411’s TNA Victory Road Report 3.18.12

March 18, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:


Let’s rock…

Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

-Bully Ray is out to start the PPV, and will hold the PPV hostage unless the match with Storm is made a #1 contender’s match. The crowd chants for Devon, which doesn’t help Ray’s mood. Calf-Zilla is not impressed with the chanting. Ray kindly introduces himself, incase we forgot who he is. Ray says as of right now, he is the talk of the wrestling world. He is trending on Twitter. He is doing so because he is taking the PPV hostage. He wants his match with Storm to be for the title shot at Lockdown and he doesn’t care who tries to stop him.

James Storm is out and says that there is a lot of beer drinkers here tonight. He calls Rays calves chicken legs, and then says he will knock out Ray and then remove him. They are scheduled for their match later, and that Ray wants it for the title shot. Storm then says he will give it to him right now.

#1 Contender’s Match: James Storm vs. Bully Ray
Storm hits the ring, the bell sounds and Ray is on the attack. Rights by Ray as he beats Storm down in the corner. Ray then grabs the bottle of beer, drinks it and EATS A SUPERKICK! 1…2..3

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm @ 2:00 via pin

-Borash is backstage with Austin Aries. Borash asks him questions from Twitter, and then Bischoff appears and makes him leave. Bischoff then says he can kick Borash’s ass and shakes hands with Aries. He puts over Aries while running down Borash. Aries talks about being in a main event, and says he doesn’t have to be in the final match to be the true main event.

X-Division Title Match: Austin Aries © vs. Zema Ion
And here we go with the X-Division Title match. Ion slaps Aries, who chases and Ion bails. Some hairspray for Ion and he then boots Aries in the gut. Some counters and Ion plays the speed game, Aries then does the HBK corner pose and uses Ion’s hairspray. Cartwheel by Aries and then a slap to Ion. Ion to the apron, shot to the gut of Aries, up top and Aries tosses him to the floor. HEAT SEAKING MISSILE by Aries connects. He grabs his phone and TWEETS mid-match. He tosses Ion back in, slingshot corkscrew splash gets 2. Lionsault by Aries gets 2. To the corner, snap mare, and then a dropkick from the second rope to Ion gets 2. Knee by Ion, Aries takes him down and the pendulum elbow doesn’t happen as Ion rolls away. Ion pulls Aries to the floor, to the second rope and looks for a moonsault, but Aries stops that. Kick to the back of the head by Ion gets 2. Ion then chokes out Aries in the ropes, but Aries back with rights. Spinning cross body by Ion for 2. Shoulder blocks in the corner by Ion, a whip to the corner and then a cover for 2. Ion looks for a suplex, shots by Aries, but an elbow by Ion. Clothesline sends Aries to the floor, and Ion to the apron and then looks for the moonsault and it connects. Ion rolls Aries back into the ring, and covers for 2. Stomp to the face by Ion, he mocks Aries and misses the pendulum elbow. Atomic drop by Aries, slaps to Ion and the ref pulls him off and Ion gets his hairspray and has it in his tights. Forearm by Aries, Flair style knee breaker by Aries, and then the pendulum elbow connects. Brainbuster try, countered by Ion. He gets the hairspray, knees by Aries, whip by Aries and a boot by Ion. Ion has the title belt, the ref takes it, and he uses the hairspray on Aries. Roll up gets a close 2 for Ion. Facebuster by Ion gets another close 2. Spear in the corner by Ion, sets Aries up top, follows and Aries counters the superplex and gets a sunset flip bomb! Aries is still blinded, looks for Ion and grabs him, BRAINBUSTAAAAAAAAAAA! He rolls into the last chancellery and Ion taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 12:00 via submission

-We get a video package for the return of THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS!

-Video package for the tag tam title match.

