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411’s TNA Turning Point Report 11.11.12

November 11, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

TNA Turning Point 2012

-Todd Keneley is doing the commentary with Tazz and Tenay.

-Tazz, Bully Ray and a Local DJ led a Text campaign to donate for storm victims.

TNA TV Title No DQ Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Magnus

They start to brawl at the bell and go to the floor. Steve Cook will be happy that Samoa Joe lost his Mohawk. They continue to brawl around the ringside area, and Joe slams Magnus to the steps. Back to the ring as Joe runs wild, snap mare, chops, kicks, back splash and the cover for 2. Magnus battles back now, takes Joe to the corner and beats him down. Back to the corner, forearms by Magnus. Joe back with the back elbow and enziguri in the corner. Face wash and then kicks off Magnus’ face. Magnus to the floor, Joe goes for the elbow suicida and Magnus tosses a chair into his face to stop that, which had to suck. High knee drop by Magnus connects for 2. Magnus works the arm now with a version of the key lock, Joe escapes and Magnus lands forearms. Boot to the face by Magnus, leaps off the ropes, atomic drop and high kick by Joe connects. Snap slam follows and Joe covers for 2. Magnus tries a RANA, countered into the powerbomb and then the STF by Joe. Magnus manages to get the ropes, but it is no DQ. Magnus fights out and tries to lock on a choke, Joe counters, but Magnus now works an arm bar. Joe rolls, stacks Magnus and escapes. Enziguri connects for Joe, takes Magnus to the corner for the muscle buster, but Magnus fights back. Rights by Joe, up top with Magnus now and Magnus then rakes the eyes and hits a knee and sends Joe to the mat. Magnus hits the top rope elbow drop and covers for a CLOSE 2. Magnus picks up Joe, but Joe battles back and works jabs. Joe counters a slam, but then runs into a Michinoku driver! Magnus back up top, and connects with ANOTHER top rope elbow drop! 1…2…NO! Magnus is pissed, rights to Joe and then slaps. That fires Joe up and after a reversal and the STJOE connects! Magnus rolls to the floor, gets a chair and Joe dives OVER the top with a dive that wipes out Magnus! Back into the ring they go, Joe takes Magnus to the corner, sets him up for the muscle buster and it connects! 1…2…NO! Magnus kicked out! Magnus calls on Joe, who just whoops his ass and locks in the choke, and Magnus is stuck in the middle of the ring. The ref checks the arm and that is all!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe @ 13:00 via submission
RATING: ***½

-ODB is with Borash, and says EY is not there and then he finally shows up. He apologizes and says a shark ate his phone. ODB says he needs to get onto his wife and kisses him and forgives him.

ODB and Eric Young vs. Tara and Jesse From Big Brother

Crowd happy that EY is back, Taryn Terrell is the referee. ODB and Tara to begin, but then Tara tags out and Jesse tags in and ODB rolls him up for 2. Atomic drop by ODB, rights by EY and then ODB rubs Jesse’s face in her tits. EY in, kiss and double elbows to Jesse and EY covers for 2. Slams Jesse to the corner, counters by EY and the hip toss and dropkick follows for a cover of 2. EY works the arm, tags to ODB and they whip Jesse to the corner and ODB get the broncobuster. EY then asks ODB to do it to him and Tara attacks ODB. EY tags in and chases Tara to the corner, and that allows Jesse to attack. He chokes out EY in the ropes, backdrop follows for 2. Clubbing shots by Jesse, tags in Tara and she mounts and covers EY for 2. Tag back to Jesse, beats down EY some more and then delivers some elbows. EY counters the suplex but runs into a powerslam and Jesse covers for 2. ODB distracts the ref while trying to make a save, Tara and Jesse lays the boots to EY and covers for 2. Jesse tags back in, uppercuts follow. Double Russian leg sweep by Tara and Jesse gets 2. Jesse grounds EY with the chinlock, EY tries to fire up and escape, he does and EY with the Flair corner flip, strut and in with rights to Jesse. They clothesline each other, and BOTH men are down. ODB drinks from her flask and then charge sin and spits in Jesse’s face, low blow follows and ODB slams EY down in their corner. Tag made, ODB with shoulder blocks to Jesse. Thesz press connects, Tara in and attacks ODB. Chops by ODB follows, and then shoulder blocks. TKO by ODB and Tara rolls to the floor. Jesse nails ODB, off the ropes and a tag by EY and chops by ODB to Jesse. EY strips down and ODB slams Jesse. Top rope elbow drop by EY ad that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: ODB and Eric Young @ 9:00 via pin

-Commentary discusses the attack on Sting from Impact. Sting is under care of a doctor in Texas, and we will learn more on his condition this week on Impact.

