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411’s WCW Monday Nitro Report 1.15.01

January 15, 2001 | Posted by Widro

WCW Monday Nitro Report 1.15.01


Announcers are Tony and Scott

Report by Wids

Exclusive footage from last night after Sin, when JJ, Scott Steiner and Animal meet Flair, Luger and Buff backstage. Steiner and Flair hug!

Announcers talk about how Flair fooled everyone with getting Goldberg out and getting the title to stay with Steiner.

Here is the controversial Sid footage. Oh my God, that was gruesome. Kinda like Joe Theisman and LT.

Here comes Totally Buff to Funeral type music. They have suits and pallbearers are bringing out a coffin. On the TurnerTron (can we call it that anymore?) is a picture of Goldberg December 19something to January 14, 2001. Goldberg chant. Luger and Buff are hugging the other pallbearers, who are wearing suits. This whole Flair thing is pretty well done, no one predicted it, and it creates a super heel faction in WCW. Luger on the mic, mock upset. Luger talks about how Goldberg will never be with us ever again. Huge heat for Luger and Buff. Buff takes the mic. They are doing a great job here, mocking Goldberg in serious tones. They hug. Here comes the Chosen One in a suit with a guitar. JJ on the mic, he breaks down. Then he says Goldberg, you never ever… BEAT ME! The Chosen One was never on you list of opponents you beat! He says he was going to start his own streak, so choke on that. Luger brings out Steiner with Midajah, who has a black veil. Steiner runs down Sid and Sid’s injury. Steiner getting some cheers. Steiner talks about beating Goldberg. Steiner says Goldberg wanted a rematch, but he wasn’t man enough to stay on top. Steiner opens the coffin, which has Goldberg’s book, a spear and a jackhammer, and spits on it. Goldberg’s music plays, crowd pops huge, but Ric Flair emerges from the locker room as fade to

Commercial Break

Flair is out, and he calls some fan a fatboy. HE MUST BE A HEEL AGAIN! This collection of wrestlers is the greatest. Flair goes on and on about these guys. Ha ha, talks plenty about chicks and his prowess. Flair is going to be interviewing people backstage, and either you are on board or you are dealt with by this faction. What face is left to battle this? Why it is only Big Gutty, who wanders out onto the entrance. Nash says he is not on Flair’s team. Nash left Big Sexy home, tonight the Killer is here, he wants Steiner. Nash and Flair argue. Nash brings out some people who are on his side. DDP. And also Dogfaced Rick. Then out comes the Cat, who is bald. The crowd is so hot for this. It might have gone a half hour, but it was incredibly well done. It’s a new era in WCW without telling us it’s a new era.

Commercial Break

Flair asks Crowbar if he’s on board, Crowbar says he’s a loner.

WCW Cruiserweight Title

C-H-A-V-O (not wacko) vs. Crowbar w/Daffney

They go right at it. Chavo chops Crowbar into the corner. To the floor. Chavo on the top, he flies at Crowbar and they are both down. Back inside, Crowbar with a springboard moonsault for 2. Legdrop to the crotch by Crowbar. Chops. DVD by Crowbar for 2. Crowbar puts Chavo on the top rope. Top rope rana? No Chavo holds on. Tornado DDT? No Chavo tossed off. Bridged northern lights by Crowbar for 2. Chavo send to the floor, and Crowbar hits the leap of faith from the apron. Crowbar continues to pound on Chavo. Crowbar has the match in hand, but then he goes to the floor and grabs a chair. He doesn’t need the hardcore stuff, but he likes it, that’s the idea. Chavo flies at Crowbar and hits him. Chavo brings him back inside, brainbuster.

Winner and STILL champ: Chavo

Commercial Break

Totally Buff try to recruit Bam Bam Bigelow. He looks intrigued. Does he get to kick some butt? He’s in!

3count vs. Filthy Animals

Damn, this should rule. Animals go right to work. All four in the ring. Kidman goes for a powerbomb, but You Can’t Powerbomb Sugar Shane and a head scissors sends Kidman to the floor. 3count double team powerbomb on Rey. Kidman flies back in with a head scissor sand dropkick on Shane. Shannon and Rey brawl. Rey with a broncobuster on Shane. Shannon and Kidman, Shannon hotshots Kidman across the top rope. Shannon with a flip to the floor on Kidman and lands on his feet! Rey with a twisting moonsault on the group, and now Shane with a frog splash on all 3. This looks like Bischoff idea to me, and I like it. Back into the ring. Shannon backdropped by Rey to the floor. Kidman gets Shane on top for a top rope rana for 2. Shane is up, superkick “Sugar smack.” Shane goes for the Vertebreaker on Shane, Rey hits Shane, Kidman reverses into the Kid Crusher. Short but amazingly sweet.

Winners: Animals

Awesome runs down after the match and Kidman attacks. Storm and Skipper follow. Storm and Awesome double team Kidman as PT and Rey brawl. Security breaks it up. Storm on the mic, challenges Kidman to a hair vs. hair match against Mike Awesome later tonight. Kidman wants it now! Storm says later.

