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411’s TNA Slammiversary Report 6.18.06

June 18, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Please remember to sent you thoughts on the show to me for the special edition of the 3R’s I will be doing for Friday. I want thumbs up, down or in the middle, best and worst match and any overall thoughts you have on the show. Thanks in advance, because your participation is needed.

To listen to the special Slammiversary podcast, Click Here~!

Tenay and West welcome us to TNA’s 4th anniversary! The James Gang gets tossed out of the back by Team 3D!

Bingo Hall Brawl: Team 3D vs. The James Gang

Team 3D during the pre-shoe went looking for the James Gang, found them and tossed them down the ramp to start the PPV. Kip and Ray go at it with chairs, Ray gets taken out. Devon in with the Kendo Stick and starts to clean some house. Junk and jive by BG, but he gets tossed. Reverse 3D on Kip for 2. Slick Johnson and all the refs are wearing the old school ref look, light blue shirts and bow ties. They brawl into the crowd now and they go into the LAX area and they beat down Team 3D. They then beat down Kip and BG! DON’T CROSS THE BORDER! Kip gets back-dropped onto a guard railing. BG jumps the rail and here we go with more crowd brawling. They ram Kip and BG into chairs that the crowd holds, but the James Gang battles back and uses trashcan lids, that’s uneven. Tons of toys tossed into the ring right now and they all go back and Ray chokes Ray with a bra. Uh oh…Ray has a cheese grated, but Kip with a low blow stop that. Kip charges, Ray nails him and CHEESE GRATER TO KIP! Shit that had to hurt. Slam by Ray on BG. Devon up top…WAZZZUP head butt but BG had a trashcan lid and Devon is hurt. Ray has a golf club and tee’s off on Ray. I kill me. Kip with a slam to Ray onto a trashcan and covers for 2. Kip and Devon pair off, but Ray hits him with a kendo stick and then they deliver the DEADLYVILLE DEVICE! GET THE TABLES! BG tossed to the floor 3D ON KIP through the table. That’s it.

Winners: Team 3D @ 10:22 via pin **½

Ray on the mic tells us that’s how it should be done.

West and Tenay break down the card for us.

JB in the back with JJ. They talk about the new face of TNA management, and it is do or die for JJ. Nights like this is why he wrestles, and nights like this make good men great. He has always battled the odds and prevailed and exceeded when he had to. He’s like Joe Montana in the 4th quarter. He’s Jordan, Reggie Jackson and Montana rolled all into one. TNA never got a chance, and 4-years later they are here. Tonight, in the KOTM match, the match he made famous, only in TNA can you see it and Sting, you are trying to keep me from winning? You have an ego and always will. You and Cage will clash and will fail. Killings and Abyss, don’t try to sneak in the backdoor. I will regain my NWA title. Larry Z is here and says the new face is who JJ thought and it doesn’t look good. JJ says he will clean up Larry’s mess.

We get a video hyping Rhino vs. Roode and D’Amore.

D’Amore on the mic and says he knows Rhino fears him, so they can call it a handicap match, but we all know that the only thing handicapped in the match is Rhino’s IQ. Roode is supposed to watch on as D’Amore displays his catch as can skills.

Rhino vs. Bobby Roode and Coach D’Amore

D’Amore runs away and Rhino charges in and beats down Roode and tosses him to the floor. D’Amore tells Roode he wasn’t ready, would he lie? D’Amore warms up, talks shit and tags out. Roode isn’t happy about that. Clubbing shots to Rhino by Roode and a side headlock. Off the ropes and a shoulder block to Roode. Roode misses a float over and get laid out with a clothesline. Roode wants a tag but D’Amore just offers him a pep talk. D’Amore slaps Roode and the ref calls it a tag. Rhino tosses him in and stalks him. D’Amore to the floor, Rhino chases him but Roode then lays him out. D’Amore tags in and covers for 2. Tag back to Roode and he chokes out Rhino. Rights by Roode, Irish whip and Rhino hits hard, allowing Roode to cover for 2. Tag to D’Amore and he gets rights to Rhino. Jaw breaker on Rhino, but he shakes it off and tries to piledriver D’Amore, Roode makes the save. Knee drop by D’Amore gets 2. Tag to Roode, suplex on Rhino and a cover of 2. Rights by Roode, Rhino begs him for more. Rhino then starts to battle back but Roode takes him down and covers for 3. Tag to D’Amore, and he gets a 2nd rope fist drop on Rhino. Leg drop gets 2. Tag back to Roode who delivers the boots to Rhino. Neck vice by Roode, but Rhino with a belly to belly! Rhino manages a neck breaker and gets a close 2. Roode tags D’Amore in and sets Rhino up, gets him perfect and takes his shirt off. He flexes and goes up top. MISSES THE MOONSAULT! Rhino to his feet, nails Roode and then a shoulder block to Roode. Cover shoulder block. D’Amore nails Rhino with the hockey stick. He tries the D’Amorealyzer…SPINEBUSTER by Rhino. He tosses Roode…GORE GORE GORE KILLS D’Amore and that is all.

