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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 10.11.12

October 11, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:

411’s IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 10.11.12 (Episode 431)

Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

Non-Title Match: Austin Aries © vs. James Storm

And here we go, kicking off the show with a match. Lock up to begin, Aries works the arm side headlock takedown, but Storm escapes and they stand off. Test of strength now, Aires takes control and gets a hammerlock. Side headlock by Storm, off the ropes, counters and an arm drag by Storm. Aries to the floor to take a powder for a moment, back in and to the corner, float over by Aries and as he goes for a kick, Storm just forearms him in his face. Rights by Storm, charges but after some counters around the ropes, Storm to the floor. Aries lands the heat-seeking missile. Rolls Storm back in, and then hits a neck breaker in the ropes. Knee to the back by Aries, works a chinlock but Storm gets to his feet and gets a jawbreaker to escape. Rights by Storm now, Storm counters with a boot and then a shot to the ribs. More chops now follow, Storm battles back with chops of his own and then Storm back with chops. Snap mare, and then a 2nd rope dropkick by Aries gets 2. They trade shots in the corner, mounted rights by Storm, but Aries knocks him off, boot and then he lands mounted rights. Russian leg sweep by Storm, and now they trade rights mid-ring. Eye of the Storm countered, Aries to the apron and then gets the hot shot on Storm. Up top goes Aries and MISSES a missile dropkick. Aries counters the superkick, counters by both then they run into each other for the double drop down. Bobby Roode rushes in and slams Storm to the steel post and rolls him back in. BRIAN BUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 7:00 via pin

-Wes Briscoe is with Angle, and wants to attend Bound for Glory. Angle agrees, and then AJ shows up and questions Angle about wanting to fight Aces and Eights instead of wanting the tag titles. Angle says that Kaz and Daniels are messing with his as AJ storms off.

-Sting and Hogan walk.

-We see clips of Sting defeating Hogan at last year’s Bound for Glory PPV.

-Sting and Hulk Hogan make their way to the ring. Hulk says they have had a situation since last week. Aces and Eights backed him into a corner, and he cut a deal for the match at BFG. Sting says that he is pissed that they have to play by their rules, but Bully Ray stepped up, and now the have to run with it. Hulk says they had to make a deal with the devil…

Daniel and Kazarian make their way to the ring. Daniels says two angels could save the day. Daniels says that they are days away from BFG, but they could make things rights. He says they picked an untrustworthy man in Bully Ray. He cannot understand why the world tag team champions of the world were not chosen to battles Aces and Eights. Kaz tells THUNDERLIPS that they can fix this. Cancel the tag title match at BFG, kick Bully off the team, and then they should have Angle team with Sting.

This brings out Bully Ray. Ray says to shut up, and agrees with them. Angle would have been a great choice, but this is not a wrestling match, it is a fight. If you want to do a match, you pick the greatest wrestler, Kurt Angle. But if it is a fight, you pick the baddest MOTHER TRUCKER in the company. Ray says he doesn’t need to be friends with Sting or Hogan; he needs to have their back, to save the business. They want Aces and Eights gone, and if he has to earn their trust, he proposes the tag champions vs. Ray and Sting. Daniels and Kaz do not like this, so Hogan agrees!

Hernandez w/Chavo Guerrero vs. AJ Styles

AJ with leg kicks to begin. Hernandez shoves him away, rights by AJ follow. More leg kicks by AJ, who then jaws with Chavo. Sunset flip try by AJ, Hernandez picks him up, counters and AJ with a high kick to the head. AJ jaws with Chavo again, and Hernandez slams AJ to the corner. AJ back with rights, but Hernandez slams him to the mat. Bear hug by Hernandez. AJ manages to escape, elbows to Hernandez, off the ropes and Hernandez levels him with a clothesline. Hernandez snatches AJ up, counter and AJ connects with the dropkick. AJ with another dropkick and sends Hernandez to the floor. Plancha by AJ connects, and then tosses Hernandez back into the ring. AJ springs into the ring, misses, and Hernandez hits the big shoulder block for the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Hernandez @ 5:00 via pin

-We get a video from Aces and Eights. They are impressed with Hogan, but the game is far from over. We see them giving Joseph Park food, saying that he is fine. The man then mentions Bully Ray being a surprise, but also tat they can counter it. He then asks if they were locked out or in, and tonight, they put that to the test. One thing is for sure, they will be there Sunday.

-Zema Ion makes his way to the ring. Ion says being humble gets you nowhere is life. He has ended careers and broken bones to be the X-Division champion. Sunday is the biggest PPV, and it all feels bitter sweet, because there is no one left to fight. RVD now makes his way out to the ring, and he has a mic. RVD says what is dangerous is to talk all this crap while RVD is around. RVD says he doesn’t have a match either, and Hogan says he could face anyone he wants. RVD then kicks Ion in the face, and he rolls to the floor. RVD says he will see him in Phoenix.

