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411’s WCW Monday Nitro Report 11.06.00

November 6, 2000 | Posted by Widro

WCW Monday Nitro Report 11.6.00
Announcers are Tony, Mark, Scott
Report by Wids


Horseface Lex comes out. Insults Madden. Has a WCW Magazine, attacks Ross Forman at ringside.

Commercial Break

Pamela interviews the NBT backstage. Nash wants a title match with Booker T. Stasiak comes by, he wants to apologize? He will be there tonight for the Thrillers.

Lance Storm is here. He wants to be serious for a minute. No matter who wins in the election, you all lose because you are Americans.

Lance Storm vs. Kwee Wee
Brawling on the floor to start. Back in the ring, quick Maple Leaf.
Winner: Storm

Team Canada attacks Kwee Wee, Meng makes the save.

Commercial Break

Gene interviews Goldberg. He thinks BBB is stupid to challenge him. Oh good, the whole first segment wasn’t enough, here is Luger to interrupt. And BBB attacks.

Recap of Battle dome

WCW Hardcore Title
PerfectShawn vs. Reno (c)
Reno’s music plays, no Reno. Oh look, he’s taken out in the back!
Winner by forfeit: Shawn

Commercial Break

Old Man Flair is out. He goes through the card for Mayhem. Storm vs. Rection for the last time. Goldberg vs. Luger. Steiner vs. Booker T. here comes Steiner to confront Flair. Booker T is here for the save. Flair makes the title match a cage match with a straight jacket. Flair said if Steiner acts up, he is fired.

Commercial Break

Jimmy Hart challenges DJs everywhere. Here is Mancow. They argue, Hart sucks up, Mancow attacks and Shane and Shannon save Jimmy and beat down Mancow.

WCW Tag Titles
Shane Helms and Shannon Moore vs. Kaz and Yang w/Leah Meow vs. Jindrack and O’Haire (c)
They go at it for a while, J&O come down and beat them all up. All six in the ring, all brawling. Crazy moves. J&O knocked to the floor. Dragons fly at them, and they are caught. Yang tossed back in the hard way. 2Coutn attack in the ring. Shannon moonsault to the floor. Shane with an inverse DDT for 2. Evan runs in and breaks up the pin. Seanton bomb on Yang, Jindrack covers.
Winners and still champs: J&O

J&O argue with Battle dome guys in the crowd as Evan is beaten down 4 on 1 in the ring by Dragons and 2count. Jamie San is here with a chair to make the save.

Smoooooth is here with a black limo, he won’t show who’s in there.

Commercial Break

Who is back? Why it’s DDP! He wants to have fun. He’s backed and he’s jacked. Then he noticed the Battledome guys and runs them down. Here comes Buff. Here comes the Cat. Here comes Dogfaced Rick. They all spout catchphrases at the Battledome guys. You want some? Come get some! You don’t like me? Bite me!

Commercial Break

Pamela interviews PerfectShawn.

The Chosen One and Big Poppa Pump vs. I Hate Buff and Sting
JJ and Buff to start. Heels take control. BPP on Sting. Beating him down. DDT by Sting. Hot tag to Buff, who takes out JJ. Steiner back in and takes out Buff. Blockbuster on Steiner. JJ hits Buff with a guitar. Steiner puts Buff in the Recliner.
Winners: nWo

Commercial Break

Lance Storm joins the announce position.

US Title
Berlyn w/Disco vs. General Rection (c) w/Major Trash
Alex on the mic. Feeling out process. Rection takes control. Leg drop. Alex up and flips around, side kick. Stomps. Alex dances. Nerve hold. Back and forth. Bodyslam by Alex. The rest of MIA is here, they chase Disco through the crowd. Rection takes control on Alex in the ring. Moonsault.
Winner and STILL champ: Rection

BBB walks

Commercial Break

Hacksaw promo. Runs down America, but advocates voting.

Pamela interviews Booker T. He grants Nash a title match. Check yo self before yo wreck yo self. Booyah, and I’m gonna get wit cha.

Bam Bam Bam vs. Goldberg
Brawling. To the floor. Into the ring. Brawling. More Luger, as he goes onto the entrance ramp. Goldberg spots Luger, points, but BBB hits a belly to back suplex. In control. Goes for the Greetings from Asbury Park. Goldberg floats out, hits a spear. Jackhammer!
Winner: Goldberg (15-0)

Commercial Break

Big Poppa Pump is here for a promo.

Commercial Break

Steiner at the announce table.

WCW World Title
Booker T (c) vs. Nash
Slow to start. Brawling to the floor, Nash in control. Nash gets a chair, and Booker T finally begins to fight back. Into the ring, Booker covers for 2. Nash rebounds. Nash pulls Booker’s arms back. Sidekick by Booker T for 2. Axe kick. Spin A Roony? Yes! Raises the roof. Goes for sidekick, Nash ducks and ref takes it. Nash charges Booker T, gets caught for Book End. In from behind is PerfectShawn, hits Booker T? Remember when GI Bro fought Shawn in a Boot Camp Match? Nash REMOVES THE STRAPS. Nash sets up for the powerbomb with Shawn in the ring, but Shawn levels Nash, puts Booker T on top. Wakes up ref.
Winner and STILL champ: Booker T

Steiner and Midajah go to the ring, Steiner grabs BT and we fade.


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