Commercial Break

Kronic congratulate Cat backstage. They will call it even, but they need a favor. Kronic wants a tag title shot.

Backstage, Team Canada kicks the crap out of Kidman.

Flair has a sit down talk with Chavo, he wants him on board. Flair talks about his dad and tequila and women.

Sanders comes in to talk to Flair. Sanders wants no hard feelings from their feud. Flair sees a young talent he’s going to be the next dirtiest player in the game. Sanders asks about the Kronic match later.

Totally Buff confronts Rection.

Commercial Break

WCW Tag Titles

O’Haire and Palumbo (c) vs. Kronic

Adams and Chuck to start. Chuck in control, but Adams tosses Chuck to the floor. Clarke flies at him from the apron with a clothesline. Tag to O’Haire. Some lockups, Adams takes control. Huge spinning heel kick by Adams, who is down hard. Back upm Full nelson slam to a big pop. Clarke is in, beats on O in the corner. Tag to Chuck. Double underhook suplex by Clarke. Meltdown? O’Haire is in, Clarke takes him out but Chuck kicks him. NBT double team Clarke. O beats on Clarke. DDT by Clarke, both are down… WHO WILL MAKE THAT TAG? Both do, but in this case Brian Adams is CRUSHING everyone. Chuck sent to the floor, High Times on O’Haire. Chuck back in to break up the pin. Crowd is rabid for Kronic. PerfectShawn and Jindrack are coming to the ring. Shawn and Jindrack beat on Clarke on the floor. Adams hits a superplex on Chuck, Seanton bomb on Adams, but camera misses it. O’Haire pins Adams.

Winners and STILL champs: NBT

Trainers check on Kidman, they wont let him wrestle. Cat comes over to see what’s up. Konnan will wrestle Awesome.

Commercial Break

O’Haire and Palumbo argue with Shawn and Jindrack for some reason. Sanders and Reno come over to smooth things over. Sanders says that they have to prove to Flair that they are major players.

Hair vs. Hair?

Yo Yo Yo Let Me Suck Konnan vs. Mike Awesome

If MA is a Canadian Killer, does that mean he kills Canadian people? Backstage Flair says this match is hair vs. hair, and if Konnan loses, Kidman has to shave his head. Awesome beats down Konnan. Konnan comes back, somersault clothesline. Awesome gets a boot up in the corner. Belly to back. Cover for 2. Brawling to the floor. Back into the ring, Awesome counters a top rope Konnan move with a boot to the face. Back and forth. Face buster by Konnan. Awesome up top! Frog splash, Konnan kicks out! Awesome goes up top again, Konnan is up. Follows up to the top ropes for a superplex, Awesome counters, Konnan counters that and hits a top rope DDT for the pin!

Winner: Konnan

Konnan cuts some of the mullet off, Storm and Skipper run in and stop further cutting.

Chavo confronts Rection and has something to say. Chavo says they can be friends and not in the same faction. Rection says he has a lot on his mind and walks away.

Commercial Break

Replay of the de-mulleting.

Team Canada is upset backstage, Awesome cries about his mullet.

The Cat vs. Bam Bam Bam

Cat on the mic, calls out anyone in the back. Bammer runs out and beats on Cat. All over Cat for a while. Kicks and a split chop uppercut by Cat. Stylized elbow drop. Feliner.

Winner: Cat

Commercial Break

US Title

Shane Douglas (c) vs. General Rection

Shane on your mic- he is the champ. Rection charges, they brawl. Rection in control. Bodyslam. Shane with a cheap shot, now goes for a chain in his boot. Rection is up. Guerilla press slam. Chain falls out, Rection tosses it to the floor. Rection pounds Shane. Chavo grabs the chain from the floor, and whacks Rection with the ref somehow not seeing. Shane covers.

Winner and STILL champ: Shane

Commercial Break

Mike Tenay talks to Rection backstage. Rection doesn’t know what’s going on! He just screams for what seems like an hour. Rection is quickly becoming my least favorite wrestler.

WCW World Title

Big Poppa Pump (c) vs. Big Gutty The Ratings Killer

Steiner goes to the ring. Nash fist hits DDP, Cat, Rick and goes to the ring

Commercial Break

Steiner pushes Nash to the corner and beats him up. Nash switches to a huge pop and beats down Steiner in the corner. Big clothesline. Big elbow drop for 2. Clothesline to the floor, Steiner consoled by Midajah. Nash follows. Back into the ring, belly to belly by Steiner for 2. Steiner in control. Clubbering in the corner. Backbreaker. Steiner jaws with the fans. Crowd is HOT as Nash hulks up. Side suplex for 2. Crowd is very into this. Both men down, both crawl up. Steiner’s shots blocked and Nash hits Steiner. Nash rolls Snake Eyes. Big boot by Nash. Uh oh. Those straps are a comin’ down. Here come the troops.

Winner by DQ: Nash

Animal, JJ, Luger, Buff and Steiner beat down Nash. DDP, Rick and the Cat run down as we fade.

Good show.


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