-Borash talks with James Storm about tonight’s triple threat. Storm says he wins tonight, and whoever he pins, sorry about your damn luck.

-Ryan talks about Morgan being banned from ringside, and says they don’t answer to anyone. Morgan is not here, because Ryan wants him not to be. He has been underestimated, and RVD, it is time to get out here so Ryan can make the division X-RATED.

TNA X-Division Title Match: RVD © vs. Joey Ryan

RVD takes Ryan down, and he rolls to the corner and begs off. Lock up, side headlock by Ryan. RVD escapes, roll up for 2. Ryan shoves RVD, who lands kicks and levels Ryan to the mat. Rights and shoulder blocks by RVD in the corner, snap mare and RVD up top and gets a leg drop. Tree of woe by RVD, kicks away at Ryan and then hits a basement dropkick. RVD celebrates, monkey flip follows. Rolling thunder stopped s Ryan rolls to the floor. RVD follows, they brawl at ringside. RVD send shim back in the ring, kick lands, RVD up top and Ryan tosses him off and RVD hits the barricade. Ryan follows that up with a suicide dive, and then rolls RVD into the ring and covers for 2. Ryan remains in control, to the corner and a boot by Ryan. Tornado DDT connects as Ryan spikes RVD and covers for 2. RVD set on the ropes, Ryan follows and hits the mustache ride and only gets 2! Ryan now works a neck crank, RVD to his feet, rights follow and then to the corner. Sidekick off the ropes by RVD connects, and now clotheslines by RVD. Rolling thunder also connects and then the standing moonsault by RVD gets 2. Jawbreaker by Ryan, sloppy roll up in the ropes follows. That sucked. Boot by RVD, spin kick connects and RVD heads up top. Frog splash connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: RVD @ 8:00 via pin

-Matt Morgan appears and lays out RVD on the ramp.

-JB talks with Joseph Park about his match with Doc tonight.

-We get a video package on Aces and 8s.

Joseph Park vs. Doc From Aces and 8s

Doc talks smack to Park, as the crowd chants that Park can do it. Doc fights off a single leg, and Doc slaps him in the head. Doc tosses Park down and then lays in some kicks. Park throws wild punches and actually connects, Doc is pissed and chases, and Park to the floor. Doc follows, grabs a chair and misses Park and hits the post. He then misses a punch and hits the post with his hand. Park then grabs the hand and slams it to the steps. Park slams him to the barricade, and then rolls Doc back in the ring. Doc with a shot to the gut, tries to use his belt, the ref takes it away and he then gets a hammer. He chases the ref away, double leg and punches by Park. Park grabs the hammer and Doc stops that and then lays the boots to him. Doc chokes him out, and then connects with rights. Doc fishhooks him and then gets an elbow drop for 2. More choking from Doc, splash follows and covers for 2. Slaps from Doc and then rights follow. Doc tells Park to stay down, and follows with more rights. Park to his feet, calls on Doc and then lands crazy fists. Shoulder blocks follow, but Doc hits the back elbow. Hits Park with the belt and Park is busted open. He sees the blood and goes crazy. He fires up and starts to whoop ass. Off the ropes, black hole slam (SHADES OF ABYSS). Park snaps out of it, covers and Doc kicks out. Park sent to the floor, and rights by Doc send shim to the floor. Ref knocked down, Park has a chair and nails Doc. Back in the ring and Park covers for 2. Chokeslam by Doc connects and that is all. That just felt way too long.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Doc From Aces and 8s @ 12:00 via pin

-Doc beats down park after the match, and looks to leave. Instead, he grabs the hammer and enters the ring again. He chases off the ref, but Bully Ray hits the ring to run him off. Ray helps Park to his feet and raises his hand.

