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411’s WCW Monday Nitro Report 10.30.00

October 30, 2000 | Posted by Widro

WCW Monday Nitro Report 10.30.00
Live from Irvine California
Announcers are Tony, Mark, Scott Hudson
Report by Wids

Clips of Havoc

A white limo is here

Nitro open

The newly appointed “CEO” of WCW is here tonight, whoever that is.

WCW Tag Titles
Jindrack & O’Haire (c) vs. You Can’t Powerbomb Kidman and Baggie Pants Jr.
Konnan joins the announce team. Jindrack and Rey to start. Kidman in, takes control, J takes it back and tags O’Haire. Dropkick by Kidman. Sunset flip, no, Rey jumps in and does the sunset for 1. Clothesline by Rey. Konnan reading clips from an article on Jindrack about as a kid, wrestling with his friends in his room, Konnan wants to know what that means. O’Haire does a cool powerbomb where he first bounced Rey on the top rope then powerbombed. Jindrack in, Rey fighting back. Tag to Kidman, flies off the top with a reverse elbow. Dropkicks. Tornado bulldog on O. Ten punch count along by Kidman, Jindrack racks him from behind and falls back. Rey makes the save on a pin attempt. J to the floor, double team on O. Double clothesline by O’Haire. Jindrack back in with a slingshot splash, misses, Kidman powerbombs J, Rey to the top. Legdrop to the crotch as Kidman holds him, J kicks out. Alex Wright is here. Disco from the crowd goes into the ring, stunners Kidman, Jindrack covers.
Winners and STILL champ: J&O

Boogie Knights attacks Rey and Kidman after the match, Konnan makes the save. Hudson: why did the Knights attack the Animals? Tony: We may never know!

So true, Tony

Commercial Break

Steiner yells at Sanders to get him a title match. Nash sits there and advises him.

WCW Hardcore Title
Reno (c) vs. Kwee Wee
KW covered in glitter. Huge boos for Kwee Wee. What a promo this is! Kwee calls NBT the Natural Born Ratings Killers. Hardcore brawling begins on the floor. Is this old school hardcore? Kwee Wee tries a piledriver on the floor, back drop out of it by Reno. We want tables chant. Madden teasing the new CEO as the answer to the internet rumors. Into the ring. Reno in control. Brawling back to the floor with Kwee in control. Back to the entrance ramp. The rest of the NBT come out and beat on Kwee Wee.
Winner and STILL champ: Reno

Commercial Break

Gene in the ring, brings out Rection. Rection wants the other MIA and Guns out with him. Rection talks about the C team again. Gene says they all appreciate Hugh, puts away the mic and starts a rhythmic clapping. Other wrestlers and refs come out to clap as well. USA chant. Even Booker T and Goldberg salute Rection. Goldberg on the mic! Thanks “Hugh Morrus” and says everyone appreciates everything he’s done. Goldberg acknowledges that Hugh was his first win of the streak. “That streak had to start somewhere, brother.” On your Turner Tron is Lance Storm, who mocks Rection and says he never beat him. Rection has a contract for a Storm/Rection match at Mayhem.

Commercial Break

During the commercial, more celebration for Rection. What ratings that segment will get!

Shots of the white limo… who is the new CEO?

David Flair is here, and he has an envelope. The results of the DNA test! He opens it for the first time in the ring. He reads it. There is a 99.9% chance that Buff is not the father of the baby. David is upset. Who is it then? David stomps the paper. Some weird music plays… it’s Smoooooooooth back on WCW. Smooth has a bone to pick with David. Smooth is not being clear. Smooth has something for David, and takes off his pants. There is a ref.

Smoooooooooooth vs. David Flair
What a match this will be. Back and forth. David does the upside down Flair turnbuckle spot, Smooth sends him to the floor. Follows and brawling. Back inside. Hudson wonders why David didn’t open the letter backstage. Big Smooth Splash. Sitout Full Nelson slam. Why did I have to watch that?
Winner: Smooth

Commercial Break

The following is a paid announcement from the mouth of the south Jimmy Hart. He calls out any radio DJ who wants to wrestle him. Whatever

Boogie Knights are here. Hudson calls madden “Stevie” for botching a word. Disco has a mic. He doesn’t know why they are out there, Sanders said there was a surprise for them. Disco mentions who let the dogs out again. Disco wants to know why they are there. Gongs.

Boogie Knights vs. Goldberg
Imagine if Alex Wright was built up properly. Imagine the money in Goldberg vs. Berlyn! Goldberg tosses them to the floor, they run. Do they count as wins? Was this a match? Goldberg is pretty over. He has a mic. He now knows who Goldberg is. Kronic does too. He’s going to break the record. Boyz in the back, you’re all next. Another pointless segment.

