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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 10.18.12

October 18, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

411’s IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 10.18.12 (Episode 432)

Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

-We see Aces and Eights arrive at the Impact Zone. Their music hits and they make their way to the ring. Six guys hit the ring, and then we see more of them in the clubhouse on the big screen. They say they beat Hogan at their own game, and they thank Devon on behalf of the president. They say Devon is now fully patched in. Devon now makes his way to the ring. Devon hugs the members in the ring and now has the mic. He says to shut the hell up to the crowd, because you see (you sold out chants) these guys right here, Aces and Eights, these are the guys that have had his back. These are the guys that were there when he was down and out. The people are the most no good, inbred pieces of crap he has ever seen. Why did he do it? Because he can. He thanks the brothers, because without them, he wouldn’t be out here testifying. If it wasn’t for the guy that patched him in, he wouldn’t be here. This group will destroy TNA. Bubba, Sting, Hogan, you asked why? Did you think he forgot when Bubba cheap shotted him and put his sons through a table? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, paybacks are a bitch.

Sting now makes his way out. Bully and others are with him. Angle, Anderson, AJ, and Joe are visible. Sting is glad that they made it in safe and sound. Now it is time for formal introductions. They charge the ring and we have a brawl! And now Hogan’s music hits and he heads to the ring. Aces and Eights hit the floor and back off.

-Back from commercial and Hulk says to do what they got to do. The TNA troops charge them, but they stand off. Hulk says they may have gotten full access, but that they also have to fight. Sting wants to fight Devon. Hulk says it is Devon’s choice, he either fight’s Sting, or leaves for good. Bully wants the match, but Hulk makes the match with Sting. Crowd chants for Bully, and Devon agrees to face Sting on the main event. Devon says if Sting doesn’t show up, they will find him in the parking lot. The crowd was chanting for Bully to get the match.

-Highlights of Aries vs. Hardy at BFG.

-Tonight Hardy celebrates his victory.

-We see Aries in the back, who mocks that Hardy gets a celebration. He says he will attend, and maybe bring cookies.

-Hogan talks with Anderson, and says that Hardy will defend the title next week. They will have a three way tonight, with the winner getting a spot in that match to earn a shot at being a possible contender next week. Storm is already one of four, and Anderson gets a chance as well. Joseph Park is there, and he says he needs some of Hogan’s time. He says they need to talk alone. Hogan kicks out the cameras out.

TV Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Robbie E w/Robbie T

Joe starts beating his ass right away. Back elbow and enziguri in the corner by Joe. Snap mare by Joe, chops, kicks and then a knee drop all connect. Joe covers for 2. Jabs by Joe, Robbie E tries to fight back but Joe remains in control. To the corner, Joe sets him up top, muscle buster try, Robbie T grabs Joe’s leg stopping that. Joe then decides to chop the hell out of Robbie E, and hen hits the elbow suicida to Robbie T on the floor. Robbie E leaps into a kick to the gut. Back into the ring they go, muscle buster connects, the clutch is applied and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe @ 2:00 via submission

-Robbie T in after the match and gets choked out.

-We see Jesse and Tara doing a photo shoot backstage. They then get rid of the photographer, and say that they are the hottest couple ever. They make out.

Non-Title Match: Tara © w/Jesse vs. ODB

We see ODB on the phone backstage, yelling at EY for not being there. ODB attacks at the bell and beats Tara down. Taryn Terrell is the referee. Tara rematches Tessmacher next week. Back to action as ODB hits a powerslam, and then gets her phone and talks to EY. She then rubs Jesse’s face in her tits, and then talks on her phone again. Tara attacks from behind, and takes control back. Tara lays the boots to her, and then rakes her eyes. Tara slams ODB down by the hair, and then kicks her in the gut. More boots by Tara, Tara pulls the hair and slams ODB down. Tara and Jesse make out a bit and ODB drinks from the flask. She slams Tara and Jesse together, spits booze in Jesse’s face, TKO to Tara and ODB covers for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: ODB @ 2:45 via pin

-Miss Tessmacher is on the ramp and claps for ODB.