Winner: Rhino @ 11:02 via pin **

JB is with Joe. They talk about his streak and the match with Steiner. Joe says Steiner has NEVER faced anyone like him. Steiner has had the career and scares people, but not him. Steiner has never been pinned in TNA, but Joe will take that from him.

X-Division Rankings Match: Senshi vs. Sharky vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams vs. Alex Shelley

Petey and Sharky to start. Reversals and a slap by Petey. Dropkick by Sharky and then an arm drag. Wristlock and a bite of the hand by Sharky. Back drop and then a whip to the corner. Punches and Petey gets an atomic drop. Tree of woe by Petey. SHARK BITE stops the nut stomp! Plancha by Sharky to Petey on the floor. Back in and a tag to Jay. They double-team Petey, leg lariat by Jay for 2. Side back breaker by Jay gets 2. Reversals and a high knee by Petey. Basement dropkick and a tag to Senshi. Stiff kicks to Jay and a cover for 2. Chops by Senshi, but Jay fires back. More chops by Jay, dropkick by Jay gets 1. Off the ropes and a flapjack by Jay for 2. Kicks by Senshi and a cover for 2. Tag to Alex, double back elbows to Jay. Neck vice by Alex into a necktie into a cool surfboard like move now. Jay escapes but Alex with a necktie lung blower for 2. Jawbreaker by Jay, hip toss, cartwheel and then the dropkick to Alex. Tag to Dutt and he gets a RANA to Alex. Arm drag and he works the arm. Drop toehold and then a standing moonsault for 2. Irish whip and Dutt to the apron. He had Alex by the arm…sprinkler but Alex crotches him. He drags him across…ROPE BURN! Alex chokes him and then gets a spinkick for 2. Slam and a lionsault by Alex for 2. Pie face to Sharky and then a tag. Sharky and everyone is in…TRIPLE BABYFACE SUPLEX~! Chops by Sharky, but Dutt fights back. Knee by Sharky and a slingshot in and cover for 2. Corner elbow by Dutt, boot by Sharky…DSD countered. Neck breaker by Sharky. Up top now…MISSES the elbow drop. Standing SSP by Dutt and Sharky is out @ 10:36.

Alex in and he chokes Dutt. Dutt with an escape and off the ropes…enziguri by Alex. Alex drops his head, neck breaker and Dutt covers for 2. Tag by Jay and a lung blower on Dutt. Missile dropkick by Jay. Alex trips up Jay, basement dropkick and a brain buster onto Jay. Alex up top…senton back splash by Alex but Jay had his knees up, and then Jay gets a pin out of nowhere. Alex is out @ 12:45.

Dutt tosses Jay but Senshi nails him with a kick. Petey with a sling shot RANA on Senshi on the floor. Jay with a suicide dive onto Petey. Dutt up top…MOONSAULT ONTO ALL 3! Jay nails Petey and they go back into the ring. STIFF kick by Jay. Up top…MISSES the swan dive head butt. CANADIAN DESTROYER! Jay is out @ 14:30.

Corner clothesline by Dutt. He and Petey battle, but Petey with a leg drop on the apron to Dutt. Petey gets a cover for 2. Senshi holds Dutt, but Petey hit Senshi by accident and Dutt rolls him up for 2. Hot shot by Petey, Senshi tags in and kills Petey with a clothesline. Senshi up top…Petey tries to stop him and they battle up top. Petey has Senshi… Senshi escapes and Dutt nails Petey. DOUBLE STOMP OFF THE TOP BY Senshi and Petey is gone @ 17:03.