– Hulk and Sting debate about Bully Ray. As they argue, Ray arrives to ask Sting if he is ready for their match. Hulk says he doesn’t trust him at all. Ray just says he did what Hogan has done his whole career. Ray then asks if they know who he is. Hogan says if he slips up tonight, he will pay for it. Sting blows up and says they have the big bad Bully that they need. Ray promises not to let him down.

-Tara and Brooke Hogan argue backstage.

Non-Title Match: Daniels and Kaz © vs. Sting and Bully Ray

Daniels and Ray to begin. Boot by Daniels to begin, and into a side headlock. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Ray. To the corner, head butt by Ray and then big chops follow. Daniels then with another, and Sting finds this amusing. Ray scares Kaz away, works the arm of Daniels and asks the crowd if they want Sting. He leads the crowd in a Sting chant and tags him in. Hip toss by Sting, clothesline follows and a cover gets 2. Daniels gets a tag, but Sting works over Kaz and tags in Ray. Off the ropes and a double team hip toss to Kaz. Clothesline by Ray, and then a big backdrop suplex gets 2. Ray slams Kaz to the corner, chops follow. Sting wants one more, and Ray delivers. Tag to Sting, who gets a suplex and a cover for 2. Tag back to Ray, off the ropes and a double team clothesline to Kaz. Suplex by Ray, tag back to Sting and the Stinger splash connects. Kaz is down, Sting looks for another but Daniels pulls Kaz out of the way and Sting misses. Daniels then crotches Sting on the post. Sting rolls to the floor, Kaz works him over with rights. Ray ties to make a save and does with the chair to scare them off, but Kaz beats down Sting in the ring. Daniels works over Sting in the corner now, snap mare and the sling sot elbow by Daniels, and then a leg drop by Kaz gets 2. Kaz works over Sting, lands a leg lariat and tags in Daniels. Kick to the head by Daniels, and a cover for 2. Daniels up top now, Sting up and tosses him to the mat. Up and they clothesline each other, and BOTH men are down. Tag to Ray and he runs wild on the tag team champions of the world. He slams Kaz into Daniels, corner splash on both men. Samoan drop (HE’S NOT EVEN SAMOAN) on Kaz for 2. All four men in now, they brawl. Kaz tossed to the floor, Ray saves Sting from getting hit with the title belt, and then Sting saves Ray from Kaz diving into the ring. Sting then says, BULLY…GET THE TABLES~! Ray looks puzzled and then says what the hell and grabs one! Death drop on Kaz and now Sting picks Daniels up and Ray is on the ropes, he has Daniels and POWERBOMBS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE! That’s a DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kaz and Daniels @ 10:00 via DQ
RATING: ***¼

-Sting and Ray celebrate.

-We get a video package for Hardy vs. Aries.

-Hardy says he has been chasing the title for months. Sunday he completes his journey, and he will win the title. And that will prove that he is the best wrestler on Earth.

-We get a video package for Snow vs. Ryan.

-Joe discusses his BFG match, noting that he will shut up Magnus and retain his title. He trusted Magnus, but now Magnus is jealous. Manus arrives to talk shit to Joe, noting that he will take the title Sunday. Joe cannot hide anymore, and Joe says they can do it tonight if Magnus wants. Magnus says he not afraid, and that Joe will have to wait. Magnus wants the people to pay for it, to watch him make history. Joe calls him a coward as he walks away.

Non-Title Match: Miss Tessmacher © vs. Gail Kim

Kim attacks before the bell, and works over Tessmacher. Kim slams her to the corner, chokes her out and then backs off. Corner clothesline connects for Kim, and she celebrates. Uppercut by Kim, Taryn Terrell is the referee by the way. Tessmacher avoids a charge, and gets a head scissors. Kim avoids the asstastic, and bails to the floor. Kim then slams her to the apron and then dropkicks her in the head, covering for 2. Slam by Kim, who celebrates once again and then tosses Tessmacher to the mat. Kim chokes her out again, and then connects with the clothesline for 2. Side back breaker by Kim, and then follows with forearms. Corner splash by Kim, but now Tessmacher battles back with rights. She counters a charge, catapult to the corner by Tessmacher. Boot to the gut, rights follow. To the corner, repeated shots by Tessmacher. Forearm off the ropes follows. Russian leg sweep by Tessmacher, and she heads up top. Kim stops that, picks her up off the ropes and Tessmacher counters with a crucifix for 2. Sit out powerbomb by Kim connects, and she heads up top. Tessmacher rolls away after Km tells her to get up, Kim drops down and then Tessmacher hits her finisher without a name for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Miss Tessmacher @ 6:00 via pin

-Tara rushes the ring and attacks, but Tessmacher battles back and hits her finisher without a name and stands tall.

