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411’s WCW Monday Nitro Report 11.27.00

November 27, 2000 | Posted by Widro

WCW Monday Nitro Report 11.27.00
Live From Rockford Illinois
Announcers are Tony, Madden and Hudson
Report by Wids

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Some fake press conference about the President, The Chosen One comes in and kabongs the guy at the podium. Wouldn’t that get him a face reaction?

Still shots of Mayhem. Speaking of Mayhem, I was actually in the minority who kinda liked the show. How often does that happen these days?

Nitro Open.

2count vs. C-H-A-V-O (not wacko) and Two L-Shaped Sideburns
2count is in the ring. Actually a huge heel reaction! MIA charges and takes control with some wrestling. Boston crab by Chavo on Shannon. Shane in, Chavo breaks the crab and clotheslines. The “harder edge” of MIA is mentioned again. DDT by Lash on Shannon. Fameasser by Shannon for 2. Shane with a superkick on lash. Shannon in, quick tags by 2count. Face buster by Lash, both men are down… WHO WILL MAKE THAT TAG??? Both do, but Chavo is your house afire. Dropkicks. DDT. Double team suplex by 2count on Chavo as Lash distracts ref by mistake. Evan is here with a ladder and he attacks 2count. Brainbuster by Chavo on Shannon, and that’s it.
Winners: MIA

Good way to kill momentum from a PPV win is to job in the opening match on a Monday Night…

Commercial Break

PrimeTime approaches Miss Jones and hits on her. Cat comes out and they argue. Storm attacks from behind with a chair. Team Canada gloats.

Stills of the main event from last night. Hudson says BT and Sting are both out due to Steiner.

Gene in the ring? He brings out Big Poppa Pump. Midajah wearing a chain mail shirt like Steiner’s pharaoh headdress. He does his normal schtick about the big bad booty daddy. He is looking for a fight, but all are gone. Booker T and Sting are both gone. Goldberg? No he says Goldberg is still punch drunk from last time they fought. Steiner says the fans can now kiss his ass, but that brings out Ric Flair. He says as World champ, Scott Steiner is the man. Steiner is the flagship of this company, says Ric. He’s got an opponent on his way in a leer jet for Starrcade, he will be here tonight for an interview. Steiner says who you got? Booker T and Sting are out. Andre The Giant is dead. Steve Austin, I beat his ass when he was here. The Rock is scared- if you smell la la la la la what I’m cookin’. Flair says Booker T may never wrestle again due to Steiner. BIG Stevie Ray comes out. He calls Steiner a synthetic fruit booty. Flair says he can make a match, but you can’t write your own rules. Sad sack fruit booty. Jacked up fruit booty. Steiner says he wants something of Stevie’s- the title vs. Stevie’s career. Wow that is good news! Flair is going to make the match. Madden: Comin’ up later on Nitro: Suckas gots to die.

Commercial Break

Boogie Knights and Kronic talk backstage.

MIA talk to Pamela. Rection has a match with BBB tonight.

Yang w/Leia Meow vs. Lance Storm w/Major Trash
Storm on the mic, says it isn’t over, but right now he need respect. Yang attacks during the anthem. Rollup. HADOKEN! Goes to work on the ribs. Dropkick. Storm takes control. Stomps. Back and forth. Moonsault by Yang for 2. Piledriver by Storm., Chicks now fight on the floor. The Cat is in the ring, modified Van Daminator on Storm. Yang is back and gets the huge upset!
Winner: Yang

Commercial Break

Backstage, Storm yells at Duggan and Elix for not backing him up.

Stevie on the cell, he’s gonna do it tonight.

Boogie Knights are talking the HARRIS BOYZ backstage. Disco asks them how much. Ron says a sandwich. Don says you gotta learn to negotiate. Ron says “ok two drinks, two sandwiches.”

Horseface Lex is out, says Goldberg should have been DQed last night. He went to Flair for an appeal.

Commercial Break

Paid announcement from Jimmy Hart: He calls out Radio DJs again.

Gene interviews JJ. Jurassic Slapass!! Runs down Buff. He says he will take out Rey Jr. tonight. The Animals toss stuff at JJ as he interviews. They are eggs apparently.

Big Vito talks to his sister. You got the stickball bat? Yes Vito… He goes into the arena, and then Reno comes over. He puts his arm around her shoulder and they go to talk.

Outrageous Evan Karagias and Jamie Knoble vs. Boogie Knights
Alex on the mic. Achtung! Gives the mic to Disco. What’s in the bag? It’s the payment for their replacements tonight. Here come the Harrises back baby yeah! Disco gives them the bag of sandwiches and drinks. Only one Harris with Alex. Harris and Evan to start. Ron beats down Evan, and Alex tags in. Evan gets some offense, and Harris tags in. Knoble is in, top rope bulldog. Big kick by Harris. Tag back to Alex. Springboard dropkick by Evan on Alex, and Knoble goes to work on Alex in the corner. Evan dances, Jamie gets pissed. Double dropkick on Alex after he tries to attack. H BOMB!!!
Winners: Alex and Harris

Nash and Page arrive!

Commercial Break

Another Glacier Promo!

Ric Flair backstage talks at a desk. He makes a rematch for Starrcade between Goldberg and Luger.