Senshi up top, Dutt follows…TOP ROPE RANA! Basement dropkick gets 2. Off the ropes and a tornado DDT by Dutt gets 2! Sunset flip try, Senshi holds him off…double stomp! 1…2…NO! Dutt fights, neck breaker by Dutt. Dutt goes up top…MISSES the 450 as Senshi got knees up. RUNNING DROPKICK OF DOOM by Senshi! Dutt set up top…tree of woe and Dutt sits up…DOUBLE STOMP and Dutt is dead!

Winner: and #1 contender to Joe, Senshi @ 19:35 via pin ***½

JB is with Nash and Shelley. Nash wants to know what happened? Shelley says there were 10-guys with guns and knives. He is focused on Nash’s celebration. Nash has a message for Sabin’s dad. He won’t pay the doctor bills. When he calls to check on his son, Nash says to ask then if size matters.

A video for Nash vs. Sabin runs.

Kevin Nash vs. Chris Sabin

Clubbing shots by Nash to begin. Rights to Sabin, off the ropes and a elbow by Sabin. Rights to Nash, and Sabin rocks Nash, but Nash with a back elbow drops Sabin. Rights by Nash again, Sabin tries a roll up but Nash grabs the ropes. Dropkick to Nash and he rolls to the floor. Nash calls out Shelley and they talk. Shelley tries to get in the ring, and while Sabin had his back turned Nash lays his out with a clothesline. Choke by Nash and Shelley takes off the turnbuckle pad across the ring. Nash tries to ram Sabin, almost drops him but Sabin counters and Nash nails it. Dropkick by Sabin gets 2. Cradle shock try…nope. Shelley trips Sabin and Nash levels him again with a clothesline. Big sides lam by Nash gets 2. Back breaker by Nash and then bends Sabin over his knee. Nash covers for 2. In the corner and Nash with knees. Elbows now and off the ropes…big boot by Nash. Jackknife try… Sabin fights…Nash falls and Sabin covers for 2! Sabin has Nash up for the cradle shock, but Shelley is in and stops it. Sabin with a basement dropkick takes out Nash’s knees. DIVE onto Shelley on the floor! Back in and a clothesline by Sabin. Slingshot clothesline by Sabin! 1…2…NO! Sabin up top…top rope leg drop to Nash gets 2! Sabin up top again…Shelley crotches him! He falls and Nash is up…straps down! Nash picks up Sabin…Jack knife to Sabin. 1…2…3.

Winner: Kevin Nash @ 8:24 via pin

Nash and Shelley hug and celebrate.

JB is with AMW and Gail. JB says they have been there since day one and that this is the last chance for AJ and Daniels. AMW says they have no chance. They may have been great in the X-Division, but AMW has defeated them every time. They have brought prestige to the titles, and will continue to. Gail says she knows she is a distraction, and no matter what AMW will win as always. Storm says they are not tough enough, sorry about your damn luck.

We get a video hyping the tag title match.

It looked like Storm hid something under the ring.

NWA Tag Title Match: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs. America’s Most Wanted w/Gail

