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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 4.18.13

April 18, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero


Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Impact opened with well wishes to the victims of this week’s Boston tragedy #prayforboston.

-We get highlights from last week’s show.

-We get footage of Hardy being stretchered out last week and Hogan apologizing to him.

-Devon tells Bischoff and Brisco that they need to be ready to beat Kurt Angle tonight. Devon says to get the job done and to do it right, because Angle is dangerous. They promise to take care of business.

-Video history of Angle vs. Bischoff and Brisco runs.

Handicap Match Kurt Angle vs. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff

Wes and Bischoff to begin. Lock up and Angle with clubbing shots and then to the corner and just beats Wes down. Rights by Angle follow, and then slams Wes to the corner. He goes after Bischoff, and then back to Wes and lays the boots to him in the corner. Snap suplex by Angle, and then tosses Wes to Bischoff so he can tag. Hip toss by Angle, rights follow. To the corner and chops to Bischoff and then boots follow as Angle is in complete control. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Angle, and then a backdrop to Wes. He tosses Wes to the floor and we head to a commercial…

Back from commercial and Angle is still in control until Wes delivers a low blow behind the refs back. Bischoff with mounted rights, then takes Angle to the corner and delivers rights. You can’t wrestle chants for Bischoff. Bischoff lands a suplex and covers for 1. Tag to Wes, they slam Angle to the corner, some double teams and then a clothesline by Wes gets 2. Wes slams Angle to the corner and covers again for 2. Angle fights back with the belly to back suplex, Wes tags in Bischoff and he runs into a clothesline. Clotheslines to Wes as well. Angle slams them together in the corner, overhead belly to belly to Wes. Germans to both, multiple on Wes and Germans BOTH of them. STRAPS ARE DOWN! Angle slam on Bischoff gets 2 as Wes makes the save. Wes slammed to the post, D’lo is now out and Angle with the Ankle lock on Wes. D’lo tosses in a chain as Anderson now distracts the ref, he nails Angle and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brisco and Bischoff @ 11:00 via pin
RATING: ** {I usually hate handicap matches, but was fine with this one. Angle worked hard, and the douchebag heels won by being douchebag heels. That’s how these matches should work.}

-Aces and 8s now deliver a double team powerbomb on Angle to add to their punishment. Anderson says this is how things will go from now on. Sting is gone, Jeff Hardy was decimated last week. And now, your Olympic hero lies in shambles. If you’re not with Aces and 8s, you’re in a bad way. He adds that they are rooting for AJ Styles tonight.

-Petey Williams and Zema Ion discuss tonight’s X-Division title match.

X-Division Title Match: Kenny King © vs. Zema Ion vs. Petey Williams

They all brawl early, Ion tossed to the floor. We have the wacky ref cam, called the “X-Cam.” Ion eventually flies back in and takes out Williams, but eats a leg lariat by King. Williams saves Ion and, who gets tossed to the floor again. CANADIAN DESTROYER out of nowhere! Ion in for the save, and then tries to cover King. He and Williams argue, head scissors by Williams. Ion counters a monkey flip, but Williams back with the RANA off the ropes. That gets 2. Off the ropes and Ion with a stun gun and neck breaker that gets 2. Shoulder blocks by Ion in the corner, Williams back with chops but Ion counters with the single leg crab. Williams gets the ropes for the break. Forearms by Williams, rights follow. Russian leg sweep by Williams gets 2. Flatliner follows for Williams and he covers for 2. King back to his feet on the floor, Williams looks for the destroyer but Ion counters. Williams then with a dive onto King on the floor. Ion follows but gets stopped and Williams in with a release German. Williams flies to the floor with a RANA onto King! Williams is on fire here, grabs Ion and tries to pull him in, but then gets stunned off the ropes and then Ion in with a DDT and covers for 2. Williams counters the moonsault, roll up by Ion for 2. Sharp shooter by Williams! Ion struggles for the ropes, but Williams pulls him back center. King in and gets a charging knee to Williams, and then covers Ion for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kenny King @ 6:00 via pin
RATING: **¾ {Really good little TV match, especially for the time given. Williams continues to be a stand out performer since his return.}

-Magnus discusses his TV Title shot against Devon tonight.

-Brooke Hogan and Christy Hemme discuss the new Knockouts website, which will launch next week. Brooke calls in Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher. Brooke puts them over and says they have earned a #1 contenders match tonight. Mickie leaves, and Tessmacher consoles Brooke over the Bully Ray stuff. She says she and the girls are there for her and they hug.

-Devon makes his way to the ring.

