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411’s TNA Impact Report 12.02.15

December 2, 2015 | Posted by Aaron Scott


Ethan Carter III vs DJZ
Bram vs Davey Richards


Lashley vs Drew Galloway
Mahabali Shera vs Eli Drake

Tigre Uno vs Gail Kim
Eric Young vs Kenny King

Awesome Kong vs Jesse Godderz
Bobby Roode vs Matt Hardy

Welcome to the 411 TNA Impact Report. This is the Round of 16. One of these professional wrestlers will become our TNA World Heavyweight Champion. We have survived Group Play, and now we march out to the final 8. This is now a Single Elimination Tournament. This episode, we have a few great matches set up, in Matt Hardy vs Bobby Roode and Lashley vs Drew Galloway. By the Power of Grayskull, Eli Drake will take on the rising Mahabali Shera. How many will fall tonight on Impact, tune in to find out at 9PM, 8PM Central. My name is Aaron Scott, your card is subject to change, and match times are not be exact. This is the final month for Impact on Destination America as we head to our brand new home on the POP Network, so join me as we count down the days to a new day in wrestling and as we finally crown a TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Let’s hear from Matt Hardy and Eli Drake as we begin our show.

We are LIVE here on 411Mania! Josh Matthews and Pope Daddy! start off talking about tonight’s show. We will have EC3 that’s Ethan Carter III to take on DJZ.

Ethan Carter III vs DJZ

World Title Series Match – Block A

What a way to start off the show, with YOUR undefeated World Champion sans his belt that is rightfully his. It was Jeff Hardy that cost him the title and Matt Hardy that took advantage of his brother’s interference to hit Drew Galloway with the Twist of Fate. Carter would slap an injunction on the new Champion leading to the abeyance that created this tournament.

Carter takes DJZ to the ropes and when the hold is broken EC3 steals the Airhorn taunt! Carter sent to the corner and DJZ shows how to do it. They trade wristlocks and DJZ gets the shoulders down twice, then a backslide. Carter takes advantage, talking trash and tosses Zema up takes the dropkick coming down. Carter goes outside and Zema misses the slide. He tosses Z inside does Carter and this time Zema connects. High crossbody off the top and Figure Four no kicked off to the floor!

EC3 is distracting as TYRUS runs Zema over.

The countout begins as Carter slams the head of DJZ into the side, handful of mowhawk and making the man pay to the ringside fans. Carter battles off a flurry and sends Zema into the post. EC3 peels up Zema to send him inside, cover and a two.

Neck vice in as a sleeper suggested and Carter tosses the man down like nothing from the trap chinlock. Carter Splash misses and a kick then a MISSILE off the top! Zema rolls under the lariat and atomic drop, jawbreaker and hangman’s! Kick over the side, signature slingshot Tornado DDT thrown off but Zema gains the DDT anyway! Two Count Only!

ETHAN TO THE EYES! Carter eats the kick in the corner, caught in the rana and tossed! Zema for the Rana noooo! Ethan with the Sit Out Powerbomb! 1 PERCENTER!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III at 6:12

And with that EC3 moves on the Round of 8. Carter will face the winner of Bram versus Davey Richards.

Now we gotta talk about Gail Kim versus Tigre Uno, Knockouts Champ vs X-Division Champion. Gail Kim says now nothing is different from her competition and proving herself. She respects Uno but she is here to win it all. It will be Gail versus Uno, tonight.

Gail Kim vs Tigre Uno

World Title Series Match – Block C

Tigre Uno is here to take on Gail Kim and he gets taken over in a schoolgirl. Kim goes to the fans and she takes him over again! Uno doesn’t know how to react to almost losing, and she kicks him. Uno yells and works himself up, waistlock, pickup takeodnw, front facelock. Uno is broken in the lock so he switches to a standing side headlock. Ref says break and Uno leapfrogs, shoulderblock on Gail!