AJ and Storm to begin. Lock up and they shove off. Lock up again and Storm with a headlock. AJ escapes, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Storm. Storm tries to toss AJ, but AJ springs in and then gets the swank dropkick. Tag to Daniels, in with a smash on Storm’s arm. Tag back to AJ, he works the arm and then Daniels back in. Storm rams Daniels to the AMW corner and they double-team him and Harris with an arm bar. Daniels rolls, escapes and gets one of his own. More counters and Daniels remains in control. Eye poke by Harris, wristlock and Daniels with an escape and trip and steps on the hair of Harris. Off the ropes and a dropkick by Daniels. Trip to Storm and they land in the 69 position. The broke-back chants start. Storm accidentally dumps Harris. PLANCHA by AJ! AJ tosses Storm back in and a slam by Daniels. Slingshot elbow drop by Daniels gets 2. Tag to AJ and they get a cool double team face jam deal into the knees of Daniels. Slam by AJ…high knee drop by AJ for 2. AJ off the ropes, trips Harris, off the ropes but Harris pulls it down and he crashes to the floor. All 4 men brawl on the floor now. Daniels and Harris battle on the ramp as Gail tries to nail Daniels, allowing Harris to level him. He drops Daniels throat first onto the railing. AJ tries to hop off the railing, but Storm shoves his legs out from under him and he hits gut first onto the railing. AJ rolled back in and Harris covers for 2. Flying lariat by Harris gets 2. Storm tags in and gets a pair of covers for 2. STIFF kicks by Storm gets 2. Tag to Harris, stalling suplex to AJ and a choke by Harris. Tag to Storm, they double team him with boots and Storm gets a partial whirly bird, AJ dives for a tag but they stop him. Storm tries the 8-second ride…PELE kick by AJ! AJ tries for the tag and gets it! Daniels starts to clean house and gets an enziguri to Harris. Slam on Storm. Split legged moonsault for 2 as Harris tried to save but hit Storm. BLUE THUNDA DRIVA by Daniels. AJ tosses Gail off the top. Some big bitch hits the ring and choke slams Gail! She tosses Gail to the floor and drags her to the back. AMW back and they attack AJ and Daniels. Storm and Daniels up top, Harris over but AJ helps and Daniels gets a roll up for 2. Backdrop by Harris and he nails AJ. Daniels rolls up Harris but Storm tosses a chair in his face. Cover 1…2…NO! Daniels is alive! AJ tags in and gets the superman forearm! Asai DDT on Storm! Pump handle gut buster to Harris! AJ up top…SPIRAL TAP MISSES! Harris has the handcuffs and Storm distracts the ref…he levels AJ with them and covers 1…2…NO! Daniels pulls out the ref! He tells the ref what happened and they knock him back out. Daniels stops a death sentence try…DVD on Harris…senton by AJ! 1…2…NO! Daniels in and Angels wings try…Storm levels him. Storm has his hat on and super kick misses…ANGELS WINGS! 1…2…NO! Harris elbow drops the ref and then tosses him. AJ misses a corner splash and Strom has the bottle…HITA HARRIS as AJ moved! URANAGE by Daniels! FROG SPLASH by AJ! BEST MOONSAULT EVER BY DANIELS! 1…2…3!

Winners: AND NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels @ 18:00 via pin ****¼

They celebrate in the crowd.

In the back, JB is with Sting. Sting says it’s good to be in the house, and good to be wrestling for the NWA title. He has his plan, and after 20-years he can multi-task. He’ll take his chance at the title is he has too, and he wants to make sure JJ gets no power and no world title. It’s Showtime!

We get some great TNA moments in a nice video package. They show anyone with a name that has been through, DDP, Savage, Hogan, Hacksaw, Hardy, Piper, Hall, Chris Rock, ICP and more. Really cool package.

Tenay in the ring now and he says they will make another huge impact now. Tenay puts over the new face of TNA management, who is none other than…James E. Cornette! Cornette has a cane with him as he recently had some knee surgery. He tosses the cane away now and walks to the ring. He doesn’t need no stinking cane. Finally Cornette has come back to PPV! He always wanted to say that. He just saw a match, and THAT was tag team wrestling! He is here for a reason, first some background. TNA is the new face of wrestling, and he is sick of the old one. Over the past few weeks he has been keeping an eye on things. He brings up people saying TNA wouldn’t make it, but they have made 4-years. But TNA had growing pains. They are owned by a successful company, but they know they needed wrestling people to run TNA. But those people brought their own agenda. That hurt TNA, but he is here to clean things up. I may not be politically correct, but at the same time I get results. I have been in every company and know the tricks. I am here to over see the operation for the fans. There are guys I want to see step up. The X Division, AJ and Daniels, Joe, Rhino and more. There are guys that need to get off their ass and step up. His job is to see every seat full and everyone happy. This is a message, TNA personnel. We have goals, great matches, sell PPV’s and to draw ratings. If you can done of those, you are on my good side. If not, seek employment elsewhere. If it comes down to me or you, it’s me. I want what’s best for business and TNA will mean success. And I know there is someone that will try me, I urge you to try. Please try. Make sure that you have cab fare home, because you’ll hit the backdoor. Play by the rules and you’ll go to the top. It has been said before, but you have seen nothing yet!

JB is with Steiner. Steiner says Joe is a half-breed and calls him sloppy Joe. Steiner beat Cena, Batista, HHH, Sting, Goldberg and more. All the fatties want you to succeed and TNA management wants you to win since I don’t play by the rules. You’re DVD is un-sellable. I will show you why I am who I am and I will end your streak and kill you.

