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411’s TNA Impact Report 12.23.16

December 22, 2016 | Posted by Aaron Scott
Matt Hardy

The true meaning of Christmas is TNA Impact on Pop TV. And you too Fite. We have had a wild year here in the Impact Zone. Let’s review our year along with the TNAListers. My name is Aaron, join us tonight as Impact begins now.

We begin by reviewing Lashley V Drew, Slammiversary June 4th.

Now we show Lashley defending against Eddie Edwards, in Title vs Title. Lashley would go on to defeat Eddie to become X-Division Champion. En route to collecting them all, Lashley faced James Storm for the King of the Mountain Championship.

In January, Kurt Angle and said he was creating his farewell tour. Let’s take you now to a career retrospective of Kurt Angle.

He would go on to face Drew Galloway, Bobby Roode and Lashley in his final fights.

We go to March as Drew cashed in his Feast or Fired against Matt Hardy.

This would be Drew’s first World Heavyweight Title win. In late March, Drew Galloway defended against and beat Jeff Hardy.

Gail Kim was inducted into the TNA Halo of Fame and beat Maria for her sixth Knockouts Championship at Bound For Glory.

We show Matt Hardy’s defense in England from 2/23 as he defended against Ethan Carter III and retained with help from Tyrus, Reby and Rockstar Spud.

We jump all the way ahead to July for Final Deletion. Jeff Hardy had broken Brother Matt and it sent Matt over the edge. This saw the emergence of the dilapidated boat Skarsgard, Señor Benjamin’s taser and the Lake of Reincarnation. Matt defeated Jeff and continued his Broken Brilliance.

We now show highlights of the Great War which saw the Hardy’s capture the World Tag Titles from Decay.

We go over the debuts of “The Miracle” and Maria, Cody and Brandi Rhodes, Aron Rex and Moose. Bennett defeating EC3’s streak, Moose taking out Lashley, and the Rhodes feud with the Bennetts.

We show the devastating domination of Decay.

Highlights are shown of the Ultimate X that saw DJZ gain the vacant X-Division Title. Zema Ion fought off Rockstar Spud, Braxton Sutter, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett and Mandrews.

We now take you to the meteoric rise of Eddie Edwards.

The show’s over but I’m not. Eli Drake was my highlight, and we’re gonna end on his promo. See y’all next week for the Final Impact of 2016. Sound off on the Official, look for Larry, and don’t get lost in the sauce. See ya.