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411’s TNA Wrestling Report 12.09.15

December 9, 2015 | Posted by Aaron Scott

Welcome to the Quarter Finals! This is the Round of 8 and some of the best of professional wrestling have made it to the next round of the TNA World Title Series for the vacant TNA World Championship. Ethan Carter III, Lashley, Matt Hardy and Tigre Uno join Davey Richards, Mahabali Shera, Jesse Godderz and Eric Young as the matchups have been secured, we will only have four wrestlers standing following Impact. In addition, TNA President Dixie Carter will have a special interview as Impact comes one week closer to moving to the Pop Network. Welcome everyone, thank you for joining us here on 411’s TNA Impact Report. My name is Aaron Scott, match times are not exact, card subject to change, here is the official tournament update from Josh Matthews and a preview of the Dixie Carter interview.


Lashley vs. Mahabali Shera

Jesse Godderz vs. Matt Hardy

Tigre Uno vs. Eric Young

Ethan Carter III vs. Davey Richards

Lashley vs Mahabali Shera

World Title Series Match – Quarter Finals

Clothesline from Shera who goes from Shuffle to Strikes and just beats on Lashley in the corner! Shera shoots the punch to the MMA fighter, sends him for the ride and rams the clothesline against the buckles. Shera with a double choke and he knows he has got to stay on the offensive against perhaps the odds on favorite in the World Title Series.

Shwera stands on the second but plays to the crowd as Lashley slams him with an elevated powerbomb!

Lashley stomps and hammers down Shera. Shuffle this. A choke on the middle rope!

Lashley didn’t like Shera showing him up it seems. Snap and the suplex, the floatover and kickout.

Back from commercial and Bobby is beating up Shera across the outside floor. Shera finally gets some shots in, but he can’t stand toe to toe with The Destroyer. Shera sent into the stairs and Lashley now stepping on his neck because he can.

Lashley PLANCHA off the apron and Shera CATCHES him! A Slam on the Floor and that turned the tables pretty quick! Shera short arm CLOTHESLINES Lashley back down. Up and a BODYSLAM on the floor geez man, Shera is not pulling back and yes the damn shuffle cut that out.

Shera slams Lashley’s head into the apron and follows the man back inside. Shera charges and runs into a back elbow. He knocks down Lashley with the lariat. Mahabali Shera actually manages the gorilla press slam! Lashley can’t get it going as Shera calls to the fans and the pickup, NO missed the Sky High!

Mahabali –


OFFICIAL RESULT: Lashley at 10:25, SPEAR

Lashley advances to the Semi Finals, Mahabali Shera is eliminated from the World Title Series.

Backstage Pope puts over Lashley’s former title wins, the two time world champion will either take on Davey Richards or Ethan Carter III. Up next, Tigre Uno to take on Eric Young and we get a video promo detailing their trip to the Round of 8. But first, let’s hear from Jesse Godderz as he looks to put down Matt Hardy later on tonight.

Dixie Carter talks about how far Matt Hardy came to become the Champion. She respects him for stepping down as World Champion because he didn’t win it the right way. The Series will crown a new and deserving Champion.

And they play the Godderz promo I just aired. See, great minds, they think alike.

Eric Young vs Tigre Uno

World Title Series Match – Quarter Finals

The X-Division Champion enters to take on the World Class Maniac. Young is none too pleased, the two time former Champ grabs the mic.

Listen to me real close, I know you don’t really understand the words that are coming out of my mouth because you’re dumb like they are. I’m going to the next round… I’m gonna make it to the next round by stepping on your back. Now that’s a short step… I’m gonna hurt you. I want you to leave. LEAVE. Leave! That’s it, OUT. This is my ring!

Uno leaves slowly as Eric berates him, calling him a coward-

UNO hits the springboard dropkick to send Eric rolling out of the ring! EY slides in and gets caught in a tilt a whirl headscissors and a standing rana! A pinfall attempt gets a two. Uno is working circles around Young and slaps Eric across the chest!

Eric catches him and hits a powerslam! Pinfall for two! He sends the man into the ropes and attacks the back of the neck with a series of chops. The boot in the neck as the Ref yells for the break. Eric has the leg and only gets a two as Tigre stays alive.

We welcome you back with a leaping stomp across the chest of Uno. Eric wraps the choke, well, low chinlock as Uno stands and battles back but EY throws him down on the back of his head. Arms to the sky and a lateral, two only.

EY has the man on the top and chokes him across the ring rope. Now the middle and Young with the forearm across the neck on the outside apron. Back inside EY is stomping on Tigre again. Off the bottom rope and EY just working the upper back neck area, Young peels up Uno and GERMAN flipped out of! Uno with the fingers, kicks and OLD SCHOOL ATTEMPT NO! Eric crotched him! Cover for two!!

Uno sent to the floor. Eric Young comes outside and slaps the Champ to a huge “You Still Suck” and goes for the cover, nope. Blatant Chokehold and again to the fans. Young lands the crashing limb into Uno and again another kick out at two.


Young stomps on Eric Young, to the middle and upwards MOONSAULT MISSED!!!!