The run the awesome video from Impact to hype the match.

Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe

Lock up and a wrist lock and take down by Steiner. They stare down and circle. Lock up, double leg trip and Steiner tries to get position and Joe gets the ropes. Lock up and to the corner they go. Knees by Steiner and then chops. Hip toss on Joe and then he paint brushes Joe. Steiner poses and Joe spits on him! They start brawling! Kicks by Joe and Steiner is down. Chops and more kicks. High knee drop by Joe. Steiner up and an overhead belly to belly on Joe! Boots by Steiner and then he chokes Joe over the middle rope. Chops by Steiner, Irish whip and a boot by Joe. More kicks to Steiner…face wash! Joe charges and Steiner rolls to the floor. ELBOW SUICIDA BY JOE and Steiner crashes into the railing! Chops by Joe on the floor. Steiner rams Joe into the steps though and rolls him back in. Boots by Steiner, off the ropes and a clothesline and elbow drop, then pushups by Steiner. Kick to the face by Steiner. Joe up and with chops to Steiner, but Steiner gets a belly to belly on Joe and he flexes. Steiner picks him up and tries a powerbomb…and gets it! Steiner tries to cover but Joe gets a triangle choke! Ref checks and almost counts a pin on Joe. Steiner rolls and gets a foot on the rope. Jabs by Joe and Steiner is rocked and down. Irish whip…Joe charges but Steiner gets the STJOE! Steiner tosses Joe and they go to the floor. Joe rammed off of the railing and they brawl to the back and Joe is slammed into a wall. Steiner has a chair but the ref tries to take it and Joe back with chops. He punches the chair into Steiner face. Joe charges and nails the ring post. Steiner KILLS JOE WITH A CHAIR SHOT! The ref is giving them the count of 10 the announcers say or the match is over. Steiner nails Joe again with a chair shot. Steiner is in, Joe is stirring…and makes it in. Steiner clubs away at Joe. Joe back with slaps! Atomic drop by Joe and the running Yakuza! Senton by Joe! Irish whip, reversal and STJOE on Steiner! Joe counters Steiner…BLUE THUNDA DRIVA on Steiner! 1…2…NO! Clothesline by Joe, Steiner is still. Blocks one and Joe gets the choke!!!! It’s locked in…the ref checks…Steiner fights, to his feet and breaks it. Joe locks it standing, LOW BLOW by Steiner! HALF NELSON SUPLEX BY STEINER AND JOE LANDS ON HIS HEAD! Steiner rolls him and locks in the recliner! The ref checks the arm, one drop…2 drops…Joe counters and stands up with Steiner! Hot shot…QUICK POWERSLAM and that is all!

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 13:13 via pin ***¾

A Victory Road promo runs.

JB is with Christian Cage. Cage says Happy Slammiversary. JB is happy Cage is here, and Cage says it is getting weird. He calls JB a bitch, and says everyone tells him no champ has retained. He puts over the 4-challengers, and says Sting showed his true colors earlier. He says the NWA Title is a drug, and says the KOTM will be a huge challenge, but his is confident. JJ can talk all he wants, but since Cage has been here, TNA has become his. You show him Killings, Abyss, JJ and Sting. But he will show us the man that will keep the NWA title in this match for the first time, because that’s how I roll!

A KOTM video package runs.

Borash is out for the super special ring announcing, and Larry Z is here to be the NWA official for belt holding, and Earl Hebner is the referee.

NWA Title: King of the Mountain Match: Christian Cage © vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting vs. Abyss w/James Mitchell vs. Ron Killings