Tag Team Title Match: Samoa Joe and Magnus © vs. Crimson and Matt Morgan
Magnus and Crimson, who tagged himself in, will begin the match. Rights by Magnus as Crimson and Morgan argue, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Crimson. Clothesline by Magnus in return. Crimson slams him to the corner, rights and elbows follow. Morgan wants the tag, but Magus fights back and stops Crimson. Hits a clothesline again, and then tags in Joe. Rapid fire jabs by Joe, boots as well as he beats down Crimson. Snap mare and the chops to the back, a kick and the knee drop all land on Crimson. To the corner, tag to Magnus and uppercuts to Crimson. Off the ropes and Crimson bails. He wants a timeout as Morgan yells at him to tag him in. Crimson with the stun gun to Magnus, and then connects with the clothesline. Rights follow on the downed Magnus. He chokes out Magnus in the ropes and then slams him to the corner. A hard whip across the ring and Magnus drops to the mat as Crimson covers for 2. Cravat by Crimson, knees follow. A neck breaker takes Magnus down and Joe comes in to break up the pin. Morgan again looking for the tag, but Crimson refuses. Suplex by Crimson, and another cover for 2. Chinlock by Crimson, and Morgan continues to demand a tag. Magnus fights back for a moment but gets slammed to the mat. Crimson continues to blow off Morgan, slams Magnus down and then gets the elbow drop and covers for 2. Spinebuster by Crimson, and he cover again for 2. He works the cravat once again on Magnus, who starts to fight back, off the ropes and a boot by Crimson. Magnus back with the clothesline and BOTH men are down. Magnus looks for the tag as the crowd chants for Crimson to tag in Morgan. Magnus gets the tag, Crimson refuses to tag Morgan and Joe is on fire, sidesteps Crimson on the cross body try, and then gets the snap slam for 2. A whip to the corner, Morgan saves Crimson and looks for the tag and tags himself in. Morgan is the house of fire on the champs, side slam to Magnus. Crimson tags himself back in and the challengers argue. Morgan then tags himself back in, more arguing, and Crimson will bail on Morgan. The champs with the double teams on Morgan, but only get 2. Crimson tells Morgan he is nothing and that he is the real winner. Morgan tells Crimson to fuck off and then tries to fight back against the champs. Dual clothesline connects for Morgan, but Crimson in and spears Morgan. He smiles and leaves, as the champs hit their double team elbow combo and that is all she wrote.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Joe and Magnus @ 10:00 via pin

-Borash is with Bobby Roode. He apologizes for Eric Bischoff’s behavior, and Roode is now here. Roode answers a twitter question, Jesus, do both companies have to kill this Twitter craze? Anyway, Roode says the talking and mind games are done. Tonight, Sting will get what is coming to him in the no holds barred match. Roode will end Sting’s career tonight, and as far as Storm goes, Storm has never defeated the champion one on one, and next month at Lockdown, Roode will prove….Storm appears and gets into his face. Storm says Lockdown they have a world title match, but Storm is looking for a fight. Right now, right here. Storm then calls him a chump, and they stare down.

-Robbie E and Robbie T are here for the open challenge for the TV Title. Robbie E has the mic and says that Big Rob and Bigger Rob have bad news for us, due to everyone being booked tonight, the open challenge will not happen. He says he wanted some stiff competition (crowd chants for RVD) but wait, Robbie E says that the challenge will happen, but it will open to any fan in the Impact Zone. Robbie T doesn’t dig the idea, but Robbie E says he will make someone a star tonight. He asks who wants to get into the ring with him tonight. They make fun of some fans, and then some fat chicks. He hits on SoCal Val and says they will fuck in the hotel later, but Robbie T says she is not on the list. He then says no one deserves a shot, and the open challenge is officially cancelled. The Robbies then pose for the crowd, and Devon returns through the crowd to a good pop. Devon gets in the ring and Robbie doesn’t want to fight him. The ref gets on the mic and says that this is an open challenge ad it doesn’t look like Devin is booked, so because of that, ring the bell!

Open Challenge For The TV Title: Robbie E. © vs. Devon
Devon, in street clothes, beats down Robbie to begin. Big hip toss, off the ropes and a clothesline by Devon. Flapjack by Devon follows, and then a clothesline that sends Robbie to the floor. Devon follows, stands off with Robbie T, which allows Robbie E to take control Robbie takes a chair, the ref tries to stop him and Brooke Hogan is there in the crowd and tried to get involved. Robbie T attacks Devon, and Robbie E rolls him in and covers for 2. Back elbow by Robbie and a cover for 2. he lays the boots to Devon, off the ropes and a spear by Devon! Clotheslines follow, off the ropes and the flying shoulder block connects. Neck breaker follows and then the corner splash. A clothesline follows by Devon, he nails Robbie T to the floor and then gets the spinebuster on Robbie and that gets the win.