-As Magnus makes his way to the ring, Aces and 8s members attack him. Knux and Doc are the assailants in this case, and as Magnus holds his own, Devon joins in the attack. Devon wraps the chain around his hand and lays in a body shot to lay out Magnus. Doc and Knux double team chokeslam Magnus on the stage. Samoa Joe eventually makes the save. Joe calls for help as Magnus is down and out of the match that was scheduled.

-Back from the commercial break and we see replays of the attack on Magnus. Backstage Joe calls Aces and 8s cowards, punk and chumps. He says if they want to pull that, that’s fine. Because he told the powers that be what he wants, and Devon will pay in blood as Joe collects in the ring.

-We get a video history of the AJ Styles angle.

-Styles faces Storm later tonight.

-Velvet Sky was injured two weeks ago on Impact. We see footage and her being treated after the injury. Not much of an actual update as they said we would get.

#1 Contender’s Match: Mickie James vs. Miss Tessmacher

ODB is the special referee. Lock up, to the corner and Tessmacher breaks clean. Lock up, to the corner again and this time, James with the clean break. Lock up once again, they battle and roll to the mat, and then back to their feet with the hold still locked. Tessmacher pulls James down, bridge by James and then to her feet and to the ropes. They break as ODB get involved a bit. They argue a bit, ODB yells at them and Tessmacher gets a sneaky roll up for 2. Boot to the gut by James, works the arm a bit and then rolls into an arm bar, and Tessmacher gets the ropes. Tessmacher yells at ODB not to play favorites. Tessmacher then pulls James to the floor and they trade rights. ODB then slides to the floor as they are locked up and breaks it, yelling at them to get back into the ring. Back in and a boot by Tessmacher, rights follow. A whip to the corner, reversal by James but body kicks by Tessmacher and then the facebuster out of the corner, and covers for 2. Corner clothesline by Tessmacher, she goes for the asstastic and gives James a face full of stuff. Tessmacher slams down James and covers for 2. Tessmacher covers again for another 2. To the corner counter by James and slams Tessmacher to the buckle. Slams her to another corner, and then gets a flapjack. Kip up by James, heads up top and gets the Thesz press for a close 2. Mounted rights by James, ODB pulls her off and they argue. James and Tessmacher then charge and clothesline each other. ODB lays in the count on them, they get to their knees and brawl. They now cut to an odd replay, editing I suppose, and Tessmacher gets slammed to the corner, sloppy roll up by Tessmacher and a counter by James, and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mickie James @ 8:00 via pin
RATING: * {Some good action early, but I felt that it was too much about ODB and not about the ladies fighting for a title shot. It started to fall apart, and the sloppy finish and odd edit did the match no favors. Still nice to see the ladies get so much time, unfortunately it just wasn’t their best outing.}

-AJ is backstage and Daniels and Kazarian then say that the band is back together, and sing a song about the three best friend being the best friends they could ever have.

-Joseph Park is on the phone, and Devon takes his phone away. Bully ray them comes in and lays out Park, saying he is Brooke’s husband and he knows what is best for her. Devon chokes Park out with the chain, and Ray says to stay out of their family business. Devon then tosses him into the shower and turns on the water while Bully tells him to sit there and cry.

-Mickie discusses being the new #1 contender, and she promises to show who and what she is. She feels that she has been pushed to the side and has been overlooked. It’s about damn time she shined. Came off as a heel promo to me.

-Storm says he tried to talk to AJ like a man, and tonight, he will superkick some sense into AJ.

-We see highlights of Chavo and Hernandez winning the tag titles last week.

-Daniels and Kazarian make their way to the ring. Daniels says that the year of Bad Influence will continue. They have sweet new shirts, and the fans love them. He says the Bad Influence movie is coming, and Morgan Freeman is in talks to play Dixie Carter. But the best thing is that they are this close to sign with them one more time. Kaz says they even have a new shirt for AJ. He then says that they now have to discuss Churro Guerrero and Juan Hernandez. As soon as they have the balls to face them, they will become the world tag team champions of the world again.

Roode and Aries now make their way to the ring. They are not impressed. Roode calls them dumb and dumber, and says that Daniels and Kaz are not the #1 contenders for the tag titles. Roode says that Chavo and Hernandez fluked a victory last week, and they will be getting their rematch first. Daniels says he respects him, and says his opinion would mean more if he wasn’t Canadian. Aries says Daniels and Kaz have had a great career, and says if he and Roode spent a ton of private time together like Daniels and Kaz, they would be a well lubed machine like the, Kaz calls Aries a dirty vegan, and Aries says Kaz love putting meat in his mouth. They start school yard arguing, they call each other assholes and then Chavo and Hernandez appear as Daniels and Kaz back away. Chavo and Hernandez clear the ring, and Chavo says that they are the best because they have the titles.