Young drives the man back into the buckle! He sits Uno up top! Climbing up high they’re both balancing STANDING FRANKENSTEINER OFF THE TOP! TIGRE GETS TWO!!!

Tigre charges, Eric has him blocks a Rana attack and gets a stacked pin! Hey Ref, the legs are on the ropes! Eric Young does not get three!

Oh but he manages the Piledriver! And vaya con dios Tigre Uno.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young at 11:42, Piledriver

Eric Young advances to the Semi Finals. Tigre Uno is eliminated from the World Title Series.

The announcers talk Young. Let’s hit to the Matt Hardy video promo for his upcoming match.

We show a preview of the Dixie Carter interview talking about people saying if anyone’s been held back in the industry, all they had to do is come into TNA and get their shot. She puts over the Knockouts as the best women’s roster in the industry.

Eric Young says he told Uno to leave.

“Leave to fight another day Baby Tiger. Feed your family. But he chose to attack me from behind the foreign scum. When I dropped him on his head, one two three, he may never wrestle again. But this was just a warmup. This was just to break a sweat. I won’t be responsible for what happens for the rest of the tournament. This is a warning. Just, a warning.”

Pope Daddy and Josh Matthews talk about Gold or Coal, and they pick Matt and Davey Richards to win tonight.

Matt Hardy vs Jesse Godderz

World Title Series Match – Quarter Finals

Lockup and the side head from Hardy. Matt wears Jesse down to a knee, but Godderz stands and takes him back, whip and shoulder from Matt nothing. So Hardy hits the kneelift and wraps the head again, taking the man down to the canvas. Hardy keeps the hold on as Jesse tries a top wristlock, powering out but Matt wraps the cravat. Jesse picks him and slams him! Well that’s one way to get out of the hold.

Jesse stares daggers and they lock up again. Godderz with the arm, Matt trying to turn it and wrenches the wrist, beating the man down as he works that right shoulder. Hardy keeps the pressure on, twisting no Jesse SLAMS him again!

Godderz flexes to show he’s not hurt. He grabs the hair and talks trash, picks for the slam but Hardy reverses and slams of his own! Bodyslam again! And a third time! Matt showing off and flexing a bit! Jesse swings and its blocked! Matt meets Jesse with a fist to the guts and a side russian for the two.

Matt Hardy gets beaten down a bit with haymakers and Jesse takes a high backdrop! Godderz rolls outside for a breather as Matt socks him! Slams the man across the apron! Matt punches Jesse with hard right hands, rolling in to break the count, comes out and gets driven back into the stairs! Jesse slams the standing dropkick as Matt hits his neck off the stairs!

Welcome back as Jesse is stomping on Matt and apparently he’s been doing it all commercial break. Matt Hardy is trying to get up, Godderz picks and plants him with the backbreaker, then a series of knees into the spine. Jesse takes the shot and is taken up for the slam but the man’s knee buckles and Jesse falls on top. Jesse wraps the bearhug after a two count attempt at the pin.

Matt slams the elbow into Jesse, but Godderz scoops and powerslams for the two!

Jesse beats into Matt, wrapping the neck in the top, choking him down. He shouts and screams but backs off as Earl pulls him back. Godderz goes right back in to the attack as Josh points out the set up for the Adonis Crab. Pope says everything is lower back, as Matt gets sent right back in full force and collapses to his knees after a painful crash into the buckles.

Jesse wraps the bearhug and uses the legs on the ropes to stack the leverage.

Earl blocks him off from the side as Matt back up to a vertical base, Jesse with the hug broken and takes a slap then gets caught by the Side Effect! Matt slams the back elbow then the kick to keep Jesse from charging. A clothesline then a sleeper slam! Cover! Jesse out at two.

Jesse Godderz gets rammed in the buckles, up and sat on the top! Matt Hardy nails the right and has the head, trying for a superplex but Jesse railing the body shots to send the man down and Matt snapmares him off the top! Matt to the second, to the crowd, DIVING ELBOW to the back of the neck! TWO!!

Matt Hardy to the fans and they chant his name, big kick and Twist NO! JESSE STANDING DROPKICK!

Jesse crawling over, one two, no!

Godderz had the heel but could not get it, whip, Matt slams the lariat! Matt sent in and Jesse with the enzugiri! Godderz with the legs, pulls the man off the ropes to slam and for the Adonis! Matt has the bottom rope to keep Jesse from cinching it in and Jesse releases then attacks with stomps! Godderz for the head slam off the buckles but Matt reverses from the apron! Jesse takes him off the top across the shoulders to the center and MATT HITS THE TWIST OF FATE!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Hardy at 17:23, Twist of Fate

Matt Hardy advances to the Semi Finals. Jesse Godderz is eliminated from the World Title Series.

Special Interview with TNA President Dixie Carter

Interview with Dixie Carter talking about the year that was TNA. She talks about the debut of Drew Galloway in January’s UK Tour. Josh asks about EC3 not being there for her after Bound For Glory. Dixie says she believes in Ethan, he has to get over the entitlement and earn everything he gets. She respects Matt Hardy to win in his hometown, holding Holden like Simba- but it wasn’t as clean as he wanted it and she respects him stepping down as Champ. Now the World Title Series will see a proven winner, in Ethan or Hardy.