-The crowd seemed to really like that.

-Borash is in he back with Dixie Carter. Carter says TNA will celebrate 10-years in business, and Slammiversary will take place at University of Texas, and other announcements will be coming soon. Borash asks her about Sting and Roode, and she says that she has always trusted Sting, and if he put himself in the match, she will support him. Roode has disrespected the fans, the company, herself, Sting and the title and she hopes he gets what is coming to his.

Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim © vs. Madison Rayne
Before the bell, Kim teased hitting Rayne with the title belt. They blow some kisses at each other, and the match begins. Lock up, they both grab each other’s hair, and scream at each other. They break, rights by Kim in the corner. Clotheslines follow, and a cover gets 2. More rights by Kim, a reversal and Rayne misses the corner charge, but then spears Kim off of the apron, and she collides into the barricade. Rayne follows and says, “GET UP GAILY!” Rayne rolls her into the ring, and covers for 2. Rayne tries the skull fuck, but Kim escapes, but Rayne maintains control by slamming her to the corner. Boot by Kim as Rayne charges in, but as Kim charges her, Rayne lands the clothesline. A northern lights suplex with a bridge follows for 2. Rayne slams Kim to the mat, charges and Kim tosses her away and gets a shot to the knee on Rayne to slow her down. They trade shots mid-ring, clothesline by Kim. To the corner, back elbow by Kim and then the cross body gets 2. To the corner again, corner splash by Kim, up top and gets the missile dropkick from the top. Kim covers for 2. Kim stands, tries eat defeat, countered and then gets a roll up, counter by Rayne for 2. Face buster and a neck breaker by Rayne both connect, and that is good enough for 2. She argues with the ref, and Kim with the uppercut. Boot by Rayne, counters eat defeat again and slams Kim to the mat. Rayne yells at her, telling her they aren’t friends anymore. To the corner, Rayne connects and then gets the dropkick and a cover for 2. Man, the crowd does not care about this match, which is unfortunate. Kim counters for a moment, but rights by Rayne take her to the mat. More counters, and Kim manages to get eat defeat and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim @ 6:30 via pin

-Solid match, but the crowd was basically silent.

-Borash is with Daniels and Kaz. Borash discusses Twitter, and Daniels say he runs the show and do not forget that. He then says Anderson got involved in something he has noting to do with. Daniels says AJ and Anderson will pay for the mistakes they have made.

AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
Anderson and Daniels to begin. Daniels then decides to let Kaz begin, to the corner and Anderson with a clothesline and cover for 1. AJ tags in and Kaz runs and tags in Daniels. They talk in the corner, and Daniels is in, although reluctantly. Lock up, side headlock by AJ. Rights by Daniels, off the ropes and a headlock by Daniels. Daniels takes AJ down with the shoulder block, but AJ back with the hip toss and an arm drag into the arm bar. Dixie Carter is at ringside with the dude from Repo Games, who will be on Impact this week. Slap from Daniels to AJ drops AJ, GET DOWN BITCH! AJ back with the dropkick, and Anderson and AJ take turns hitting Daniels. Daniels to the floor, Anderson follows and then Kaz and AJ as hey brawl. All four into the ring, The heels are whipped into each other, and then a knee drop to Kaz by AJ. Anderson with elbows to Daniels. AJ takes back over, suplex, stalling at that, AJ turns him and goes to all four sides and then drops down. Tag to Anderson, off the ropes and a back elbow to Daniels and a cover gets 2 Knee by Daniels, and a tag to Kaz. Hip toss by Anderson, and a tag to AJ. Off the ropes and the double hip toss on Kaz. Rights by AJ, to the corner and he charges in and to the apron he goes. Rights to Kaz, but Daniels then rushes him and hits an elbow, sending AJ to the barricade. Daniels follows up on the attack and then rolls AJ back into the ring. Daniels tags in, and jabs by Daniels. A back elbow follows and a cover by Daniels gets 2. AJ tries to fight back, but Daniels gets an abdominal stretch. AJ counters out, but Daniels drops him with a boot. Tag to Kaz, AJ with the jawbreaker, but Daniels in to stop the tag. Kaz then tags him back in and slams him to the corner. Split legged moonsault by Daniels gets 2 as Anderson breaks it up. Daniels works the chinlock now, but AJ fights to his feet. Elbows out, but Daniels dumps him with a suplex. Kick to the gut by Daniels, and a tag to Kaz. Monkey flip by Kaz, AJ to his feet and levels Daniels. PELE to Kaz and they are all down. Tag to Anderson, and he is in and cleans house with back elbows and clotheslines. Kamikaze roll on Kaz ONTO Daniels! Anderson covers Kaz for 2. The heels double-team Anderson, who fights back and then eats an STO by Daniels. AJ flies in with the clothesline onto Daniels. Daniels then counters AJ’s asai DDT with boots to the face and EVERYONE is down. Anderson and Daniels battle now as AJ and Kaz get to their feet and exchange rights. AJ misses a dive to Daniels, and Anderson and Kaz are left in the ring Daniels trips Anderson, rights by Kaz. AJ with the blind tag, Anderson and Daniels to the floor, Kaz snatches up AJ, counter and STYLES CLASH on Kaz and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: AJ and Anderson @ 13:00 via pin