-Borash is with Bobby Roode. Roode says he gets back into the game when he wins tonight, as it is a clean slate. He says that AJ and Storm know what it is like to be the champion, but he will prove why he is the it factor of pro wrestling and the better man.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Chavo and Hernandez © vs. Daniels and Kaz

Chavo and Daniels to begin. Rights by Chavo, they trade shots, off the ropes and arm drags by Chavo. Rights by Chavo, off the ropes and a right by Daniels. Arm drags again by Chavo, Kaz distracts him and Daniels takes Chavo to the corner and choke shim out. Chavo back with the Thesz press and then nails Kaz. Mounted shots in the corner by Chavo, Kaz in for the cheap shot and then Daniels knocks Hernandez to the mat. Daniels with the gutbuster, tag to Kaz and Daniels slams Chavo down, springboard leg drop by Kaz gets 2. Hernandez blind tags in, clothesline to the challengers and then a big backdrop by Hernandez to Daniels. Slam by Chavo to Kaz, and Hernandez slams Chavo onto Kaz, and then covers for 2. Corer slashes by the champs, staling vertical suplex by Hernandez on Kaz. Tag to Chavo, slingshot senton onto Kaz, and then the snap mare. Basement dropkick by Chavo, splash by Hernandez off the tag and a cover gets 2. Chavo misses the frog splash, and the challengers take over. Quick tags follow as Kaz and Daniels work over Chavo, working the ribs of Chavo. Daniels lays Chavo over the top rope, and Kaz dropkicks him to the floor. Gangnam Style Dance from the challengers, and they remain in control. Kaz chokes out Chavo in the ropes. Kaz works a bear hug on the mat, Chavo works to his feet, elbows out and then gets slammed to the corner. Once again and then Kaz yells at Chavo and tells him his family sucks. Chavo hits the desperation tornado DDT and BOTH men are down. Tag to Hernandez, slams Daniels to the corner and then levels him with shoulder blocks. Bear hug into the overhead toss. Corner splash by Hernandez, and gets a cover for 2. Border toss try, Kaz saves Daniels and hits the missile dropkick. The challengers work over Hernandez in the corner, but he fights back and gets a double clothesline. Back breaker by Hernandez on Daniels. Hits the POUNCE on Kaz, who rolls to the floor. Hernandez sets, charges and Daniels kicks him in the face to stop the Super Mex dive. High low on Hernandez, and that gets a close 2. Hernandez suplexes both Kaz and Daniels, and looks for the tag and gets it. Double dropkick to the challengers, head scissors on Daniels follows. Three amigos to Kaz stopped at 2 abut then Chavo hits them on Daniels. Chavo up top, and Kaz kicks him in the head. Hernandez in and press slams Kaz to the floor. STO by Daniels to Hernandez. Nails Chavo, follows up top and looks for a suplex, Hernandez snags Daniels onto his shoulders and Chavo gets the doomsday cross body onto Daniels and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chavo and Hernandez @ 14:00 via pin
RATING: ***½

-Borash is with AJ, and AJ says it has been a rough year. Full of distractions he didn’t deserve. It has been three years since he has been TNA Champion. And when he wins tonight, a new chapter in his career begins.

Winner Gets a TNA Title Shot, Loser of the Fall Cannot Get a Title Shot Until BFG 2013: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm

AJ nails Roode and drops him, and Roode rolls to the floor. Storm and AJ now go at it, counters and reversals in the chain wrestling to begin. Storm counters a dropkick, Roode pulls him to the floor and they brawl. Big dive to the floor by AJ wipes out both guys. AJ and Roode back into the ring, clotheslines by AJ follow as well as a side back breaker. Snap mare and kicks to the back by AJ. A slam follows and then the high knee drop by AJ connects for 2. Storm back in with rights to AJ, and then AJ is sent to the floor. Storm works over Roode, Storm looks to AJ, who then stun guns him off the ropes. Corner splash by AJ onto Roode. A backdrop follows, and then misses a corner splash and AJ flies to the floor. Commentary is selling that AJ may be injured and that us looks off his game. Roode and Storm in and they start to brawl, trading rights and chops. Forearm off the ropes by Storm, neck breaker follows and Storm covers for 2. AJ flies in and nails Storm with a flying dropkick. AJ sends Roode to the floor, and works leg kicks on Storm. AJ works the leg of Storm, and then locks in the figure four leg lock. AJ breaks, sends Roode back to the floor and then hits the Flair style knee breaker on Storm. Indian death lock by AJ on Storm, with the full bridge into the chinlock. Storm escapes, AJ looks for the lock again, kicked off and into Roode, Storm rolls up AJ for 2. AJ now fights back, looks for the clash by Storm gets the Alabama slam for 2. Storm looks for the whirly bird, Roode breaks it up and DDTs Storm and covers him for 2. Roode lays the boots to AJ in the corner and then attacks Storm. Roode chokes out AJ, then shoots Storm off the ropes and hits the back elbow. Roode keeps attacking both AJ and Storm to keep them down, and then tosses AJ to the floor. Roode then slams AJ into the steps, and AJ is favoring the knee on the floor. Storm slams Roode to the corner, lung blower follows. Storm looks for the superkick, AJ up and flies in with the forearm and covers Storm for 2. Roode back to his feet, rakes the eyes of AJ, and then chokes out Storm. To the corner Roode takes AJ, who fights back with rights. Boot by AJ to Roode, and Roode counters the tornado DDT. Storm and Roode grab AJ, and then they double suplex him! Wait for it…nope, neck breaker by Storm before they can do the old celebration and Storm covers for 2. Roode to the second rope, rights by Storm stops that. AJ charges, Storm tosses him into a RANA on Roode! Asai DDT by AJ onto Storm and a cover gets a close 2! AJ charges Roode, who hits the elbow. Block buster by Roode onto Storm gets another close 2. PELE by AJ onto Roode! AJ then clotheslines himself and Storm to the floor. AJ is up, to the apron and MISSES the springboard 450! SPEAR by Roode on AJ, and he covers for 2. Roode into the crossface, AJ counters and runs into a sweet urinage for 2. Spinebuster by Roode, and he sets for the perfect plex, Storm in and gets the back cracker onto Roode. SUPERKICK to AJ, and Storm covers AJ and wins!

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm @ 17:00 via pin
RATING: ***¾

– James Storm earns a title shot, while AJ Styles cannot challenge for the TNA World Title until Bound for Glory 2013. Styles sold the loss well.

-Devon discusses that this is a turning point. Aces and 8s showed him what it is like to have someone have his back, unlike TNA. Angle is in the wrong place at the wrong time, so do not take the ass whooping personally, it is just club business.

Kurt Angle vs. Devon

Angle attacks right at the bell with rights, and beats down Devon in the corner. Boots by Angle in the corner, but Devon back with rights. Elbows to the back of the neck by Devon, rights follow as he beats down Angle in the corner, only for Angle to fight back with rights. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Devon takes Angle down. Chops by Devon in the corner, and then rights follow. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Angle. Suplex by Angle connects and that gets a cover for 2. Whip to the corner, Devon moves and Angle slams into the steel post. He falls to the floor and Devon follows. Devon slams Angle to the steps, rolls him back into the ring and then Devon chokes him out in the ropes. Off the ropes and Devon hits the back spinning elbow, and covers for 2. Chinlock by Devon, Angle fights to his feet and then is whipped to the corner, and Devon hits a corner splash. Angle with the back elbow, missile dropkick off the second rope hits and both men are down. Angle up, hits some clotheslines and then a forearm off the ropes. To the corner, boot by Devon but he runs into an overhead suplex by Angle, which gets 2. Sloppy backdrop by Angle, Devon battles back with the clothesline. Devon up top, Angle runs up and gets the top rope throw and covers for 2. Ankle lock applied, Devon escapes and then hits the urinage on Angle and covers for 2. Devon picks up Angle, they botch a powerbomb counter spot, Angle now locks in German suplexes and covers for 2. Angle up top now, Devon is up and stops that and powerbombs Angle off the ropes and covers for 2. Devon sells the ankle, picks up Angle, spinebster by Devon gets 2. Devon up top now, MISSES the flying head butt. Straps are down, Angle slam gets 2. Members of Aces and 8s are out, and they surround the ring. Devon up and spears Angle and covers for 2. Angle now gets an ankle lock, and Devon taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 12:00 via submission

-Angle bails before they can beat him down. Doc proclaims that Angle is next and that Angle is a dead man.