Backstage a door that says “restricted CEO” and someone comes out. It’s Ric, but we don’t see his face

Commercial Break

Sanders is here. Idiot announcers think Sanders is the CEO. Because he’s concerned about his health, Sanders inserts Steiner into the main event and makes it a three way dance. Sanders says the only thing this new CEO is going to be running is running to get him coffee. Ric’s music plays, and here comes Flair. Mike, my name is Ric Flair. I used to be a big star in this business, now I’m retired. As of last Friday, Ric is the CEO of WCW. Flair likes Sanders, but you’ve been running wild. Ric says he now tells Sanders what to do. Flair says he and his friends have to start wrestling by the rules, or not at all. Madden notes the hypocrisy of Ric being the dirtiest player in the game now wanting to enforce the rules. Flair tells Sanders to leave, but stops him, and tells Sanders that there is going to be a rematch against the Cat tonight on Nitro. Sanders leaves. Flair says he is here to fix WCW. He’s here to help make this company #1 again. Flair then ruins this segment by saying Lex Luger did him a favor last night by watching out for David, and Lex is reinstated. The Cho Cho Chosen One. Yes! JJ’s mic not working. JJ and Flair mock the mic problems. JJ is not happy Flair is CEO. JJ: don’t you ever go away? I thought your slapass retired. If and when civilization ends, only roaches and Ric Flair will roam the Earth. Is JJ out talking Flair? Last night JJ took care of a legend, and he could take out another one. Flair says he’s the boss. And I guess that’s it. Flair calls JJ a 2 time world champion as he walks to the back, but I believe JJ has 4.

Commercial Break

Horseface Lex is here. Luger has a mic. Says the true superstars are back to reclaim the glory. He says he’s a former champ, millionaire, etc. Lex says no hard feelings to Buff. What a horrible and slow promo. He has a statement that will rock the foundation of WCW. Luger calls out Goldberg. Cue Buff’s music. Wow another Buff/Luger program. Buff has a ref.

I Hate Buff vs. Horseface Lex
Ugh. Buff in control, Luger pulls the ref in front of a Buff Blockbuster. Luger brawls with Buff to the floor. Back in the ring, Luger racks Buff.
Winner: Luger

Luger tells Goldberg he’s next after the match

Commercial Break

Pamela interviews Nash and Perfect Event. Shawn apologizes. Then some crap with hitting each others ass.

Kronic vs. Perfect Event w/Nash
We want Scott hall chant. Kronic dominating. Chuck gets some offense in. Adams back in control. Shawn leaves the ringside area. Chuck hits a head scissors takeover on Adams. Adams hits a full nelson slam. High Times on Chuck.
Winner: Kronic

Commercial Break

Backstage Nash and NBT look for Shawn.

Pamela interviews Booker T’s catchphrases.

Above Average Mike Sanders vs. Top Cat
Cat on the mic runs down Mark Madden. Brawling to the floor, Cat goes back inside. Sanders gets a sleeper in the ring. Yadda yadda yadda, Cat wins.
Winner: Cat

Shane on the big screen. He kidnapped Miss Jones

Commercial Break

WCW World Title
Booker T (c) vs. Big Poppa Pump vs. Mike Awesome
Steiner and Booker brawl before Awesome even comes out. Back and forth. Steiner takes control. Butterfly suplex. Steiner sets up for a superplex. Finally here is Awesome. Awesome attacks Steiner. Awesome clotheslines Steiner to the floor. Awesome then attacks Booker T. Steiner back in. He dominates Booker T and Awesome to the floor. Awesome back in. Goes to work on Steiner. Awesome stomps. Ho Train. Awesome to the top, big splash for 2. Spin A Roony. Clothesline by Awesome. Steiner picks up Booker on the floor and slams him onto the announce table. All three back in the ring, Awesome controlling both. Steiner with a low blow on Awesome. Booker T attacks Steiner from behind. Samoan drop from the top by Steiner on Awesome. Booker breaks up the pin. Awesome clotheslines both down. Atomic drop by Steiner. T Bone suplex by Steiner on Awesome. Steiner sent to the floor. Book End on Awesome.
Winner and STILL champ: Booker T

Steiner beats up security after the match. Booker T’s music play and he celebrates with the title. Booker and Awesome slap high five. They are buddies!

Booker T on the mic. He says something about beating up Steiner in the streets. Booker T calls Steiner back out for some reason. Steiner doesn’t come out, and Booker T says when its all over with: Don’t Hate The Playa… Hate the game.

Steiner comes out, we fade


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