Off the side and Gail caught him in the monkeyflip! To the top and crossbody no reversed but Kim reverses to escape the pin. Eat Defeat, countered. Uno wraps in the Standing Waist Deathlock. Sunset Flip from Gail two only!

OCTOPUS HOLD on Uno! Uno fights to make it to his ropes and he dumps Kim over the side and to the floor! Gail up and Uno over the side PLANCHA INTO GAIL KIM!!

Tigre Uno is conflicted but he is here for the World Title. He sends Kim inside and goes to the top, Gail with the crotching and climbs up top, FRANKENSTEINER!

RUNNING DROPKICK! Flying Crossbody in the corner! Ringpost Figure Four!

Gail Kim is forced to break the hold. Eat Defeat tossed off and Uno for the Argentine Slam, Gail for the Sunset Flip, no Uno lands on top of her! He holds her down!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tigre Uno at 5:49, Vertical Press

Tigre Uno advances to the Round of 8, he will meet the winner of Eric Young versus Kenny King.

Bram vs Davey Richards

World Title Series Match – Block A

Bram shoves Richards down and they both circle. They lock up and waistlock from Davey, arm wringer and wrenching the limb, handful of hair from Bram levels Richards down. Bram beats on Davey in the corner and sends the man facefirst into the buckles. Forearm shiver for good measure.

Richards tossed to the floor! Bram mocks the Referee as he gives chase, but eats a dropkick as Davey comes outside and slams the kicks to drive Bram down to the floor! Davey tossing Bram in, arms and man against the top, TEN COUNT FOREARMS AND FISTS! Bram for the lift! Beaten down and Davey pulls the ropes as Bram goes tumbling over the top!

Running kick on the apron caught and across the shoulders, GORILLA LIFT AND SLAM ON THE STAIRS!

Bram is down and taunting Davey as both men lay on the floor. Count out begins.

Bram stomps on Davey after breaking up the count. Calculating Chaos as Bram sends Davey inside, follows to stalk and slams the man through the ropes once again. Bram sends the man into the stairs, but then falls in the drop toehold to eat the steel himself!

Opportunity for Davey Richards. DOUBLE STOMP OFF THE STEPS!

Missile Dropkick off the top from Davey and an EXPLODAH!




OFFICIAL RESULT: Davey Richards at 6:58, Inside Cradle

Davey Richards will advance to the Round of 8, he will meet EC3.

Eli Drake cuts a promo that we saw above, he will face this man later on tonight.

Eli Drake vs Mahabali Shera

World Title Series Match – Block B

And they play the video I just did, highlighting Shera’s domination over his Group Play, Wildcard. Eli Drake does not look thrown off his game despite the entire arena chanting “ELI SUCKS.” Lockup from Shera and the men in the corner, Drake on Shera with haymakers, told to get out from the corner. Sent the man in but gets run over by the clothesline! Shera runs the man over again and the scoop, the slam! CLOTHESLINE sends Eli over the side!

Shera works the fans and dancing a bit, Eli tries to get his bearings. He makes Shera pay with a snap of the neck off the rope. Diving elbows and kicks on Shera, Eli snapmares and drives the elbow down once again Dusty style, cover and the count no the two only.

Shera battles back, but gets taken into the high back suplay. Shera knocks Eli down but is still slow to get up, sent for the ride but kicks and takes Drake over, whip and back body drop! Shera dances and gets a kick, but manages to launch Eli off the top NATCHA BOY style! SKY HIGH!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mahabali Shera at 3:18, Sky High

Shera advances to the Round of 8, he will face the winner of Lashley/Galloway.

Josh and Pope play Tinder with predictions once again.

Matt Hardy vs Bobby Roode

World Title Series Match – Block D

The fans chant for Hardy as Roode goes back outside. Lockup finally Roode gets the arm and slams the attack. Headlock as he taunts the fans, but Matt jockeys for position. Matt sends him to the nope tackled via shoulder by Roode. Hiptoss from Matt! Arm and sent in, across and again tackle on Matt!

