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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 5.10.12

May 10, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

King Mo Signs With TNA:

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Championship Roll Call:


Let the Pigeons Loose…

Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

-Bobby ‘The It Factor and Leader of the Selfish Generation” Roode makes his way to the ring. He asks what he has to do to prove that he is the greatest world champion in the history of TNA and the most dominant world champion in the history of the company. Last week he defeated Mr. Anderson, and took him out. He also took out Jeff Hardy. And he also took out RVD. One man, your champion, took out all three men at the same time, hell, he even amazes himself. In 14-days, he will go down in history as the longest reigning champion in the history of TNA. Longer than AJ, Hardy, Angle, Sting, no one will have held the title longer than him. In just three days, he faces RVD, and if RVD thinks he can out wrestle him or take the title, then he is sadly mistaken. And nothing can stop him.

RVD hits the ring and we have a short brawl, but Roode bails. RVD grabs the title and stands in the ring. Mr. Anderson is now out and attacks Roode. Back in the ring and hardy then joins the mix and they take turns beating down Roode. Hardy and Anderson then brawl as RVD and Roode battle as security breaks them up.

Hulk Hogan is out and says he smells blood. So he books a four way main event, and it will flip flop the entire company, but he has to talk with RVD first. The winner has something to gain, if Anderson or Hardy win, they take RVD’s place. If Roode wins, he can pick his opponent. And if RVD wins, he gets to pick the stipulation for his title match on Sunday. RVD agrees, and the match is on.

-Bully Ray runs down Austin Aries backstage, making fun of his size. Last week Aries talked down to him, and said some bad things. Ray is tired of being bullied around. The locker room is talking and Aries is the real problem, and Ray will take care of him. Stay tuned and watch.

-James Storm speaks tonight.

-We see Gail and Madison getting changed backstage. Gail complains about Tessmacher, who says Tessmacher is all Photoshop and camera tricks. Madison says there is a guy she wants to look perfect for. She is perfect.

Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Lock up to begin, to the corner and Sky breaks clean and shakes her ass. Tessmacher then shakes her ass, and they lock up again. We get a very obvious edit and then Sky with the corner splash. Monkey flip by Tessmacher, tries another and gets tossed down. Boot by Sky, chops, but Tessmacher back with the dropkick and as Sky is down in the corner, Tessmacher backs that ass up and plants it in Sky’s face. Tessmacher misses a charge, bulldog by Sky and a cover for 2. To the corner they go, Sky with the knees and then the snap mare and basement dropkick for 2. Sky goes to pick her up, roll up by Tessmacher for 2. Sky looks to finish things off, but Tessmacher slams her into the corner. Sky charges, misses and hits the corner, and Tessmacher then gets a sloppy ass faceplant for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brooke Tessmacher @ 3:00 via pin

-Gail Kim hits the ring and attacks Tessmacher. Kim sets and gets eat defeat on Tessmacher. She grabs her title and calls Tessmacher a piece of trash.

-We get a James Storm video package.

-AJ walks and is asked about the secret. He blows off the question because he is focusing on his PPV match with Kurt Angle.

-Jeff Hardy discusses the main event for tonight, and plans to end Roode’s reign.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

Bully Ray attacks Morgan on the way to the ring and beats him down with the chain. He threatens Hemme and Val, grabs a chair and nails Morgan with it. Crimson watches on as Ray tells Aries that this will be him on Sunday. Agents come out to save the day, and Morgan is busted open. Ray threatens the agents, who back off. Ray again says that this will be Aries and leaves. That’s cool, I didn’t want to see Morgan vs. Crimson again anyway. Morgan gets stretchered out.


-We see Morgan being carted out as Ray watches on. I guess Direct Auto didn’t work for Morgan. Crimson on the mic says this is unfortunate, and also week after week Morgan would come out and yell that he could beat Crimson. Crimson says Morgan was delusional, and Crimson is still undefeated. Crimson then tells the ref to give Morgan another opportunity, and give him the count of 10. The ref is hesitant, but Crimson makes him count Morgan out. Crimson is still undefeated. Yup. Crimson then calls Morgan a complete disappointment and then makes the referee raise his hand.