-Borash is with Kurt Angle. Angle says hi to his son, and says he wants him to watch him beat up his hero Jeff hardy. Angle will prove that Jeff is what is wrong with wrestling today. Angle runs down Jeff’s hair, his clothes and everything about him, and say she will reconstruct Jeff’s face.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
And here we go with the co-main event of the night. They circle, lock up and to the corner they go and Angle breaks clean. Lock up again, side headlock by Jeff. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Jeff. Angle rolls to the floor, and doesn’t look happy. Back in, headlock again by Jeff. Off the ropes, and a shoulder block again by Jeff, Angle to the floor. Angle back in, lock up and a headlock again by Jeff. Angle escapes, hammerlock applied. Jeff reverses, snap mare by Angle and into a chinlock. Jeff with the reversal, and then one by Angle into a side headlock. Jeff reverses into a hammerlock but eats an elbow by Angle. Rights follow, off the ropes and a knee to the gut by Jeff. Boots by Jeff, eye rake by Angle and then rights follow. Angle continues to work the leg, a whip to the corner and Jeff with the head scissors to counter. Basement dropkick sends Angle to the barricade. Ax handle follows, and Jeff then slams Angle to the apron. Back to the barricade, and Angle rolls back into the ring. Angle catches Jeff on the way in, lays the boots to him and then follows with rights. Atomic drop by Jeff, a basement dropkick and then a cover for 2. Angle to the floor, Jeff follows and they brawl at ringside. Angle slammed onto a chair, and then whipped into the steps knees first ala Foley. Jeff moves the steps, runs and EATS barricade as Angle sidesteps him. Angle back into the ring for a bow, and he seems very proud of himself. Angle to the floor now and works over the leg of Jeff. Back into the ring and Angle covers Jeff for 2. Angle stalks Jeff, lays the boots to him again, picks him up and hits a suplex for 2. Angle with the rear headlock, shitty camera work catching Angle talking to Jeff, come on guys. Jeff battles back, elbows out, but runs into an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle covers for 2. Rights by Jeff, off the ropes and a boot by Jeff. A clothesline follows and both men are down. They battle to their feet, trade rights and then clotheslines by Jeff. Flying forearm by Jeff, a whip to the corner, back elbow by Jeff and then the whisper in the wind connects for 2. Jeff sets, kick, twist of fate countered and a German by Angle. Angle with the hands locked and hits a second, and then gets the third and Jeff is down. Angle up, stalks Jeff, Angle slam countered and Jeff with the twist of fate on Angle! Jeff up top now, SWANTON is stopped as Angle runs up the ropes and suplexes Jeff to the mat, and covers for 2. Straps are down and the ankle lock is applied. Jeff escapes, sidesteps Angle, who hits the post and then the second twist of fate connects and Jeff covers for a very close 2. Angle to the floor, Jeff now follows. Boot by Angle, beats down Jeff but Jeff fights back and slams Angle to the steel steps. Angle rolled back in, Jeff up top…SWANTON stopped as Angle runs up, but knocked back down. SWANTON EATS KNEES! Angle is busted open, hits the Angle slam and covers for a close 2! Angle is amazed that Jeff kicked out. Angle now tries to choke out Jeff with his own armband, and the ref stops that. Angle slam countered, third twist of fate connects and both men are down. They get to their feet, clotheslines by Jeff. Mule kick by Jeff, up top again and SWANTON connects (crushed him actually), Jeff covers and then Angle reverses, grabs the ropes and gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 20:00 via pin
RATING: ***¾

-The crowd chants bullshit for the finish, but it was easily the best match thus far.