Matt takes the man down and yells to the fans as Bobby has to powder out. Roode drags Matt outside and takes a fist for his troubles. Matt beats on him but misses a charge posting himself! Roode attacks the arm once again, targeting the shoulder and he slams the hand across the stairs! Roode slams the hand again! Matt is in pain as Bobby goes for the kill, smelling the blood and he has that arm, wringer and Armbar DDT!

Roode keeps the attack on strong and the fans are none too pleased. Roode twists it in the corner and explosive smash in the corner, snapmare and rolling necksnap!

Bobby yells to the fans and draws their ire, eats a shot and takes a punch, counters the Twist of Fate into a Crossface Armbar!

Matt makes it to the bottom rope, Roode throws the kick and stomp, again to the right leg. Roode sends the man for the nope Matt for the no! Back Elbow! Roode charges into a Side Effect! 2!

Roode takes a right arm lariat and Matt for the bulldog thrown off, he hits the lariat and this time gets the bulldog! Two on Bobby!

Matt to the fans but his arm is hurt. Twist of Fate no schoolboy! Matt kicks out! Roode tosses him over he wraps the Crossface Armbar submission once again! Roode has the hold locked in, Matt rolls the man onto his shoulders! Two!

Roode for the Roode Bomb throws off, Twist countered! Matt for the Side Effect no! Roode in control he’s on the middle and does the Matt Hardy V.1 Taunt! He jumps into the kick and eats a Twist of Fate!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Hardy at 6:31, Twist of Fate

Matt Hardy will advance to the Round of 8. He will meet the winner of tonight’s main event, Lashley versus Galloway.

Drew says everyone’s picking Lashley, he’s beaten Lashley before and now the man is just an obstacle to his path, his future and his destiny.

Awesome Kong vs Jesse Godderz

World Title Series Match – Block D

Jesse says Kong doesn’t really want to wrestle, just touch his body. And he talks sweet nothings. He asks what of his body parts it is, that she wants to touch. He will sweeten the deal, offering a big smooch. Jesses continues his harassment, someone call Jan in H.R.

Kong looks at the puckering face and punches the man around! Kong slams the fists! Jesse is hurting as Kong slams the shoulderblocks! She runs the man over! Godderz kicks the ropes in frustration! He misses the Stinger Splash! Kong Splash in the Corner! Scoop and Slam! Again!

Kong again, the third bodyslam to Mr. Pectacular!

Jesse to the outside, holding his back as Awesome Kong looks on, Jesse threatening to leave!

Kong is behind, she has his trunks and gets sent into the steel post! Kong beats into Jesse and keeps him from crawling in, slams the fists but takes a thumb to the eye! He misses the charge and goes up an over the stairs as Kong couldn’t see!

Jesse is hurting and rolls over, avoiding the Kong Splash! Oklahoma Roll and a Handful of tights on Kong!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jesse at 3:27, Oklahoma Roll & a Handful of Tights

Jesse Godderz will advance to the Round of 8, he will meet Matt Hardy.

Eric Young vs Kenny King

World Title Series Match – Block C

King and Young circle, hammerlock from Young, escape and kip up from King and an armdrag takeover! Young has King in the corner, side kneelift in hard and headlock. King top wristlocks out and whip, takes a shoulder! Young over the top and leapfrog from King, drop toehold slams Eric down!

King in control, side headlock on the mat. Young takes the man into the corner, misses the shot and eats a leg! Young sent cross corner and King with a flying back elbow! King punches Eric, whip across and Young sent Flair style over the buckles and King for the ropes, YOUNG slingshots him over the top to the floor down below!

The fans are booing as Eric goes for the countout victory, King hurting as Eric comes to grab the head, taking the man inside and measures the tip of the elbow across the neck! Sends the man back outside and taunts to the capacity crowd.