-We get a video for RVD, where he discusses Greek Mythology.

X-Division Title Match: Austin Aries © vs. Zema Ion

And here we go with an X-Division title match. Aries with the side headlock and then scuffs up the hair of Ion. Basement dropkick follows and Ion to the floor. Aries up top, and dives and MISSES Ion and eats the barricade. Ion with the flip dive that connects. Back in the ring they go, kick to the head by Ion and a cover for 2. Lays the boots to Aries, Ion fixes his hair, and Aries fights back with elbows and chops. Eye poke by Ion, Cool facebuster by Ion and a cover for 2. Slam by Ion, springboard moonsault eats knees. That had to suck. Forearms by Aries, elbows follow. To the corner, discus forearm smash by Aries. Clothesline takes Ion to the floor….HEAT SEEKING MISSILE connects for Aries. Back into the ring and a springboard elbow drop by Aries gets 2. Ion take shim to the corner, sets Aries up top, Ion follows but is knocked off. MISSILE dropkick by Aries. Charging corner dropkick connects. BRAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAA~! Aries wins because he is the greatest man that ever lived.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aires @ 4:00 via pin

-Daniels and Kaz walk. Daniels says that AJ is not their fiend and Kaz questions what they are about to do. Daniels says not to worry about their jobs, they have contracts. They will now show the world AJ’s secret.

-RVD discusses being able to beat Hardy, Anderson and Roode. He shines outside the rules, and if he gets to choose the stipulation, he will punish Bobby Roode. Remember, no one gets higher than RVD. He is thinking a ladder match, because you cannot beat him at his own game.

-We get a video package of the drama between AJ, Daniels and Kaz.


Daniels and Kaz hit the ring for secret time. Daniels says he gave AJ an ultimatum last week, to reveal the secret, or he will. Not much of a choice really. Daniels hasn’t heard form AJ and gives him one last chance. Come out and set the record straight. AJ doesn’t come out, but as the new face of IMPACT Wrestling, Daniels says the fans needs to know the truth.

AJ makes his way out to the ring. AJ says he doesn’t know what they think they have on him, but it needs to stop. AJ says that they will make a mistake tonight, and Kaz says he was protecting AJ, but then he looked at all he and Daniels have done, and then he looked at the secret, and decided it was not worth protecting him.

And the secret is…

Yes, that is that they showed. AJ says that is he and Dixie. Daniels says they have all had talks with Dixie, but Daniels says that he has more images. They then show AJ caressing Dixie’s face. Daniels says he has never had his hands on Dixie Carter. AJ doesn’t have anything to say, and then they show AJ and Dixie in an embrace, AJ may be biting her neck, it’s cool that he is into that sort of thing. Daniels says AJ has always been the poster boy for TNA, and well, a picture is worth a thousand words. Daniels bails, Kaz drops the photos at AJ’s feet as AJ stands there in silence.

TV Title Match: Devon © vs. Robbie E

Devon hits the ring and attacks both Robbies. He tosses Robbie T, and is on the attack to Robbie E. Thesz press by Devon, diving head butt and he is in control until Robbie T trips him up. To the floor, Robbie E cleans house on both Robbies. Tosses Robbie E into the ring, spinebuster and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Devon @ 2:00 via pin

-Robbie T attacks Devon again after the match and lands a powerslam. He then gets the TV title and hands it to Robbie E. This is the feud that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on my friends.

-We get a video package of James Storm leaving a few weeks ago.

-It then goes into a video package, where Storm discusses losing at the PPV. He wishes he could say Roode cheated or the better man won, but he can’t. he disappointed his fans, and he has to get his head clear. Right now he has to take time for himself. We see Storm working on the farm, discussing always working hard. Wrestling was his life and gave him everything. He discusses if he even wants to wrestle anymore, and if it is worth it. He never imagined second-guessing himself. The way he lost made him second-guess himself. He failed in front of friends and family and it nearly killed him.