-Bobby Roode says he knows what Jeff Hardy is thinking right now, because e he was in his place last year. Storm arrives and says he knows it was Roode that attacked him earlier tonight. Storm says he hopes Roode is willing to die Sunday, because Roode will have to kill him to win. They start to brawl, but King Mo breaks it up.

-Jeff Hardy remembers Bound for Glory 2005, and his swanton onto Abyss.

-Tenay discusses Sting’s induction into the TNA Hall of Fame on Saturday, and we get a video package.

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy

Roode attacks Jeff on the floor, before the bell. They brawl ringside for a bit, and then Roode tosses him into the ring to officially start things. Roode lays the boots to Jeff, who then fires back and tosses Roode to the corner. Off the ropes and a forearm by Jeff. Leg drop to the balls follows, basement dropkick and then a cover gets 2. Jeff works the arm now, to the corner they go and cheap shots by Roode. Rights and boots by Jeff, to the corner and a backdrop follows. Jeff clotheslines Roode to the floor, and he celebrates. Jeff with the dropkick through the ropes, followed by a cross body attack. Both men are down on the floor, but then Jeff is up and works over Roode on the floor by slamming him to the apron. Back into the ring they go, Jeff works over Roode in the corner with rights. Jeff with the shoulder block through the ropes, back in and Roode cuts him off with a clothesline. Roode on the attack with elbow drops, and then chokes out Jeff. To the floor they go again, Jeff manages to counter a suplex with one of his own…

commercial break

We are back from a commercial and Roode is now in control of things. Roode works a neck crank now, Jeff fights back but eats a back elbow from Roode. Roode hits a blockbuster form the second rope, but only gets 2. Jeff rolls to the floor, Roode follows and slams Jeff into the steps. Back into the ring now, neck breaker by Roode gets a close 2. Off the ropes and a sleeper by Roode. The ref checks the arm of Jeff, but he fights back to his feet and slams Roode to the corner, but Roode won’t break and keeps the hold. Jeff slams him to the corner again, and finally escapes. Whisper in the wind by Jeff, and BOTH men are down here. The ref counts, both men work to their feet, and now rights by Jeff. Reverse kick by Jeff, and a cover gets 2. To the corner, boots by Jeff and then to the second rope and gets a splash for 2. Rights by Jeff, off the ropes and runs into a spinebuster for 2. Roode picks up Jeff, sets him up top and follows. Jeff fights him off and knocks him to the mat. SWANTON MISSES~! SPEAR by Roode and a cover gets another close 2! Perfectplex try by Roode, countered into the twist of fate! Another try is countered by a low blow by Roode for the DQ

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 17:00 via DQ
RATING: ***½

-After the match Roode has a chair, but the ref stops that. Twist of fate by Jeff connects again. Jeff celebrates as Austin Aries makes his way to the ring. He won’t let the night end with Hardy in HIS ring. Aries has a paper and says he will not read what was written for him, and tosses it away. Aries says people have been telling him what to say, think and do. He has been told to embrace the fans, but as of right now, he is done with that. He has been portrayed as being jealous of Jeff, but he isn’t of his wrap sheet or that Jeff is half crippled and can’t play with is daughter. He is sick and tired of the special treatment that Jeff gets. Aries can’t get new videos and music, because they are too busy pleasing Jeff. He is sick of it, he wants TNA to cater to him. he may be set up to fail, but he is always the best when it is him vs. the system. At BFG, the only failure is Jeff, and until Jeff beats him, he is nothing. Jeff grabs the mic and says his nuts hurt, his neck hurts and on Sunday, he will end his cocky ass. Aries says that is fine, but until he does, this is Aries’ ring, and he gives Jeff one last chance to stand in it to hear his fans, and now, he asks Jeff to leave. As Jeff leaves, Aries nails him in the balls and hits the BRAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAAAAA~! Aries yells at the fans, asking them if this is what they wanted and stands tall with the title…

-End scene….

* World Title Match: Austin Aries © vs. Jeff Hardy.
* If Aces & Eights Win They Get “Full Access” To TNA: Sting & Bully Ray vs. Aces & Eights
* TV Title Match: Samoa © Joe vs. Magnus
* Street Fight: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode with King Mo as the guest referee
* Tag Team Title Match: Chris Daniels & Kazarian © vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles
* Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan
* Knockouts Title Match: Brooke Tessmacher © vs. Tara
* X-Division Title Match: Zema Ion © vs. RVD


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