Nash and Page are here. Page throws a shout out to a special friend of their’s: Hey Yo. Survey says? Crowd chants We Want Hall. Page says he used to manage Hall. DDP mentions them tagging as the Vegas Connection! WOW! DDP says he will stick around until Hall is back. Calls him and Nash the Insiders. Nash says “Too Sweet.” Wolfpac music plays again, could it be Hall? No it’s the NBT led by Sanders on a mic. Sanders runs down Page and Nash. Its Jindrack and O’Haire vs. Nash and DDP at Starrcade. DDP calls J&O “Generic Jack Monkeys.” Whoops we’re doing it now

Nash and Page vs. Jindrack and O’Haire
Old timers take control early, Jindrack flips over Nash and beats him into the corner. Nash flips around and goes to work on J in the corner. Tag to Page who does his jumping clothesline for 2. Mule kick by J and tag to O, who does a jumping clothesline on Page for 2. J&O start to dominate Page. DDP does a head scissors on Jindrack. DDT, cover, O’Haire makes the save. Nash comes in and brawls with O’Haire on the floor. Diamond Cutter on O’Haire, but Sanders pulls out the ref. Nash comes over and beats on Sanders. The other NBT come down and beat on Nash and Page with bats. Madden says “hey you if you’re listening, you better come down now!” Ref is out, Nash and Page on the floor, out cold. Perfect Event steal the belts and they all gloat.
No Contest

Commercial Break

Gene interviews BIG Stevie Ray backstage.

Goldberg vs. Dice Rollin’ Reno
Goldberg was chewing gum, it fell out and landed on his beard.
Winner: Goldberg (25-0)

Luger comes down and lays out Goldberg with a chair.

Commercial Break

Gene interviews the Filthy Animals.

US Title
Bam Bam Bam vs. General Rection (c)
Talk about no reaction, look at the crowd for Rection. Lockup. Brawling. They are shoving this “new attitude” for the MIA down our throats tonight. Side headlock slows things down by BBB. Powers out, elbows, but BBB knees the gut and goes back to work. Hudson remembers that the US Title is #1 contender. Madden mocks Hudson for thinking that. Suplex by Rection, goes to the top rope. Elbow drop, by BBB moves. Powerbomb by BBB! He goes to the floor and under the ring. BBB sets up a table. The Wall is here, he moves the table. BBB is distracted, Rection hits him from behind. Moonsault.
Winner and STILL champ: Rection

Commercial Break

Gene interview Steiner. Steiner says Booker T lied to the fans that you’d have to kill BT to get the title. Steiner doesn’t give a damn about the main event of Starrcade. In fact, let’s go check out the white limo NOW. Hudson: I always wanted someone to do this! Steiner opens the limo, and tons of chicks come out. Smoooooooooth is pissed off. This limo belongs to Ric Flair, says Smooth. Steiner attacks Smooth.

The Chosen One vs. Baggie Pants Jr. w/Kidman, Konnan, Tygress
JJ takes the mic. Illinois slapasses. Calls them the “filthy slapnutz.” Rey goes to work on JJ. Springboard bulldog. Legdrop. JJ takes control, and Konnan on the apron to distract, Kidman trips JJ, and Rey hits a guillotine legdrop for 2. Rey with a spin kick, goes for a broncobuster, but JJ gets his knee up. Bossman thigh across the neck of Rey on the middle rope. Kidman holds JJ for Rey, JJ moves but Konnan clotheslines JJ. Asai moonsault by Rey, JJ gets his knees up. Rey back up with a springboard Thesz Press. Asai moonsault. Konnan in with a crotch shot. Face full of stuff by Tygress. This match is bullshit, is the ref even paying attention? Broncobsuster by Rey. Backdrop by JJ on Rey to the apron, Rey goes for some move, JJ reverses into a SICK powerbomb. Stroke. Konnan pulls JJ out on the pin. Rey hits a rana. JJ grabs the guitar. Rey springboards towards JJ, guitar shot, ref DQs JJ.
Winner by DQ: Rey

A Black limo arrives, presumably with the mystery Starrcade opponent. I’m going with Sid.

Commercial Break

WCW World Title vs. Career
BIG Stevie Ray vs. Big Poppa Pump (c)
Stevie attacks as Steiner yells at a fan in the aisle. Stevie goes to work. Steiner takes control and beats on Stevie back towards the ring. Finally into the ring, Steiner goes to work. Steiner is cocky. Clothesline by Steiner. Biceps kiss elbow drop, some pushups. Steiner stomps Stevie Ray in the corner. Chops. Brawling to the floor, Steiner uses a chair. Back to the ring. Steiner in full control. Stevie with some small offense, belly to belly by Steiner. Stevie back up, standing sidekick. Midajah distracts Stevie, Steiner hits a suplex. Hudson calls her a yack. Middle rope move by Steiner, but Stevie catches him with a Book End. Can’t cover, finally does, kick out. Stevie brings Steiner to the floor for some brawling. Back into the ring, Belly to belly by Steiner. Stevie hits the Slap jack, but can’t cover well. Steiner picks Stevie off the middle rope on his shoulders and falls backwards. Steiner Recliner.
Winner and STILL champ: Steiner

So that my friends, is the end of Stevie Ray’s career.

And Goddammit It’s Sid. On the ramp. And that’s it. Goodnight everybody.


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