Young once again to the apron, he has the head and swings the shot, no King with the hard response! King talking shit as he hits a handstand side kick! Drops the stomp across the back! Kenny King sent outside, Young on the attack, King has the ropes and sends the man over the side to the floor! King hits the twisting corkscrew press over the side!

King is in and hits the back suplex now the schoolboy! No!

Kenny King cannot hit the Royal Flush, Eric with the eyes, King and slams the Spinebuster!

King again for the Royal Flush, Young grabs onto the Referee’s shirt! He escapes the attack!

Eric ducks the shot and tosses the official at King, the man is distracted and Young gets a Piledriver!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young at 6:16, Piledriver

Eric Young will advance, he meets Tigre Uno.

They preview Lashley v Drew as I posted above. Our main event LIVE on 411mania coming up, it will be the former two time Champion Lashley or the Captain of TNA Galloway.

Lashley vs Drew Galloway

World Title Series Match – Block B

Drew with the bandaged knee still, as Lashley and Drew set to circle. Lockup and Lashley powers the man back to the ropes. Wraps the arms and both struggle, Drew in the ropes and the Ref says break. Lashley pacing and shoots in to pickup and waistlock takeover. Lashley on the mount, rolling chinlock with the scissors, Drew has the ropes.

Lashley waiting as Drew favors the neck. Lashley in and misses as Drew for the waistlock from the rear. Lashley has the man in the corner and fires the kicks and stomps as he chokes the man down. We go to commercial.

And we are back from break as Lashley sends Drew for the ride and he comes a charging but he eats the boots. Drew ducks the shot and slashes the chop! Lashley tosses Drew and misses the corner charge! Drew with a forearm that takes him to the apron then hit a lariat off the top rope! A clothesline sends Lashley flipping back over the ropes to the floor!

Drew and Lashley fight on the floor and Lashley sends Galloway up over the steps! Lashley beats on Drew across the stairs, then hammers him across the Impact Zone! Lashley slides inside and runs to slam the lunge in the corner! He about cut the man in half!

Drew is hurting, DELAYED VERTICAL….. SUPLEX!

Lashley for the cover, two!

Lashley on Drew in the ropes and slams crossface after crossface shots! The official calls for the break! Lashley whips Drew and Galloway hangs on, holding down the ropes as Lashley spills to the apron! Drew sends him shoulder first across the apron into the ringpost!

Drew has the arm on the floor and jumps to land it across his knees!

Galloway sends the man inside, climbing up and takes the target on the injured shoulder. He goes up with the wrist but Lashley reverses the Old School! Drew gets tossed to the mat! Drew and Lashley trade shots until Lashley hits the German, then the Overhead! Lashley tries for the Shoulder lift, but Drew floats over after escaping and Lashley catches him then hits the Powerslam!

Drew kicks out at two!!

Lashley has the wrist and misses the lariat short arm style as Drew hits the cutter! He gets two!

Drew Galloway picks up, Lashley fights off but misses the charge! Galloway Air Raid Crash!

Looking for the Claymore!






1! 2! 3!!!!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: “The Destroyer” Lashley at 12:52, Spear

Lashley will meet Mahabali Shera. Here are your Round of 8 matches that will happen next week! To the Leader Board standings, four fights next week, it is Week 10 next time, thank you for joining us, my name is Aaron Scott saying look out for Larry Csonka’s Impact Review and place your thoughts, TNA Impact Report on the site. Thanks once again.


Ethan Carter III vs DJZ – Ethan Carter III
Bram vs Davey Richards – Davey Richards


Lashley vs Drew Galloway – Lashley
Mahabali Shera vs Eli Drake – Mahabali Shera

Tigre Uno vs Gail Kim – Tigre Uno
Eric Young vs Kenny King – Eric Young

Awesome Kong vs Jesse Godderz – Jesse Godderz
Bobby Roode vs Matt Hardy – Matt Hardy