-AJ and Kurt discuss being a tag team, but AJ says he has to do his thing to earn a title shot. They are in a three way tonight with Daniels.

-We see Aces and Eights outside the arena, having a good time.

-Highlights of the tag team title match at BFG.

Non-Title Match: Chavo and Hernandez © vs. Kid Kash and Gunner

Hernandez and Kash to begin, press slam connects for Hernandez. Tag to Chavo, snap mare by Hernandez and a basement dropkick by Chavo gets 2. Tag back to Hernandez, bear hug on Kash into an overhead throw. Kash bites Hernandez, gets the tag to Gunner and he delivers rights to Hernandez. Off the ropes, boot and slam by Hernandez Tag to Chavo, slingshot senton in and a cover for 2. Gunner fights back, tag to Kash and they beat down Chavo in the corner. Some miscommunication, Gunner nails Chavo from the apron and Kash lays the boots to him. Double team on Chavo after the tag, and then rights by Gunner. More double-teaming on Chavo, as they are in control. Kash is legal, and lays the boots to Chavo in the corner. Snap mare and kicks follow. He covers for 2. Kash talks trash, boots from Chavo, but knees from Kash. Chavo fights back, tag stopped and Chavo hits an enziguri and both men are down. Tag to Hernandez, slingshot shoulder block to Kash. Clothesline to Gunner. Off the ropes, big pounce by Hernandez. Tag to Chavo, up top, Hernandez tosses Gunner, big cross body by Chavo and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chavo and Hernandez @ 4:00 via pin

-Jeff Hardy walks.

-Joseph Park talks to Sting and Hulk. He wants Aces and Eights, at least one of them for what they did to him. Bully arrives, and wants to talk. Bully thanks Sting for letting him be his partner. He then says he has been around the world with Devon, and he knows him and wants the match with him tonight. Hulk says Bully will be one of four men in the running next week for a title shot, but tonight, Sting takes care of Devon. Bully says Hogan needs to trust him more. Sting goes to talk with Bully some more.

-Highlights of the BFG Title match between Hardy and Aries.

-Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring. He gets he big confetti celebration, and then Jeff is back with his ugly ass specialized world title belt from the Immortal days. He thanks the fans for their support. He says next week he cannot wait to defend his world title.

Aries makes his way out with balloons and cookies, singing “Celebration.” Aries says he doesn’t want to take away from Jeff’s victory at the PPV. Jeff did something superhuman, Joe, Roode and Bully couldn’t beat him on PPV, but Jeff did. He has gifts, balloons and then lets them go. He gives him cookies, and Jeff slaps the plate away. Aries says that Jeff isn’t carrying his world title, but then mentions that Jeff has the target on his back. All the stress, which is something not everyone can handle. Some people crack under the pressure. Aries mocks the crowd for chanting for Jeff, and says he can evoke his rematch clause at anytime, but he will wait until he is ready. Jeff says to look at the belt, because it is the face he cannot beat. Aries says he gets his face on a world title for Christ’s sake. Aries then spits on the title, and they brawl and Aries bails.

-Daniels says it may seem as if he is down and out, but he has a chance to earn a title shot. He will show what kind of man he is by beating Angle and AJ.

Daniels vs. Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles

AJ and Angle work over Daniels to begin things. AJ looks for the cash already, but Angle stops that. With Daniels down, AJ and Angle lock up. Some counters, off the ropes and an dropkick by AJ. To the corner, shoulder blocks by AJ. Daniels over now and shoulder blocks to both in the corner. Angle fights out ad clotheslines Daniels. Angle counters a suplex by AJ, back elbows and then a backdrop by Angle. Back breaker by Angle onto Daniels. Belly to belly on AJ, German on Daniels. Big kick from AJ to Angle, clash try, countered and Angle with the ankle lock. Daniels into break that up and slams Angle to the post. STO on AJ, and a cover for 2. Daniels in control of things here, knocks Angle to the floor and then works a half nelson chinlock on AJ. Angle back in with a clothesline to Daniels. AJ with the corner splash to Angle, springboard forearm connects on Angle for 2 as Daniels makes the save. BLUE THUNDA DRIVA by Daniels gets 2 on AJ. TBONE by Angle on Daniels, stalks AJ, but AJ ducks the clothesline and gets the PELE! AJ to the apron, tosses Daniels to the floor, and then moonsaults onto Daniels. AJ holds his knee, and then tosses Daniels back in and Angle kicks Daniels into AJ. Angle slam and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 7:00 via pin

