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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 5.31.12

May 31, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:


Let the Pigeons Loose…

Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

-We are LIVE in Orlando! TNA talent is surrounding the ring for the lumberjack match.

And they start to brawl right away. Sting whips Roode to the corner, and Roode goes upside down and almost onto his head. Rake of the eyes by Sting, and then Roode repays him with an eye poke. Chops by Roode, Sting says fuck that and delivers rights and clotheslines. Deathlock try, and Roode escapes to the ropes. He tries to go the floor, gets scared off and Sting lays the boots to him and Roode to the floor. The lumberjacks force him back in and then Sting kicks him back to the floor. No escape for Roode, atomic drop by Sting and then Sting misses the corner splash. Roode tosses Sting to the floor and the heels beat him down a bit. Sting with the shoulder block, to the corner and a backdrop. Roode to the floor and forced back in. he begs off and then tosses Sting to the floor. The heels beat down Sting again, tossed back in and Roode covers for 2. Boot to the gut by Roode, and a cover for 2. To the corner, shoulder blocks by Roode. Roode in control, lands the knee drop and covers for 2. Seated bear hug by Roode, slowing the pace. Sting powers out, to the corner and whips Roode to the other, charges in and eats a boot to the face. Roode continues to beat down Sting, tosses him to the floor and as Sting tries to fight back, we head to a commercial @ 6:00.

Back from commercial @ 10:00 as Roode lays the boots to Sting in the corner. Suplex by Roode and a cover gets 2. More boots by Roode, and tosses Sting to the floor. The heels beat on Sting and roll him back in. To the corner and chops by Roode. Rights follow and more chops. Sting is pissed, fires back and gets the Stinger splash. Knocks Roode to the floor and the heels protect him and Sting with a PLANCHA and wipes them all out! Back into the ring and scorpion deathlock by Sting is countered into a crossface by Roode. Sting fights, and gets the ropes. Roode breaks, and more boots to the ribs by Roode. Perfect-plex countered, float over and the deathdrop connects. Deathlock by Sting, Roode fights, and has to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sting @ 14:00 via submission

-Hulk Hogan makes his way out to the arena. Hogan is pleased and says Sting is the #1 man in TNA. He says that tonight, he makes news. The main event for Slammiversary is Roode defending the title against Sting. BROTHER!

-Taz and Tenay discuss the match and announcement. AJ Styles will face Daniels tonight, and the TV Title will be on the line. Plus, Brooke Hogan debuts.

-Madison Rayne prepares backstage and discusses Brooke Hogan. She thinks that they will get along just fine. She wonders if she looks good, because HE may be watching.

-Bully Ray is in the ring and asks if we know who he is. He is looking for Joseph Park. Ray is surprised he showed up this week, due to what he did to him last week. Ray has they show video of what he did to Park last week. Ray then calls Park down to the ring, and here he comes. Ray knows that Park is a coward, and doesn’t want to fight. He calls his mom a coward, his dad a coward, and his brother Chris, you know, Abyss, is a coward. Security holds Park back and Ray demands that they let him through. Park now enters the ring and Ray says he wants a fight. Park backs off but Ray demands a fight. Ray then says he may change his mind, and Ray says he is GUILTY as charged of leaving Abyss for dead. Park chokes out Ray and threatens to hit him, and Ray says if he hits him he will sue him. Park backs off and says he will not stoop to Ray’s level because he has class. Ray calls him a coward like Abyss. Ray leaves and Park picks up the mic and says that if Ray wants to fight, lets do it right now. Ray then says they will fight at Slammiversary.

-We get a video package for the undefeated Crimson.

-Backstage Crimson says he cannot be beat.

