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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 11.29.12

November 29, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

411’s IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 11.29.12 (Episode 438)

Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring. Hulk says that last week his world almost self imploded last week. While he runs the show, he is also a father. Everyone knows you have to be on another planet to know something is up around here, and he wants to know the truth. He calls out Bully Ray and wants to know the truth.

Bully makes his way to the ring. Hulk says to lay it out straight and correct, what is going on? Ray says Hulk doesn’t trust him, but he wants answers from him. Ray says Hulk hasn’t trusted him, while he stood by Sting and after all of the weeks that he has proved it. Hulk asks what’s up between Bully and Brooke. Bully asks if Hulk really wants answers, and if he wants to hear who the #1 man in Brooke’s life is.

Brooke now makes her way to the ring. She asks Hulk to stop, and Hulk asks what the hell is going on. She says that she is not 18 anymore, and asks why he is doing this. She says it isn’t what he thinks. Hulk says he doesn’t want to see her with another wrestler, especially him.

Aries arrives via big screen, and mocks them for the whole thing. Aries is with the X-Division guys, saying that they are waiting for him to do his job. Aries lays on his desk and says he will lay on his desk until he comes back, and then asks how Brooke lays on it because it is uncomfortable. Hogan storms to the back.

-It is Championship Thursday, and Aries, Kid Kash, Zema Ion and Kenny King are the possible opponents for RVD tonight.

Mickie James vs. Gail Kim

Taryn Terrell is the referee. Lock up to begin, roll up by Kim for 2. Lock up again, go behind by Kim, break and Kim to the ropes. Boot to James, works the arm, cartwheel escape by James, but Kim slams her down by the hair. Forearm shots by Kim, and then slams James to the corner. Corner forearms follows, and then Kim chokes out James. Neck breaker by Kim and a cover gets 2. Kim slams James ace first to the mat, and then locks in the head scissors. Kim then slams James down face first, and looks for a figure four, but James kicks her away. Flapjack by James, kips up, goes up top and misses the Thesz press, dropkick by Kim follows. Rolls up James, has the ropes and the ref stops the count. James counter soul food, and then gets the Mick kick. James with the cover and gets 2 as Kim has a foot under the ropes. Boot by Kim, slams James to the corner, they trade rights, RANA by James. Clotheslines follow, Kim grabs James by the hair, but James back with the neck breaker and covers for 2. Kim counters a DDT, to the corner and James with a tornado DDT and that will be all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mickie James @ 5:04 via pin

-James Storm discusses his choices in life, and then talks about Roode bringing his daughter into things. AJ is there and says it is all because of Storm that he will not get a title shot until 2013. Storm says AJ needs to focus on the future, and maybe he can get back on a roll. Storm says he is just trying to help.

-Hogan is with Aries, Kid Kash, Zema Ion and Kenny King in the office. Hogan argues with Aries. Hogan isn’t happy about what Aries did, and Kenny King discusses why he should get the shot. Kash says he started the division, they argue and Hogan boots King. Surprise.

-Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring. Roode says last week on Impact he made a statement, which was clear. In 10-days, at Final Resolution, he will be the new TNA Champion. Last week, was also open fight night. Jeff Hardy got called out by a nobody, by a Gutcheck rookie. A rookie he laid out with one move. A guy that Hardy almost lost too. Roode is not impressed with Hardy, because Hardy is a paper champion. Roode says to make a name for yourself, you call out the most dominant champion in the company. Here comes Christian York. Roode tells him to calm down, and says York is new here, and this is Roode’s time, and no one interrupts that. So get out of my ring. York slaps Roode and Roode bails to the floor. York calls out Roode for a match. Roode flips out and we head to a commercial.

Christian York vs. Bobby Roode

And here we go. Lock up, Roode with the arm bar and then headlock. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by York. Off the ropes, hip toss by York. Shoulder blocks by York, and a cover for 2. Roode bails to the floor, and then pulls York to the floor. Roode slams York to the apron, and then York sends Roode to the steps. Back into the ring they go, York up top and Roode tosses the ref into the ropes, crotching York. Roode lays the boots to him in the corner, and then Roode slaps York. A clothesline by Roode connects, and he remains in control. Suplex by Roode, and then to the 2nd rope and leaps off and eats the boot from York. To their feet, rights by York. Boot by Roode, to the corner, but a clothesline by York. Another and a third. Off the ropes, flapjack by York. York up top, Roode over, but a right by York and then the double stomp to the back of Roode. Cannon ball into the corner and a cover gets 2 for York. Roode counters the mood swing, and as Roode goes for the pay off, York gets a cradle for 2. Roode tries to escape, holds the ropes, the ref breaks it and Roode gets the Northern lariat, and then lock sin the crossface. York has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 5:30 via submission

-Roode gets a chair, chases off the ref and then Jeff Hardy arrives to stop Roode, who escapes before Jeff can hit the twit of fate.