The bell rings and we have mass brawling. Side kick by Ron on JJ, rights and off the ropes…spinning forearm to JJ. Cage in and they double hip toss him. Sting and Abyss brawl on the floor and Ron superkicks Cage and covers for 2. Sting slams Abyss to the steps. Ron tossed to the floor, and then Cage clotheslines JJ to the floor. TOPE ROPE CROSS BODY to JJ on the floor! Ron and Sting work over Abyss in the ring. Double goozle by Abyss, they escape and an AX kick by Ron. Abyss to the floor, and Ron with a swank plancha onto all 3! Sting a top the penalty cage…splash onto all 4-men! Sting and JJ brawl in the ring now, Irish whip and a Stinger splash to JJ! Ron up top…missile dropkick to JJ and Ron gets a pin as Sting watches on. Sting tosses JJ to the floor and they have some tables set up on the floor. Abyss tosses Sting into the cage as well. Cage and he brawl as Ron tried to get a ladder and Cage slams it into his face, possibly killing him and covers for 2 as Abyss stops that. Abyss and Cage battle in the ring and Abyss chokes him now. Press slam by Abyss, Cage counters and gets a rollup pinning Abyss! Abyss clotheslines him and Abyss goes to the penalty box. JJ tries to get Abyss to work with him, and JJ’s time is up and he is out. Sting with a dropkick on Ron and JJ and Cage brawl on the floor. Cage gets slammed into a ladder, meanwhile Sting and Ron are in the ring. Slam by Sting, elbow drop onto Ron. JJ is abusing Cage with the ladder on the floor, and sandwiches him in it. JJ chokes Cage with the ladder now and Sting slams Ron. He covers and gets 2. Abyss is out of the cage, Ron battles Sting and Cage eats the steel railing again. Abyss stacks some tables and JJ helps him. They have the classic 4-stack table formation going. JJ in the ring and battled Ron as Sting takes it to Abyss. He clotheslines Abyss to the floor. Ron gets crotched on the top rope and JJ gives him a stroke from the apron to the steel railing! JJ pins Ron and he has to go to the box. Abyss is the only man not eligible. Cage battles back against JJ and they brawl into the crowd. Chops by Cage, Abyss and Sting are in the crowd as well. Sting with a chair shot to Abyss. Another. Cage tries to toss JJ off the stands, but he escapes. Sting and Abyss continue to brawl as JJ and Cage come back to ringside. Back into the stands they go. Sting gets rammed into the wall, which is partially broken. Ron is out and he gets a ladder into the ring. He gets the belt and climbs! Rolls in and pushes the ladder over and Ron bounces off the ropes. Abyss and Cage in and a low blow by Abyss. JJ rolls Sting in the ring, he and Abyss get a ladder and ram into Ron, then Sting and then Cage. They have Ron on the ladder, and then just toss him over the top onto the floor. Sting and Cage double dropkick the ladder and take them down. Cage gets JJ in the ladder and gets payback from before! Cage has the ladder upside down with JJ in it, he climbs it upside down and Abyss is over, but Cage RANA’s him to the floor. Bodies everywhere, Ron is up and has the ladder. He sets it up, gets the belt and climbs. Almost there, Abyss is up and he dumps Ron to the floor again! Abyss tosses the ladder back and it kills Earl! Abyss has the belt and JJ wants it. BLACK HOLE SLAM ON JJ! Slick Johnson is out, 1…2…3! JJ to the cage and Abyss drops Christian. Larry Z is now the ref as Slick will man the cage. Abyss sets up the ladder and climbs, Sting over…AND ABYSS FALLS AND CRASHES THROUGH FOUR TABLES ON THE FLOOR! Sting and Cage are left and stand off. Cage nails him and Sting fires back! Stinger splash! Scorpion deathlock on Cage! Sting pulls him center ring and JJ is out! He climbs the ladder, but Sting stops him! JJ is out early BTW! He has the guitar…Cage stops him and Sting gets the reverse DDT. Sting locks in the scorpion and hands Cage the belt. Larry Z is in and LOW BLOWS Cage and then tosses him! Sting levels him with a right hand, but JJ gets reverse DDT’d! Sting covers…and makes Earl Hebner’s hand count! Sting has the title…he climbs…Cage is back! He climbs…he grabs at the belt and Earl Heber shoved the ladder over and thy fall to the floor! He gives JJ the belt and the ring fills with shit as he hangs the title and wins!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett @ 22:32 via pin ***

WAIT! Jim Cornette is out and has Rudy Charles steal the title from JJ! Cornette has the title and Larry Z and Earl flee. Cornette yells at JJ and we go to black! Who’s the NWA Champion?

Please remember to sent you thoughts on the show to me for the special edition of the 3R’s I will be doing for Friday. I want thumbs up, down or in the middle, best and worst match and any overall thoughts you have on the show. Thanks in advance, because your participation is needed.

Also, sometime after the show I will be recording a special podcast discussing the show, and I MAY have a special guest along.


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