-A camera guy catches up with AJ and asks him about his loss and not getting a title shot until BFG 2013. AJ walks off, because he is sad, and the camera guy was a dick.

-Borash talks with Aries prior to the main event. Aries says tonight he ends Hardy’s story in tragedy. Aries doesn’t need fan support or the support of the powers that be, he just needs to be the greatest man that ever lived. He will beat Hardy at his own game and get back his world title.

-Video package for Aries vs. Hardy.

-The TNA Title and Jeff’s ridiculous title hang above the ring. I pray that doesn’t signal a shit finish.

TNA World title Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy © vs. Austin Aries

Aries bails to the floor at the start, and says he does things on his time. Back in and a knee by Aries to begin and tosses Jeff to the floor. Aries grabs a ladder, Jeff runs over and Aries back into the ring. He attacks Jeff on the way in and slams him to the steel post. They go to the floor and brawl a bit, and Aries grabs a ladder and sets it on the apron but Jeff attacks. Ladder falls to the floor and back into the ring they go. Elbows by Aries, slams Jeff to the corner and then follows with forearms. Head scissors by Jeff and Aries to the floor. Dropkick by Jeff, and then slingshots onto Aries, and slightly misses and lands partly on the ladder on the floor. They fight over the ladder and Jeff slams Aries into the steps. Jeff laps off the steps and crashes onto Aries. Jeff with a clothesline off of the apron, and he grabs the ladder and slides it into the ring. He sets up the ladder, looks to climb and Aries is in and climbs over Jeff to get to the titles. Russian leg sweep off the ladder by Aries, and sets the ladder between the ring and barricade. He tosses Jeff on the ladder and then slingshots onto Jeff with an elbow. Aries pulls the ladder into the ring and sets it up. Aries climbs, Jeff back in and pulls Aries off to the mat. Aries sent to the floor, rolls back in, Jeff sets the ladder upside down and then flies into the ladder as Aries sidesteps him. That had to suck. Jeff trapped in the ladder, slingshot senton by Aries connects. Jeff to the floor and Aries gets a new ladder. Aries then hits the heat seeking missile and lays Jeff in a ladder and closes it. Aries grabs the steps and lays them on the ladder. Aries grabs the ladder, sets and climbs as Jeff is trapped. Aries then goes to the floor and sees that Jeff went under the ring, is in, climbs and Aries knocks out the ladder from underneath Jeff, who takes a nasty fall. Aries climbs, Jeff is under the ladder, and makes his way to his feet and climbs with Aries. They brawl on top of the ladder and knocks Jeff off. The ladder is fucked and Aries had to put it in the corner and slams Jeff into it. Aries charges and connects with the charging dropkick. Jeff sloppily falls out of the brain buster, but then tosses Aries into the ladder. Dump powerbomb by Jeff, and he grabs the ladder. Jeff up top and climbs the ladder and rides it down into a splash onto Aries. Aries rolls to the floor, and Jeff tries to fix the ladder, and then sets it on the ropes in a corner. Jeff grabs a new ladder, sets it up and climbs. Aries up top and dropkicks Jeff off of the ladder, which had to suck. Aries traps Jeff in the corner and dropkicks the ladder into his face. BRAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAA CONNECTS! Aries rolls Jeff to the floor, and looks to climb now. Aries climbs, but has to stop and move the ladder. He climbs again, Jeff back in and he climbs as well. They battle on the ladder, they trade shots, and Jeff gets the twist of fate off the ladder! Jeff up top, SWANTON connects! Aries rolls to the floor and now Jeff looks to climb. Jeff climbs now, reaches for a title but the belts get raised higher as he reaches for them. Jeff is pissed and we see Aries had the controls that devilish bastard. They brawl at ringside, and now Jeff gets the super Jeff Hardy approved super ladder. Twice the super. Jeff sets it up, climbs as Aries slides back in and he climbs. They trade shots, and the ladder falls over and they fall onto the ladder in the corner. Twist of fate on the platform ladder and Aries falls to the floor, and maybe dead. Jeff grabs the super ladder, climbs, grabs his title and wins the match. He also grabs the regular title.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 21:00
RATING: ****½

-Jeff Hardy celebrates his victory.

-End scene.

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