-We get footage of the recent attacks from Aces and 8s.

-Aces and 8s are in their playhouse, and discuss their attacks. They say it is time to be festive, and next week, Doc faces Kurt Angle. Devon says he wants what was stolen from him, his TV Title. Devon says he wants Samoa Joe next week in a match for the TV title. If he gets that, all well be fine, but if not all hell will break loose.

-The Gutcheck judges talk backstage.

-We see footage of Wes Briscoe winning his Gutcheck match last week.

-More with the Gutcheck judges discussing Wes Briscoe.

-Prichard is backstage looking for people. Angle arrives to discuss Wes Briscoe. Angle says Briscoe needs a job, while Prichard says his decision is made. Angle says thanks, but D Lo arrives, and apparently they cannot find Al Snow.

-Daniels and Kaz hit the ring, and discuss their match. Kaz says he is sorry for AJ, since Daniels will beat him in 10-days. Commercial time.

AJ Styles and James Storm vs. Bad Influence (Daniels and Kaz)

Kaz and AJ to begin; lock up and Kaz takes AJ to the corner. Drop toehold follows, and then into the front facelock. AJ to his feet, off the ropes and Kaz ducks the dropkick attempt. Storm tags in as AJ is frustrated in the corner. Rights to Kaz in the corner, knee buster and then the neck breaker by Storm. Daniels tags in, rights by Storm. Backdrop follows, and AJ tags in. Off the ropes and AJ misses the double elbow try. Storm looks frustrated at him, slam by AJ, misses the knee drop and a tag to Kaz. Double team moves on AJ, and a dropkick by Kaz follows. Daniels tags in, flying forearm by Storm, atomic drop and rights follow. Enziguri to Kaz, sets for a backstabber, Daniels holds onto Kaz and that causes Storm to crash to the mat. Tag to Daniels, lays the boots to Storm in the corner and then slams Storm to the mat. Slingshot elbow drop, slingshot leg drop by Kaz off the tag and a cover for 2. Storm takes Kaz to the corner, dropkick by Kaz after some assistance by Daniels. Tag to Daniels, corner forearm by Daniels in the corner and then the GANGNAM STYLE DANCE by Bad Influence. Storm gets the tag, AJ on fire here taking out both Kaz and Daniels. Drop down neck breaker to Daniels. To the apron, springboard forearm connects. AJ looks to fly to the floor, but Kaz sidesteps him and AJ crashes to the floor. They knock Storm to the floor, AJ back in and hit the double team powerbomb neck breaker combo for 2. AJ tries to battle back, Storm pulls Kaz to the floor and AJ misses PELE, Storm blind tags in, superkick to Daniels and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: AJ and Storm @ 7:13 via pin
RATING: *** {Of note, AJ Styles is VERY talented and it shows with this angle. It is one thing to be good, but is shows how good you are when you appear to be “unfocused” and “miss spots.” If he keeps performing like this, his angle could be something pretty cool as we head into 2013.}

-AJ leaves the ring, completely frustrated with himself.

-The Lockdown PPV for 2013 will be held in San Antonio, TX at the Alamo Dome. The PPV has moved from April to March this year, getting it away from WrestleMania, which is a smart move.

-Aries, Ion and Kash meet with Hogan again. Ion says if Hogan knows best he should choose him. Kash says that he is a tough SOB, and he has faced RVD many times, and has beaten him before. He has been the champion before, and he deserves the shot. Aries says that he can stir things up, because he is the greatest. Hogan says he hates Aries, but he gets the shot tonight. Kash is pissed, and Hogan says his day is coming.

-Samoa Joe says he heard Devon’s challenge, and the fact is the Devon abandoned the title. Joe took over, and next week, Devon can come and try to get his belt back. Challenge accepted.

-Joey Ryan is out and announces Matt Morgan. He also tells Hemme to go to the back and whip him up a sandwich.

Douglas Williams vs. Matt Morgan w/Hulk Hogan’s Shea Stadium Robe and Joey Ryan

Lock up to begin and Morgan slams Williams to the mat. Morgan then clotheslines Williams, to the corner and back elbows by Morgan. Morgan scares off the ref, and head butts to Williams follow. A whip to the corner, side slam follows for Morgan. Williams back with boots to Morgan, but then runs into a chokeslam. The carbon footprint follows and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Thunder Lips Matt Morgan @ 2:10 via pin

-D Lo meets with Prichard backstage. They still cannot find Al Snow, and Gutcheck is next. D Lo says he judges live Gutchecks, and can stand in for tonight if Prichard allows it. Prichard agrees, and they say they will keep searching for Snow. {Conspiracy time, D Lo and Wes Briscoe are actually part of Aces and 8s, and this is all part of the plan to get him on the official roster.}

-Next week on Impact….