X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Austin Aries © vs. Chris Sabin

And here we go with a title match. Lock up, side headlock by Aries. Some counters, reversals and Aries back to the headlock. Deep arm drag by Aries, to the corner and after a reversal a forearm by Sabin connects. Sunset flip, countered by Aries into a dropkick and a cover for 2. Elbow drop by Aries for 2. Boot to the face by Sabin, crucifix and then a cover for 2. Kicks by Sabin, and then Aries send shim to the floor. Heat seeking missile by Aries connects. Backing, Aries up top ad Sabin stops that, tree of woe and then misses the hesitation dropkick. Top rope missile dropkick by Aries connects. Misses the corner dropkick and Sabin dropkicks him to the floor. Big plancha by Sabin wipes out Aries. Back into the ring they go, Sweet hangman’s neck breaker by Sabin gets 2. They trade some counters, but Aries counters the cradle shock into a roll up for the victory. Very good for what little time they had.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 4:00 via pin

-We see footage of Hogan talking with Taz backstage. Taz stepped up for the Gutcheck, and will be replacing Ric Flair as a judge. Taz says Hogan knows him, and knows he will get the real Taz and people may not like it. Hogan says to do his job and just do what he has to do.

-Backstage we go to the judging for the Gutcheck challenge. They joke about butting heads a lot, and this was taped in Nashville yesterday, discussing Joey Ryan. They like his look and he stands out. Well, Prichard didn’t and calls him a porn star reject. Taz says that his gimmick is basically that. Taz says we saw who he was, and Prichard says the Twitter fans said he was better than Alex Silva. Taz then adds in that he got pissed when Aries came out and Ryan “stayed in character” but didn’t appear to be in a fight. Taz says that this was a dream opportunity and that the guys have to properly balance things. Snow feels that Ryan took things seriously and Prichard thought he did a good job, but didn’t blow him away. He did remember him though. He has an opportunity to sell them on getting the contract. Snow hopes to see more out of Ryan when he gets his promo time.

SAMOA JOE posted the following on Twitter…

Currently being escorted from the premises to avoid a incident on the companies “big night”.. Riiight, enjoy the show

-Borash is backstage with Hardy, Anderson, RVD and Robbie E to see who got voted into the TV Title match. Well, we have to wait, because…

-Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring. Carter is excited about the evening, and says Slammiversary is in 10-days. She is proud of the company and everyone in the company. She also says they wouldn’t be here without the fans. She says Slamiversary is a special night, and they will announce the first TNA WRESTLING HALL OF FAME inductee. Yep. She is excited about being live and the changes coming. She says the Knockouts can go to another level, and says she found someone who has been born into the business and feels that she can help her accomplish that goal. She announces Brooke Hogan as the head of the Knockouts. They joke about telling Hulk about Brooke taking the job. Brooke says that this is amazing, and knows how much the Knockouts mean to Dixie, and she gets it, because she grew up in wrestling. She has big yellow boots to fill, but she takes this very seriously. She promises to work hard, and thanks the Knockouts, and Dixie promises that they will have fun.

-Kaz and Daniels are upset that Dixie didn’t mention her love affair with AJ Styles. Daniels promises to reveal more details tonight.

-We see a TNA moment, which is the debut of Christian Cage.

-TV Title match time. Devon’s opponent is…with 40% of the vote is Jeff Hardy.

TV TTLE MATCH: Devon © vs. Jeff Hardy

They shake and here we go. Lock up, and Devon works the arm. Reversals, and a side headlock by Devon. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Devon for 2. Roll up by Devon gets 2 and they stand off. To the corner, head scissors by Jeff. Devon just powers him down and then slams Jeff down. Jeff with a boot, reverse kick connects. Corner splash by Jeff, back elbow follows and then the whisper in the wind gets 2. Devon catches Jeff up top, gets a neck breaker and Devon covers for 2. Elbow drop by Devon gets 2. Back to the chinlock goes Devon, Jeff fights out, slam countered and twist of fate by Jeff connects. Goes up top, swanton stopped by Robbie E and Robbie T and we have the match tossed out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest @ 5:00

-Devon fights back and takes out the Robbies as Jeff is down. Devon and Jeff work together and toss them to the floor and stand tall.