-Borash is backstage, discussing Twitter again. Sting joins him now. He is tired of talking, Twitter and Facebook. He is here to wrestle.

Non-Title No Holds Barred Match: Sting vs. Bobby Roode
And here we go with the main event of the evening. They stand off mid-ring, talk trash and in this feud, which has had so much hate that they made it no holds barred, they calmly lock up for a grappling contest. Anyway, to the corner, and Sting breaks and slaps Roode. Roode works the arm, but Sting kips up and escapes, and Roode rolls to the floor. If you had one-minute in the “you still got it” chant poll, you just won. Roode back in, side headlock by Roode, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Sting. Roode shoves Sting, who then shoves him down and lands a few clotheslines. Roode dodges the Stinger splash, but then eats a dropkick, sending Roode to the floor. Sting follows, clotheslines on the floor to Roode. Sting then slams Roode off of the steel steps. Sting then slams Roode into the barricade, pulls him around the ring and then does it on the other side of the ring. Roode tries to fight back, but eats the steps again. Roode manages to fight back and chops away at Sting. He gets a chair, misses Sting and hits the post. Sting then slams Roode into the barricade. Stinger Splash onto Roode, who falls into the crowd. Sting pulls Roode back to ringside, and back into the ring we go. Roode begs off, but he clips the leg and then slams it off of the steel post. Roode does it again and looks to take control here. Roode back into the ring, elbow drops to the leg follow. Roode then cannonballs onto the leg of Sting, and then works him over in the corner with chops. Sting struggles to his feet, Sting tries to fight back, gets a backslide and that will get 2. Dropkick to the knee of Sting, and Roode takes over again. Figure four by Roode and Sting is caught in the middle of the ring. Sting fights, but almost gets counted down. Roode talks trash, Sting struggles for the ropes, trying to get out of the hold, and almost gets counted down again. Sting now tries to turn the hold, and does. Roode grabs the ropes to break the hold. Roode then goes back to work on the knee, tries the hold again, but Sting rolls him up for 2. Chops by Roode, but Sting fires up and flexes and fires up. Rights follow by Sting, off the ropes and a clothesline. Big backdrop to Roode, and Sting now kicks away at the leg of Roode, who does the Hennig sell along the ropes. To the corner, Stinger splash connects. Another try misses, and Roode up top, Sting grabs him and crotches him on the ropes. Sting up top with Roode, all the way up and the SUPERPLEX connects. Scorpion death lock now by Sting, and Roode is trapped. He fights, looking for the ropes and finally gets them. Roode to the apron, Sting grabs him, but Roode stuns him off the ropes. Roode back in and spears Sting for 2. Roode to the floor now, and grabs a chair. He slides it in, sets it up, and grabs Sting. He looks for a powerbomb, Sting fights, to the apron goes Roode and Sting pulls him back in and gets the death drop, but hit his own head on the chair. DUMBASS. The announcers say he didn’t see the chair, but how he missed seeing it I have no clue. Roode covers, and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 16:00 via pin

-Roode goes to the floor after the match and looks at Dixie Carter. He then grabs another chair and she demands he put it down. He take sit into the ring and looks to finish off Sting. Nope, he grabs Dixie Carter and rolls her into the ring. The crowd chants for Hogan as Roode makes Carter look at the fallen Sting. He calls her a bitch and backs her into the corner, but Sting is up. He battles with Roode again and sends him to the floor. Roode back in and NAILS Sting with the chair in the back as Carter was trying to help Sting. Roode then takes Sting to the corner and duct tapes Sting to the ropes. Carter is no help in saving Sting, as Roode pulls her away. He grabs her by the hair and tells her, “KISS MY ASS BITCH!” Roode goes to hit Sting, but Carter is there trying to cover him up. He tosses the chair down and says to look at Sting as he tries to run some of Sting’s paint on her. Roode says there is nothing she can do as she begs him to stop. The crowd chants “fire Bobby” as the PPV closes.

-Where was James Storm?

-End scene.


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