-Kenny King, Gail Kim, Bobby Roode all discuss the actions of Aces and 8s, how they have taken things too far and that they have no respect for anyone.

-Matt Morgan cuts a promo on Hogan not being there and that his mistakes are adding up. In other news, I suspect that Morgan’s beard is on performance enhancing drugs.

TV Title Match: Devon © vs. Samoa Joe

Devon attacks at the bell, but this only serves to piss off Joe, who takes him down and lays the boots to him. Off the ropes, running boot by Joe. Snap mare, chops, kicks and the running knee drop all connect for Joe and a cover gets 2. Joe gets the clutch, but Devon rolls out and hit a spear on Joe. Devon in control, keeps Joe down and lands an elbow and covers for 2. Chinlock by Devon, Joe works to his feet, elbows out and whips Devon to the corner. Back elbow and enziguri by Joe connect. Joe fires up, to the corner and looks for the muscle buster and Aces and 8s members are out. Anderson in the ring as the ref is distracted, lays out Joe with brass knux, and Devon covers to retain the title.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Devon @ 4:00 via pin
RATING: *½ {Not much of a match, as it was more about the Aces and 8s domination. I am ok with that, but hope they mix it up from week to week because this will get repetitive.}

-After the match, Devon holds Joe and Anderson nails Joe in the face with the knux again.

-Next week, Velvet Sky defends her Knockouts Title against Mickie James and Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez defend the tag team titles against Bobby Roode and Austin Aries.

-AJ comes out with the hoodie and leather jacket, wearing black and silver tights. He walked slowly to the ring, and then looked to bail but Storm attacked. They brawled on the ramp until Storm sent AJ into the ring for the official start of the match.

AJ Styles vs. James Storm

As Storm enters the ring, AJ attacks and takes early control. Storm off the ropes with the high knee, and then mounted rights follow. Off the ropes, and AJ trips up Storm and then lands a clothesline. We head to a commercial…

We are back from the commercial break as AJ works over Storm in the corner with chops. Suplex by AJ, and then lays in some kicks as well. AJ now works a chinlock, Storm works to his feet and lands rights to escape. They trade shots, off the ropes and a forearm by Storm. Atomic drop, and a clothesline all connect for Storm. Big backdrop by Storm follows that, and Storm then lands a swinging white noise type deal for 2. Storm sets AJ up top, lays in the rights and then follows him up. Storm looks for the superplex, AJ slides out and Storm lands in the tree of woe. Levitation dropkick on the corner by AJ and a cover gets 2. Daniels and Kaz are out to root on AJ. Storm fights back, gets the back cracker and then sends himself and AJ to the floor with the Cactus clothesline. AJ fights back, slamming Storm to the guardrail and then tosses him back into the ring. AJ back in, misses a kick and the lung blower connects for Storm. He sets for the superkick, AJ counters into a knee bar style submission for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: AJ Styles @ 10:00 via submission
RATING: **¾ {Overall a good TV main event. AJ and Storm have worked against and with each other so many times that they have good chemistry. It was a bit of a struggle at times with the crowd, as they don’t know how to treat AJ. With AJ working the new style as well, it will be a bit of time before people adjust to that. I also like that AJ toned down the flashy stuff and changed his finish to fit the new persona.}

-Daniels and Kaz are in to celebrate with AJ, who then lays them out. Storm get to his feet, AJ bails as Aces and 8s hit the ring to attack Storm. Daniels and Kaz are also being beat down here as Bully Ray joins the party and Aces and 8s stand tall once again.

-Bully Ray grabs the mic and asks if we know who he is and who they are. Yes, you have little jackets with your names on them! Sorry, he says they have destroyed all of the heroes, and he is the man responsible for defeating and taking out Hardy. His brothers took out “these three prices of trash.” You have no heroes left, look around, all of your heroes are now just victims. And you can blame it all on Hulk Hogan. Hogan is the reason why all of the heroes have been turned into just another victim. Next week, right here on Impact, he will call out Hogan to the ring, and he wants to look him in the eyes, stare deep into his soul and tell him that Hogan is the reason why all of the heroes are nothing but victims. Victims of Aces and 8s, and when you ride with Aces and 8s, you never walk alone.

-Thanks for reading.

-End scene…

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