Josh asks about what she’s seen so far in the World Title Series. Dixie says all anyone had to do was come into the World Title Series including the Knockouts and get a shot at the stage. The Semi Finals and the Finals will be held live Tuesday Night January 5th in Bethlehem PA. As we enter the 15th year, it’s going to be all about the fans. We have a big year to celebrate and we will do it in style.

Josh talks about how much the Series has meant to everyone in TNA. Pope says the best way to do it is get the fans involved, everyone has been invested. This is what fans want to see. To sit home with their families and root for their favorites to and fro. They show a video for the World Title Series.

Next week, Group Future Four takes on Group X-Division

Eddie Edwards, Mr. Anderson, Rockstar Spud and Bobby Roode do battle.

Up next, EC3 vs. Davey Richards. It’s promo time video style for their main event.

EC3 vs Davey Richards

World Title Series Match – Quarter Finals

Ladies and Gentlemen…

EC3: Davey Richards, do you know where you are? In the Quarter Finals where we separate the men from the boys? Ororororor, AHWOOOOO, The Wolves, from the Winners? Davey you’re an incredible wrestler and your path to get here, but your run ends here.

Davey: Ya know Ethan, I guess I am quite a disadvantage here. I don’t have a rich Aunt like you. Or a killer spray on tan like you. Or a big overgrown bodyguard like you. But I do have a Nation of Wolves here to cheer me as I kick the head off your shoulders! So Wolves Nation, let the hunt begin!

Richards for the arm twist, works it over as both trade them over, Cartwheel from Davey and he has control as Ethan runs him to the corner, across and hits the shoulderblock. Ethan caught in the armdrag! Davey has the armbar! Ethan twists the arm and yanks it, shoulder lock set in and Davey again falls victim to a shoulderblock from EC3. Ethan powered over as Richards has the arm and Carter cheaps the eyes. Ethan hops and takes a dropkick from Davey!

Ethan to the outside and Richards charging, his leg picked by Tyrus! Ethan socks Davey and Carter gets a two, wraps the neck. Ethan Carter III takes a shot and an uppercut. He sends the man into the ropes. Carter diving elbow off the side to the forehead, does it again gets a two.

The fans chanting “DAVEY” as Ethan gets slammed with forearms, and Richards sent to the outside, hits the barricade and Tyrus punches him! Commercial time!

Back to action in the Impact Zone as Orlando sees Ethan Carter in control, slamming the shots across the chest as Davey’s head stuck outside the ropes. Carter inside to stomp the chest forcing a scream from Richards and Ethan’s all over him in the corner. Ethan to the fans and “BOO”s abound in case you were wondering.

Davey slams the shots and gets sent into the buckles for his trouble! Ethan on him, half camel to make him humble, side headlock, Ethan stuck with the elbow and answers with a hammer down across the back! Davey on the floor and Tyrus shots him from the outside. Ethan for the cover, Josh says Corgan and Dixie said no shenanigans but EC3 and Young have used them.

Ethan misses the slashing knife edge and takes kicks from Davey! Richards misses the leap into the corner and crashes down hard! Ethan for the cover no!!

Carter with a cravat and Davey trying to the fans- howls and hollers from the fans as they chant his name. EC3 takes the shot, fires back! Ethan takes a shot again! Fires back! They do the old YAY BOO chant, tribute to Hack Myers, rest in peace SHAH!

Ethan goes outside as Davey runs and SUICIDE DIVE INTO TYRUS!


Davey Richards is so close! Davey with an arm to the fans, kick to Ethan’s chest! Another! Creeping Death caught, across the shoulders no! Gedo Roll blocked, KICK FROM DAVEY! GERMAN! BRIDGE!!

1! 2!! NOO!!!

Davey Richards sets Ethan near the corner and goes up top, Richards MISSES the Invader Double Stomp!


1! 2! NOOOO!!!

There’s still life left in Davey Richards!

Ethan Carter III to Tyrus, and he goes to the top rope?? Ethan climbing up but caught by Davey! Richards goes up top, he has the head! Carter punching at the kidneys, the head, blocked and Richards slamming headbutts as the crowd counts along!

Davey has Ethan, SUPERPLEX!!!!!


Richards misses Creeping Death! Thrown off, 1 Percenter! Rolled up, EC3 has the pin, Carter locked in the head and wraps the legs to pull himself up, and Carter turns it into a Modified Stunner! Ethan has the head and ONE PERCENTER!!!

Ethan Carter III advances to the Quarter Finals!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III at 16:37, 1 Percenter

EC3 advances, Davey Richards is out of the World Title Series.

Next week, Group Future Four vs Group X Division

Bobby Roode vs Rockstar Spud vs Mr. Anderson vs Eddie Edwards

Thank you everyone for reading our report, my name is Aaron Scott saying see you next time. Here is your updated TNA World Title Series Leaderboard, the Semifinals and Finals be aired live on January 5th, from Bethlehem Pennsylvania:

Ethan Carter III vs Lashley


Matt Hardy vs Eric Young