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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 10.04.12

October 4, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:

411’s IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 10.04.12 (Episode 430)

Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

-Sting and Hogan talks backstage. Hogan says he wished he could team with Sting, but they have to play by the rules. They have to end Aces and Eights. Sting says everyone wants to team with him, and Sting says he will watch matches tonight and see who is hungry enough to be his partner. Hogan says the need someone with killer instinct.

-Mr. Anderson…Anderson makes his way out to the arena. He says that he can help Sting and Hogan with Aces and Eights. Gather around the monitor, because this asshole is about to wrestle.

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner w/Kid Kash

Gunner attacks before the bell and takes Anderson to the corner. Rakes the eyes, off the ropes and Anderson with a clothesline and then a neck breaker and cover for 2. Knee to the gut by Gunner, rights follow. Anderson with a whip to the corner, hip toss follows and then a dropkick and Gunner bails to the floor. Anderson follows, but Gunner takes advantage and beats him down. Back into the ring they go, rights by Anderson, but he eats a back elbow and Gunner covers for 2. Gunner works the arm, and then sends Anderson to the corner. Anderson sidesteps him, and then gets the mic check out of nowhere and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson @ 2:30 via pin

-Kash attacks Anderson after the match, but he eats a mic check. We see Sting watching on from the back.

-Tara talks to her boyfriend on her phone. Gail walks up and is less than impressed because they have a match to prepare for. Tara tries to set up a double date for after Bound for Glory, because she will be winning the title. Gail says to watch her back if she wins the title, because she will be gunning for her.

Tara and Gail Kim vs. ODB and Brooke Tessmacher

Taryn Terrell is our referee. ODB and Kim to begin, ODB in control with shoulder blocks and then a slam. She slaps Kim’s ass, and tags in Tessmacher. Running ass slam in the corner by Tessmacher, rubs her ass in Kim’s face and then tags in ODB. Kim gets a tag to Tara, who then gets whipped to the corner. Bronco Buster by ODB on Tara, Tara then misses a dropkick and as Kim distracts ODB, Tara takes control with mounted rights. Kim tags in, uppercuts to ODB connect. TO the corner, Kim connects with the charge and then slams ODB down by her hair. Tara and Kim argue over a tag and Kim then clotheslines ODB and covers for 2. Tara tags herself in, lays the boots to ODB and then the jiggle moonsault eats knees. Both ladies are down, tag to Tessmacher. She works over Tara, clothesline connects. Another, and then a head scissors by Tessmacher. Facebuster follows by Tessmacher, and a cover gets 2 as Kim makes the save. ODB spears Kim with the flask in hand, but then gets tossed to the floor. Tara begs off, she then tosses Kim into Tessmacher, and hits the widow’s peak for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tara and Gail Kim @ 5:00 via pin

-Bruce Prichard and Al Snow talk backstage.

-We get a video package of the Joey Ryan saga.

-Al Snow makes his way to the ring. Snow introduces Joey Ryan to the audience. Snow says that several weeks ago he allowed his emotions to get the better of him, and he hit Ryan. That put TNA into a bad position. Ryan says he should be ashamed. Snow now apologizes for his actions. Ryan says to say he is sorry, and Snow says he just did. Ryan says Snow is a stooge around here, but he wants to hear Snow say that he is sorry. Snow says he is sorry. He tries to shake hands, but Ryan refuses because he says he is in control and calls Snow pathetic. Ryan says he manipulated him and the “87%.” Tonight is about Ryan, so Al, go ahead and share the agreement that the legal teams came too. Snow says as agreed, he has a contract for Ryan to join Impact Wrestling. Ryan says it isn’t tough to do the right thing. Snow says he may want to read that, and Ryan refuses and says not to talk over him. Ryan tells Snow to turn around so he can sign the contract. Ryan signs the contract, and hands it to Snow. He says to announce him as the newest TNA star. Snow says he should have read it more closely. Snow says that he doesn’t have a permanent spot, it is only for one night. He has it for one night, at Bound for Glory. Ryan will have his chance to be on the roster, and he will face Snow at the show. Snow promises to beat his ass.

-Sting talks with Angle, and Angle says he will wrestle twice at BFG and help out Sting. Sting says that it is a big night, and he needs someone with their mind and plate clear. Sting says Angle could pull it off, but he has to think about it, only because he is Kurt Angle. Bully Ray arrives and talks with Sting. He says that everyone knows that Ray should be in the world title match, but he isn’t because of Aces and eights. He wants them worse than anyone else, and he wants to convince Sting that he wants it. Sting tells him to make something happen. If he is the biggest and baddest bully around, make it happen. Sting says he NEEDS a bully, so give him one and prove it!