-AJ refuses to shake hands with Angle post match.

-Next week, James Storm, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray and Kurt Angle will meet with Hogan to see who gets the title shot against Jeff Hardy.

-Joey Ryan and Mat Morgan meet with Hulk Hogan. Hogan says he is a fan of Ryan and then asks what is up with Morgan jumping people. Morgan says that Hogan promised to make him into a household name. Hogan says he was a fan, and supported Morgan, but at the end of the day, they said he had no charisma. Morgan calls him “Terry” and says he will shove it all up his ass.

-James Storm walks.

-Highlights of Sting’s Hall of Fame induction.

-Highlights of Storm vs. Roode from BFG.

-James Storm makes his way to the ring. Storm says when he was young, he was taught the saying what goes around comes around. It has been a year since he won the TNA Title, and at this year’s BFG, he bled buckets. He kept getting back up for himself, his family and his fans. He came back, and made a list. #10, kick the crap out of Roode, check. #9-2, drink beer, check. #1, win back the world title. Next week he will get a shot if Hogan chooses him, he will get a chance.

Bobby Roode’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Roode limps down to the ring. He says at BFG, they made good on a promise. They promised that they would give everything they had, blood , sweat and tears, and they kicked the crap out of each other, but when it was all said and done, they had one of the most bloodiest battles in wrestling history. Roode says he is not kissing ass, and says Storm should be kissing his ass, because finally, Storm is able to beat Roode, and he went from the bottom to the top. Roode says Storm needed him his entire career, he was the backbone of Beer Money. Storm became a champion last year, because he gave Storm the chance. Roode then says that despite his loss at BFG, Storm knows that Roode will always be the better man. Storm say nope and SUPERKICKS Roode. Sorry about your damn luck.

-Devon prepares backstage for his match.

-Sting walks.

-Next week, Hardy defends the title against either James Storm, Mr. Anderson, Bully Ray or Kurt Angle.

-More Hall of Fame highlights from last Saturday.

Sting vs. Devon

They start brawling at the bell. Elbows by Devon, and beats down Sting. To the corner, and rights by Devon. Off the ropes, clothesline by Sting. Another, and then off the ropes and a flapjack by Sting. Leg kicks by Sting, Stinger splash misses, but Sting back with the elbow and takes Devon down. Devon slammed to the corner, and then whips Devon to the other corner. Off the ropes and Sting clotheslines Devon, fails to get him to the floor, so he then tosses him out…

commercial time

We are back from commercial as Devon has taken control. Devon beats down Sting, and we see that they brawled on the floor during the commercial. Devon rakes the eyes, and then drops Sting with a right. Devon talks some trash, and then more rights to Sting. Devon lays Sting on the apron and drives an elbow to his throat. More boots from Devon, and rights follow taking Sting to the corner. Dueling chants now, diving head butt by Devon gets 2. He works a headlock now, Sting fights out but runs into a shoulder block. Jawbreaker by Devon, rights follow and Sting is down again. Devon to the second rope and MISSES the diving head butt. Sting fires up, rights follow. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Sting. Stinger splash connects, death drop follows and now looks for the deathlock. Sting locks it in and Devon fights, and RUN IN TIME!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sting @ 11:00 via DQ

-Aces and Eights now beat down Sting, and here comes the TNA locker room. We have another big brawl in the ring. Aces and Eights look to have control, but here comes Bully Ray! Bully clears the ring with a bat and chases after them as we fade out…

-End scene….


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