemary’s career, and Gail Kim’s quest for a chosen one. Next week, Six Sides of Steel, it’s Jade versus Rosemary for the vacant Knockouts Championship.

The DCC vs Jeff Hardy

NO Disqualification

It looks like it will be Bram to take on Jeff Hardy. Bram goes on the attack early, but Jeff wraps the head to control the leverage, off the side Bram eats a kick, Jeff flying kick to clear the ring, Bram on the outside. Jeff PLANCHA over the side!

Back from commercial, Bram tosses Jeff from the ring!

James Storm beats into Jeff with a chair! Kingston holds Hardy, and The DCC begin a “Hardy!” chant! Jeff kicks off Bram but Storm blasts him from behind!

Bram tosses Hardy again and Kingston slams him into the rail! Kingston orders the camera to back off as Bram bangs Jeff’s head off the steel steps.

Bram beats Jeff back into the corner and James hits a back brain kick from the apron. Bram has Jeff sat up top, double choke. Hardy is down on the canvas as Bram gets sent for the ride and flying clothesline! Jeff with the legdrop and dropkick to Bram! He survives Kingston but gets taken out by Storm!

WHISPER IN THE WIND to Storm! Bram has a chair, Jeff gets it and throws it twice into Bram! OFF THE CHAIR AND POETRY IN MOTION OFF THE CHAIR INTO BRAM!



Jeff going up top as the shirt comes off, Swanton NOOO Storm rushes in to throw him to the mat! LAST CALL to Jeff!



OFFICIAL RESULT: Bram at 11:51, Last Call & Brighter Side of Suffering

Matt Hardy’s Ice Cream Social

Reby and Matt are arguing and he finally explodes at her, yelling that he doesn’t remember anything. He leaves the house, screaming he doesn’t want to be the guy who eats people, he wants to be known for peach cobbler. He yells to the deities to send him a sign and gets hit by lightning!

Reby rushes over, but to her delight Broken Matt is back! He is Reborn!

Thank you for reading, please write your comments and feedback, and tune in for Larry Csonka’s Impact Review. During Thanksgiving time we want to make sure to let you know we are all very thankful for each and every one of you. This is Aaron saying for 411Mania, please have a great night and we will see you next time right here for the Official TNA Impact Report.