TV Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. RVD

Lock up to begin, and Joe shoves RVD away. They lockup again, go behind by Joe, and takes RVD to the mat. RVD counters, takes Joe down and works for some sort of leg bar. To their feet, rights and then a clothesline by Joe. Another and then the corner charge connects, followed by an enziguri. RVD with a float over, but Joe counters and then locks in an STF. RVD makes the ropes ,and rolls to the floor. Joe follows and RVD with a dropkick to the knee. Kicks by RVD, Joe battles back and slams RVD to the steel steps. Back into the ring they go, kicks by RVD as he tries to fight back. Sidekick off the ropes by RVD, rolling thunder then connects. RVD covers for 2. Spin kick in the corner by RVD, tries a monkey flip but Joe catches him and sets him up top. RVD fights back, cross body follows. Another kick by RVD, and he heads up top. Joe is up and snags him for the muscle buster and it connects! That is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe @ 5:00 via pin

-AJ talks with Hernandez and Chavo about what happened last week, and Daniels and Kaz arrive. Kaz calls Chavo “Nacho Libre,” and they try to cause issues with AJ and Angle. AJ tells Daniels to strangle himself with his scarf. AJ argues with the new Latin American Mexican Exchange some more.

-Dixie Carter discusses Bound for Glory moments.

-We see King Mo arrive earlier today.

-We then get footage of Hardy and Aries meeting backstage. Aries says no big deal, even though Hardy stole the win. They agree that they are looking forward to Bound for Glory. Bully Ray arrives and says he will punch one of them in the face later tonight to prove himself to Sting. He plans to beat Jeff hardy to prove himself. Aries objects and says ray should beat him, and Ray reminds Aries that he already beat him. Ray says Aries is lucky that they aren’t facing at BFG, because he would take the title from him. Hardy suggests a triple threat main event for tonight. Ray agrees, and Aries is not pleased.

Chavo Guerrero w/Hernandez vs. Kurt Angle w/AJ Styles

Lock up to begin, they trade counters as they work some basic wrestling exchanges. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Chavo. He works a headlock to keep Angle down. Angle takes Chavo to the corner, and Angle lays the boots to Chavo. Chavo fires back with rights, and back to the headlock. Off the ropes and a backdrop by Angle. Rights by Angle follow, and then lays the boots to Chavo in the corner. Chavo fires back with a knee, off the ropes and a clothesline by Angle stops that. Suplex by Angle, and a cover gets 2. Bear hug on the mat by Angle, Chavo escapes, off the ropes and a tilt a whirl back breaker by Angle gets 2. More boots to Chavo, Chavo to his feet and fights back with rights. Off the ropes and a head scissors by Chavo. Dropkick by Chavo follows, rolling senton by Chavo and he covers for 2. To the corner, rights by Chavo follow. Boot by Chavo, but then runs into an overhead belly to belly suplex. RANA by Chavo and he covers for 2. Chavo works for the three amigos, 1, countered and Angle gets to start the rolling Germans. 1, 2 and then 3. Ankle lock by Angle, countered by Chavo and then tries the amigos again. Gets 1, 2 and then 3. Chavo heads up top now, MISSES the frog splash. Angle slam connects and the STRAPS ARE DOWN. Hernandez distracts Angle, and Chavo then rolls up Angle for the win. Fucking roll ups, how do they work?

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chavo Guerrero @ 7:00 via pin

-All four men in now and look to argue, and then Kaz and Daniels are on the ramp trying to urge then to fight each other. Chavo challenges them to come to the ring.

X-Division Title Match: Zema Ion © vs. Douglas Williams

Ion attacks at the bell, but Williams fights back and kicks him in the face. Clotheslines Ion to the floor, and Williams follows. Rights by Williams on the floor, but then gets send into the steel post. Ion rolls him back in, forearm by Williams, but the arm is hurt too badly to follow up. Ion works for an arm bar, and Williams has to tap.

Ion will not release the hold, so the decision is reversed.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Douglas Williams @ 2:00 via DQ

-Ion tells Sting and Hogan that he doesn’t want to help them against Aces and Eights, because he doesn’t want to ruin his good looks.

-We get a video package on King Mo.

