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411’s WCW Monday Nitro Report 12.04.00

December 4, 2000 | Posted by Widro

WCW Monday Nitro Report 12.4.00
Live From Lincoln Nebraska
Announcers are Schiavone, Madden, Hudson
Report by Widro

Shots of Lincoln Nebraska, some fan of college football, and The Chosen One kabongs him. Choke on that, you cornhusking slapnutz.

Nitro open

NBT and Sanders talk to Oklahoma backstage. Yes, he’s back. He comes out with an empty bowl, says its the closest Nebraska will come to a bowl this year. He has a statement for Sid, he sucks, or something. Well, Goddammit It’s Sid. He chokeslams OK. Sanders sends out cops, and I guess he’s outta here. Whoo hoo!

Commercial Break

Steiner and Midajah arrive, greeted by Sanders. Steiner wants Sid. Sanders says Flair had Sid arrested. Steiner flips

Pamela interviews the Filthy Animals. Kidman does his thumbs down raspberry.

C-H-A-V-O (means wacko) vs. Kwee Wee
He’s no longer Lt. Loco because he is out of MIA. He attacks before KW can kiss Paisley and goes to work. KW gets angry and does a Thesz Press, but Chavo gets back in control. Back and forth. Float over DDT by Chavo. Basically all Chavo in this one. Tornado DDT. Brainbuster.
Winner: Chavo

Commercial Break

Old Man Flair and Sander talk backstage about Steiner.

Clarke on the phone, making a deal

Pamela interviews MIA. They are upset about Torrie.

Team Canada is here. Lance wants to be serious. Here comes Top Cat. Storm goes to announce. Cat runs down Lance at the announce table.

WCW Hardcore Title
Crowbar (c) w/Daffney vs. PrimeTime w/Hacksaw and Major Trash
Slow action in the ring. Cat also announcing. Daffney and Gunns brawl on the floor. Cat attacks Madden, Storm saves, they brawl. In the ring, Crowbar hits his finisher.
Winner and STILL champ: Crowbar.

Commercial Break

Jimmy Hart DJ Crap.

David and Miss Hancock chat backstage. Ric comes over and

Marie and Reno are talking. She has a tight shirt. He says he’s pissed the family got rid of him when he went to jail.

Horseface Lex is here. He has a book of some sort. Oh it’s Goldberg’s book. Lex refers to Sarge who is in the crowd. Madden says he saw Sarge on the Lucky Charms box one time. Because he was the Leprechaun. Har har, Madden, you are so witty. Luger then goes on to read the book, where Goldberg talks about Sarge. Luger talks about how Goldberg is rich, but Sarge is in a shack. If Luger was trained by Sarge, he would have helped out Sarge.

Commercial Break

Norman and some random chick talk. He has Goldberg tonight. Steiner comes in and attacks him with a steel pipe.

Pamela interview Shane. He wants Hugh.

Rection and Wall talk. In the distance, Lash talks to Chavo, Rection yells at Lash to get over here.

Commercial Break

Flair warns some security about Steiner.

WCW World Tag Team Titles
2count vs. Insiders (c)
Insiders have new music that begins with Self High Five. Nash has a huge gut. Shannon starts with Nash. Huge We Want Hall chant. Sorry folks, he is in jail. Nash is beating down Shannon here by the way. Perfect Event are watching backstage with Sander. Page and Shane is in. Which one of the Insiders sells first? DDP pancakes Shane. Shannon makes the save. DDP chant. What is this bizarre crowd that is totally into WCW? Finally 2count starts some double teaming. DDP tries to make a tag, Shannon tries to stop it, and Nash’s Big Gut is in to wreak gutty havoc all over the place. Rolls snake eyes on Shane. Nash pretends to put out a cigarette on Shannon’s back as he powerbombs him, DDP diamond cuts Shannon, Nash pins them both because he is THAT DAMN SHITTY.
Winners and STILL champs: Insiders.

Sanders comes out with TPE to run down the Insiders. Sanders brings out Ric Flair? Flair comes out and is pissed. Sanders shows clips from Mayhem where Nash pinned Shawn, but Chuck was the legal man? Flair tells the Insiders to give up the belts. DDP tells Flair to stand up to Sanders. This segment is dragging. Flair says TPE has to wrestle the Insiders again, I guess at Starrcade. Insiders gives the belts to Sanders, who gives them to Perfect Event.

Commercial Break

Reno vs. Kronic
They beat up Reno. Full nelson slam. Ref calls it off.
No Contest

High Times, and Marie watches on the monitor. Another High Times. Here comes a stickball bat to make the save! Here comes Marie’s breasts with her gross face too! Vito signals to her, and leaves.

Commercial Break

Glacier promo. FINALLY Hudson gives Glacier some serious credit instead of mocking him.

Daffney is backstage waiting for Crowbar. He has the other chicks with him and snubs her.

Flair talks to security and says they can’t get Sid out of jail, and Steiner is a menace.

Clips of Goldberg meeting some little boy on Maury.

Smooooooooooooooth vs. Goldberg
Winner: Goldberg (25-0)

Sarge comes down and they hug. Awwwww.

Commercial Break

The Cho Cho Chosen One vs. Yo Yo Yo Let Me Suck Konnan
Chosen One is here! He has something to say. He runs down the Animals further. Calls them the jacked up termites and Tygress a skank. Ref sends them to the back. Konnan takes control as Kidman trips JJ on his way to the back. Konnan sends JJ to the floor. JJ back in, and back and forth action. Sit down dropkick by JJ. Jarrett has an “injury” rolls to the floor, and the ref talks to him. The Harris Boyz are here!!! H Bomb On Konnan! The crowd is alive! JJ back in, Stroke.
Winner: JJ
No guitar? Animals are back and they brawl with the Harrises.

Commercial Break

WCW World Title
Big Poppa Pump (c) w/Midajah vs. General Rection
Steiner runs down Flair. Flair is watching in the back. Steiner beats down Hugh. Rection rebounds with a couple clotheslines that Steiner sells for a moment. Rection up top, flying clothesline, and Steiner rolls to the floor for some lovin’. Back into the ring, Midajah jumps on Rection’s back, and they mess with his mind because he is nervous after killing Torrie Wilson on Thunder. Steiner rebounds. Push ups. Steiner beats down Rection in the corner. More beatings. Steiner puts Rection in the TREE OF WOE. More beatings. Punches. Rection on “one bad leg” clotheslines Steiner, who rolls to the floor. Slingshot plancha by Rection onto Steiner on the floor! Midajah distracts Rection, Steiner hits him and brings him back into that ring. Powerslam by Rection in the ring. German suplex by Hugh. Sets up for the moonsault, which gets a minor pop. Midajah distracts the ref, Morrus hits the moonsault! Madden calls it the ragin’ climax, which is the real name since he became Rection. Steiner KICKS OUT! Rection tries a Vader Bomb, knees are up. Steiner rebounds. Recliner.
Winner and STILL champ: Steiner

Steiner on the mic. He calls out Flair. Shane is out through the crowd, and attacks Rection with a chain near the ring. Steiner attacks Old Man Arn backstage and brings him out to the stage. To the ring, Steiner attacks Arn’s neck with a steel pipe. Recliner on Arn. Flair goes to the ring, but security stops him. So Goldberg comes out, but Luger is at the ringside area somehow and blind-sides Goldberg. Luger attacks with a STEEEEEL chair. Hits Sarge with the chair! Security is out to break up Luger and Goldberg. Sid is amazing, he’s out of jail and in the ring! Sid and Steiner have a pull apart. It’s breaking down in Lincoln.


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