-We get a video update on James Storm. He is with his daughter, and he loves being a country boy. He discusses Roode, and says that this place is what he is all about while Roode wants to be the “it factor.” Storm says it doesn’t get any better than this. He is upset that he let down his people, because they believed in him. He says he has made a decision, and his daughter asks if he is going back to wrestling. He cuts off the interview.

-We get a video of the AJ Styles saga with Dixie Carter.

-GUTCHECK TIME. Taz, Prichard and Snow are in the ring. They introduce the judges, and then bring out Joey Ryan. Prichard says they are ready to make a decision. Ryan says they should realize who they are standing in front of, and he says he is trending world wide on Twitter. 87% of the people sad he should get the contract. Prichard says he looks at him, says he looks like Ron Burgandy, and is a hell of a talent. But after 10-years or so in the business, that solidified his vote, because after all that time, Prichard says no. Next to Al Snow, who says that he doesn’t like Ryan or his attitude because he acts like he has a job. He doesn’t like anything about him, but, that isn’t what it is all about. Snow thinks he has potential and he says yes. Now onto Taz. But first Borash gives Ryan a chance to state his case. Ryan says for a company that prides itself on social media Prichard is being stupid. He trusts Taz, because Taz knows Ryan is money and you don’t leave money on the table. Taz says he will keep it real, and says he will not BS. If that was the promo to save his life, Ryan is out of his mind. Ryan says Taz doesn’t scare him because Taz is a commentator. Taz says no because he has forgotten more about wrestling than Ryan will ever know. Ryan is pissed, and Taz says to think about it, because Ryan screwed up. Taz says to prove him wrong and come back to prove him wrong, because now it is no.

-We see video package of Roode in London, discussing being the greatest TNA World Champion of all time.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Lock up to begin, to the corner and AJ breaks while talking trash. Slap by Daniels, and he bails. Back into the ring, counters and a slap by AJ. AJ lands the dropkick, and then delivers elbows to Daniels. To the corner, float over and a jab to AJ by Daniels. Daniels lays the boots to AJ, rights follow. AJ battles back, slams Daniels to the corner and tries a suplex from the apron. Daniels drops down with a stunner in the ropes, and then sends AJ to the barricade, and that looked as if it had to suck. We head to a commercial @ 3:00

Back from commercial @ 6:00 as Daniels is still in control of the action. Slam by Daniels, split legged moonsault connects and a cover gets 2. Daniels now works a neck crank, and AJ gets the ropes. Rights by AJ, forearms follow. Chops by AJ, he unloads on Daniels but Daniels slams him to the corner. AJ counters, and dropkicks Daniels. BOTH men are down. They get to their feet, Daniels misses a charge and clotheslines and elbows follow for AJ. To the corner, AJ up top and slaps by Daniels. AJ fights back, springboard Superman forearm connects. AJ kips up and then a counter by Daniels, rights follow and a PELE by AJ sends Daniels to the mat. Clash try, Daniels counters and Kaz is out, distracts AJ and Daniels covers for 2. Asai DDT by AJ and a cover gets 3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: @ 11:00 via pin

-Kaz and Daniels beat AJ down after the match. Here comes Kurt Angle! The odds are even now as Angle cleans house. Ankle lock on Kaz! Daniels back in, low blows Angle. Hi-low on Angle and the tag champions are in control. They have riot straps and tie Angle to the ropes. AJ is up and tries to stop them. Angle is tied in the ropes and Kaz then lays out AJ with the title belt. Daniels and Kaz stand tall over their Slammiversary opponents and Daniels has the mic. Daniels says he has shown us evidence about AJ’s affair with Dixie. And he has more proof. They play a phone call, where we hear Dixie asking if AJ is coming for the weekend, but not to let “him” know he is coming. AJ asks about Dixie’s husband Serge, and we see Dixie out at commentary throwing a fit to go off the air and we go to black…

-End scene.



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