-Prichard and D’Lo talk backstage, and are looking at iPad footage of Matt Morgan appearing at a TNA house show, attacking a referee. Prichard is upset because he knows that Morgan was kicked out prior to the attack, and says it cannot happen. D’Lo says it will never happen again.

-James Storm makes his way to the ring. Storm says they are 10-days away from Bound for Glory. 10-days away from resolving the conflict between he and Roode. Storm isn’t coming to prove that he is a better wrestler, he is coming to prove that he is a better man. And now it seems that Hogan has assigned a special enforcer into their match. An MMA superstar, a Bellator fighter, hell he’s a King.

Booby Roode makes his way to the ring. Roode says he doesn’t give a damn about King Mo, and neither should Storm. Storm should be focused on fighting Roode in 10-days, because Storm has never beaten him. Roode says it will all explode at BFG. No one in TNA can contain them, so Hogan went and got King Mo. Roode says this will be a fight, and he will not stop until he stands over Storm’s body, knowing that he has ended his career. And no man will stop him. King Mo, if you think you can stop me, you have another thing coming. This is Roode’s world, he is the It Factor, and King Mo cannot stop him. If Mo were here right now he would say it to his face.

King Mo now makes his way out, crown and robe included. Roode talks shit to him, and they come face to face. Roode shoves him and takes off his jacket and Mo shoves him down. Roode backs off and Mo makes his way to the ring. He comes face to face with Storm, and Storm raises his hand and then gives him a beer.

-Hogan meets with Sting backstage, and says he has picked who he thinks Sting should tag with. Sting checks the name Hogan wrote down and likes it, but says he wants to see Bully’s match tonight before he decides.

-We get a video package, featuring the KIDNAPPING from last week.

-We then see Aces and Eights apparently water boarding Joseph Park. He begs to be let go, and the leader says he knows who will represent them at the PPV. They are all willing to die for their cause, can the TNA roster say the same? They now appear to be torturing Park with a car battery and jumper cables.

Non-Title Match: Austin Aries © vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

JIP as Bully has taken control and sent Aries t the floor. Jeff gests a suplex and Bully rolls to the floor. Aries back in, he and Jeff have a clapping contest, and Bully pulls Jeff t the floor and beats him down. Back in and Aries works him over, hits a second rope clothesline and then looks for the corner dropkick, but eats a boot. Jeff in and runs off the back of Aries and nails Bully. Jeff runs wild, hits the Twist of fate on Bully and heads up top. SWANTON connects, and Aries breaks it up and tosses Jeff to the floor. Last chancellery on Bully now, but Jeff breaks that up. He and Jeff argue, allowing Bully to clothesline them both. Bully tosses Jeff to the floor, and then backdrops Aries onto Jeff on the floor. Bully pulls Aries up, Aries stun guns him and heads up top. Missile dropkick connects for Aries. Corner dropkick also hits. Looks for the brain buster, Bully counters that and Bully look for his chain. He grabs the title belt, tosses Jeff into Aries, and then gets the Bully bomb and PINS HARDY!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bully Ray @ 5:00 via pin

-Aries and Hardy argue after the match, as Aries says he had it won. Aries tries to celebrate, but gets heel heat as the crowd chants for Hardy.

-Sting and Hogan make their decision…NEXT!

-Sting and Hulk Hogan make their way to the ring. Hulk says the deal has been made with Aces and Eights, but this has become personal with him because they will not let him in the war. Sting is in the trenches, and he needs a running mate. He watched Sting talk to Angle, he watched Joe destroy RVD, and even Bully Ray proved he has the same agenda. But at the end of the day they need someone who can get the job done. And they have agreed on Mr. Anderson as the partner.

Mr. Anderson’s music hits, but he doesn’t come out because Aces and Eights attacked him outside. Hogan says to go and find him and get him some help. Bully Ray arrives in the ring and says they picked Anderson over him, and now he is laid out. He tells Sting to talk sense into Hogan. Bully says Sting doesn’t ant Anderson to go to war, Sting needs a warrior and Bully Ray is that warrior! He wants them worse than anyone else, they cost him the world title. Bully says Sting NEEDS him and the fans need him to fight for TNA. “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I am Bully Ray, and I am your guy.” Convince Hogan, let him know that he is ready to go to war. Sting says he wants to go with Bully. Bully says you don’t love him, but you have to respect him. he asks Hogan to shake his hand because he is standing by Sting’s side. Hogan shakes his hand and says Bully will fight for him and everyone here. Bully says, “you got it brother.”

-End scene….


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