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411’s TNA Impact Report 12.29.16

December 29, 2016 | Posted by Aaron Scott

This is it, our final show of the year. We will close out with the Hardys’ New Year Celebration! It will be tremendous!

Join his Broken Brilliance, the Nefarious Brother Nero, Señor Benjamin, King Maxell, Queen Rebecca and Vanguard 1 as we present the year of Impact on review and take a look at what the Seven Deities have planned for the year to come.

My name is Aaron, thank you so much for joining us, comment along with us in this the final Live Report from the 411 in 2016! Let’s Delete this year in spectacular fashion.

New Year’s Eve, I knew you’d come.

We begin at House Hardy as we sing the 12 Days of Deletion. Tonight we shall look at the rise of his Broken Brilliance, it shall be delightful. Let’s look at Matt’s first major fight of 2016.

This was the finals of the World title series and Ethan Carter III had been undefeated. He managed to put Hardy away with a valiant effort, finally scoring the belt with a One Percenter. He earned the respect of Impact fans, however this was a hard loss for Matt Hardy. , He would go on to get his shot in a Last Man Standing fight.

Vanguard 1 scans the grounds and finds Willow ‘Wisp. Matt and Benjamin arrive.
Matt says he needs Brother Nero not Itchweeed. Itchweeed shall summon Brother Nero.

I Quit Match

Matt brings Jeff to the Dome of Deletion, the Hardy family gym. Matt had to make sure that the broken brilliance of Hardy was complete. He orders Nero to take the ruins of the Table of Old World craftsmanship. The same table he once put Jeff through.

Matt Hardy would realize himself in his final form with his win at the world breaking Final Deletion.

They throw the Table of Old World Craftsmanship down a hill, restoring the soul of Jeff Hardy. The oddessy of Brother Nero is over, and he can also sell his own stuff again. The Seven Deities strike them with magic light, and Vanguard 1 and the Hardys are consumed. The saga of Brother Nero has come to completion.

Matt makes the table burst into flames.

The Hardys saved their home, but Decay stole Señor Benjamin. This would naturally progress to the Great War at Bound for Glory, October 2nd.

The Hardys deleted Decay to become World Tag Team Champions.

But they had to find out if there were truly the greatest tag team of all space and time.

The challenge was sent to every tag team that ever has or ever will exist.

Broken Matt has a stupendous premoneetion. In order to learn the sex of his unborn child the Seven Deities have told him to watch the volcano. Blue smoke erupts and we now have a future generation of House Hardy. Now the new Hardy Boys have come to exist, to carry on the family legacy forever.

Happy New Year!

We’ll see you in 2017! Thank you to everyone who has come through and enjoyed themselves this last year y’all. I can’t state enough how much of a privilege it was to be here for you. Thanks to 411Mania and from all of us to all of you, Happy New Year’s. See ya later Space Cowpeople.

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