* DOC vs. Kurt Angle
* TV Title Match: Devon vs. Samoa Joe ©
* Bobby Roode, Daniels and Kaz vs. Jeff Hardy, James Storm and AJ Styles

-Gutcheck time for Wes Briscoe. Prichard discuses Al Snow not being there, and explains that D Lo Brown will be taking his lace tonight. Prichard kicks things off, and says he has known Briscoe since he was a kid, and traveled the world with his father. He says they have history, and he has watched him grow up. Last week, he won his Gucheck match, but it wasn’t great. He thinks he is capable of much more, and he thins he has a great future. Prichard gives him a yes. Taz is next and says he respects the Briscoe family, and also respects the opinion of Kurt Angle. Taz says it wasn’t a great outing last week, but feels he is so close, but it is a no. Briscoe gets mic time, and says he respects the decisions made, and this is all in D Lo’s hands. He has always dreamed of being in this ring, and he is doing this for himself and his fans and family. Especially his uncle Jack. All he wants is a chance to prove himself; because he knows he can do it. D Lo grabs the mic, and says he thanks Taz and Prichard for this chance. As for Briscoe, he spoke powerfully, and he also knows his family. He watched the match, and he is conflicted. Part of him thinks he may not be ready, but he feels if it is good enough for Prichard, it is good enough for him, so it is a yes. Kurt Angle and Garett Bischoff hit the ring to celebrate with Briscoe. {I liked the emotion by Briscoe there, and the celebration with Angle. Should make for a good mindfuck on Angle if and when he is revealed as a member of Aces and 8s.}

-Hulk and Ray meet backstage. Ray wants to know if Aries offended them, and Ray answers for Hogan. Ray says Hogan should have come and talked to him. But Hogan is apparently confused business with personal. Hogan accuses Ray of the same thing.

-ODB discusses the EY beat down from last week. They shattered EY’s ankle, and he is in the hospital right now. She is too broken up to say more.

-Aries says this was his plan, because winning the X-Title is his plan to winning back the TNA World Title. Hogan says RVD will do some dental work on Aries tonight.

X-Division Title Match: RVD © vs. Austin Aries

This is a first time meeting of these two. RVD backs off Aries to the corner, and then Aries talks smack, they trade shots, and they trade holds and counters, and as they stand off, RVD lays in some body kicks to Aries. Off the ropes, boot by Aries, but a roll up by RVD gets 2. To the corner, shoulder blocks by RVD. Off the ropes, but Aries holds on as RVD crashes and burns on a dropkick try. Slingshot senton by Aries eats knees, and as RVD goes for rolling thunder, Aries rolls to the floor. Basement dropkick by RVD, and a plancha follows as we head to a commercial…

~commercial time~

We are back from the commercial as Aries sends RVD to the floor. Heat seeking missile countered sloppily by RVD. He basically threw his ass into Aries’ face. RVD places Aries on the barricade, and then MISSES the corkscrew leg drop. Aries then destroys RVD with a neck breaker on the barricade, which looked as if it HAD to suck. Back into the ring and Aries covers for 2. Aries stacks RVD and gets another 2 count. Elbow to the back of the head by Aries, and another cover for 2. RVD battles back with kicks, but Aries with the DDT, and a cover gets 2. Aries then does his own version of rolling thunder to mock RVD and covers for 2. Aries up top now, ala RVD, and MISSES the frog splash. Kicks from RVD, spring kick off the ropes also connects. Kick in the corner follows, and then rolling thunder by RVD connects as well. Split legged moonsault by RVD gets 2 as Aries had a foot on the ropes. Aries battles back, and gets the rolling elbow off the ropes. Aries mocks RVD some more, and RVD gets a toss up dropkick. RVD up top, and Aries up and tosses RVD to the floor. Aries rolls RVD back into the ring, grabs a mic and mocks RVD while he is down. Aries says RVD crashed and burned, and looks like Brooke Hogan lying there. Bully Ray is out, and we have a DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 13:00 via DQ

-Aries escapes and is pissed that Ray cost him the match. Hulk Hogan is out now, and Aries is trapped in between them. Hulk and Bully have a stare down now…

-End scene….

* AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
* Knockouts Title Match: Tara © vs. Mickie James
* TNA Tag Team Title Match: Chavo and Hernandez © vs. Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan
* TNA World Title Match: Jeff Hardy © vs. Bobby Roode


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