-We see Joseph Park looking for the right way to go to the ring.

-Devon says it is never a fair fight due to the Robbies. At the PPV, he challenges them for a match against both men.

-We see a video package on the disappearance of Abyss.

-Joseph Park makes his way to the ring. He went to Hogan for some time in the ring to discuss his brother. He starts talking without a mic. They give him a mic and the crowd chants “Where’s Abyss?” Park says he has gone back and watched Abyss’ matches, and says he tore the place down to the ground. I wonder if he asked James Mitchell where Abyss is? He thanks Hogan for the time out here, and then says he is nervous. He’s looking for Chris, you know, Abyss. In his investigation, Bully Ray was the common thread. And he is not going away until he gets answers. On the way in he saw the sign for the PPV, and he says he may buy a ticket and sit with the fans and watch the event.

Bully Ray now comes to the ring. He is tired of hearing this crap. There is something not right with Park and his brother Abyss. This is not a courtroom. This is a wrestling ring and Ray says he has no business being in there. Ray asks if he saw what he did to Morgan and says he could do it to him. Park asks him to calm down and says that Ray is big, tough, bad and mean. But that brings him back to Abyss’ last match, where he beat Ray. Park then says Ray’s former partner also beat him a few weeks ago. Park then says to table that as well, and then mentions last week as the crowd calls Ray a loser. When Ray got beat up by Aries. He then asks how the bullying thing’s working out, and Ray shoves him down. Ray then bails as Park smiles.

-Mr. Anderson discusses tonight’s main event.

-Angle discusses the AJ secret, and says that AJ needs to focus on him at Sacrifice. Angle will make him tap so that he can go away and think about the allegations.

-They run down the PPV card…

* AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
* Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson
* Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries
* TNA TV Title Match: Devon © vs. Robbie E vs. Robbie T
* TNA Tag Team Title Match: Samoa Joe and Magnus © vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
* Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim © vs. Miss Tessmacher
* TNA World Title Match: Bobby Roode © vs. RVD

-We get an RVD video package, with guys discussing what RVD would sacrifice that RVD would make to win the title.

Non-Title Match: Bobby Roode vs. RVD vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

They all begin to brawl at the bell. They all try to take turns beating down Roode, which causes issues as Jeff and Anderson pair off. Roode takes out Anderson and RVD, Jeff misses the whisper in the wind and we head to a commercial @ 1:00.

Back from commercial @ 5:00 as Roode works over Jeff in the ring. Jeff battles back, and gets the leg drop to the balls and covers for 2. Anderson sends RVD into the barricade, Anderson pulls out Jeff and into the ring to battle Roode. Clotheslines to Roode, gets a neck breaker and RVD makes the save. RVD and Anderson in now, to the corner and a kick by RVD. The split legged moonsault gets 2. To the corner again, sidekick by RVD. Rolling thunder stopped as Roode catches RVD with the spinebuster for 2. Off the ropes and RVD with the superkick and that sends Roode to the corner. Another kick by RVD and Roode is down. Jeff in, stops RVD’s monkey flip and then gets the whisper in the wind for 2. Boot by Jeff, but RVD back with a kick to the face. Rolling thunder connects for RVD. Roode tosses RVD to the floor, perfect-plex countered and a twist of fate by Jeff. Mic check by Anderson, and Anderson and Jeff to the floor, allowing RVD to frog splash Roode for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: RVD @ 9:00 via pin

-RVD gets a ladder match main event at Sacrifice.

-RVD gets out a ladder, sets it up and Roode is not happy about this as RVD climbs and sits on top of the ladder.

-Anderson and Hardy argue at ringside, and we get PYRO and Abyss’ music, and he is back. He has a mic and says that this message is for his little brother, you’re getting too close to the fire, back off, before you get burned.

-End scene.




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